Roger’s Personal Note to XL Leaders on the XL Transformation


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Roger’s Personal Note to XL Leaders on the XL Transformation

  1. 1. Roger’s Personal Note to XL Leaders on the XL Transformation Thank you for all your effort and contribution over the last six months and last seven years. I am writing in this format as it‟s the easiest way to organise my thoughts and share what I want to share – and ask what I‟m going to ask. Do bear with me as this is my most comprehensive explanation of the transformation we are all part of and how it affects (and benefits) all of us.
  2. 2. The Last Six Months – What a Ride! If anyone had suggested that what has happened over the last six months was going to happen, I would have thought they were nuts. The pace of change has been like a storm at sea where everything becomes questioned – including what‟s up and down, safe and scary. It‟s a day after XL National Day, and it‟s the first day I‟ve had to catch my breath and see the break in the clouds. That‟s why I‟m here with you now. So thank you for your patience.
  3. 3. Skipping ahead a little… XL Nation launched on XL National Day. I‟m going to share with you how XL Nation is different from XL Results Foundation. We had a chance to share some of this at the XL Leader Meet. I‟m going to see how well I do explaining it even more clearly here. Then I‟m going to explain what this means to us. What it means to you as an XL Leader, and what it means to me and everyone who has shared this extraordinary journey. And I‟m going to end with a request – which is why I‟m preparing you ahead of time!
  4. 4. What exactly is XL Nation? XL Nation is our collective solution to achieve XL2020 and World Wide Wealth. While we all know and see how far our XL1.0 model has taken us in seven short years, we‟ve all been around enough to have seen the gaps in that pot grow as the plant grew into a tree. While XL1.0 was a pot, XL2.0 is the garden. Right here, I‟m going to take you on a tour of that garden so we can all see how different it is. This tour has ten steps…
  5. 5. What exactly is XL Nation? 1. Joining the Garden 2. Learning to Play 3. Circles: A Place of Belonging 4. From Circles to Streams 5. Multiplying Circles 6. Shared R.O.I. 7. Double Everything Now We‟re Talking! 8. 9. A True Global Democracy 10. Guardians of the Light After the ten step tour, we get onto what this means to our Life Members, to you and to me. So let‟s get going…
  6. 6. Step 1: Joining the garden In XL 1.0, to be part of the tree as an XL Life Member you needed to afford $5,000 to $10,000, but anyone could join. In XL2.0, to step into the garden as an XL Citizen the qualification is not whether you can afford it, but whether you can add value. The cost is S$360 each year but you need to be nominated in by an existing member. That means we can scale up without needing sales breakfasts and salesmanship, and we don‟t have anyone joining just to get, but everyone joining because they want to give.
  7. 7. Step 1: Joining the garden With scalability, we will be seeing thousands join each month instead of hundreds. New XL Citizens join at and when they join they give their sponsors email. The chain ensures sponsors confirm new citizens and that their orientation is carried through. Applicants can also join and wait for a sponsor. This means we will see thousands join a wait list where XL Citizens get to choose who they want to sponsor in as XL Citizens. Only when there is a hand to hold, will there be a place to play.
  8. 8. Step 1: Joining the garden On joining, instead of receiving a big fat pack of expensive printed material, an XL Citizen does their Wealth Dynamics Profile and gets access to XL World. Together with their sponsor, they will then have easy access to all the help guides to every step of their citizenship. This means simple guides, videos, tutorials to every element of XL Nation from using Wealth Dynamics to sharing opportunities to joining XL Circles, etc. Everything available at the touch of a button on your mobile phone, and updated in a wiki format that is constantly added to and enhanced by XL Nation Founding Members.
  9. 9. Step 1: Joining the garden This first step clears our primary bottleneck – our high barrier to entry to join (in cost, time, opportunity and limited sales resources). This could not have been possible seven years ago when we did not have a global presence, when we did not have online social media and when we did not have the global momentum towards change that we have today. We now have the reach, the means and the will to enable us to be connecting not thousands but millions and that is the power of step one.
  10. 10. Step 2: Learning to play In XL 1.0, once a member joined, it was up to the City Leader to orientate them. In XL2.0, every citizen must have a sponsor (who they will know and trust) and it is that sponsor who will make sure they are up to speed. This means we will not face the danger of disconnection the moment they join. XL Citizens will take ownership for ensuring their friends are up to speed on Wealth Dynamics, Effective Giving and the way we play.
  11. 11. Step 2: Learning to play By making the sponsor accountable for the value a new citizen receives, we have a self-regulating quality control mechanism. By ensuring that all XL Citizens are equipped with the right videos, audios and guide – all available online – we are not dependent on the presentation skills of the few. We are only dependent on the will of the many. This accountability gives scalability to ownership on the experience of new Citizens, regardless of the number of new Citizens joining each day.
  12. 12. Step 2: Learning to play In XL 1.0, new Members were asked to attend a Power-Up or Momentum. If they didn‟t they would soon become disconnected. In XL2.0, every Citizen MUST be part of an XL Circle and show up at least 60% of the time, or they are asked to leave. XL Circles may meet monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. An XL Circle is like a Power-Up, but is no longer just one per city with the City Leader running it. Every XL Circle has a focus – whether by location, industry, interest, profession, passion or purpose. And no one gets into one that is not fully relevant to themselves. .
  13. 13. Step 3: Circles: A place of belonging After seven years in this community, there is no greater truth that I have found than that: The XL Members who got the most value found a group they loved being with and that was relevant to their lives. Regardless of what else was delivered to them, these two things were worth the entire value of membership. The XL Members who got the least value could not find a group they loved being with and that was relevant to their lives. No matter how much extra value we tried to deliver, without these two things there could never be enough. .
  14. 14. Step 3: Circles: A place of belonging After seven years in this community, there is no greater truth that I have found than that: The XL Members who got the most value found a group they loved being with and that was relevant to their lives. Regardless of what else was delivered to them, these two things were worth the entire value of membership. The XL Members who got the least value could not find a group they loved being with and that was relevant to their lives. No matter how much extra value we tried to deliver, without these two things there could never be enough. .
  15. 15. Step 3: Circles: A place of belonging Every XL Circle carries the DNA of XL, which is the XL Environment – the playground we play in. That means that EVERY time we meet we have a structure which is: FUN INSPIRING ACTION FOCUSED Every time we meet as a cell within the whole, we add value to XL and XL adds value to us. We leverage XL, and XL leverages us. We achieve wealth, and XL achieves World Wide Wealth. .
  16. 16. Step 4: From Circles to Streams In XL1.0 we asked Country and City Leaders to share their successes, learning, opportunities with the wider XL community with limited success. In XL2.0, this sharing becomes an essential part of the process. Imagine a WDE without opportunity knocks. Imagine an EBS without the connected teams and mentoring. The power of XL is in the shared resources. In XL2.0, every circle will be a conduit to flow, and built into the process is the guaranteed sharing of resources between circles.
  17. 17. Step 4: From Circles to Streams Every XL Circle has a leader for every element of flow. At every circle meeting the learning, opportunities, successes, measures and giving are shared and added to our global library, market, media, scoreboard and World Wide Wealth. Each Circle has a leader to support each area so we hold each other to account. The standards of an XL Environment – of fun, inspiration and action – will bring the spirit of XL into every meeting regardless of its size.
  18. 18. Step 4: From Circles to Streams Unlike in XL1.0 where there is little trace of the 5,000 events we ran over seven years, in XL2.0 we will ensure we become greater than the sum of our parts. In XL1.0 our heart failed to reach every part of us: Not because our heart was too small, but each cell was not connected to our flow. In XL2.0 any cell that disconnects will soon be rejected, and every cell that joins us will add to the health of the whole. Step 4 gives us a direct link and rhythm between our personal self and our global whole.
  19. 19. Step 5: Multiplying Circles In XL1.0, new cities and countries could not begin without the support of the central office. As we got to breaking point, we had to stop adding new countries. All those extra limbs were leading to heart failure. In XL2.o, new XL Circles can be created with the sponsorship of the leaders of an existing XL Circle. No one needs to wait for approval, and there is a simple recognition and rejection process so that we retain integrity while also ensuring there are no bottlenecks to growth.
  20. 20. Step 5: Multiplying Circles Each Circle has conditions of success to be complete – including a niche, at least 12 members, all the leadership positions full and the Circle set up and transparent on That‟s when it becomes a fully functioning cell. In XL1.0, all of us – the central office, Country and City Leaders – became the bottlenecks to new talent stepping up and taking on leadership positions. We filled the limited positions we had set and stopped new shoots from sprouting. In XL2.o, there is no head for us to lose. Every circle contains the DNA of the whole. .
  21. 21. Hang on a minute… Before I go any further, it‟s time for a pause. At this point (which is about as much as some of us understand XL Nation to be), it‟s easy to think we‟re getting the picture… Sounds like XL2.0 is local power-ups without the leadership. Or Rotary on steroids. Or BNI plugged into the Internet. Nope. Where other networks end, that‟s where we begin. XL2.0 is not about the circles any more than a new born baby is about the cells. But it is the cells that make up the baby – and this is one big baby we‟re now able to grow…
  22. 22. Step 6: Shared R.O.I. R.O.I. stands for Resources, Opportunities and Information. In XL1.0, these were all channeled and transmitted centrally. In XL2.o, these will have millions of inputs and outputs. We‟ve moved from the river to rain, and we are the raindrops. XL Nation will have the most comprehensive and organised orchestration of resources which is tagged, coded and categorised using Wealth Dynamics. XL Citizens can find the most useful resources through a global circle of trust - not of what people look at but what people act upon. This is a massive paradigm shift.
  23. 23. Step 6: Shared R.O.I. For example, on the Internet, how do you know which is the best video on leadership? In XL World you will be able to find rated videos of learning based on which has been used by the most circles, together with postings of exactly how Citizens utilised the learning to deliver results. The same goes for opportunities, connections, challenges and success stories. What we are creating is a shared library of APPLIED knowledge, which links us to the resources and opportunities for us to also accelerate our own journey. While this was a vision in XL1.0, now XL2.0 has a structure to ensure we build it collectively.
  24. 24. Step 6: Shared R.O.I. This will enable speakers and thought leaders to present at XL Circles and know their learning will be organised, shared globally, rated and categorised. It will enable entrepreneurs to share opportunities and connections in a structured way, so we all find what we need when we need it. It will allow us all to add content for global use, finding its ways into circles in schools, villages and entire networks within XL Nation.
  25. 25. Step 7: Double Everything XL Circles also allow us to create a powerful trading system within XL in a way that the input of individuals never can. Microfinance works best when in circles of trust, and the XL Infinity Market works in the same way. To me, this is one of the most powerful parts of XL Nation. Each of us offers in $10,000 of value that is then offered to other Citizens at $2 of value for every $1 of price. Most barter systems break down because everyone overprices what they offer. In the XL Infinity Market, not only do we receive double the value, but anything offered must already have been bought at market price from someone within the circle.
  26. 26. Step 7: Double Everything In XL1.0, many members remained perplexed as to how to find value to offer. In XL2.0, the XL Infinity Market forces each circle to focus on each Citizen to find something that can be monetized and added to the bank. As Citizens, each of us can step into XL Nation and immediately get all the help we need – from setting up our company, getting a web site, finding support, buying in resources and advice. We don‟t need money to get started. We simply need clarity on what we are adding of value. Step 7 sets us apart from every other nation. We don‟t enter it naked and hungry. We enter it full.
  27. 27. Step 8: Now We’re Talking! In XL1.0, we were a team of presenters. If you missed the talk, you missed the value. In XL2.0, we will grow a team of producers. The monthly online momentums will become weekly and eventually daily. They will be live, from Cities and Countries around the world. We will be able to vote on who we want and in time our numbers will be attractive to any speaker or leader. This technology did not exist a year ago. Now it does and we intend to use it.
  28. 28. Step 8: Now We’re Talking! The combination of Circles that meet regularly, of access to world class speakers and to the technology to connect the two live and interactive give us a unique global environment that no other network has mastered. We have already had the experience of running ustream talks globally, with several hundred people. It is only a matter of time before this goes into the thousands. Using XL World and the online calendar, Circles can easily co-ordinate the audience for global momentums with world leaders at a scale that XL1.0 could not achieve.
  29. 29. Step 9: A True Global Democracy In XL1.0 we operated, like most companies, as a monarchy. At the global, country and city levels. In XL2.0, using online voting software, we are creating the first true global democracy without the need for centralised leadership. Every month, our online live Forum Sessions will be the meeting point for making decisions on changes and additions to the structure, to the constitution and to the programs and projects endorsed at a global level.
  30. 30. Step 9: A True Global Democracy Every Circle will have a leadership that is voted in each year. Every City and Country will have a leader to be the representative for all the circles in the City and Country, voted in each year by the Circle Leaders. Leadership of the Arcs (up to 576 Citizens) and the Sea (global team) will also be elected in each year by the Forum and Senate respectively. In short, no one will outstay their welcome, and no position will be a block to flow.
  31. 31. Step 10: Guardians of the Light At the beginning of XL1.o there were two of us. The first US Congress had 26 Senators in Washington. We begin XL2.o with 3,200 Founding Members around the World. No global body – whether the UN, IMF, World Bank, has a globally elected leadership with a division of power necessary within every democracy. In XL Nation, the Senate provides a balance of power to the Forum. The role of the Senate is to hold XL Nation not to the greater good, but the greatest good: The Truth from which flows Trust and Trade.
  32. 32. Step 10: Guardians of the Light The Forum‟s focus is Trust and Trade. The Forum meets monthly online and is made up of the Circle Leader and Circle Guardian of each Circle. The Senate‟s focus is Truth: Whether the actions of the Forum align with our values and mission. The Senate has veto power over Forum votes. The Senate meets monthly online and is made up of the Founding Members. In XL1.0 there were no checks and balances at any leadership level. In XL2.0, we have built a revolutionary structure that can scale to a Forum of thousands, while remaining true.
  33. 33. My favourite story At EBS, Iain, one of our members presented his plan, Scholaris, which serves 400,000 students through its learning community. On XL National Day, after running through the Circle training, Iain came up to me and said “Kids already get this. How can we get all 400,000 students into XL Nation? We‟re one day into XL Nation, and this is the kind of story I think we‟ll be hearing every day soon. The scalability and sustainability of this model is something we could only achieve from the sum of our collective experience over the last seven years.
  34. 34. Err… is that it? That‟s my 30 slide summary of XL Nation, and how it differs from XL Results Foundation. Fine. So we have a method to our movement. We can and will achieve World Wide Wealth. We will achieve our XL2020 Vision. BUT... What about our Life Members? What about our Country and City Leaders? What about our team in Singapore? What about me?? That‟s why there aren‟t 34 slides here. There are 64. Bear with me, the best is yet to come…
  35. 35. A Chance in a Lifetime Let‟s start with our Life Members. For simplicity, we could group them all into four categories: The „Raving Fans‟ who have already gotten value for money and who will support our journey to World Wide Wealth come what may The „Advocates‟ who are occasionally involved and who see membership as something for life, with a stream of value to dip into occasionally The „Spectators‟ who are waiting for the right game to play, and until then will be inactive And the „Disengaged‟ who will transfer out when the opportunity presents itself
  36. 36. A Chance in a Lifetime For the „Raving Fans‟, the chance to have a Senate seat and be a Founding Member of this extraordinary Nation is value enough. For the „Advocates‟, the question now is “How has the value stream changed from what I was promised?” Here‟s a before an after list of the twelve things you will find in the Life Member Handbook. I‟m going through each one in detail so have a good read of each!
  37. 37. Benefits of XL Founding Membership 1. MOMENTUMS: WAS monthly events in each city (up to maybe fifty cities each month. NOW guest attendance at any of the thousands of XL Circles around the world PLUS access to all regional and global momentums around the world in real-time online. 2. COACHING: WAS free certification. NOW free certification. All coaching will now also be taking place as international events with international networking, beginning in Bali. 3. INTERNATIONAL NETWORK: WAS global network to connect with online, offline. NOW far larger and more organised community.
  38. 38. Benefits of XL Founding Membership 4. OPPORTUNITIES EXCHANGE: WAS theory of global opportunities online. NOW with both XL World and Opportunities as a key part of every Circle, we have a flow to ensure the effect of a WDE every day online. 5. LOCAL WORKSHOPS: WAS access to power- ups and local meetings. NOW same promise at a far greater and more organised scale. 6. COUNTRY TOURS: WAS access to country tours. NOW access to country and world tours at a higher level of quality and attraction.
  39. 39. Benefits of XL Founding Membership 7. MAJOR EVENTS: WAS discount vouchers and crewing at major events. NOW with my content focus, my major events will grow and with the XL Infinity Market the special offers available events worldwide will be far wider. 8. XL VISION VILLAS: WAS access to Vision Villas at special rates. NOW Vision Villas has grown in scale from previously, and the specials remain. 9. SOCIAL ENTERPRISE: WAS combined measure through the XL SEA program. NOW the same and more, with each circle being measured, we will have real time results of our giving.
  40. 40. Benefits of XL Founding Membership 10. WORLD WIDE WEALTH: WAS having access to the many initiatives taking place towards World Wide Wealth. NOW with our new structure these initiatives will be far more accessible, categorised and easy to find. 11. XL OPPORTUNITIES: WAS access to opportunities to be a speaker, reporter, ambassador. NOW this has just turbo charged. 12. DISCOUNTS & PRIVILEGES: WAS access to vouchers produced centrally. NOW access to a global market updated in real time.
  41. 41. Benefits of XL Founding Membership 13. MEMBERSHIP VALUE: WAS a transferable asset. NOW one of 3,600 Senate Seats so equally transferable but now limited and of value beyond belonging, as only the seats have a say as Guardians of the Light. 14. AND THE REST OF IT: In addition to those benefits listed in the Life Member Handbook, there are all the new benefits listed in the ten step tour right here. If you want to direct any Life Member to this full list of benefits, you can find it here: html
  42. 42. MORE, MORE, MORE! “Yeah, but”… I hear you hear. “Don‟t I get all those as an XL Citizen? Why not just sell my XL Life Membership and pay my $360, hmm? Gimme MORE!”
  43. 43. Enough, already… We‟re now addressing not the raving fans or the advocates. We‟re now addressing the spectators and the disengaged. We could go through the full benefits that a Life Member gets that an XL Citizen does not, from the enhanced trust that comes from being a Guardian to the extra privileges that XL Citizens simply do not have access to, and you will find there is a detailed checklist of the differences on XL World, as well as a video posted this work. But all of this will fall on deaf ears to anyone who remains a spectator or disengaged. So here‟s the plan…
  44. 44. The Bali Convention In the next six months from now until the Bali Convention on October 13, 2009, we will be holding monthly Senate Sessions. We will all be launching XL Circles. Those who show up, will see the value through the process. BALI XL is not a place to go to. It is a place to come from. CONVENTION The Value of XL does not come from the „benefits‟, it comes from the „experience‟. October 13 2009 Each month, those who take up the XL Leader and XL Guardian positions in each circle will join the XL Forum and will be voting on all the changes and developments within XL. Our constitution and our community will be shaped in the next six months by those who show up.
  45. 45. The Bali Convention This month we are publishing the full seating plan of the XL Senate. You have a seat with your name on it. So do all the other XL Founding Members. Our collective job in the coming six months is to turn each seat either: BALI 1. GREEN – That member is in a circle CONVENTION 2. YELLOW – Not in a circle yet but remaining an XL Founding Member October 13 2009 3. RED – Seat to be sold either because it is vacant or the Member wants to sell Until the end of 2010 (or until the Senate votes otherwise), only Founding Members can launch and lead XL Circles. So we expect many XL Citizens to want Senate seats.
  46. 46. The Bali Convention At the Bali Convention we will be ratifying the Constitution, voting in the 2010 Leadership and acknowledging our progress towards World Wide Wealth. This will then be reported to the bodies on global change including the United Nations and BALI World Bank. CONVENTION We will also be announcing the award winners of our XL Extraordinary Lives, recognising all XL October 13 2009 Founding Members and approving the XL Nation budget for 2010. The new global leadership, elected annually, will have a two month transition and take the helm on the 1st January.
  47. 47. The Bali Convention We have some targets that we would love to achieve by the Bali Convention. You might think these are conservative (we do), or you might think they are ambitious. Our goal is: BALI 1. To have 100 well-functioning Circle Groups 2. To have attracted 10,000 new XL Citizens into CONVENTION XL Nation through referral and online 3. To have sponsored in at least 5,000 of these October 13 2009 10,000 (the rest will be on a wait list until they have an XL Citizen sponsor them in) 4. To have filled and colour coded at least 90% of the 3,600 Senate Seats, to have at least 33% (1,200) of them green. 5. To be on track for $10 million in measurable 2009 donations towards World Wide Wealth.
  48. 48. … Oh, by the way… I‟m taking it for granted that you‟ve been following developments of XL National Day, where we signed the Declaration of Interdependence and past over the XL Torch. BALI It was a magical day and marked the beginning of XL Nation. Every year March 31 – XL National Day CONVENTION – will be a day of celebration, and October 13 – The Bali Convention – will be a day of collaboration: October 13 2009 Liberation vs Deliberation If you missed it, you‟ll find the key videos and blogs on the event on XL World and on my blogs. You can also now follow all the lastest news on XL Nation on Twitter at
  49. 49. Who’s Doing What? Over the next six months, here‟s a summary of who‟s doing what – then I‟ll get on to how this affects you and, like I mentioned earlier, my request I have for you. Like I said, this is my most comprehensive explanation to date so get keep with it. We‟re in the final straight! 1. XL NATION: The Transformation Team, led by Michelle, Jeanette and Tracey, is now working on all the support material for new XL Citizens and all the help guides on leading Circles and creating flow within XL Nation. All the details on XL World.
  50. 50. Who’s Doing What? 2. XL RESULTS FOUNDATION: Will continue to operate as the Steward to the Senate. This means managing and selling all Senate seats available. Lead by Michelle and the Mission Control Team, all Country & City Leaders continue have a role through to year end (and beyond if they still have seats as assets to sell). All XL Circles will have a City and Country Leader to represent them in city, country and global events, programs and initiatives. This will in the first instance be the existing XL Leaders provided you are leading a Circle (which is effectively a turbo-powered power-up)
  51. 51. Teresa who? If you haven‟t met her yet, Teresa Stott has moved from Texas to Bali, to take on the role of General Manager of XL Group. She is a super-supporter with a finance background  and the two of us working together is proving to be far greater than the sum of our parts. She is leading the financial management and leadership of the companies while I focus at content creation. My focus will be on turning from a presenter to a producer – where all my content can be leveraged more easily for the benefit of all. The XL Nation training videos are examples of that. Say hi at
  52. 52. Our next six months… At the XL Leaders Meeting Darshana, Andy, Marcus and Dave presented on the different opportunities available to all our existing leaders. While we are intent on XL Nation being able to achieve World Wide Wealth without us being the bottleneck, we also want to make sure that we all are able to play effectively in the playground. Over the next six months we want to make sure that we‟ve all found a place that fits us and allows us to create flow and be the change. So here‟s a simple action plan of what we‟d like to achieve together in the coming months:
  53. 53. Our next six months… Step One: To connect with you (both at an XLRF level with Michelle and at an XL Group level with Teresa and myself) to hear your thoughts on the way forward for you and your team – your actions within XL Nation and your interest in working with any of the XL Group companies: Whether at the XL Event level, WDI level, WD level, or otherwise. Step Two: At an XLRF level, to discuss a plan with your city that identifies the leaders to grow XL Nation, your collections and seat statuses as a Steward of the Senate, and your own plan to be an XL City / Country Circle Leader and what support we can provide you.
  54. 54. Our next six months… Step Three: To organise revenue generating activity to make 2009 the year you want to make it, whether that is tours towards a major event, information sessions, or otherwise. We have at least $6 million in Senate Seats available and I know that I will be active in selling these now that they have become so much more attractive (Within hours of launching XL Nation the first seat was already bought). I‟m in London for the UK WDE next week, then back in Bali at the end of the month. From next week, Teresa will be connecting with you and we‟ll schedule a call between us to catch up and share steps forward
  55. 55. Now it’s your turn… It is my belief that this economic crisis and our own internal revolution has opened up enormous opportunity for all of us, and now is the critical moment for us to question what part we want to play in this transformation. What does this change mean for you? Like a storm at sea it can be seen as a reason to batten down the hatches, to get seasick, or to see the opportunity to reach our destination faster. Now is the time to study the many opportunities we now have opened up. Speak to me, Dave, Michelle, Teresa. Speak to Darshana, Dan and Andy. Take the following five steps…
  56. 56. Now it’s your turn… April is the time for spring cleaning. So please do take the opportunity now to: 1. Become an expert and advocate of XL Nation. Watch the videos. Read the guides. 2. Share your insights with your XL Life Members. Set up an XL Circle for your city 3. Plan your schedule for the year, and set your revenue and service targets 4. Set your new standards of what you want to give and what you want to get as a Steward of the Senate. 5. Schedule a time with Teresa for us to catch up and align our efforts.
  57. 57. The Big Ask And finally here‟s my big request to you…
  58. 58. The Big Ask And finally here‟s my big request to you… Our greatest challenge as we have centrally transmitted value, service, communication, is that even a fire hydrant of flow cannot reach all parts of this ever-growing garden. Even now, as I transmit this message, many will not see it. Our channels of flow are not enough to carry the spirit of what we are doing to everyone in the playground. What I ask of you is not to simply re-transmit the message. That was the old model. Yes, you can direct people to this power point or the videos, but that is not my request to you.
  59. 59. The Big Ask What I ask of you is not to lead, but to be a leader. Not to do, but to be. As an XL Citizen, I commit every day to wake up into the garden that XL has given me. To live by example, to enhance and enchant. To live by truth, trust and trade. I have committed to four XL Circles and I will show up, step up, give back within four cells out of a hundred. In my small contribution, I contribute to the whole – and to you. In every action I take, every conversation I make, every thought I create, I commit to our purpose of effective giving and our united vision of World Wide Wealth. I do this for me, for you, for us. I ask you to commit fully to this way of being too.
  60. 60. The Big Ask While this request may seem trivial or peripheral to the things we must „do‟, to me it is anything but. It is the essence of what we as XL Citizens and Stewards of the Senate must be. It‟s easy to go through the motions and forget. It‟s easy to have fear, doubt and anxiety. That isn‟t XL. That isn‟t us. That‟s my request to you. Not for us to be a channel of flow in the garden but for us to be the raindrops. Every day, wake up, read the XL Declaration, live your day like it were your last. Be the change. Do this every day, and we have already achieved our promise. In us we trust.
  61. 61. The XL Declaration of Interdependence Author, Tahnee Wolfe. Theresa Hamilton, First Reading
  62. 62. The XL Declaration of Interdependence I am Beyond fear, beyond ego, beyond limitation, I am I stand Sharing this precious earth with nature and all living creatures, I stand I feel The heartbeats of my fellow citizens, beating in time around the globe, I feel I breathe The same air breathed by the ancients, and breathed by generations to come, I breathe I build Wisdom, resources, an ever expanding circle of trust, I build <cont..>
  63. 63. The XL Declaration of Interdependence I see The future that already exists within our collective dreaming, I see I grow My passion, my wealth, my connection with my community, I grow I hear The siren call of those in need, my heart deepening with compassion and love, I hear I give With generosity and grace, inspiring others to do the same, I give I live Shining my unique essence, connects to my deepest purpose, fulfilling my boldest vision, I live <cont..>
  64. 64. The XL Declaration of Interdependence I AM A Citizen Born for this moment Chosen for this extraordinary live Connected by spirit to all who form this circle I am A guardian of this sacred promise I am This Declaration has two cycles of five statements linked to the five elements, creating the infinity sign. When reading it as a group, a single reader reads the first two lines of each statement and everyone joins in on the third line. Post this declaration up in your home. Read it out every day. When you read it, read it from the heart. Read it at every XL Circle. If you ever question where XL is, read this. XL is right here. Always.