Beauty Consumer Focus Group


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We talk to a focus group of women who use haircare and skin care products.

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Beauty Consumer Focus Group

  1. 1. Contents The group -who are they and what do they use? Beauty – Main aspects – What is beauty? – My daily regime – Shopping for my brands – Product Hierarchy Skin Care – Expected benefits – Recommendations Hair care – The products and brands I use ©XPotential 2008 2
  2. 2. The Group Currently buy and use skin care AND hair care products personally Buy skin and hair care products from department stores/ perfumeries/ speciality stores NB: They may also buy from other stores Spend more than £20.00 on skin care products in an average month Buy hair care products at least twice a month Mainly buy premium skin care brands N.B: may also purchase mainstream skin care brands Heavy users of Hair care products (including shampoo, conditioner and styling products) Open to trying new products and brands ©XPotential 2008 3
  3. 3. The Group Name Likes Age SEG Main Products used Erica Stay at home mum with a 7 month old 32 B L’Oreal, NIVEA, Oil of Ulay, baby, her passion is Henry her son, she Benefit, Clarins, Dermalogica, likes to travel and likes clothes and beauty Lacome, Molton Brown products. Claire Works in the bridal business for men, her 32 C1 Simple, Aveda, Benefit, passion is travel and beauty products. She Clarins, E’spa, Eve Lom, La has two cats. Prairie, Lacome, Molton Brown, Origins Lisa Has two children, is working a a teachers 38 B Boots, NIVEA, Clarins, Clinique assistant at the moment. She enjoys shopping in Windsor particularly for clothes and visiting new places. Emily Likes cooking, eating out and going to 31 B Body Shop, Boots, L’Oreal, musicals, she has no family but would like NIVEA, Clinique, Molton to get a cat. Brown, The Sanctauary Sue Married with two children, five rats, a cat. 38 C2 Boots, Clarins, Lacome, Roc She does not shopping, her knowledge of beauty products is very basic, most of her time is taken up with work, family and the house. She works with soft furnishings. Kerstie Has three boys, twins who are 12 and an 36 C1 Johnson & Johnson, NIVEA, 11 year old who take up most of her time, Clarins, The Sanctuary she also has dogs who take up the rest of her free time Stephanie Works as a PA for BMW. She is single. 31 B Boots, Garnier, Boots, L’Oreal, Oil of Ulay, Ponds, Aveda, ©XPotential 2008 Benefit 4
  4. 4. What is Beauty? Women have a very holistic view of what beauty is: It's everything about ME – hair, make-up, clothes – and products to help them... The inner and outer aspects of beauty influence each other: The real me is a balance of how I (want to) feel about myself and how I (want to) look to others “ you want to “...makes you present yourself to feel fantastic” Image other people” INSIDE Feeling My confidence My benefit OUTSIDE • My outer beauty How I see myself • My look For me • My portrait The person within • Looking after yourself How I feel about myself The real ME ©XPotential 2008 5
  5. 5. My Daily Regime Due to a hectic lifestyle, most take much less than half an hour in the morning to get ready. Time is the big factor and it has to be quick. For going out, a longer routine is allowed, while weekends are more relaxing. Women's daily regime is dictated by time pressure Morning: 10 – 20 min Shower – teeth – hair (dryer) – moisturiser - make-up Evening: Very quick routine 5-10 minutes Teeth – remove make-up – moisturiser Weekends, special occasions: More relaxing, more time ©XPotential 2008 6
  6. 6. When shopping, skin care is much higher on the agenda Brand choice in skin care is very different from hair care. While most are prepared to spend heavily on the central face care products, expensive hair care products do not seem worth to go beyond basic. Skin Hair Top brands • Mainstream brands – Estee Lauder, Clarins, – John Frieda, L'Oreal, Herbal Clinique, La Prairie, Essences Lancome, Chanel • Boots, supermarkets, online Department/ specialty stores • Less expensive More expensive • Trying different products Product/ brand loyal • Offers, e.g. Boots 3 for 2 No fixed budget, will spend as much as 'necessary' “I have to make sure it feels good.” ©XPotential 2008 7
  7. 7. Product hierarchy There is a clear hierarchy in terms of the importance of skin care products, and this is reflected in the amount of money they are willing to spend. Anti-ageing is the main driver. Eye care “Eyes – it's where your age shows first.” importance Moisturiser (look) Hair Cleansing/ toning (products) Body moisturiser ©XPotential 2008 8
  8. 8. Product expectations for skin care are high – the perceived effect is most important Skin care product are used for their effect – measured by the look and feel of the skin. Good anti-ageing effects are only expected from the top brands. RADIANT AND DEWY are key words here. Important attributes: Anti-ageing effect (only credible for top brands) “If it's not for Has sun factor my skin type I For MY skin type will not try it.” Proven effect (“has to work”) It is important how the skin feels and looks: IDEAL: smooth, radiant, dewy (“peachy”) “dewy” Product must not be seen on the skin Nice, healthy glow NOT: dry, greasy or dull; flat or spotty Smell is important: Care products: almost no smell “radiant” (“bright, fresh) (especially face creams) ©XPotential 2008 9
  9. 9. Most are open to but careful about new skincare products and brands Unbiased recommendations are very important reasons to try new products and brands. With expensive skincare, samples are crucial to make sure the product works and has no negative effects. Recommendations: Professionals (dermatologist), friends and family (mostly mothers) Influencers: celebrities, models “I have to make Experience: brands used before sure it feels good.” Samples: very crucial! Awards, GMTV “If it's new you Magazines/ newspapers: editorials have to try it.” – Hello, Glamour, Sunday magazines See something new in the shop (will ask for samples) Beautiful packaging (esp. cosmetics/ styling) Negative experience will keep me “Once bitten away from the brand twice shy.” ©XPotential 2008 10
  10. 10. Getting the right hair care products Women especially always want to change the style of their hair, the colour have a wave or straight and sleek Women tend to regularly change their shampoos • Don’t tend to stick to one brand “I want different styles for • It’s hard to find the right product different • You should change you shampoo regularly occasions” • Styling products are rarely the same brand as shampoo and conditioner • Will try new products on their hair rather than their face and will experiment with colours • Different styles for different occasions need different products • Each type of hair needs the right product • Especially important with curly, frizzy hair • Moisturising Shampoos important, leave in conditioner then serum • Fine hair products make curly hair go frizzy ©XPotential 2008 11
  11. 11. Why we buy Recommendation or offer? “Smell is the • Products that are on offer most important • Advice from hair dresser attribute” • Easy to use bottles important • Women tend to look for a product that smells good • Packaging plays a small part in there decisions • Like to shop at Sally's as “they help you choose the right product” • To match my bathroom! • If the conditioner is good they stick to it and buy the cheaper shampoo. • They go back to what they are used to • Says ‘Smooth’, ‘Shines’ or ‘Sleek’ on the bottle ©XPotential 2008 12
  12. 12. Our Credentials XPotential is a brand focused strategy consultancy that helps to align individuals, functions and organisations throughout the world to create and deliver Brand Value. We work with some of the world’s biggest brands to deliver outstanding results. We orientate individuals and teams in the organisations to focus their responsibilities to deliver value to their most important asset - their brand. We are proud to have worked with over 30 companies in over 50 countries and touched tens of thousands of individuals, delivering some of their most impressive business results. We do this through working closely with the leadership of organisations to develop Brand Centric Vision and Strategy through a deep understand of the challenges and opportunities for the Brands and the Company, the Brand Vision and the key audience for change. We then design and implement a programme of brand centric change including communication, engagement, training and follow up. We have worked both cross functionally and also through specific areas including sales, supply chain, innovation, marketing, R&D, finance and HR. ©XPotential 2008 13
  13. 13. “We align individuals, functions and organisations, to create and deliver brand equity” XPotential (Brasil) XPotential (UK) XPotential (Thailand) Co.Ltd Av. Divino Salvador, 716 4/5 Market Square Q-House Lumpini Moema – Marlow Level 27, 1 South Sathorn Road São Paulo- SP Bucks Tungmahamek CEP – 04078-012 SL7 3HH Bangkok 10120 Tel: +55 11 5051 9194 Tel: +44 1628 485847 Tel: +66 2610 3706 Fax: +55 11 5054 0421 Fax: +44 1628 478065 Fax: +66 2610 3601 ©XPotential 2008 14