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Taking Advantage of XMetaL’s XInclude Support


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In XMetaL Author 6.0 we introduced “Support for modular XML documents via W3C XInclude”. Beyond the checkbox on the marketing datasheet, what does this support really mean for partners and customers? As an XMetaL implementer, you can provide your end users with new content reuse capabilities. We take a look at what XMetaL allows, and what you need to do to allow your end users to take advantage of this powerful new feature.

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Taking Advantage of XMetaL’s XInclude Support

  1. 1. in 37 minutes Episode 4 Taking advantage of XMetaL’s XInclude support Tom Magliery, XML Technology Specialist Brought to you by XMetaL Technical Services © 2010 JustSystems Inc.
  2. 2. Announcements • Next time: Su-Laine “XMetaL for Simple XML Editing Editing” © 2010 JustSystems Inc.
  3. 3. Agenda • Introduction • B i XI l d markup Basic XInclude k • XMetaL XInclude APIs © 2010 JustSystems Inc.
  4. 4. What is XInclude • W3C XML standard • General purpose inclusion mechanism G l i l i h i • Including XML inside other XML • A general way to achieve content reuse © 2010 JustSystems Inc.
  5. 5. XMetaL’s XInclude support • XMetaL automatically recognizes XInclude markup • XMetaL XInclude APIs allow customizers to add reuse functionality to document customizations © 2010 JustSystems Inc.
  6. 6. Getting started • Step 1: Define XInclude elements in your DTD/schema • St 2: Put XInclude markup in your instance Step 2 P t XI l d k i i t document • Step 3: See what happens in XMetaL • ... © 2010 JustSystems Inc.
  7. 7. STEP 1: XINCLUDE IN YOUR DTD OR SCHEMA © 2010 JustSystems Inc.
  8. 8. XInclude specifies two new elements • <xi:include> – Pl Placeholder f referenced content h ld for f d t t – Pointer to referenced content – Put wherever you want to be able to include things • <xi:fallback> – Content to be displayed if XInclude resolution fails © 2010 JustSystems Inc.
  9. 9. Example DTD with XInclude <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!-- "-//Mag//DTD Simple Paper//EN" --> <!ELEMENT Paper ( p (Title, Author, ( , , (Section | xi:include)*) > ) ) <!ELEMENT Title (#PCDATA) > <!ELEMENT Author (#PCDATA) > <!ELEMENT Section (Title, (Para | Blockquote | xi:include)*) > <!ELEMENT Para (#PCDATA | Bold | Italic)* > <!ELEMENT Blockquote (#PCDATA | Bold | Italic)* > <!ELEMENT Bold (#PCDATA) > <!ELEMENT Italic (#PCDATA) > <!ELEMENT xi:include (xi:fallback?)> <!ATTLIST xi:include xmlns:xi CDATA #FIXED "http://www w3 org/2001/XInclude" href CDATA #IMPLIED parse (xml|text) "xml" xpointer CDATA #IMPLIED encoding CDATA #IMPLIED accept p CDATA #IMPLIED accept-language CDATA #IMPLIED > <!ELEMENT xi:fallback (#PCDATA|Para)*> <!ATTLIST xi:fallback xmlns:xi l i CDATA # #FIXED "" h // 3 /2001/ l d > © 2010 JustSystems Inc.
  10. 10. STEP 2: XINCLUDE IN YOUR DOCUMENT MARKUP © 2010 JustSystems Inc.
  11. 11. XInclude markup <xi:include h f " i i l d href="my_other_paper.xml" th l" xpointer="xpointer(/Paper/Section)"> <xi:fallback>This is fallback text.</xi:fallback> </xi:include> / © 2010 JustSystems Inc.
  12. 12. Sample document <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE Paper PUBLIC "-//Mag//DTD Simple Paper//EN" "simplepaper.dtd"> <Paper> <Title>This is my Paper</Title> <Author>John Q. Public</Author> <Section> <Title>First section</Title> <Para>First paragraph.</Para> <Para>Second paragraph.</Para> </Section> <xi:include href="my_other_paper.xml" xpointer="xpointer(/Paper/Section[1])"> <xi:fallback>This is fallback text.</xi:fallback> </xi:include> </Paper> © 2010 JustSystems Inc.
  13. 13. STEP 3: SEE WHAT HAPPENS IN XMETAL © 2010 JustSystems Inc.
  14. 14. STEP 4: DO STUFF WITH SCRIPT © 2010 JustSystems Inc.
  15. 15. Implementing XML inclusions • XMetaL automatically recognizes XInclude markup • But there is no built-in user interface • Th There are new API APIs – XInclude-related methods/properties on Document and Application objects • Write script using APIs to implement desired functionality y © 2010 JustSystems Inc.
  16. 16. Bonus tip: Pasting script • (Not related to XML inclusions) • C paste executable script code i t th Can t t bl i t d into the XMetaL main document window • R Requires specific script h d li i ifi i t header line: //XMetaL Script Language JScript: ActiveDocument.Host.Alert("Hello, world"); © 2010 JustSystems Inc.
  17. 17. ShowXInclude(node) ShowXInclude(node) • Document object method • If node i an XI l d the t d is XInclude, th target is displayed t i di l d • Else, if node has XInclude ancestor(s), the nearest one is di l t i displayed d • Else, if node has XInclude descendants, they are all displayed – ShowXInclude(ActiveDocument.documentElement) will show a inclusions in the docu e s o all c us o s e document • NOTE: An XInclude must be updated at least once before it can be displayed p y © 2010 JustSystems Inc.
  18. 18. UpdateXInclude(node) UpdateXInclude(node) • Document object method • Same rules about which node(s) are affected S l b t hi h d ( ) ff t d • Causes a “refresh” of the affected node(s) • Does not change visibility of the included content © 2010 JustSystems Inc.
  19. 19. HideXInclude(node) HideXInclude(node) • Document object method • Same rules about which node(s) are affected S l b t hi h d ( ) ff t d • Hides the target content of affected nodes • Display reverts to fallback content © 2010 JustSystems Inc.
  20. 20. OpenXIncludeTarget(node) OpenXIncludeTarget(node) • Document object method • If node i an XI l d opens the t d is XInclude, th target t document (specified in href) • El if node h XI l d ancestor(s), opens Else, d has XInclude t ( ) the target document of the nearest one © 2010 JustSystems Inc.
  21. 21. Some other interesting APIs • ExportWithXIncludesToFile(strFile) • E ExportWithXIncludesToXML() tWithXI l d T XML() – Returns an XML string • Li kR l ti E Li t LinkResolutionErrorList – Property, returns ValidationErrorList object • ResultsManager object – Application.ResultsManager.ShowLinkLogTab() – Application ResultsManager HideLinkLogTab() Application.ResultsManager.HideLinkLogTab() © 2010 JustSystems Inc.
  22. 22. Documentation • Full documentation on the XML inclusion APIs is in XMetaL Developer 6.0 docs 60 © 2010 JustSystems Inc.
  23. 23. Some possible functionality • Menu commands: –IInsert XML inclusions t i l i – Show or hide all inclusions • Context menu commands: – Hide or show one XML inclusion – Open XML inclusion target • Other – Combine with “Treat as link AI button Treat link” – Custom dialogs © 2010 JustSystems Inc.
  24. 24. DocBook sample • Included* with XMetaL 6.0 • Ill t t several XI l d f t Illustrates l XInclude features • (DEMO) * No pun intended © 2010 JustSystems Inc.
  25. 25. Resources • XMetaL Community Forums – htt //f t l / • JustSystems Partner Center – http://justpartnercenter com/ • Ask us for help (partner tech support) – partnersupport na@justsystems com © 2010 JustSystems Inc.