How to enable product startups to take on the world : Kapil Khandelwal, EquNev Capital,


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Kapil Khandelwal
EquNev Capital

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How to enable product startups to take on the world : Kapil Khandelwal, EquNev Capital,

  1. 1. cmyk cmyk PAGE 13 BENGALURUMONDAY 14 | NOVEMBER 2011 Internet wars Acer founder Stan Shih warns Sony Corp Chief Executive Howard Google against concentration of Stringer dismisses reports that he value in Android ecosystem will step down next year. TECHNOMICSCBI JOINS FB, SEEKSHELP FROM NETIZENSThe Central Bureau ofInvestigation has joined Edualert: A software to help Kapil Khandelwal you track your child’s career A dose of ITsocial networking siteFacebook in a bid to gethelp from people in crackingcases. CBI sources said theidea of going online is firstbeing implemented by itsBhopal unit on experimentalbasis which will be furtherfollowed by all its wings Thiruvananthapuram, Nov. 13: It can identify the right career for your child, tell you Business angelsafter assessing peoplesresponse. when he’s mischievously miss- ing from the class and message you his test scores as soon as he’s enable start-ups iProblems been handed the answer sheet. A T software developed by three IT here was an interest- up to invest for from the professionals promises to change ing discussion at perspective of a BA.APPLE RECALLS the teacher, students, parents dynamics. NASSCOM Product Conclave 2011. The title of First, the start-up team’s experience. For the productFIRST-GEN NANO Called Edualert, the software has been developed by US-based the discussion was — how do we enable product start- start-ups to succeed, high- tech experience is a criticalApple has Keralites Akbar Narendran and ups? success factor. Second, co-unveiled a Sanjay Nair, and Rajiv As the conclave pro- mmitment. The start-upworldwide Viswanath who is based in India. gressed, some of the break team should have a passionreplacement “Edualert can give suggestions through ideas to emerge and ability to execute aprogramme to a student and his parents as to were ones conceived while global ambition. Third,for the first- which career suits him best attacking health and educa- BA’s compatibility with thegeneration based on his academic perfor- tion sectors and in solving start up. Forth, businessiPod nano mance,” 33-year-old Narendran the ` 100,000 crores -human orientation of the start-upmusic player said during a visit to Kerala to capital capacity opportuni- team. It is important thatdue to over- promote the software. ty that I spoke of at the the team cares about theheating bat- The modus operandi goes some- World Quality Congress product and customers.tery issues, thing like this. Details of a child’s earlier this year. Also the team has to show atelling own- entire academic history, his The discussion zeroed global awareness and sensi-ers to stop interests and extra curricular down to two key human tivity towards the needs ofusing the activities right from the first capital issues to enable the customers. Fifth, lead-product and grade is fed into the software. “In January, we will come Narendran. Another interesting would be available at a click of a high-tech product start-ups ership. It may sound clich-get it “Through an analysis, it would again because we have got feature is that the moment the mouse,” said Iyer. However, a — the entrepreneurial éd, but integrity, focus andreplaced for free reveal which is the best career numerous enquiries from child enters the school bus, he Class 12 student had different team and the business strategy are important fro- option for the student,” schools in some metros and Tier will be monitored and in case views on the subject. angels (BAs). As a business m my perspective. Manage- Phone Scan Narendran said. Edualert operations manager II cities. We will first do a demon- stration of our product in front of there is a traffic jam, an SMS alert will go to the parents. “In many homes, the relation between parents and children is angel (BA), India is still to mature as the silicon valley rial experience of the start- up team needs to be sharp. Ramakrishnan said the thinking teachers and parents,” said “It took us two years to fully friendly. The software wouldn’t of the East! A level of clari- Second, guts and the of parents in the state for long Narendran. develop it as we did it in our bother those kids. But overall, ty is emerging in the start- endurance of the team. The has been that there are only two The software with add-ons ver- spare time. We are now working parents would always like to ups about the role of BAs team should be able to han- good professions — engineering sion comes fairly cheap and it on some other add-ons,” said know what their ward is doing and as to how they benefit dle adversity and have the and medicine. will cost 10 percent of the annual Narendran. which is a little scary,” said the high tech start-ups. stamina to be a long runner “We have observed that many fee of a student, said Narendran. Krishnamurthy Iyer, principal student, before saying that since BAs assist the start-ups in while working under pres- children for fear of earning the “It includes a centralised of the A.R.R. Public School, pre- his schooling was almost over, he four key ways; assisting in sure. Third, the team work wrath of their parents unwilling- process of taking attendance dicts the “revolutionary” soft- had escaped. bootstrapping and over- between the founders. ly opt for either of the two most which takes only a few minutes. ware to be a huge hit in the edu- However, a mother of a Class 10 coming initial funding dif- Start-ups breeds cama- sought after professions,” said When done, an SMS will be sent cation sector. “We installed it student said: “Children need not ficulties and hiccups; pro- raderie and the winning Ramakrishnan. to the parents of all those stu- just two weeks back and from the be worried because this is a tool viding active and hands on spirit if team members The basic version of Edualert is dents who are absent. Likewise, first look, it’s something unique. for their own betterment and for post-investment involve- have worked together in free for schools. Around 10 the moment corrected answer It is certainly going to improve their good future. Just look into ment in a start-up to scale their earlier avatars and schools in the state have already papers are distributed, parents the quality of students, parents the positives and not the nega- faster; leveraging the have some element of work given the nod to this unique will get an SMS about how their and teachers. All the information tive aspect that it will track chil- industry network; and pro- understanding. Fourth, product. child has performed,” said on children and their progress dren,” she said. — IANS viding leverage for the next entrepreneurial experience round of funding. to scale the venture beyond Although BAs are the old- the idea and first few cus- est, largest and most impor- tomers. Lastly, the team MODERN WARFARE 3 tant source of incubation should know their weak- ‘Call of Duty’ sets Twitter can become aNokia W10 Prototype funding for high-growth ness. For BAs the challange start-ups, collectively, BAs is whether the team will Tech plus invest between two and five times more capital in start- take advice or not; and willingly step aside to first-day record lifesaver soon: StudySONY’S ‘DIFFERENT ups than formal venture capitalists. But, the issue is bring in others to handle the situation if required.KIND OF TV SET’ about the selection of the start-ups to fund! Here is a Kapil Khandelwal is a leading healthcare and ICTThe Japanese electronics Washington, Nov. 13: 10-factor framework that I expert. Kapil@KapilKh-giant is working on technol- Twitter could become a have used to assess a start- andelwal.comogy that Sony Chairman andCEO Sir Howard Stringer has new mode of saving lives by providing vital infor- ORDER TO DISCLOSE PROBE INFOconfirmed his company is mation about health-relat- San Francisco, Nov. Magistrate Judge The-working on ‘a new form of ed matters to its growing 13: US judge has ordered resa Buchanan ordered EC TO EDUCATE VOTERS THROUGH FBtelevision. Mr Stringer said number of users. Twitter to disclose infor- the San Francisco-based“There’s a tremendous Researchers who studied mation about three Twitter in March to Mumbai, Nov. 13: The Election Commission is plan-amount of R&D going into a tweets on cardiac arrest account holders to US hand over information ning to take the help of social networking sites likedifferent kind of TV set” suggest that Twitter repre- officials conducting a about the three users of Facebook and Twitter to impart electoral messages to sents a unique, promising probe into WikiLeaks. the service, rejecting young voters, Chief Election Commissioner S Y avenue to respond to In a 60-page opinion arguments that the Quraishi said. queries from the public issued Thursday, US move violated freedom “The Commission is now seriously looking at the and disseminate informa- District Court Judge of speech and privacy. social media as the hubs to impart electoral educa- tion about this leading Liam O’Grady upheld a The ruling came after tion,” Quraishi said delivering the Maulana Azad killer. ruling by a US magis- the US Justice Depa- Memorial Lecture 2011 titled ‘Education for “Twitter is an incredible trate judge concerning rtment obtained a court Deepening Democracy’. New York, Nov. 13: company will be able to resource for connecting the Twitter accounts of order seeking informa- “Like Maulana Azad, I Activision Blizzard’s Call expand the Call of Duty and mobilising people, and Birgitta Jonsdottir, a tion from the Twitter believe that an educated of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise by offering fans it offers users a way to member of the Icelandic accounts as it considers and aware citizen is the 3 racked up more than new game content each receive instant feedback parliament, US comput- action against Wiki- best guarantee for deepen-GOOGLE RELEASES $400 million in sales on its first day in stores in month over the Internet, and having them pay for and information. The potential applications of er researcher Jacob Appelbaum and Rop Leaks, which has rele- ased a trove of secret US ing both democracy and development,” Quraishi‘IRAN’ IMAGES North America, Asia and the United Kingdom, set- it with annual subscrip- tions. social media for cardiac arrest are vast,” said Gonggrijp, a Dutch vol- unteer for WikiLeaks. diplomatic and military documents. — AFP said. The CEC said he hadSearch giant Google has ting a video game indus- Along with the console Raina Merchant who led recently held talks with pol-released satellite images of try record. game, Activision is the study on this particu- icy makers of Educationfacilities at two Iranian cities Activision’s biggest hol- releasing Call of Duty lar topic. ated cardiac arrest and and breathing during a and Youth ministries to integrate citizenship andthat the UN claims may be iday title sold 6.5 million Elite, a subscription ser- “Twitter might even be resuscitation related cardiac arrest. voter education as a part of the curriculum of theirused to develop nuclear units in a single day after vice that costs $50 annu- harnessed to save lives in tweets during a month- AED is a portable device various courses.weapons. Recent satellite going on sale early this ally and offers extra an emergency, by allowing long period in early 2011, that treats life-threatening “We have established the India Internationalimages of Arak and Natanz week, surpassing last online content, including bystanders who respond to according to a statement. cardiac conditions with Institute of Democracy and Election Management (show changes to the facili- year’s record of 5.6 mil- apps for mobile devices. cardiac arrests in public They discovered that electrical therapy which IIDEM) making voter education a core area of empha-ties when compared with lion units or $360 million “What you’re likely to places to seek information users frequently share stops the arrhythmia sis in it,” Quraishi said.images taken in late 2010. in sales. The version of see is a shift over time in about the location of the information about car- allowing the organ to re- Regretting that many voters in the age group of 18-35 the game released last the whole economic closest AED (automated diopulmonary resuscita- establish an effective years do not exercise their voting rights for whatever year, called Call of Duty: model for these kinds of external defibrillator),” tion (CPR) and AEDs. rhythm. reason, the CEC said the Commission has put voter APPly yourself Black Ops, went on to games. It looks more like said Merchant, assistant CPR is an emergency In one of the new studies, education and awareness programme on fast track to rake in $1 billion in less World of Warcraft than professor of Emergency procedure to manually the researchers identified improve the situation. In a strategic initiative called than two months. anything else,” he said Medicine at Penn preserve brain function- 15,324 tweets involving YUVA (Youth Unite for Voter Awareness), the Chief Executive Bobby referring to the compa- University. ing until further measures cardiac arrest specific Commission has planned to rope in the new and Kotick revealed in an ny’s other big franchise. The varsity’s Perelman are taken to restore spon- information. young voters, he said. —PTI interview on Friday the —Reuters School of Medicine evalu- taneous blood circulation — IANS The technology of fun: Four things to keep you going through the week Battlefield 3, Batman: Arkham City lead industry to 1% sales growth last month as revenues reach $1.08 billion. Xbox 360 maintains its lead position in the console market. GAMES WEBSITE BORED AT THE OFFICE? GIZMOS 3D SOLAR SYSTEM A SECRET HALF PIPE ARE YOU READY FOR THE BATTLE? ALIENWARE M11X Get a first-person view of Link: http:// Developer: Bigpoint Developer:: Dell the planets and moons of Link: Price: Around `70,000 our Solar System as you Shaun White, American professional snow- Travel to Ancient Rome and let the online The Good: Solid gaming performance in a very pilot your very own boarder and skateboarder, talks about how game begin. Real-life opponents await you: compact form; switchable graphics for longer spaceship and explore Red Bull Project X came into reality. Experience the thrill of the fight in multiplayer battery life; great keyboard. the Solar System in stun- “I have all these tricks in mind I have wanted battles with The Bad: ULV processor isnt as fast as most ning 3D easier. to try. I just needed a place to figure them magnificent gaming laptops; no optical drive. iPhone out,” says Shaun. “Project X was born” 3D graphics! The Verdict: With its fusion of a low-voltage Hone your processor and high-end graphics, the 11.6-inch HAM’O’WEEN DARK SOULS blade and fight online in Alienware M11x is a unique and extremely com- pact hybrid gaming laptop with a few compro- Angry Birds Seasons the arena mises for its size. Ham’oween Android App Console: PS3/XBox 360/PC 7 where heroes by Rovio Mobile Ltd. is this year’s halloween lev- Game type: First person shooter Developer: From Software 10 are born! War of Titans els for the Angry Birds The Good: ● A gorgeous and frightening world takes place in Seasons series. It was a you wont want to leave ● Abundant, amazing various are- dark and stormy nigh but bosses test your skill and determination ● nas scattered across the provinces of the Superb combat in which every attack feels ancient Roman Empire. Players must unlock that won’t stop the Angry powerful and precise access to new provinces by gaining experi- Birds! Pursue the pigs The bad: Finicky target lock. ence through battle. New players start their through 30 levels filled The verdict: Dark Souls is an extraordinary gladiatorial careers in the city of Forum with pumpkin patches, role-playing game that transports you to an Cornelii in the province of Italia Superior. PvP exploding jack-o- awesome and menacing world you may never plays an important role in WoT, players can lanterns, and creepy forget. attack one another even in the very first arena! skeletons. Android