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Air New Zealand - Improving Every Step of the Consumer Journey


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XPotential has been taking a keen interest in Integrated Communications and how they contribute to a better consumer journey and a stronger brand. Then one of our associates sent us a funny YouTube video of ANZ's Richard Simmons "Fit to Fly" video and we soon found out that Air New Zealand provides a great example of an integrated consumer journey.

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Air New Zealand - Improving Every Step of the Consumer Journey

  1. 1. Air New Zealand
  2. 2. Air New Zealand Improving every step of the consumer journey Katie Mason, July 2011
  3. 3. Introduction  Air New Zealand takes a keen focus on the customer and their needs, creating magic moments at every step along the customer journey. This presentation examines the ways that Air New Zealand has put this focus into action ©XPotential 2011 3
  4. 4. Introduction Contents 5 Executive Summary 6 An Overview of Air New Zealand’s Brand Values 10 Internal Communications 13 The Consumer Journey Loop 15 Using Brand Touch Points to Stand Out from the Rest of the Consideration Set 21 Making Active Evaluation Easy 24 Post-Purchase Touchpoints; Where the Relationship Begins 30 Growing the Loyalty Loop 33 Summary ©XPotential 2011 4
  5. 5. Executive Summary Through implementing clear, relevant and unique values, Air New Zealand succeeds in creating magic moments to make the most of every touchpoint on the consumer journey loop (including post-purchase)   By using a customer-centric approach to designing and improving their experience ANZ creates opportunities to delight customers, e.g. lighthearted design features, special concierge staff to take care of travellers to the fullest extent ANZ stand out from competitors in the consideration set and through the active evaluation stage with engaging and entertaining communications that are true to the brand values and personality (e.g. Nothing to Hide body paint campaign), including activities that boost publicity such as the pink flight    ©XPotential 2011 The common negative impact of rigid, bureaucratic and frustrating service procedures is reduced by giving staff the freedom and power to make decisions and be themselves when they are serving customers Friendly “can do” service is fortified through creating a good relationship with employees, e.g. by rewarding an extra day off for winning Airline of the Year By continuing to make the most of every touchpoint consumers have with the brand, ANZ earns positive reviews and WOM, which feed back into loyalty and image to potential customers 5
  6. 6. An Overview of Air New Zealand’s Brand Values Guiding the business to make the most of each touch-point on the consumer journey: “Welcome as a friend” “Can do” “Be yourself” “Share your New Zealand”
  7. 7. Service – “Welcome as a Friend”, “Can Do” By giving employees the freedom to be friendly, ANZ create the opportunity to make a good, human impression at crucial touch-points in the consumer journey, rather than negative impressions from rigid and impersonal service  True to their heritage, ANZ used consumer insights into what behaviours people believed to be intrinsically kiwi to develop the values that shape the business  The value “Welcome as a friend” embodies the informal, warm and helpful Kiwi style of service that ANZ work towards, described in one campaign as “Informal Elegance”  To bring to life “welcome as a friend” and “can do”, ANZ empower their employees, trusting them and lifting the restriction of scripted rules and processes which would hinder their natural, honest approach customer service.  Employing like-minded people enables ANZ to put trust in them to maintain their values. “We stay ahead of the game by employing people who share our passion for excellence, our vision for the future, and who have the right attitude”  The brand characteristics are kept top-of-mind across internal communications. Staff are encouraged to share their stories relating to the values on the ANZ intranet, and to nominate colleagues they believe are worthy of the “We’re Impressed” awards, feeding back into the friendliness value and motivating employees to adopt it  Through this characteristic friendliness, ANZ has earned the title of “New Zealand’s most attractive employer” (Ranstad) ©XPotential 2011 7
  8. 8. Differentiate – “Be Yourself” Through taking the approach of “Be yourself” ANZ differentiate themselves from competing airlines and create opportunities for memorable moments across consumer journey touchpoints  ANZ is a national flag carrier, with great importance to the country. Being the first and last point of contact for many visitors, ANZ is a representative of the nation. Therefore, Rob Fyfe (CEO) decided it was important for ANZ to embrace it’s “Kiwi” background  “We operate this airline in a New Zealand way – we’re not trying to emulate a Singapore Airlines or a McDonald’s. We’re trying to go out there be authentic Kiwis and give people a real genuine New Zealand experience,” says Fyfe   ANZ strives to reinforce the Maori aspect of the country’s culture, which helps to differentiate them from other air lines, they even have a Maori Cultural Ambassador and a Kapa Haka dance group who perform at corporate events  "We developed the [Maori Cultural Ambassador] role to help build a closer connection between our staff and our rich cultural heritage," Fyfe said. "Embracing the Maori culture is certainly one way in which we can set ourselves apart." This differentiated positioning (reflecting the “be yourself” value) is reinforced across all touchpoints - the website, the aircraft, the crew's appearance and behaviour and the inflight entertainment ©XPotential 2011 8
  9. 9. Entertaining Communications – “Share your New Zealand” “Share your New Zealand” is a brand value that translates into innovative and engaging communications throughout the consumer journey, from advertising to restaurant recommendations by the cabin crew. Their uninhibited human approach to communications can make an impression on the consumer, helping to build their interest and make them feel comfortable with ANZ  Entertaining and unique communications have included the “Nothing to hide” campaign, which saw real airline staff wearing nothing but body paint to reflect their policy of no hidden additional costs. The campaign was extended to an in-flight safety video  This campaign was created in the spirit of sharing and engaging with consumers, but some claimed it compromised the standing and professionalism of the crew… – From ANZ’s point of view: “I don't buy that for a moment. There is a massive difference between someone's professional capacity, which we trust, and their ability to be a human being... their ability to have a bit of fun and a sense of humour." Steve Bayliss (Marketing Manager)  ©XPotential 2011 None of the ANZ values mention the airline industry, ANZ’s mission is not limited to being a good airline, but has more of a focus on people and experience, as such ANZ takes inspiration from other industries: – “We don’t just look at other airlines, at airports. We look at shopping centres, we look at universities, we look pretty much anywhere to get ideas that we could potentially use at Air New Zealand,” says Julia Raue, Chief Information Officer at Air New Zealand 9
  10. 10. Internal Communications
  11. 11. Internal Communications By delivering on their brand values through internal communication as much as customerfacing, ANZ helps to instil their brand identity on a deeper level, ensuring that consumers are met with a consistent message across touchpoints  The authentic Kiwi experience that ANZ aims to give customers begins with the relationship with their employees.  In order to re-enforce their friendly openness, the company breaks down hierarchies through activities such as Test Flight, where employees can pitch ideas to the executive team, and work on them if they go ahead. The CEO and directors have a “working day” once a month or quarter somewhere else in the business, and the CEO also takes on an employee as a “shadow” monthly   Internal communication was an integrated part of the move to include a Maori side to the ANZ brand, rather than simply being an advertising campaign; a “cultural kit” was sent out to employees containing pronunciation lessons, protocols and stories about destinations. ANZ even have their own Maori dance group, Te Oho Rere, who perform at major ANZ events (Rob Fyfe has even joined in with them)  Living the values rather than just using them for advertising, makes ANZ a more consistent, reliable and authentic brand – Most Authentic Brand Award 2010 TVNZ Marketing Awards ANZ lives the “as a friend” value through keeping in touch with employees, using its intranet to communicate and recognise their achievements, text alert to keep them up to date prior to big media stories and awarding 11,000 of them with an extra day off after winning Airline of the Year ©XPotential 2011 11
  12. 12. Brand Values and Internal Communication  Clear and actionable values are easier to live and to keep top of mind  Values based around people are the most compelling.    Investing in employees can help them to improve their performance, delivering a better experience to consumers Demonstrating human-oriented values helps to build lasting relationships with consumers When company values are applied and given importance they contribute to a more consistent and compelling consumer journey, which stands out against competitors ©XPotential 2011 12
  13. 13. The Consumer Journey Loop Traditionally, the consumer journey was mapped as a linear series of stages. With the new loop model, we can take into account the important post-purchase experience and identify the role of touchpoints at each stage. Air New Zealand create magic moments from touchpoints at every stage in the loop journey in order to earn customers’ loyalty and advocacy, building a successful brand.
  14. 14. Consumer Journey for Travelling by Air Advertising, PR, online content… Brand Touch points Active Evaluation: Information gathering - Shopping Impulse Initial Consideratio n Set Loyalty Loop Moment of Purchase Trigger Post-purchase experience Brand Touch points Brand Touch points The actual journey; service, information communication, check-in process, in-flight experience Adapted from McKinsey ©XPotential 2011 14
  15. 15. Using Brand Touch Points to Stand Out from the Rest of the Consideration Set
  16. 16. Bold and Unique Communication with the Potential to Go Viral Online In order to stand out in the consideration set and make a positive impression at the active evaluation touch points, Air New Zealand uses bold communications, which stand out from other airlines with their uniqueness. The fun content is well-suited to viral spread; a much cheaper and more active way to reach people than, e.g. buying a TV ad spot  “Nothing to Hide” campaign: to highlight ANZ’s allin pricing, with no hidden costs (e.g. for baggage) the advert featured real staff (including CEO) wearing only body paint. The attention-catching campaign earned online viral success too, and was extended to in-flight safety videos to encourage attentive viewing (“Bare Essentials of Safety”)  Rico recently collaborated with Snoop Dogg on an online viral music video, “Hello Sunshine”. The music video is also part of the launch of Snoop Dogg’s new album promotion, which will extend the reach and lifetime of the campaign and bring a cool, young aspect to the brand   “Air New Zealand has an irreverent and fun brand. We aim to entertain people and bring a smile to their faces through our communications and staff interactions.” Rico: a puppet animal flyer who provides entertaining, tongue-in-cheek content reflecting ANZ’s informality. Perfectly suited to online sharing, improving the reach and positive associations with the brand. ANZ builds anticipation for forth-coming online Rico videos (see image), to improve engagement / ©XPotential 2011 16
  17. 17. Engaging with Consumers, even when they aren’t looking for a flight To maintain a top-of-mind position and magic moments across brand touchpoints, ANZ works to engage consumers and keep them thinking about the brand, even when they are not looking/waiting for a flight. Crowd sourcing:  To create awareness and interest in the launch of the new 777-300, ANZ ran a crowd-sourcing design competition for on-board cocktails, snacks and eye masks – The Aviation Design Academy  The competition was based around online video, making it easy to share, building further awareness and interest  The prize was to have their designs implemented, and 2 seats on board the new air craft from Auckland to London  Visible implementation of the winning designs set this crowd source campaign apart from others (e.g. My Starbucks Idea) which have been accused of offering empty promises when they have no use for users’ ideas Social competition:  To combat the new threat from Virgin, ANZ engaged with consumers by giving them a chance to win their own plane for a day, by acting as “captain”; naming the plane, choosing the destination and inviting 40 friends to fill it  The competition became the countries largest ever online promotion with over 5% of the population taking part. It also created a huge new email database for Air New Zealand to send special offers to. ©XPotential 2011 17
  18. 18. Being Creative to Get Attention In order to get the attention of potential consumers, encourage conversations about the brand (word of mouth) and to communicate the brand personality, ANZ is creative with its activities. The Match Making Flight and Party:  In 2009, ANZ ran an international match-making flight from the USA to a party at a top venue in Auckland  The participating singles connected before the flight on a specially created social network  Air transportation has always been about helping people make a connection – for business or pleasure. And what better connection can one make than finding love?  Match-making flight crew performed a dance to All the Single Ladies at the event Fit to Fly:  Air New Zealand’s safety video “Fit To Fly” is hosted by eccentric exercise guru Richard Simmons. The retro, fun video reached 1.2 million views in 40 hours Cranial Billboards:  ANZ found volunteers to shave their heads, so that a temporary tattoo could be displayed there advertising ANZ. The volunteers got either a round-trip ticket to New Zealand or $777 in cash. When asked about the tattoo, volunteers could respond with information about ANZ’s offers and spread word of mouth  This type of campaign communicates the adventurous personality of Air New Zealand, and the unorthodox approach also earns plenty of publicity ©XPotential 2011 18
  19. 19. Find New Ways to Deliver Rich Content to Consumers Air New Zealand provide the shopper with access to rich information about their offering to make the most of touchpoints in the information gathering phase of the consumer journey.      To target the Japanese market, ANZ used Twitter because Japan is amongst the top 5 Twitter nations They used local celebrity and key influencer, Sorano to live-cast her ANZ and New Zealand visit experiences via a Twitter stream with videos Featuring the cabin crew, fluent in Japanese (of great significance considering most Japanese people have not had much English speaking practice) and an interview with CEO, Rob Fyfe The campaign helped to build trust and demonstrate the quality and comfort on offer; traits that are important to Japanese flyers. ANZ’s personality is honest and authentic, reinforced by the raw and unedited nature of the campaign ©XPotential 2011 19
  20. 20. Emotional Appeal and Personality To stand out in the initial consideration set, ANZ appeal to emotional and personal sides, creating magic moments even before purchase. Compared to actual product offering, the psychological values of the brand need a more long term and careful investment, and are harder for competitors to match and imitate. The Pink Flight:  ANZ’s “Gay” flight to Sydney Mardi Gras, including pink decoration in the plane, fancy dress crew and gay-themed in-flight entertainment  Media coverage: Los Angeles Times, hundreds of hits online, Tonight Show with Jay Leno, generated more than 285 million impressions and had a publicity value of more than $8 million. Personality:  Through appearing naked in adverts and flight safety videos, dressing up in pink etc. the airline projects the message: we are open, we are accepting and we are ready to have fun!  Personality was even cited as a key benefit of ANZ by one customer on twitter, which was noted by ANZ and turned into the “Personality allowed” campaign Christchurch earthquake:  ANZ immediately reached out to customers, through impassioned posts by CEO Rob Fyfe on specially created Facebook group, Twitter account and blogs.  Extra crew were on hand at airports to help stranded, bereaved or distraught passengers.  Additional flight capacity, special fares, and rescue flights were quickly established, discount international airfares were available to those who had been personally bereaved or affected  The goodwill demonstrated was returned by customers through extensive social media activity declaring support and appreciation for ANZ.  In contrast, Cathay Pacific were slated for charging cancellation fees for flights to Japan after the Tsunami ©XPotential 2011 20
  21. 21. Making Active Evaluation Easy
  22. 22. Making Active Evaluation Easy The Active Evaluation section of the consumer journey is vital, it could be the point where if a brand fails to make a connection with the consumer at a touchpoint, they will turn to a competitor instead. Therefore ANZ make it easy to understand their brand and offering, and make it appealing Easy:  Making smart use of search engine optimization, e.g. when searching “Travel Insurance”, the Google sponsored ad from ANZ clicks the shopper through to a clear travel insurance landing page (vs. House of Travel – landing page is homepage with no mention of insurance, likely to have a high bounce rate) (see images)  Once on the website, ANZ has invested in making relevant information easy for the consumer to find, e.g. through a comprehensive FAQ database (the creation of which reduced email and call inquiries by more than half! This allowed for better customer service staff management as well as an easier customer journey) Appealing:  The new sky-couch offer in economy class is not only a unique and appealing offer in itself but has also been dubbed with an emotionally appealing name, “cuddle class” ©XPotential 2011 22
  23. 23. Use pre-purchase touch points to stand out, and make the choice easy  Creating content that engages by entertaining or involving consumers helps to build interest and awareness, as well as an understanding of the brand personality (so long as communications are true to it)  The world (and consumers) are connected through the social web, so experience of a brand is fed back into visible online content (e.g. blogs and reviews) that contributes during the active evaluation stage, so the way a company “behaves” is an essential part of their communications  Consider the steps a consumer takes towards choosing a brand, and make the steps to purchase as simple and appealing as possible ©XPotential 2011 23
  24. 24. Post-Purchase Touch Points; Where the Experience Begins Throughout the post-purchase experience, ANZ aims to make the most of every touchpoint, making each step consumercentric, friendly and easy, to create thoughtful magic moments “The consumer experience used to end at the checkout, today that is where it begins” Woody Diggs, Accenture
  25. 25. Pre-flight Even before getting on board, ANZ invest in creating magic moments at each touchpoint:     Pre-flight e-mail (see image): “I think that this is the first piece of e-marketing that I have ever received that I thoroughly read, found helpful and actually printed out!” (customer) Check-in: As passengers can now print their own boarding passes or download them to their phones, ANZ has seen the check-in becoming less relevant. Therefore they have used a customer-centric approach, to make it easy to self-check-in with baggage “We quickly began to see other benefits that flowed from a successful self-service strategy. In addition to increased customer satisfaction, we saw more productive use of terminal space, greater efficiencies, greater engagement by airport staff, and a positive effect on brand awareness for the airline.” When designing its current airport experience, ANZ’s goal was that the customer journey should be as simple as most other forms of public transport. ©XPotential 2011 25
  26. 26. On the Plane: a customer-centric approach to creating experience Besides clever, innovative marketing campaigns, an airline brand has to provide tangible values for its customers to succeed. ANZ uses a customer-centric approach to give flyers the most satisfying experience and delight them by exceeding expectations:      Fun, engaging safety videos (e.g. “Fit to Fly”, “Bare Essentials of Safety”) Children are picked to hand out landing sweets, and children’s story time is hosted by cabin crew in back galley to relieve parents (improving the experience for them and the kids) Skycouch “cuddle class” innovative seating converts a row of three seats into a couch, allowing two adults to lie together like they would at home (three seats for price of 2.5), design process included customer behavioural research, workshops, full-scale cabin mock-ups and mock 'flights’ Crockery designed to limit bumping of neighbours while eating Snacks easy to order through in-flight entertainment system  ©XPotential 2011 Panasonic eXphone service enables ANZ’s passengers to access their mobile phones to safely send and receive emails and text messages during flight. This service was offered based on customer insight: – “Feedback from our customers has shown they wish to be able to text, check emails, and stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues during their long-haul flights,” Ed Sims, Air New Zealand Group General Manager International Airline. 26
  27. 27. The Thoughtful Touches Air New Zealand take extra steps towards delighting customers and creating magic moments by adding thoughtful touches to the journey in a way not often seen on airlines, reflecting their unique Kiwi personality and sense of humour:     The toilets have wallpaper with different designs; bookshelf, chandelier, window with comedy goggled-man peering in Eyeshades with different designs; old-time aviator goggles, bird eyes. Seeing businesspeople walking around in their pyjamas wearing these helps to lighten the mood, in the ANZ Kiwi humour style Children’s seats prepared with; kids’ headrest cover, snack box (kids don’t always want to wait for mealtime), extensive kids section on the in-flight entertainment and activity pack Wine tastings in the front galley with their Kiwi wines for business class customers. ANZ is the largest single purchaser of Kiwi wine. The airline produces an annual guide for Business Class passengers, with details on New Zealand's wine regions and grape varieties, along with reports on each producer who has wines on board. ©XPotential 2011 27
  28. 28. Taking Care of Passengers and Going the Extra Mile ANZ’s values focus on making people happy, and they invest heartily in providing excellent service:  The brand personality drives decisions right across the business, constantly listening to customers to find out what is important to them. By using this insight to make people happy, ANZ earn positive and valuable social media publicity: – I had said goodbye to my family and was crying on board, the air hostess provided me with tissues without my asking and stopped to chat. It was genuine and made me feel comfortable! It was lovely to know someone who was a staff member had noticed I was upset and took the time to understand why and help me out. – The crew were very warm and friendly and took the time to talk to you in a genuine way. This is what we love about NZ!!!!! – Justin Bieber tweet: “Air New Zealand I think is the nicest airline ever”  Service Innovation at a time when other airlines were cutting back: The Air New Zealand In-flight concierge: – Aim to make sure every passenger has the best experience possible, from sorting out itineraries to comforting people (classic cabin crew are too busy) – ANZ typically hire people with hospitality experience as concierges – Power to make decisions on how to keep each customer happy, this responsibility gives them motivation of protecting their reputation, feeding into the “Can do” brand value  “If you look carefully there is always someone on the plane who is need of a helping hand” Matthew, In-flight concierge. For example: – Canadian woman who moved to Australia to be with her online lover, only for it to all not work out. On her return the concierge upgraded her to Premium Economy to get some space and then ordered flowers for when she got home – Man wearing too-short shorts given a blanket quickly to preserve his dignity  Recognition: Recent awards: – Best Cabin Staff Australia/NZ Region – 2009 World Airline Awards by Skytrax – Best Passenger Service Award – 2008 Air Transport World magazine awards ©XPotential 2011 28
  29. 29. After the Flight Air New Zealand’s relationship and connection with customers does not end when they leave the plane; they create touchpoints beyond the flight to grow the relationship with the brand: ANZ Spot-on app series across different cities:  Free download to help travellers find the top local spots; an in-pocket extension of the In-flight Concierge service, providing one-touch access to: – Personally-recommended places to eat, shop, relax and experience – One-touch access to query Air New Zealand Concierge staff – Hand-picked Activities sorted by genre, source and proximity – Interactive Tube Map (London Spot-on) – Taxi numbers pre-programmed – Eavesdrop on local Twitter chatter – Direct access to air fares and special Air New Zealand offers and promotions  You don’t have to be a ANZ passenger to download spoton, so the app can also act as a first touch for prospective new customers  "Air New Zealand has always set the standard for air travel, providing our customers with seamless service that extends far beyond the onboard experience," said Roger Poulton, Air New Zealand vice president - the Americas. ©XPotential 2011 29
  30. 30. Growing the Loyalty Loop
  31. 31. Growing the Loyalty Loop Air New Zealand earns customer loyalty by providing a reliable and valued service, something different to competitors. They also use communications and incentives to make sure that customers come back through the loyalty loop of the consumer journey Valued service:  ANZ retain their customers by listening to them, making customer-centric changes (e.g. text alerts, selfservice bag drop, sky couch)  The in-flight concierges also listen to customers and aim to improve their individual experiences  “The great thing about Social Media is that it allows us to respond directly and personally to our customers and other stakeholders. It means we can participate in the conversation and address both praise and issues in real time.” (e.g. Rob Fyfe replied to Justin Bieber’s praising tweet) Loyalty incentives:  App: Direct access to air fares and special Air New Zealand offers and promotions  TextExpress Alert is available to Airpoints members. Air New Zealand then texts free flight departure and arrival information.  Club card: Air Points, status points  Koru membership lounges  Concierge business cards given to top customers, to encourage keeping in touch and building a relationship Communications:  By listening to their existing customers, ANZ also know which valuable features to draw attention to (e.g. Personality, based on the “personality allowed” tweet)  Being a national flag carrier, Kiwis have an emotional connection with ANZ which is deepened during moments of truth such as the Christchurch earthquake, when ANZ were visibly supportive and compassionate ©XPotential 2011 31
  32. 32. Post purchase and loyalty  A significant portion of the consumer journey is made up of post-purchases experiences, so it is vital to build these experiences around what matters to the consumer  Think outside the box to find ways to improve the consumer journey and create magic moments; be open to change and to challenge the status quo (e.g. by reconsidering the décor in aeroplane toilets)!  Consumers want to feel understood, and through understanding them a better experience can be created  Adapting quickly to modern technology can create new brand touch points which can help to boost loyalty and build the brand when offering a valued and relevant experience, e.g. through mobile apps ©XPotential 2011 32
  33. 33. Summary
  34. 34. Air New Zealand creates magic moments throughout the consumer journey Fun, creative ways to win flights Rich and engaging content to describe offering Brand Touch points Relevant information easy to find on website Active Evaluation: Information gathering - Shopping Unique, entertaining campaigns PR: earthquake compassion Impulse Initial Consideratio n Set Positive reviews and tweets No hidden costs! Loyalty Loop Earn Air Points Moment of Purchase Spot-on app offers best fares Trigger Useful preflight e-mail Post-purchase experience Useful Spot-on app helps to find taxi in new city Easy check-in, less airport stress Concierge helps to plan where to have dinner Moments Adapted from McKinsey Brand Touch points Brand Touch points Quality NZ wine served with tasting guide Lavatory wallpaper with a sense of humour ©XPotential 2011 Entertaining safety video Kids snack box ready on seat – no whining for food! 34
  35. 35. Summary Through implementing clear, relevant and unique values, Air New Zealand succeed in creating magic moments to make the most of every touchpoint on the consumer journey    Friendly “can do” service is fortified through creating a good relationship with employees, e.g. by rewarding an extra day off for winning Airline of the Year ANZ stand out from competitors in the consideration set and through the active evaluation stage with engaging and entertaining communications that are true to the brand values and personality (e.g. Nothing to Hide body paint campaign), including activities that boost publicity such as the pink flight By using a customer-centric approach to designing and improving their experience ANZ creates opportunities to delight customers, e.g. light-hearted design features, special concierge staff to take care of travellers to the fullest extent   ©XPotential 2011 The common negative impact of rigid, bureaucratic and frustrating service procedures is reduced by giving staff the freedom and power to make decisions and be themselves when they are serving customers By continuing to make the most of every touchpoint consumers have with the brand, ANZ earns positive reviews and WOM, which feed back into loyalty and image to potential customers 35
  36. 36. Who are XPotential? XPotential is a brand focused strategy consultancy that helps to align individuals, functions and organisations throughout the world to create and deliver Brand Value. We work with some of the world’s biggest brands to deliver outstanding results. We orientate individuals and teams in the organisations to focus their responsibilities to deliver value to their most important asset - their brand. We are proud to have worked with over 30 companies in over 50 countries and touched tens of thousands of individuals, delivering some of their most impressive business results. We do this through working closely with the leadership of organisations to develop Brand Centric Vision and Strategy through a deep understand of the challenges and opportunities for the Brands and the Company, the Brand Vision and the key audience for change. We then design and implement a programme of brand centric change including communication, engagement, training and follow up. We have worked both cross functionally and also through specific areas including sales, supply chain, innovation, marketing, R&D, finance and HR. ©XPotential 2011 36
  37. 37. “We align individuals, functions and organisations, throughout the world, to create and deliver brand equity” Take a look at our website to find out more about us: ©XPotential 2014 37