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A Quantitative Digital Marketing Analysis of IPL 2016


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It’s a strategic time-out. Who is doing what on the marketing canvas of IPL season 9? Which brands are supporting their TV ad campaigns with digital marketing? And what do the brands need to do in the next half of the season?

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A Quantitative Digital Marketing Analysis of IPL 2016

  1. 1. A Quantitative Digital Marketing Analysis of AdvertisersIPL 2016 by
  2. 2. Brands Tracked Pg 2
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION IPL indeed brings out Ek India Happy wala. In a diverse social and economic setting, cricket brings a population of 135 crore people together. IPL, the gala of cricket, has even more and deeper reach evoking emotional bonds with teams and players. For a marketer, an audience this size and wide is a goldmine. The introduction of 2 new teams along with the online live streaming on HotStar has created a new set of opportunities for companies to place their marketing bids. Even startups like Zeven, Shuttl App and Tyka are not shying away from competing with brands with deep pockets like Freecharge, Myntra and Yes Bank. Companies who spent millions for a prime spot either saw their investment rewarded or a golden opportunity slip through the gap. This report is an effort to see how companies supported their campaigns via social media, display marketing, and content strategy. With a half of the tournament gone, this is a perfect time to take a mandatory "strategic timeout" and see how companies have performed in the IPL 2016. Key Takeaways Ÿ Most companies use Twitter as their major engagement platform while Facebook is reserved for long write-ups like contest rules. Ÿ Brands with clear hashtag strategy, well-planned content strategy and a better social media execution emerged as winners irrespective of on-air ad purchase. Pg 3
  4. 4. x1 Here’s our Scoring methodolgy Social media Display marketing Content strategy x2 x1x1 Green Cap Brand who excelled in all 3 fields will be wearing the most enticing prize for an advertiser Scoring & Methodology We tracked three aspects of digital marketing: Ÿ Social Media Ÿ Content Strategy Ÿ Display Marketing We used in-house tools to track the social media profiles—Facebook and Twitter—of brands who are either official IPL sponsor or sponsor of IPL franchisees. We have tracked the companies from April 8, 2016 to April 28, 2016. On the content and display marketing side, we deployed our team to track the social media content during the games and display ads on relevant websites and apps. These three aspects of scoring have been further elaborated in each of its respective section Pg 4
  5. 5. x1 Brands with on-air TV ad spots left no stone unturned to capture the attention of the audience on social media. But on this front, they also competed with brands who didn't purchase high-priced on-air TV ads. Many unsung brands captured the show on Social Media. Social Media Evaluation criteria Brand engagement Brand activity Replies to customers x2 x1x1 Orange Cap Brand who batted well in the social media crease Winner Pg 5
  6. 6. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Ÿ People found the content of FreeCharge and Yes Bank the most engaging. Ÿ On brand activity side, all the brands fared well and almost equal. Ÿ FreeCharge and Britannia5050 had an upper edge because, unlike Yes Bank and Ginoee, they were able to establish conversations (replies to customers) with their audience. Orange Cap: Top 5 Contenders Social MediaPg 6 x1Brand engagementKey Brand activity Replies to customers
  7. 7. Myntra and FreeCharge ruled the engagement chart (likes, shares, comments, and retweets). They integrated their IPL campaign with game as well as their brand. Myntra came up with #IFL (Indian Fashion League) while FreeCharge is doing it with #FreeChargeBolt. Brand Engagement Myntra FreeCharge YES Bank Spykar Oppo Gionee Makemytrip Intex Daikin Britannia 5050 Ola Cabs 3,55,846 3,39,923 2,73,890 2,61,814 2,53,122 2,28,736 2,18,616 1,78,483 1,62,677 1,21,015 1,00,891 Top 11 Brands by Total Engagement (likes + share + comments + favorites + retweets) Social MediaPg 7
  8. 8. Engagements were also analyzed by specific engagement type. The three engagement types measured were: Ÿ Applause, representing favorable responses and including metrics such as likes and favorites, Ÿ Conversation, representing consumer responses and including metrics such as comments and replies, Ÿ Amplification, representing brand advocacy and including metrics such as shares and retweets Only Freecharge, Britannia 5050 and Yes Bank have been consistent in all three engagement types. Top brands by Engagement type FreeCharge Gionee Ola Cabs Britannia 5050 Kingfisher DTDC YES Bank RedFM HE Deo Lux Cozi Vivo 86,556 63,154 43,262 42,401 17,994 12,098 11,705 7,087 6,456 6,096 5,260 Top 11 Brands by Amplification Myntra YES Bank Spykar Oppo FreeCharge Makemytrip Intex Gionee Daikin Finolex Britannia 5050 Top 11 Brands by Appluase 3,51,724 2,60,622 2,56,781 2,50,079 2,30,816 2,16,394 1,69,636 1,64,992 1,47,450 80,295 77,489 (comments + replies) (shares + retweets) Vodafone FreeCharge Daikin Intex Videocond2h DTDC Spykar RedFM YES Bank Britannia 5050 Oppo Top 11 Brands by Conversation (likes + favorites) 44,904 22,551 10,298 7,410 3,652 2,744 2,583 1,579 1,563 1,125 1,005 Brand EngagementSocial MediaPg 8
  9. 9. Kingfisher & Zeven made it to the Top 11 in amplification chart by sweeping out their competitors. Unlike most brands who offered only banner ads, these companies also came up with a variety of content including blog posts, GIF and videos. To get more views and engagement, brands pinned their most important posts on profile. One such successful post was by Kingfisher which garnered 3 million views. Brand EngagementSocial MediaPg 9
  10. 10. Britannia and DTDC were the most active brands. Britannia leads the chart with 4779 posts with 227 posts a day (all timeline tweets). Unsurprisingly, almost 95% of these posts are tweets.. Brand activity Britannia 50 50 DTDC FreeCharge Ola cabs Gionee Zeven HEScreamSquad Kingfisher Vodafone YES Bank Housing 4,757 2,082 1,906 1,824 1,377 1,160 963 913 771 604 566 Top 11 Brands by Tweet Activity (Tweets) 4,779 2,253 2,126 1,928 1,425 1,357 1,035 974 774 682 617 Britannia5050 FreeCharge DTDC Ola cabs Gionee Zeven HE Deo Kingfisher Vodafone YES Bank Housing Top 11 Brands by Total activity (Tweets + Fb posts) Pg 10 Social Media
  11. 11. This parameter highlights how well a brand focuses on social communication. The top 4 brands in this category exploited the power of social media to help establish conversation with customers. They used it for real-time digital customer care. Moreover, Britannia and Freecharge also engaged their users around the IPL and their marketing campaigns. 44,870 3,641 1,377 1,274 1,008 927 591 468 454 307 293 Vodafone Videocond2h Daikin DTDC Britannia 5050 FreeCharge DHFL Ola Cabs Britannia GoodDay Zeven Burger King Top 11 Brands by Replies to Customers (No. of replies) Replies to Customer Pg 11 Social Media
  12. 12. As Jay Baer says, “Content is fire and social media is gasoline”, strong content is crucial for social media success. Even though many top brands were burning a lot of cash and effort on social media, they failed to generate original and authentic content leading to low engagement. On the other hand, some brands like Finolex and Zeven emerged as hidden talents on content front. Content strategy Purple Cap Brands who bowled out their opponents with best economy rate Conversation with users Personal authentic responses Game related content Real time responsive Content creation Variety in content Creation Branded content Synergy of content with the game On air publicity of hashtag Actively used hashtag with the game How we Scored? Engagement authenticity Content Development Content distribution Strategy Pg 12 Winner
  13. 13. #1 #1 #2 #3 #4 Ÿ The content and brand voice of all the brands were authentic. Ÿ Kingfisher was the best in content development closely followed by Yes Bank and FreeCharge. Ÿ FreeCharge and Yes Bank outperformed the other brands in content distribution strategy. x1Engagement AuthenticityKey Content Development Content Distribution Strategy Purple Cap: Top 5 Contenders Pg 13 Content Strategy
  14. 14. Ceat Tyres The official strategic time-out partner Ceat couldn’t make the most of it with poor content strategy. With a dedicated cricket rating website and social media accounts (Ceat CCR), they could have done wonders. But the big brand failed to spark a real conversation with users and offered a very little in terms of content. Freecharge and Yes Bank These 2 brands had a strong content strategy and executed them well. Only these brands displayed hashtags on TV commercials and used them actively on social media during the game. Finolex Personal authentic responses, clear hashtag strategy, and its active use with the game made Gujarat Lions sponsor Finolex in the top 3 in content strategy chart. Zeven The RCB sponsor is the only startup who made it to the 5th position in content strategy. They competed with big brands by generating engaging and economic content. Pg 14 Content Strategy
  15. 15. Display advertising is an arena with wide areas to cover. There’s desktop and mobile, video and static banners, and engagement ads. We tried to cover all the areas to unveil the top performers in display advertising. We found that the most of the e-commerce companies’ focus is display marketing and they really excel in this segment The top position is awarded to the brand who guarded the main scoring areas by investing in top display marketing spots Display Marketing Website for the game Relevance of the website with the game Website is hosted on the brand domain Purchased premium spots on sports website Ads are related to the TV/digital campaign On-air ad spot on TV/HOTSTAR Official campaign website display in the commercial How we Scored? Web Engagement Real time AD buys Pg 15 Winner Blue Cap Brand who fielded well in Display Marketing
  16. 16. Ÿ FreeCharge and Britannia5050 were the best in the web engagement, mainly because of their game related website. Amazon and Flipkart were only the two brands in top five who did not focus on web engagement. Ÿ However, in real-time ad buys, the ecommerce giants, Amazon and Flipkart ruled by leaps and bounds. Pg 16 Display Marketing x1Web EngagementKey Real time Ad buys Blue Cap: Top 5 Contenders #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
  17. 17. Freecharge Freecharge was again all over the arena. They came up with really interesting ways to engage users on their app using hashtags like #ScoreKyaHoga and #freeChargeBolt. Their ad campaign is only focused for smartphone users. So they invested heavily in display marketing, buying realtime ads on espncricinfo app. He Deodorant (Emami) He Deodorant failed to make it to the top 5. But their display marketing efforts were commendable. They have been intelligent to purchase on-air ad spots during strategic timeouts. Unlike many big brands, He Deodorant tried to make the most of the IPL with a dedicated website for the game. Pg 17 Display Marketing
  18. 18. Amazon The e-commerce giant didn't come up with a game related marketing campaign like they did last year. Nor did they create a dedicated website for the campaign. But they did a great job in display marketing by buying ad spots on-air, sports websites, and mobile apps. If you are an IPL lover, you could find them almost everywhere. Britannia 50-50 Britannia fought hard in display marketing scoring 4th position in the chart. They also created an engaging dedicated website for the game to support their digital marketing contests. With more purchases on real time ads, they could have easily topped the chart. Pg 18 Display Marketing
  19. 19. Freecharge is totally standing apart from every other brand. Yes Bank, Ola Cabs, Kingfisher and Vodafone are also making the most of social media. However, many top brands including Ceat, Amazon and even Vivo itself are missing the digital marketing support for their high-priced ad campaigns. 'Digital' wrote Simon Silvester “is more efficient and more impactful because it can hit only the right people, and only at the right time.” It seems Zeven executed its IPL digital marketing campaign with this thought in mind. They are powering their social media strategy with engaging content and display marketing. Unlike Amazon and Flipkart with massive marketing budgets, Zeven couldn't buy ad spots. But they are certainly spot-on in their digital presence. We are still midway in the tournament with peak time yet to come. The companies can still capture audience's imagination by boosting efforts on social media, content, and display ads. Meanwhile, the pitch of digital marketing in IPL is looking great for the companies. Who will win? Maybe the one who understands the pitch. Conclusion Pg 19
  20. 20. Content Strategy Display Marketing Social Media Score by Category Top 11 Digital Marketing kings of IPL 1 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 11 1010 Overall Ranking
  21. 21. That's all for the strategic timeout. We will be back at the end of IPL with all the highlights. XOR Labs is a digital marketing company specializing in social media, content, and display marketing. We help businesses maximise ROI using analytics, data-driven techniques, and crafting digital marketing campaigns. We are helping shape the digital marketing narratives in ecommerce, technology, finance, healthcare, real estate, entertainment, and education sector. Subscribe About Us Pg 21 Subscribe now for the final report @xor_labs