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"The Best Workshop I Have Ever Attended" - Lessons in Delivering Alignment


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XPotential works towards aligning teams, functions and organisations to create and deliver brand equity, so we have put together a short set of lessons to share what we know. The points are supported with feedback from our clients of 2013.

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"The Best Workshop I Have Ever Attended" - Lessons in Delivering Alignment

  1. 1. “The Best Workshop I Have Ever Attended” - Lessons in Delivering Alignment
  2. 2. At XPotential, we believe that people are the most valuable resource for building brands… …So we think it’s important to listen to what they have to say. In 2013, we got closer to the people we work with…
  3. 3. …by gathering feedback from a number of our projects, representing the voices of nearly 300 participants across: • Shopper and Customer Marketing Trainings • Pharmacy Sales Trainings • Sales trainings including: Modern Trade, Traditional Trade and POS Excellence Training • Vision & Strategy Projects • Brand Engagement Projects, using Clara Real Insights™ • Super Claiming Projects, using Clara Real Insights™ • Team Building Programs
  4. 4. We were pleased to find that the teams’ comments reflected the XPotential values, providing some useful lessons for anyone looking to align teams to create and deliver brand equity…
  5. 5. We don’t tell our clients what to do, we always work together with them to bring the best out of their own teams. “XPotential contributed strongly, and in a very professional and inspiring way, to the creation of our Vision and Strategy, and to getting the best out of our team. A really excellent workshop!” “It was really lovely working together with XPotential, we have gained amazing Super Claiming results which will definitely help us to grow the business. Thanks for your great support and activating people to get wonderful results.” We place a high value on insight, always going deeper to build our programs on a meaningful understanding of businesses, brands and consumers. “For me, getting the full picture was valuable, approaching the topic from different angles; deep information rather than just staying at the surface was helpful” 100% of the Super Claim team believed Clara™ Real Insights helped them to develop strong Super Claims
  6. 6. To deliver results, our programs have to be directly applicable to daily work. We always try to link our programs back to real life. “You always leave the training sessions with practical tools to improve in your daily work.” “We had an inspiring and motivating presenter, who was able to link the topics to daily life and hence make them easier to understand.” Our facilitators and consultants aim to create a positive working environment of inspiration and energy. “Thank you for a great workshop. Inspiring facilitators and excellent execution in spite of a quite short preparation time.“ “Our facilitator is most certainly one of the best trainers and facilitators, it was great to have him lead and educate us.”
  7. 7. We guide teams in developing clear strategy and alignment. “From chaos to clear strategy” “XPotential staff are a real strategic asset for a business partner thanks to their great experience and competence which helps to better define the way of deciding ideas / concrete initiatives from clear strategic directions” “I believe this was a excellent way of helping us think in a more organised manner, in order to get results” Most importantly, our clients are happy! 93% would recommend XPotential “This is the best workshop I have ever attended!” 96% rated value for business as good / very good
  8. 8. So… Whether you work in an agency or for a brand, the key lessons we have learned for successfully aligning individuals, functions and organisations to create and deliver brand equity are: • Don’t tell people what to do, the best results come when you work together to bring the best out of them. • Build your actions on a deep understanding. • Make sure workshops and programs are directly actionable and applicable to daily work. • The best output comes from a positive working environment of inspiration and energy. • Ensure that strategies are clear and actions are agreed.
  9. 9. “We align individuals, functions and organisations, throughout the world, to create and deliver brand equity” If you are interested in becoming one of our happy clients or would like to work with us again, visit our website to find out more: Or follow us on