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Health Gaming : Kapil Khandelwal, EquNev Capital,


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Kapil Khandelwal
EquNev Capital

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Health Gaming : Kapil Khandelwal, EquNev Capital,

  1. 1. Vol.3 No.1 October - December 2009 Rs. 150 Cover Story Electromyography Switch Navigation of Power Technological Transition Wheelchairs and its judicious use Cone Beam CT in Dentistry an Important Tool Robotic Surgery in Urologic Practice Interview Product Big on Space, the new Winger Ambulance from Tata Motors Watch • Monocoque Construction ensures low NVH • Low on Maintenance Costs • Can be customized to your needs ... turn to Pg. 49 Subramanian Dharmaraj Dr Shakti Gupta In Product News Labindia Life Sciences AIIMS Orchid 3000 Transport Incubator Life Plus LPM-907 Biphasic Defibrillator with Monitor - DEFIGARD 4000 and more... ® With l Interviews l Hospital Updates l Product Updates & more
  2. 2. Publisher’s note To suit today’s life, newer technologies and methodologies have emerged. Technology, globalization and the changing perception of pathology and laboratory medicine are major trends which produce a great impact on the medical profession. T he quality of patient care is greatly influenced by the efficient management and availability of accurate information. Medical informatics has originated in order to provide better patient care, effective medical education and research. Radiation oncology presently deals with plenty of information including diagnosis, complex treatment planning, accurate dose calculations, and complicated treatment delivery system. Hence, a comprehensive information management scheme has become a prerequisite for the storage and retrieval of the enormous information for precise treatment in radiation oncology. Dr Abhijit Mandal, in his article on “Medical Informatics for Radiation Oncology” has stressed on different aspects of role of medical informatics in radiation Oncology. Dr Rajiv Yadav, in his article on “Robotic Surgery in Urologic Practice”, highlights the advancement of laparoscopic surgery to newer heights through the integration of computer-enhanced technology with the surgeon’s expertise, the da Vinci Surgical robotic System. This technology has been extensively used in Urology in the treatment of various cancers and non cancerous conditions such as prostate cancer, bladder and kidney cancer, narrowing in the urinary tract etc. In the article “Usability of User Manuals with Medical Devices”, the author, Ganesh Bhutkar focuses on usability issues with usage and design of user manuals of medical devices. The author has depicted the response of the user regarding the usability issues with user manuals. You may be surprised to know that gaming can be a health assessment device. There are several different online entertainment networks and technology platforms available for Health Gaming. An interesting article by Kapil Khandelwal on “Health Gaming” emphasizes the role of health gaming in assessing the health status. Sachdev Yadav, in his article on “Pharmacy Automation: The Time to Automate Has Never Been Better” discusses about the need of automation, benefits of automated pharmacy systems and regarding facilitation of new stand-alone systems which enhances patient safety and care; the quality of life for your pharmacists and technicians and accelerates the number of prescriptions that one fills in a day. Hoping this issue further enlightens our readers regarding the advancements in the field of health care. Please do send me your comments at Pravita Iyer Publisher 2 Oct-Dec 2009 Medical Equipment & Automation
  3. 3. Health Device Health GAMING emember PacMan? that this health games segment Can you believe that gaming can be a R There was a time when it was the hottest game around when I was a kid, and it got better when colour screens came around is going to be 3 times larger than the health and wellness segment globally. Would you touch a game today that doesn’t have the best available health assessment with the computer. There were graphics, sound and gameplay device? There are actually colour dots that had and that could also influence several different online to be gobbled! That was 1988. your health outcomes? Today, games have grown from entertainment networks being a mere pastime. They With the emergence of and technology are converging with health online entertainment networks, industry in providing solutions shouldn’t you also be able to platforms available and engaging, entertaining, play it online with your buddies? for Health Gaming. are ‘networked’, ‘electronic’ What about improvements? Numerous games can and ‘effective’ in managing The publisher must release consumers health conditions moods (with or without hot help to ascertain the and outcomes. What’s more, coffee!) periodically to keep health status. they constitute an industry the enthusiasts going… yes, that commands respect and is gaming has become more often seen in awe for what it complicated than the simple has achieved. It is estimated PacMan. 80 Oct-Dec 2009 Medical Equipment & Automation
  4. 4. Health Device This article provides more Different Games for Health solution that combines insights and details into Status a Nike shoe wirelessly the converging segment of connected to an iPod Nano gaming as a health device. There is growing evidence of with an application designed The ideas here would provide clinical effectiveness of health to log, monitor and manage cues to consumer health games for managing conditions a user’s running activities. devices, mobile phones, game like cancer, diabetics, asthma, These are now linked to consoles, other networked cystic fibrosis, among others. the social media and online device designers on what to expect from emerging healthcare consumerism in India. Different Online Entertainment Networks and Technology Platforms for Health Gaming In India, most consumers still play games online or download games from the web. Mobile phone games, is the fastest growing segment as the number of mobile subscribers are soon going to cross over half billion although from a Fig.1 very small base. As clinical evidence of the entertainment networks With the 3G introduction impact of gaming on health where over 1 million users in India, entertainment conditions is gaining ground, are tracking, challenging networking platform is likely to there are newer categories each other and improving experience even accelerated of games and content being health outcomes using growth as wireless internet produced for different health these devices. access on mobile phones status as is summarised in devices becomes more the diagram. In India, we are • Brain Fitness Games: These common, combined with ever- still waiting for content these are games that help exercise faster download speeds. CD segments with local relevance and improve various and other desktop computer- to be produced. However cognitive functions including based and games console the potential for each of the attention, memory, visual/ such as Sony Playstation, segments is immense. spatial processing, auditory Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo processes and language, Wii make up the rest of the • Exergames: These are motor coordination and market. We are seeing games games that require physical executive functions like on special devices such as activity. They include games planning and problem Apple Ipod Nano, exergaming that motivate exercise solving. Soduko and other equipment and cable set-top through game-play and such games fall into this boxes in the market. These virtual coaching, such as category. product segments are still Nintendo s Wii and Wii Fit very small and insignificant for home use. Recently, • Healthy Eating Games: in size when compared to the Nike and Apple iPod have We are a fairly diverse mobile phone game segment. collaborated to create a population with food Medical Equipment & Automation Oct-Dec 2009 81
  5. 5. Health Device habits and customs. The be used to train surgeons, the gaming industry, newer knowledge of regional diets allowing them to practice gadgets and games segments and nutrition and behaviors on virtual body tissue and are expected to emerge. to modify diet, nutrition and get the same feedback weight management is fairly they would experience in Different Models of Health limited. However there are performing a real operation. Gaming and Health games which are targeted In the US, Nobel Biocare, 2.0 and Entertainment at this segment to help a dental implant company, Networking Platform them make smart nutritional has provided $65 million in Technologies choices. These games are typically offered online for free and are sponsored by health care companies, government agencies or consumer product good companies who are trying to promote their products in association with healthy eating. • Condition Management Games: Several acute and chronic disease conditions are being targeted after clinical research to provide educational information about the condition and treatment methods to Fig.2 improve adherence to doctor’s treatment plan grant money to the Medical Search engines, wikis, through the games. In the College of Georgia to blogs, video, RSS feeds USA, most of these games develop training games and and online communities are being developed by simulations for classrooms are empowering, engaging health insurance payers, and clinics around the world. and educating healthcare NGOs or from government consumers and providers. grants. The emerging Health 2.0 web • Therapy Games: As technologies that use social • Professional Training our research and media software and its ability to Games: As game technology understanding of the promote collaboration between is becoming more and health outcomes through patients, their caregivers, more realistic, these are games is increasing, there doctors and other stakeholders being applied for training are newer games that are in health are converging with healthcare professionals to helping patients to combat the health games. The emerging focus on decision-making pain, deal with physical health gaming entertainment and risk mitigation. Many and mental trauma and networking platform has soldiers, pilots, doctors create a positive image in multiple stakeholders who and nurses, surgeons are dealing with conditions like would like to monetise the out now being provided with cancer, etc in India. of pocket consumer spend in gaming simulations as India. part of their professional In the future as the social training. An example of a media and entertainment Top down the model would virtual reality game can networking converges with look as follows: It is still early 82 Oct-Dec 2009 Medical Equipment & Automation
  6. 6. Health Device to provide a measurable console. Who will change • What solutions would be impact for any of the emerging this? Where will the value best for the mass markets business models in this sector. be created and captured in and niche segments? However for the health games the next generation of the Are video games the right to gain widespread adoption health games market in India approach to addressing youth with providers and carriers, on the 3G enabled mobile wellness, obesity and sedentary clinical research will need phones? Like mobile telephony lifestyles? While games like the to demonstrate significant radically transformed the voice Ninetendo Wii are healthier improvements in health communications market in India than video games, do these promotion and cost reduction and demonstrated a business games really approach the relative to existing solutions. model for replication in other health benefits of actual sports emerging markets, do we and outdoor recreation? How While several dozen research expect to see start-up ventures supportive will the Indian studies are currently underway as we did for the ICT sector? medical fraternity be with the in the US leadership from the Will this be part of the health emerging clinical research to RWJF, Cornell University, UC ICT or health or entertainment endorse this segment? San Diego School of Medicine, networking sector? If so, which University of Florida, University product categories are the • How do we enable the of Washington School of most attractive in the near- industry in India to be Medicine, Baylor College of term? globally competitive? Medicine, among others. In India demonstrated its might India, industry bodies like • What are the market of a globally competitive ICT Nasscom, etc is still to wake up participants likely to do? industry. Some of the issues to to the potential that emerging With over 1 percent of India’s be addressed are: and fast converging sector GDP being spent out of pocket offers. by the consumers on health, Large talent supply: games, mobiles, mobile and The local industry is facing Directions for the Future internet connectivity, cable TV is the severe shortage of Health Gaming Models subscription, what strategies trained manpower. Nasscom of Business in India can we expect from the 3000 has projected that there will be odd large players with regards a requirement of close to over While the sector is emerging to segment? Will Apple, Nokia, 10,000 engineers and product and has potential, there are Sony, Microsoft and others developers for export and several key issues that need follow Nintendo’s lead in India? domestic market in the medium to be addressed as part of the If so, will they enter the Indian term. emerging business models in market with innovative products India. at attractive prices? What are Localization of games/ • Who will dominate? the opportunities and risks to content: To date, the game console these companies in integrating In order to better address players such as Sony, Nintendo, healthy messages into games the gaming needs of the Microsoft have been the which have been traditionally target audience the games, only companies in the health about pure entertainment? Are consoles, phones, devices game market that have been carriers like Airtel, Vodaphone, need to be customised for local clear winners, commercially Reliance, Tata throw their might market needs and clinically speaking. However they have with value added services in proven. Though most of the only about penetrated the high the face of declining ARPU or development work is being end urban segment in India. would the entertainment giants done for overseas market, We have a huge latent mobile like Zee, Sun, Tata Sky want to however, in future the focus phone consumer population win their cable audience over would shift to the domestic with smart mobile phone that with value added service in the market. could well turn in to a gaming consumer drawing room? Medical Equipment & Automation Oct-Dec 2009 83
  7. 7. Health Device Currently several Indian This is all the more and patient care support companies are starting to important because the core regime. focus on customizing content gaming segment users do for the Indian market using not want to use their cards. On the other hand, pharma, local themes, icons & games. One of the initiatives being devices, health foods and It would also include spicing- experimented with is pre- nutrition and other products up the available international paid gaming cards with companies would like to content/ idea to appeal to a mobile phone pre-paid develop viable direct-to- larger audience. However, charge. These cards would consumer business models for we have great Oscar famous enable both subscriptions monetizing games that assist ‘Lagaan’ historical content for the gaming service and with everything from product and mythological and purchase game add-ons. usage to disease management. political icons that can be Are in-game advertising or monetised for mass markets. How will healthcare sponsorship models plausible services and other product for these product companies? Main Stream Advertising companies partner in this Can health games attain the and Right Messaging sector? scale and installed user base To b u i l d d e m a n d , m a i n to attract significant advertising stream advertising may The health insurance and sponsorship money from be required for the mass sector will have to these companies in India? markets. However issues eventually come out with around health such as how differentiated products for It is still early days for our should health literacy and different segments of Indian PacMan avatar in India to turn support be best delivered population are likely to adopt into a health, entertainment in video games? In what health gaming into their platform for the masses to situations should health toolkit of patient education manage their health outcomes messages be overt and and marketing support. positively! primary? In what situations should health messages be Some of the healthcare stealth? In what situations services would need to should a game not contain plan to integrate health any health message, but game capabilities into rather be used as incentive their corporate wellness for healthy behaviour such and disease management as testing blood glucose solutions. It would be relevant levels or exercising? to demonstrate in terms of What can we learn from clinical effectiveness and international markets and user experience to become an the growing evidence and integral element of wellness experience base? Enabling payment mechanisms Kapil Khandelwal is an independent board member on several Recognizing that the low healthcare and ICT organisations and a leading healthcare and information communication technology (ICT) expert in Asia penetration of credit cards & Pacific and Emerging Markets. debit cards can be a potential bottleneck, can products and service providers partner with mobile phone service providers to take an initiative Kapil Khandelwal in enabling online payment though their platforms. 84 Oct-Dec 2009 Medical Equipment & Automation