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Risks in bio pharma innovation and partnership models : Kapil Khandelwal, EquNev Capital,


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Kapil Khandelwal
EquNev Capital

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Risks in bio pharma innovation and partnership models : Kapil Khandelwal, EquNev Capital,

  1. 1. cmyk cmyk PAGE 11 NEW DELHIMONDAY 17 | OCTOBER 2011 Browser wars Japan’s Olympus Corp has fired its CEO and president Michael Woodford. The word “tweet” is to become a registered trademark of the micro- blogging website Twitter. TECHNOMICSFIREFOX TO DITCHXUL FOR ANDROIDMozilla Director of FirefoxEngineering Johnathan Facebook may soon herald Kapil Khandelwal deeper changes in Bhutan A dose of IT Nightingale announced on a mailing list that Firefox will move to Android’s native user interface, ditching theXUL technology that’s been ALISTAIR SCRUTTON THIMPHU, OCT. 16 A partnership thatin use by Mozilla since beforethere even was a Firefox. For a sign of things to come with isolated Bhutan’s young democ- racy, look no further than a dra- can prove risky I, Robot conian smoking law, some bar talk, and a Facebook page. is the role of partnering T here was an interest- Earlier this year Kinley ing discussion that I played by the incubators toDON’T FALL IN LOVE Tshering, then a media consul- tant in the capital, Thimphu, dis- participated ‘Simulating Partnership on foster innovation. Over 40 percent of incubations inWITH A DREAMER cussed with friends over drinks the jailing of a Buddhist monk Models for Innovation in BioPharma’ at the Drug India and abroad are over their time lines to standThe latest ‘droid’ comes for three years for possessing $3 Information Agency (DIA) alone outside of their shel-from Meka Robotics. It’s worth of tobacco, one of the first annual conference held ters. On the other hand,called the Dreamer robot to be prosecuted under a new law recently. The discussion over three-fourths of theand it’s under development banning public smoking. highlighted six key issues ventures have been strug-at the University of Texas. Angry, Tshering decided to related to investing in inno- gling to get to the nextThe robot form a Facebook page, a digital vation and partnership level. The critical shortruns on protest unheard of in this models in BioPharma. comings have been an abil-Willow Himalayan kingdom of 700,000 The first issue for consid- ity of the incubators to pro-Garage’s people. Within months, the page eration in mitigating any vide the support requiredROS and had several thousand followers risks of investing in part- by the innovating compa-includes and was the talk of the town, sig- nering models for innova- nies and ventures.Meka’s S2 naling how a younger generation tion is clearly articulating Next consideration is howHumanoid Head, which hous- is embracing social media and the financial considera- to live in the era of para-es expressive eyes and emo- democratic rights, confidently tions and the investments. doxes! While Indian inno-tive ears. Dreamer’s peepers challenging an established order Our history has been full of vation is an attractiveare high-resolution FireWire of elderly and mostly conserva- cases where innovations proposition for thecameras and its head can tive leaders. urban, educated elite: village In fact, the prime minister have been great but the investors in the West, it ismove along seven axes. “Facebook was important. It migrants studying in college Facebook opened the signed up on the Facebook page, mechanics of funding has the size and the scale and opened the floodgates for open towns are embracing Facebook. floodgates for open a signal that the leaders of this been faulty, leading to the cost of investing and Tech R.I.P criticism of the government,” said opposition leader Tshering And the government is smooth- ing the way, setting up computer criticism of the country may see the tide cannot be turned. But it is not without early miscarriage of the venture. managing the investments that is an issue. The Tobgay. “People feel the need to centers in many rural areas. government tension and fear. The second consideration Western innovators wouldGOOGLE FINALLY be more vocal. Only two years ago, criticism — constructive or Dupthob Tashiyangtse, a law- maker from a remote rural –– Kinley Tshering Organizers say the street protest was photographed by is that there is no cookie cutter approach to innova- like to leverage opportuni- ties in India, but they needLOSES ITS BUZZ not — was quite anonymous.” No one expects any revolution region in the east, recounted how, after he was elected, vil- media consultant plain clothes police. A normally assured prime minister angrily tion and funding to new technology that is being to know who and how to partner.Google is killing off Buzz, in Bhutan, where the king is lagers started making all kinds of accused a newspaper of playing incubated. Once the idea Lastly, the most impor-the company’s 18-month-old revered. There is broad support demands including asking him to Facebook page. to foreign interests over an has been germinated by an tant issue is of bridging thefirst try at creating a social for the kingdom’s cautious charge their mobile phones or “People are coming out,” said investigation into a state lottery entrepreneur, there are a industry and Buzz will be shut embrace of globalization and its pick up their groceries. Tshering, who is now managing scandal. There is a long way to lot of supporting policies The key outcomes of a num-down “in a few weeks,” philosophy of Gross National “When we campaigned we told editor of Business Bhutan, a go. Many people are still reluc- from the department of sci- ber of successful venturesGoogle said in a blog post Happiness (GNH), the idea that them we were here to help them,” newspaper that has spearheaded tant to talk openly. Change will ence and technology and coming out of such partner-Friday, as the company redi- personal well-being and the envi- Tashiyangtse said. “They took us investigations into the govern- probably come hesitantly. department of biotech on ships have shown us the rects its social ronment are as important as literally. People are now coming ment. “We were really surprised Asked if he had any more plans the public funding to sup- glimpses of an immense focus GDP. forward. They are more demand- by the reaction, quite scared for protests, Tshering smiled, port him with. On the pri- potential which we have toward its The new taste for popular ing.” actually. We were unsure what and said: “That was enough, for vate funding front, there often failed to inculcate new debate is not restricted to an And everyone talks about the the government would do.” now.” — Reuters are a host of angel enterprise value. I believe Google+ investors and venture capi- that the emerging and network. talists he could turn to. maturing venture capital The third consideration is funding in India could that every technology inno- improve the key outcomes Siri ScanOH THAT VOICE! Google working vation needs to focus on the business model and risk moderation differentials. The issues of risks to be of taking the innovation to the market and creating the market access and ben- efiting the patients andAPPLE’S WINNER on iTunes rival mitigated due to the part- nering to create a value proposition, needs to be consumers. Kapil Khandelwal is a leading healthcare and ICTSiri’s voice options are asbrilliant as the concept. Hereare the options.English (Australia): Female LOS ANGELES, Oct. 16: Google is seeking agree- ments with record com- iCLOUD NINE Apps keep users hooked pre-empted. The fourth consideration expert. Kapil@KapilKh-voiceEnglish (United Kingdom):Male voiceEnglish (United States): panies by the end of the month to start a music store that will compete with Apple Inc’s iTunes, Apple California, this month introduced iCloud, a service that stores music, photos to their mobile phones CLOUD SPENDING HELPS TECHSFemale voice you have seen three people with knowl- and documents online SANGEETHA apps is growing, as smart San Francisco, Oct. 16: Big US Internet computingin most all the videos edge of the talks said. for use on Mac comput- CHENGAPPA | DC A few apps to phone users become more companies should outshine their plainer PC cousinsFrench: Male voice where Google is seeking per- ers and mobile devices. BENGALURU, OCT. 16 make your day and more dependent on when earnings season kicks off next week, as corpo-you need to speak French mission to sell downloads their phones. rations and fast-growing Web players dramaticallyand then see and hear your and to stream purchased Ayushi Satiya, is addicted While developers from accelerate their pace of hardware spending.response is in French. music to its customers’ to Screen Muncher, a all over the world con- Corporations are increasingly turning to new tech-German: Female voice where devices, said the people, smart phone app that tribute interesting appli- nology to make themselves more productive in ayou need to speak German who requested anonymi- allows her to capture her cations to the App Store, downtrodden global economy. Meanwhile, a socialand then see and hear your ty because discussions phone screen as an image, Nokia store, Market etc networking and e-commerce boom is spurring mas-response is in German. are private. to share with friends or ■ Gully Cricket which are downloaded by sive outlays on the giant server factories that power Accords with record keep forever. millions of smart phone Internet comput- labels would help Google, “Whenever someone ■ Mind It by Impetus users across the globe; tal- ing. Hardware Hut the world’s largest Internet-search company, The company also offers movies for rent through sends me a funny message, I use Screen Muncher to ■ Monster Truck Dash ented Indian developers are making their mark, as Thats good news for Intel, which is extend its push into the Android Market. store it as an image and millions of people across supplying more ofBULLDOZING THE entertainment. In May, The move into enter- then share a few laughs ■ Sanjeev Kapoor Recipes the globe download their its microchipsCOMPETITION the Mountain View, California-based compa- tainment represents an effort to diversify rev- with my friends” she says. Vinay Kumar, a market- ■ Kiddo Stories apps. Last week, Nokia honoured a select team of direct to compa- nies building theirDesktop manufacturers have ny added music storage enue, boost advertising ing professional can’t get ■ Walletx 11 Indian developers own servers, andbegun releasing gaming PCs and movie-rental features sales and keep users on through his workday with- whose apps have crossed firms like EMCfeaturing the new AMD to its Android software Google’s sites longer. out using his Document ■ Draw War the milestone of 1 million and VMwareBulldozer desktop chips. A for phones and tablets. Apple, based in Viewer-cum-Editor app. downloads worldwide on whose businessesnumber of boutique builders In an e-mailed state- Cupertino, California, “This app allows me to ■ Bug smasher Pro the Nokia Store. Now, a are integral to the storage and transmission of remotenow offer configurations ment, Google declined to this month introduced download MS Power Point part of the exclusive data, known as "cloud computing".with the new FX series comment on the discus- iCloud, a service that and Excel files, edit it and ■ Ship Defender ‘Nokia Millionaire’s But it is less of a boon for traditional hardware mak-processors, with the flagship sions, which were report- stores music, photos and mail it to my colleagues, League’ these 11 develop- ers such as Dell and Hewlett Packard, which findeight-core FX-8150 garner- ed earlier by the New documents online for use while I am on the move” ■ Bowling Wizards ers are among just 200 themselves selling PCs at low margins and strugglinging the most attention. York Times. on Mac computers and he says. ■ Catapult Mania Nokia developers to have to cope with an accelerating migration to smart- Google’s Music Beta mobile devices like the The demand for mobile accomplished this feat. phones and tablets. service, announced May iPhone and iPad. The Facebook, like online leaders and APPly yourself 10, was started without company is in discus- Chinas Baidu, is buying masses of equipment to fill record-company licenses. sions with movie studios two major data centers in Oregon and North Carolina, It stores users’ song to put films on iCloud, but going straight to component makers like Intel for libraries and playlists, people with knowledge of parts, rather than buying whole servers from HP or and suggests music based the discussions said this IBM. —Reuters on listeners’ collections. week. —Agencies The technology of fun: Four things to keep you going through the week Ubisoft’s mega-hit series Assassin’s Creed: Revelations leaps into 3D; Sony locks down 93,000 PSN, SOE, and SEN user accounts after unauthorised attempts to gain access GAMES WEBSITE BORED AT THE OFFICE? GIZMOS THE THING: FLAMETHROWER A COMPLETE, FUN FACEMASH LORD OF ULTIMA HTC RADAR TO LIGHT UP DIWALI Augmented reality start- Link: Developer: Electronic Arts he HTC Radar will be available in a week’s up Metaio has worked with Universal Pictures on an AR app to promote the new The Thing film. It Mono is an advertising agency based in Minneapolis, MN that lives by the motto that “simpler is better.” The ‘Mono’ face site lives Link: Lord of Ultima is a free-to-play, browser- based, massively multiplayer real-time strate- T time for `25,490. The device will come preloaded with Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system — Windows Phone 7.5 up to that motto by presenting visitors with a gy (MMORTS) 2D strategy game similar to Mango. It has a 3.5-inch WVGA SLCD display sees you spinning around fun and simple Flash application that allows Evony. Though the game is nominally free, with a resolution of 480x800 pixels. Under the flaming virtual aliens that them to sculpt a Mr. Potato Head style face players may purchase “diamonds” for real- hood, the device runs on a 1GHz Qualcomm appear in the real world that contains 759,375 entertaining possibili- world money. Snapdragon processor and 512MB of RAM. It around you. ties. Each staff member had a head shot taken, Gameplay comes with 8GB internal storage expandable iPhone/Android BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY 9 which was then cropped into individual parts: mouth, nose, head, and each eye. You can revolves around collecting up to 32GB via MicroSD card. The smartphone is equipped ZOMBIE LIFE Console: PS3/Xbox 360, PC Game type: Action Adventure 10 browse the gallery or have fun making your own weird combinations. resources to develop cities with a hardware camera but- ton which enables users to Mobile social game Developer: Rocksteady Studios and armies and capture vivid images while Zombie Farm has been a The Good: Atmospheric, fascinating world rich then battle the f/2.2 aperture lens and huge hit, but now devel- with details and secrets; Satisfying, varied, against each back-illuminated sensor pro- hard-hitting combat; Grappling and soaring other for power vide improved low-light per- oper The Playforge has a around the city is thrilling; Great assortment of and prestige. Players start off with a single formance. It has 28mm sequel. If its predecessor involving side quests; Makes terrific use of a city, which is protected from attack for seven wide-angle lenses that can was the undead host of Batman characters. days. A player can choose to settle inactive capture more of the scene FarmVille, this is much The bad: Boss fights are too easy. cities or create new cites after the required in front of the users while more of an undead Sims, The verdict: Batman: Arkham City’s irresistible pre-prerequisites have been met. A player can the new panoramic fea- with your zombie inter- world, joyous movement, rewarding combat, also build a castle to conquer other cities with ture lets users create dra- acting with citizens. and varied side quests make it an exceptional castles, vice versa. Joining an alliance is cru- matic pictures of sky- iPhone adventure game. cial for both protection and economic support. lines and landscapes.