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Corporate universities


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Corporate universities

  1. 1. Corporate Universities
  2. 2. What is a Corporate University?  A corporate university is an education entity formed by the parent organization (corporate) with the purpose of systematic development of “Human Capital”, which is a key requirement for growth and competitive advantage.  Main focus is to align the “Human Capital” with the business requirements and long term vision of the organization.  Corporate University is a term which can be used interchangeably with an Academy/Institute/Centre of Excellence etc.
  3. 3. Did you know? ❑Corporate universities were first created in the late 1980s as a top-up over the traditional training departments. ❑A survey by the Boston Consulting Group ( BCG) found that the number of formal corporate universities in America doubled between 1997 and 2007, to around 2,000 and now more than 4000, companies around the world have them. ❑General Electric is known to have opened the first corporate university, in 1956. ❑The most famous Corporate University is McDonalds “Hamburger University”. Source: set-up-their-own-corporate-universities-they-have-become-less-willing-pay
  4. 4. Difference between a Training Department and Corporate University Training Department Corporate Universities It is normally associated as a staff function / overhead. It operates as a separate business unit, with greater ability to generate revenues. It mostly offers courses which are high in demand or mandatory courses related to specific department. It is to align with the strategic initiatives of an organization. Learning is for short duration and mostly viewed as well earned rest & relaxation. Learning is a part of business and expected to provide a return on investment. Training is conducted to upgrade technical of business skills of an employee. Along with required training skills, it also upgrades the competencies of an employee & increase overall performance.
  5. 5. Goals of a Corporate University  Building courses or curriculum based on organizational strategy.  Bring a common culture, loyalty and belonging to a company.  Creating a talent pool for the organization.  Encourage business innovation  Remain competitive in today’s economy  Retain employees
  6. 6. Key Features of a Corporate University ❑A dedicated facility in the form of a brick and mortar structure or could be an online center. ❑A custom made curriculum and course content exclusively designed for the organization’s current learning needs and future proof development of human capital. ❑It is more oriented towards practice rather than theory unlike the traditional universities. ❑ The Faculty for such universities are hand picked and the best in the class.
  7. 7. Well known International Corporate Universities McDonald's Hamburger University Motorola University General Electric's Crotonville Walt Disney Apple University Fordstar - by Ford Motor Company Oracle University ArcelorMittal University University of Toyota
  8. 8. Well known Indian Corporate Universities Infosys University Azim Premji University Mahindra Satyam Learning World Future Innoversity - Future group Anand ‘U”- Anand University Welspun Corporate University
  9. 9. Structure of Corporate University With large companies having a global footprint , corporate universities are moving towards decentralized structure (Regional Campuses) to make learning more regionalized. Many Universities also adopt a hybrid model. Here the university shares major facilities with partners and establish their own regional hubs in key locations. Another model preferred by universities is hub-and-spoke model. In this model the central campus issues guidelines to regional campuses to ensure consistent branding and learning experiences. The regional team designs and develop programs to suit local context without losing the core messages. Source: ities_engine_human_capital/?chapter=3#chapter3_section8
  10. 10. International Corporate University- Few Case Studies
  11. 11. McDonald’s Hamburger University  First of the university in the Restaurants sector, founded in 1961 by Fred Turner, the CEO of McDonald’s for 20 years. Hamburger University will celebrate its 55th Anniversary next year (2016). McDonald’s Hamburger University trains students in restaurant management skills and have over 275,000 graduates. Currently has seven campuses worldwide in Oak Brook, Illinois, Tokyo. London, Sydney, Munich, Sao Paulo and Shanghai with an eight campus opening scheduled for Moscow later this year. Source: be-harder-to-get-into-than-Harvard-and-is-even-cooler-than-youd- imagine/articleshow/49517893.cms
  12. 12. McDonald’s Hamburger University  According to Bloomberg “With a selection rate of 1% at its Shanghai campus, the intense week-long training program are more exclusive than Harvard.”  More than 40% of McDonald's senior leaders are graduates of Hamburger University.  It has 16 full-time college professors on staff in the US with the ability to teach in 28 languages.  Hamburger University focuses more on leadership development, business growth, and operations procedures, with a special emphasis on service, quality, and cleanliness to help prepare students for managerial positions in the restaurant industry. Source: -harder-to-get-into-than-Harvard-and-is-even-cooler-than-youd- imagine/articleshow/49517893.cms
  13. 13. Unilever Learning Academy Unilever – a consumer –goods company has started its first learning campus in London more than half century ago. In 2013, Unilever opened its global leadership development center known as Asia-Pacific Corporate University Campus- Four Acres Singapore. The S$80m complex is the company's first such facility outside the UK, and represents Unilever’s single largest investment in leadership development globally thus far. Unilever’s graduate programmes are designed to individuals for managerial positions. Four Acres Singapore runs half of the leadership development programs offered globally by Unilever and served 900+ leaders in its fist year of operation
  14. 14. Unilever Learning Academy Training focuses on three leadership keys:  Leadership know- how  Leadership skills  Leadership Behaviors It delivers training by three different modes :  Formal Training  Experiential Learning  Learning through People Sources: and-qualifications-available-with-unilever unilever-university-asia-pacific-by-peter-mcateer
  15. 15. Indian Corporate University- Few Case Studies
  16. 16. Infosys University ❑Infosys is a leading provider of consulting, technology and outsourcing solutions in the Indian IT space. ❑Infosys University is the largest Corporate Technical University in Asia. ❑It conducts rigorous 12-14 weeks training programs for all new technical hires. It also run programs on behavioral, communication and management skills and practice. ❑The flagship physical campus is the Infosys Global Education Centre ( GEC) located in Mysore, India.
  17. 17. Infosys University The 340- acre campus has 500 instructors and 200 classrooms, with the state of art of technology as well as the hotel, food and recreational space. ❑It trains around. 12000-14000 technical employees in a year. ❑Education within Infosys includes four main areas: ▪ Education and Research ( E & R) ▪ Infosys Leadership institute (ILI) ▪ InStep- Infosys Global Internship Program ▪ Campus Connect Source: 45/corporate-universities/471-infosys-university-the-largest-corporate-technical- university-in-asia
  18. 18. Future Innoversity  Future Innoversity was started in 2009 by prestigious retail group – Future Group.  The Academy has its main campus at Ahmedabad and three regional campuses at Delhi, Bengaluru and Kolkata  It offers full time, 3 year BBA degree Program and full time two year MBA program with Specialization in retail , Supply Chain and entrepreneurship.  The programs are certified by Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and approved by UGC.  The learning is provided with blend of classroom sessions combined with practical experience in Future group various retail formats. Source:
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