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Cis : Kapil Khandelwal, EquNev Capital,


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Kapil Khandelwal
EquNev Capital

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Cis : Kapil Khandelwal, EquNev Capital,

  1. 1. cmyk cmyk DC Mahindra Bengaluru ● Monday ● 8 February 2010 13 Facebook has Dell is to face a Technomics Satyam has removed class action suit won major Microsoft that accuses it contracts in banner ads of selling Brazil. from its site. defective laptops. A Dose of IT ● LITTLE KNOWN INDIAN COMPANIES LET YOU PLAY ANTAKSHARI, CALL UP RAIL INFO AND MUCH MORE CIS: Surgeons on steroids can afford hospital stay Mobile Net spurs innovation SANGEETHA CHENGAPPA manohar, Head-Products, thanks to insurance cover- BENGALURU Hexolabs Media and Tech- age. That renders the sup- nology Pvt Ltd. ply of hospital beds acutely Feb. 7: The burgeoning Simmortel Voice Tech- short in India. We have growth of the mobile phone nologies has provided the around 0.7 beds for every subscriber base, which has Indian Railways with a solu- 1,000 people, as compared crossed the 500 million tion that incorporates an to Japan which has 14 beds mark has spawned a new set acoustic model which takes for every 1,000 people. of mobile internet users in care of multiple regional Hence, any technology that the country. And this small accents to provide voice- can turnaround hospital mobile internet user base is based, railway information beds quickly is beneficial growing at a much faster services. Just call 139 from to our over-stretched health rate than the online internet your mobile phone and infrastructure. IT-enabled user base, spurred by the speak out your train number KAPIL KHANDELWAL technologies such as CIS availability of cheap mobile to receive a response on do a great service in that devices and affordable data whether your waitlisted omputer-aided regard. plans offered by telcos. ticket has been confirmed. C image-guided sur- gery (CIS) technolo- gy is a great innovation For the technology savvy, CIS combines a high-speed computer system, spe- Cashing in on this trend, Google has recently launched its free Google “Our voice-based music on demand solution which was also launched last year, has bringing together informa- cialised software and Mobile App, an application become very popular. Here, tion, medical and imaging tracking technology. It is that offers access to Google if the user wants a particular technologies to help reduce much like a car designer Search and other Google song as his ring tone, he just the Average Length of Stay using a computer-aided properties like Gmail, has to sing the first few (ALOS), the length of time system to design and simu- Maps,YouTube and Orkut words of the song into the one has to stay in a hospi- late how the car would per- on mobile devices. phone and the whole song tal, and therefore the turn- form in actual conditions, The application is powered will be thrown up, instead of around of hospital beds. before even the first proto- with speech recognition going through the entire CIS enables minimally- type is made. technology designed to range of options first. Addi- invasive surgery and hence CIS technology enables understand Indian accents, tionally, we offer location- surgeons to do exactly the including thousands of Indi- based voice services where Half of the 200 same thing without cutting an words like names of peo- the user calls out the name and operating on the ple, places, movies and of the place he wants to million hospital patient. songs. Users can now speak locate, after which he bed days in into their phones and search promptly receives the infor- CIS involves four steps: for anything without having mation” said Abhishek India are 1. Pre-surgery evaluation to physically type the query. Singh, Director, Business and simulation: Processing “We estimate that around 80 Google’s Rutvik Doshi demonstrates the company’s mobile applications pack. —DC Development, Simmortel. occupied by X-ray and other images per cent of the 25 million Aims Migital Technova- people going in into a pre-operative visual- mobile internet users in Google mobile app aims to results/cricket scores during do not subscribe to a data “We are offering antakshari tions has a mobile applica- ization and simulating the India search on their add value to these users the day and winding up by plan can also opt to sub- in Hindi, Telugu, Malay- tion that helps users tackle for surgeries. surgery on it. mobiles. And Google Search throughout the day — staying in touch with friends scribe to a variety of excit- alam and Tamil where the calls/messages, where they We have 0.7 2. Surgery planning and on the mobile has seen a 4X “Starting in the morning on Orkut and watching ing mobile apps through user is pitted against the can automatically send back simulation: Planning an growth in 2009, compared when he wakes up to read videos on YouTube, as the their service providers at computer in 3 rounds. We a busy status with text mes- beds per 1,000 optimal surgery based on to the last 2 years combined. the news on his mobile, sun sets” said Doshi. While rates ranging from Rs 30-Rs are currently in the process sages or personalised voice- people, an the simulation. Flat data plans of Rs 99 per catching up with emails Google Mobile App was 49 per month. For instance, of tying up with a leading cum-text messages to the 3. Imaging during surgery: month and more recently, Rs while commuting to work, available for iPhone and Bollywood-based game, Telco to launch our multi- caller. Another application acute shortage Updating images on the go 48 per month are increasing locating nearby businesses Blackberry users, Google Antakshari which was made player antakshari applica- helps to hide and encrypt for guidance. users’ access to data via the during the day, sending India R&D has innovated to available to users of Idea last tion this month, wherein personal user information, when 4. Post-surgery imaging: mobile” said Rutvik Doshi, directions to a friend who he make it available to Nokia’s year has over 1.5 lakh sub- groups of 10 across the such as photos, messages compared to 14 For adequate evaluation of Product Manager, Google is meeting for lunch, quickly basic handset users as well. scribers, which is expected country can compete with and contacts, said Rishi patient treatment and India. looking up sensex Mobile phone users who to grow four-fold this year. each other” said Raja- Dawar, GM, Aims Migital. beds per 1,000 recovery. in Japan. Any One can imagine the technology that can help mitigate that opportunities CIS opens up in IT-enabled healthcare services such as tele-sur- gery simulation, and plan- ning and post-operative Chinese firm claims Apple shortage is welcome. evaluation by service providers. If we can build a critical mass of American Board certified laparoscop- Stole iPad design, name access to difficult-to-reach ic surgeons, there is even DAVID BARBOZA AND Industrial, says that last iPad is 9.7 inches) and is phones and Dell computers. areas of the human body. It opportunity for offshoring BAO BEIBEI July, his company released a priced at $570, a bit more Some of these cheap knock- minimises the trauma of surgery to India. SAN FRANCISCO tablet computer called the than the basic iPad model. It offs — called shanzhai cuts and wounds to the Already, India’s teleradi- P88. “Anyone who sees the is about a pound heavier goods — are popular in patient. Benefits: Reduced ology service providers Feb. 7: When it came to P88 will realise the iPad than Apple’s device and rural areas of China because post-surgery pain, shorter have proven themselves in naming its new tablet com- looks exactly the same,” he boasts a battery life of 1.5 they look like the real thing convalescence and hospital stay. Let’s work out the math. Half of the 200 million the delivery of high-quality services to West at a frac- tion of American and Euro- pean costs. puter, the iPad, Apple was hardly coining an original term. As outlined in a story last week, a number of other said. “We talked to a lawyer and we're preparing material for a lawsuit.” The products bear a super- hours, compared to the iPad’s claimed 10-hour life. In challenging Apple, Great Loong is trying to take but cost significantly less. Mr. Wu said Great Loong developed its iPad totally on its own. “The P88’s appear- Google book deal hospital bed days in India are occupied by people going in for surgeries, of Why not CIS-trained laparoscopic surgeons, too, who can help foreign electronics companies already sell products that use the iPad name. ficial resemblance, but fun- damentally seem rather dif- ferent. The P88, which can a page from the playbook of America’s technology giants, which for years have ance, system and mode are all accomplished by our own engineers,” he said, in Justice trouble which just over a third are patients to get back on their Now, a tiny electronics be seen on the Web site of complained about how adding that it had already carried out on people who feet quickly? company in China is claim- the tiny electronics maker, small electronics firms in signed deals to ship the P88 MIGUEL HELFT had many public benefits. ing that Apple didn't steal runs Microsoft Windows southern China clone the to France, Germany, Japan SAN FRANCISCO While the Justice Depart- Kapil Khandelwal is a leading healthcare just the name of its product, instead of Apple's iPhone look – and sometimes other and the US. An Apple ment did not explicitly urge and ICT expert in Asia Pacific and but also its design. Wu Xiao- operating system, has an components and features — spokesman declined to com- Feb. 7: In another blow to the court to reject the deal, Emerging Markets. long, executive director of Intel chip, uses a 10-inch- of branded goods, including ment on Great Loong’s Google’s plan to create a as it had the previous ver- Shenzhen Great Loong diagonal screen (the Apple the iPhone, Nokia cell- claims. —NYT giant digital library and sion, its opposition on copy- bookstore, the Justice right, class action and Department on Thursday antitrust grounds represent- Cars sport dozens of computers, and bugs said that a class-action set- ed a further setback for tlement between the compa- Google and the other parties ny and groups representing to the deal. authors and publishers had The settlement stems from significant legal problems, copyright lawsuits filed by JIM MOTAVALLI analyzes several factors even after recent revisions. the Authors Guild and the SAN FRANCISCO Where there’s tech, there’s always a glitch (including engine and vehi- In a 31-page filing that Association of American cle speed) and then relays a could influence a federal Publishers over Google’s Feb. 7: Toyota Motor Com- command to the throttle judge’s ruling on the settle- plan to digitize books from pany’s recent move to recall body. Among other things, ment, the department said major libraries. The settle- thousands of its cars in view throttle by wire makes it the new agreement was ment, introduced in October of “software problems” easier for carmakers to add much improved from an 2008, would allow Google plaguing the accelerator’s advanced cruise and traction earlier version. But it said to make millions of books functioning has raised ques- control features. the changes were not available online and com- tions about the technology These systems are engi- enough to placate concerns mercialize them, while cre- in modern cars. neered to protect against the that the deal would grant ating new ways for authors The electronic systems in kind of false signals or elec- Google a monopoly over and publishers to earn modern cars and trucks - tronic interference that millions of orphan works, money from digital copies under new scrutiny as regu- could cause sudden acceler- meaning books whose right of their works. But the deal lators continue to raise con- ation. Mr. Emaus says that holders are unknown or faced a chorus of critics cerns about Toyota vehicles cars are engineered with cannot be found. who argued that it would - are packed with up to 100 “defensive programming” to The department also indi- give Google a monopoly on million lines of computer counter erroneous signals. cated that the revised agree- millions of out-of-print code, more than in some jet “There is a tremendous ment, like its predecessor, books and had failed to take fighters. engineering effort, and test- appeared to run afoul of into account the interests of “It would be easy to say ing and validation, to guard authors’ copyrights and was many authors. the modern car is a comput- against problems,” he said. too broad in scope. In a statement on behalf of er on wheels, but it's more “But given the complexity The revised agreement Google and author and pub- like 30 or more computers of the car, can they test “suffers from the same core lisher groups, Google spok- on wheels,” said Bruce THE HARDWARE THE BUG THE TECHNOLOGY against every eventuality? problem as the original esman Gabriel Stricker, said Emaus, the chairman of Probably not.” agreement: it is an attempt the Justice Department’s fil- SAE International's embed- Mr. Emaus said that per- to use the class-action ing “recognizes the progress ded software standards com- control and entertainment tive control electronics has computer unit that was used around 1980 to improve haps one in 100 new micro- mechanism to implement made with the revised set- mittee. systems. Software in each been rapid. IEEE Spectrum, for spark-plug timing, and emissions systems. processor designs had “an forward-looking business tlement, and it once again Even basic vehicles have at unit is also made to work an American technical pub- the next year the Cadillac Throttle-by-wire technolo- issue” and might need repro- arrangements that go far reinforces the value the least 30 of these micro- with others. So, for exam- lication, reported that elec- Seville offered an optional gy, also known as electronic gramming or replacing, usu- beyond the dispute before agreement can provide in processor-controlled device- ple, when a driver pushes a tronics, as a percentage of trip computer that used a throttle control, replaced ally before it reached cus- the court in this litigation,” unlocking access to millions s, known as electronic con- button on a key fob to vehicle costs, climbed to 15 Motorola chip. cables or mechanical con- tomers. And he identified the department wrote. of books in the U.S.” He trol units, and some luxury unlock the doors, a module percent in 2005 from 5 per- According to Bob Hrtanek, nections. In modern sys- the metal-to-metal connec- The department asked the said Google looked forward cars have as many as 100. in the trunk might rouse sep- cent in the late 1970s - and a spokesman for the auto tems, when the driver push- tions between electronic court to encourage the par- to the court’s review of the These electronic brains arate computers to unlock would be higher today. supplier Delphi Powertrain es on the accelerator, a sen- control units and wiring har- ties to continue discussions department’s views and control dozens of functions, all four doors. The 1977 Oldsmobile Systems, the first Delphi sor in the pedal sends a sig- nesses as a potential weak on further changes to the those of the deal’s support- including brake and cruise The evolution of automo- Toronado had a very simple units were introduced nal to a control unit, which point. —NYT settlement, which it said ers. —NYT