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XING at User Experience Lisbon


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XING at User Experience Lisbon, Britta Ullrich, Senior UX Manager

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XING at User Experience Lisbon

  1. 1. Watch out!High risk of infection:the “visual virus” at work.May 16, 2013Britta UllrichSenior UX Manager
  2. 2. About my multiple personalities…Senior UX Manager2I do qualitative research to findout what makes our users tick,what their needs are, and howthey rate XING.
  3. 3. About my multiple personalities…Senior UX Manager3Singing BowlsI give sound massages to enhancerelaxation, in particular amongpeople that tend to get tangledup in their thoughts.
  4. 4. About my multiple personalities…Senior UX Manager4Singing Bowls Visual FacilitatorI teach adults basic drawing skillsthat they can use at work!My vision is to spread the visualvirus all over the world!
  5. 5. 1. Understand why visualswork @ work2. See some hands-on examples3. A treasure chest of secret tipsWhat’s in it for you…
  6. 6. You might be asked…YES!Drawingat work?Source:
  7. 7. Why visuals work @ work…# Holistically active
  8. 8. Why visuals work @ work…# Holistically active # Info overload
  9. 9. Why visuals work @ work…# Holistically active # Info overload # Globalization
  10. 10. Some hands-on examples…
  11. 11. Some hands on examples …“I add post-its for planning andflexibility.”Susanne, Senior HR Manager &Agile Admirer
  12. 12. “I use visuals as a time scheduleto navigate through the meeting.”Sandra, Team Lead User Care
  13. 13. “It’s about being fast –mistakes happen.” ;)
  14. 14. “It was our 1st anniversary using Kanban – anappreciation & a great laugh for the team.”Friederike, Community Manager & Agile Kanban Coach
  15. 15. “This picture was a present and motivator for the team!”Susanne, Senior HR Manager & Agile Admirer
  16. 16. “Promoting the option to take part in our regularin-house Agile workshops worked really well.”Susanne, Senior HR Manager & Agile Admirer
  17. 17. “The participants appreciatedthe hand-drawn certificate forour internal Agile workshop.”Sabrina, Project ManagementStudent
  18. 18. “We were under pressure to meetdeadlines and had to present to thewhole department.”Daniel, Team Lead User Care
  19. 19. “We didn’t want to bore ourcolleagues with PPT slides. ”Ulrike, Director User Care
  20. 20. “Hand-made drawings are more personaland help the audience to remember thestory!”Timm, CPO
  21. 21. “The new testing concept wasunderstood really quickly.”Britta, Sr. UX Manager
  22. 22. “Visual card sortings work wellfor intuitively ordering ourprocess.”Zita, Interaction Designer“It’s great for breakingdown complex processes.”Patrick, Product Manager
  23. 23. “It’s important to differentiatebetween different target groups.”Faye, Marketing Manager
  24. 24. “Easy to draw, but has a lot moreimpact than just writing down thewords.”Leonie, Visual Designer
  25. 25. “We tried to find a picture thatsummarized our team values.”Julika, Frontend Engineer
  26. 26. Some hands on examples …“This picture explains the exercisemuch better than words can.”Susanne, Senior HR Manager &Agile Admirer
  27. 27. “Visual notes on my iPad help me toremember the most important facts!”Eva, Jr. Manager User Insights
  28. 28. Some hands on examples …Visual brainstorming sessionsspark our imagination!
  29. 29. Some hands on examples …XING’s visual dictionaryin Confluence
  30. 30. Some hands on examples …Even XING’s door signshave been “infected”
  31. 31. A treasure chest of secret tips…
  32. 32. # Visual AlphabetA treasure chest of secret tips…
  33. 33. # Equipment# Visual AlphabetA treasure chest of secret tips…
  34. 34. # Equipment# Visual Alphabet # Shadow & EffectsA treasure chest of secret tips…
  35. 35. So what?
  36. 36. It changed the way we work…“I focus evenmore onstorylines.”CPO“I now draw a lot, whichmakes my work so much moreenjoyable.”Communication Designer“My moderation style has beenturned on its head. It’s great funfor everyone inv0lved,including myself.”Senior Human Resources Manager & Agile Admirer
  37. 37. And it changed the way my colleaguesthink about UX…“I still admire people who cansketch in real time.” :-)CPO“I am even moreimpressed by whatthey do.”Team Lead Community Management“I was impressed with the UXteam’s competence (not that Idoubted it before ;-)) and it gaveme more insights into the kindof work they’re involved in.”Senior Manager Quality Assurance
  38. 38. Food for thought…Visuals @ work…1. …enhance understanding, focus, & memory!2. …are not about art but ideas – draw quickly!3. …increase fun and appreciation levels!
  39. 39. Cheers!Questions? Britta UllrichSenior UX Manager @ XINGVisual Trainer @ @Sabrittas