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Egos smashing noir


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Egos smashing noir

  1. 1. EGOS SMASHING NOIR Written by Tiago Lopes
  2. 2. FADE IN: THE CREDIT SEQUENCE BEGINS: EXT. LOUISVILLE, OHIO - DAY SEVERAL SHOTS of the peaceful city of Louisville and it’s residents, neighborhoods and local businesses. DABNEY GROTKE (V.O.) Folks like them brothers never leave. They stay there, they marry, have their children there. They are above all simple men. INT. DABNEY GROTKE’S OFFICE - DAY At the desk is DABNEY GROTKE (70s), a fat, rich gentleman with big red cheeks. It’s him doing the talking. DABNEY GROTKE But they have made it. And I don’t want you going there like you know more than they do. The voice answering to Grotke has a slight British accent. WILL EDGINGTON (O.S.) Yes sir. DABNEY GROTKE You do know! And that may well be the reason you’re here and they’re not. WILL EDGINGTON (O.S.) Yes sir. DABNEY GROTKE But that’s also the reason you are going there understand? WILL EDGINGTON (O.S.) Yes sir. Grotke grabs a smoking pipe and lights it up. DABNEY GROTKE Have no doubt Edgington, this is your shot. Not the first, but a failure in succeeding will surely make it the last. WILL EDGINGTON (O.S.) Yes sir.
  3. 3. With the help of a cane Grotke walks to the big windows behind him. He looks outside to Washington’s sunniest day. DABNEY GROTKE Make sure you convince them both! WILL EDGINGTON (25) is revealed seated in a firmly way, hands on his legs, staring bored at Grotke. Will is a cocky yuppie. WILL EDGINGTON Yes sir. Will do. Will gets up and walks towards the exit. DABNEY GROTKE And make sure you extend your vocabulary boy! Will grabs the door knob. WILL EDGINGTON Yes sir -- He closes the door behind him. INT. DABNEY GROTKE’S OFFICE CORRIDOR - DAY - CONTINUOUS WILL EDGINGTON (to himself) -- You fat pig. FREEZE FRAME OF WILL. INT. CASINO - CAIN’S OFFICE - DAY The walls are all red, covered by numerous movie posters. The furniture made of dark wood. Standing in front of the desk are TWO HITMEN: The shorter one is LOUIS DEEZEN (early 40s), he’s the kind who knows the criminal world inside out. The tallest and awesome looking guy besides him is JEREMY BACHARACH (early 30s), he transpires confidence. Like Grotke before, they talking to someone OFF FRAME. LOUIS DEEZEN It’s what the guys is, is a player. JEREMY BACHARACH And he will come back Cain, he has wrongs to emend now. 2.
  4. 4. LOUIS DEEZEN Yeah, this is a vegetable versus astrology thing... Jeremy looks at Louis in a “what the fuck” way. CAIN CONSTANTIN (O.S.) Come again? LOUIS DEEZEN It’s potato logic. A player has good days and bad days. Now okay, he only has been having bad days lately, but we are no fucking astrologers we can’t guess the future. The fellow asks for money we give him money, and he used to pay it all right? Now all he does is he burns the fucking cash. We can’t fight this can we? CAIN CONSTANTIN (O.S.) I think we can yes. JEREMY BACHARACH Only if he stops playing. CAIN CONSTANTIN (O.S.) There you go, not hard huh? LOUIS DEEZEN But what if he was to win? CAIN CONSTANTIN (mid 30s) is revealed to be seated in a big, red leather armchair behind the desk. He’s blond but balking and always dresses three-piece suits. CAIN CONSTANTIN I’m no fucking astrologer either Louis but I can see you cleaning restrooms until I get my potato-logic- fucking-gone-cash from the fat boy. Cain grabs a whiskey bottle and fills a glass. JEREMY BACHARACH We’ll make the best out of the situation. CAIN CONSTANTIN Good, I’m going out. Louis and Jeremy stand without knowing what to do. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) And I guess you too. Fuck off. 3.
  5. 5. Cain drinks the whiskey. FREEZE FRAME OF CAIN. EXT. RALPH’S APARTMENT STREET - DAY It’s starting to rain. On the sidewalk are THREE BIG BAGS. On the building’s first floor a couple seems to be arguing. Through the front door comes a woman, RACHEL MILLS (27), a mad furious, very attractive redhead. She stands by the bags holding ANOTHER TWO and waits. At a distance Cain shows up. When his eye’s meet Rachel’s he stops. RACHEL MILLS Cain! CAIN CONSTANTIN Rachel are you doin’ what I think you’re doing? RACHEL MILLS Come here! CAIN CONSTANTIN No way darling I just came to see Ralph. RALPH KEE (O.S.) Jesus baby what the... come inside! RACHEL MILLS I hate you both! Cain looks up to the first floor starts walking back from where he came. CAIN CONSTANTIN Maybe some other time then. (to the window) Talk to you later bud! On a first floor window appears RALPH KEE (32). He’s a sad, loser kind of dude in a gabardine, classic noir style. RALPH KEE Don’t move I’m coming down. Rachel points her middle finger to Ralph. RACHEL MILLS Screw you! 4.
  6. 6. RALPH KEE You need to listen to the details of my explanation baby, it’s all a misunderstanding! MR. MENDELSOHN (60s) with strong Indian accent, shows up to the windows next to Ralph’s. MR. MENDELSOHN No it’s not! RALPH KEE Mister Mendelsohn! MR. MENDELSOHN It is not a misunderstanding... RACHEL MILLS You’re such an idiot Ralph. MR. MENDELSOHN You don’t pay you get out! RALPH KEE (humiliatingly desperate) Mister Mendelsohn please! Shut the fuck up! (to Rachel) Baby c’mon we can figure this out! MR. MENDELSOHN Don’t talk to me like that! Rachel calls a TAXI passing by. RACHEL MILLS I’m done with your jerk-off personality. MR. MENDELSOHN She’s talking masturbation! The TAXI DRIVER puts Rachel’s belongings in the trunk. RALPH KEE Mister Mendelsohn seriously if you don’t shut up I’ll burn this place down! MR. MENDELSOHN Got insurance sucker! RALPH KEE Rachel you need to wait for the check to arrive this is a mailing problem. You shouldn’t break up with me, we should break up with the postal service! 5.
  7. 7. The Taxi Driver closes the trunk. RACHEL MILLS Fuck you! Rachel gets in and the taxi drives away. Ralph and Mr. Mendelsohn watch it go. They look at each other. MR. MENDELSOHN I want my rent! FREEZE FRAME OF RALPH. CUT TO: AERIAL SHOT over LOUISVILLE, OHIO. TITLE APPEARS: “EGOS SMASHING NOIR” OVER BLACK: PAIGE’S SON FADE IN: EXT. GREEN FIELDS - MORNING The beautiful and extensive grassland surrounding Louisville. Suddenly the rain starts pouring down violently. A road sign indicates: LOUISVILLE 1 MILE A BMW E30 passes by it. INT. WILL’S BMW E30 - MORNING Will drives with one hand, has a map on the other and holds his big early 90’s cellphone over the shoulder. WILL EDGINGTON (into phone) I found it. It looks more depressing than I remember -- Will looks at Louisville. WILL EDGINGTON (CONT’D) (into phone) -- Yeah it’s a pretty accurate description. (beat) It explains your drug problems that’s for sure. 6.
  8. 8. Will drops the map and the cellphone and speeds up. EXT. HOSTEL - DAY Will exits the car and looks, not impressed, around him. RACHEL MILLS (O.S.) Fuck you! On the other side of Louisville’s biggest avenue is Ralph’s apartment building from where a taxi takes Rachel. Will pays little attention to it and walks into the hostel. EXT. HOSTEL - WILL’S BEDROOM - DAY Will watches the street movement and goes back in. INT. HOSTEL - WILL’S BEDROOM - DAY Will talks at the cellphone. WILL EDGINGTON (into phone) What address? Frank I don’t care about street addresses just give me a place of reference -- (beat) I don’t care for underground. I’m upperground Frank, above that shit. Louisville problems, your problems, they are not mine are they? No they are not. (beat) The casino? (beat) I own you two for all I care. INT. FANCY RESTAURANT - DINING FLOOR - NIGHT Will is the only one occupying a table by himself. He drinks red whine and eats a chunk of Amish Meatloaf that goes through his teeth like plastic. At another table an ELDERLY COUPLE recognizes him. The Elder- Lady is just about to say something, Will notices it, grabs his cellphone and gets up and leaves. WILL EDGINGTON (to the cellphone) Huh, huh. Huh, huh. Right. 7.
  9. 9. 8. INT. CASINO - ROULETTE SIDE - NIGHT Will wins big. He’s the center of attention and he knows it. INT. CASINO - BAR - NIGHT Will drinks scotch and chats with a blonde bartender named CLAUDIA. He observes Cain, walking around happily greeting costumers. INT. DANO’S HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - DAY A traditionally decorated place, many ceramics, rustic environment. The centerpiece of the bookcase is an old FRAMED GRADUATION PHOTOGRAPHY. On the television “The Bold and the Beautiful” is on. Watching it bored is JESS CUTEFIELD (early 30s), a trashy femme fatale, dressed in office outfit. EXT. DANO’S HOUSE STREET - DAY It rains heavily. A huge, UFC fighter like guy walks home. His name is DANO LAWLER (40s), a man with very little social aptitude. INT. DANO’S HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - DAY INSERT ON PHOTO: Dano, still a teenager, is among other students. A SKINNY KID stands right next to him. Dano appears from the hall, stops and stares at Jess. He is not in a good mood, all soaked and tired. Jess takes her time to notice him but once she does she gets up excited and jumps into Dano’s arms. JESS CUTEFIELD Baby! Look at you my poor baby all wet. I was starting to worry baby. Dano and Jess sit down. EXT. DANO’S HOUSE STREET - DAY Will’s BMW E30 approaches the Dano’s house and stops. As Will steps outside his suit is immediately ruined by the pouring rain. He gives a quick look at the cozy neighborhood and locks his eyes on Dano’s House.
  10. 10. EXT. DANO’S HOUSE - FRONT YARD - CONTINUOUS Will rings the door bell. WILL EDGINGTON (impatient) Damn it. Jess opens the door. WILL EDGINGTON (CONT’D) Oh, hello my name is... JESS CUTEFIELD Yes? WILL EDGINGTON I am Will Edgington. Jess doesn’t give Will a chance. Sounds like she knows what he wants and is not going for it. JESS CUTEFIELD And what can I help you with mister Edgington? WILL EDGINGTON Right. Earlier this month I talked with mister Lawler’s secretary to set up a meeting. I was wondering if he’s available now. JESS CUTEFIELD (smooth voice) For you? But of course. He’ll be right down. Right after he’s finished being screwed up the ass by all the other southern cocks your boss keeps sending mister Edgington. Jess starts closing the door. WILL EDGINGTON What... hey, wait. You got it all wrong ma’am, I’m an old colleague! Jess re-opens the door. JESS CUTEFIELD Prove it. WILL EDGINGTON Huh... sorry? 9.
  11. 11. JESS CUTEFIELD So you come here all fancy, suit and all, get out of your fancy car, face this shitty weather wanting to talk with mister Lawler. First you’re not from around ‘cause that mister Lawler talk is not how everybody knows, well -- mister Lawler. Now I can buy that colleague story, maybe you’re not one of those bloodsucking Texans or maybe you have two minutes to convince me and that it. Will is astonished. His full-of-shit attitude disappears replaced by his natural cockiness. WILL EDGINGTON I can do that. You are not these parts yourself are you? (beat) No you are not. You talk funny, so you must come from another place like -- huh -- help me out here. Somewhere near bitchtown... JESS CUTEFIELD Say what? WILL EDGINGTON Bitchtown it is. You see? I can talk funny too and I guarantee I was born here, and you might as well, but you did not! ‘Cause I told you my last name right? Edgington? My mother is quite the celebrity here but you have no clue who she is. Now I still need to talk with Dano... JESS CUTEFIELD You’ve got quite a nerve punk! WILL EDGINGTON Listen sweetheart, where is he? They stare at each other for a moment, both cut from the same cloth. JESS CUTEFIELD Baby can you come outside? WILL EDGINGTON Was that hard huh? Jess goes inside. 10.
  12. 12. WILL EDGINGTON (CONT’D) Dear Lord help me. The huge figure of Dano appears at the door. WILL EDGINGTON (CONT’D) Dano, Dano Lawler? Will’s voice is barely audible in the heavy rain. WILL EDGINGTON (CONT’D) Dano I’m Will. Will extends his hand for a shake, Dano doesn’t. WILL EDGINGTON (CONT’D) My name is Will Edgin... Dano’s fist is shaking, Will notices this. DANO LAWLER Are you here for a buy? WILL EDGINGTON Wha -- DANO LAWLER Are -- you -- a -- buyer? WILL EDGINGTON No -- I don’t -- I’m not sir. My name is Will Edgington sir. Will finally gains Dano’s attention. WILL EDGINGTON (CONT’D) Can we speak? DANO LAWLER Speak. WILL EDGINGTON I -- (uncomfortable) -- Dano we at Briosa & Grotke’s Associates are very much in business with you. Will takes a little CARD out but the rain makes it useless. WILL EDGINGTON (CONT’D) Anyway I assure you we have nothing to do with your business deals with whatever entity you’re really doing -- business -- I mean -- with. DANO LAWLER Any relation with Paige Edgington? 11.
  13. 13. WILL EDGINGTON I -- (long pause) I’m her son. Dano looks away. WILL EDGINGTON (CONT’D) Now about your voice in Washington, the capital can’t wait to have you there. (almost screaming) By helping us helping you, you and I will make a beautiful metaphorical road os success to the future sir. Dano has his attention on the other side of the street. EXT. DANO’S HOUSE STREET - CONTINUOUS There is a MAN in gabardine and fedora watching them. As a car passes by the Man walks away. EXT. DANO’S HOUSE - CONTINUOUS Dano follows the man with his eyes. WILL EDGINGTON I hope you understand what I am saying Dano. DANO LAWLER Do you know what is like having people watching you? Dano’s eyes go back to Will. WILL EDGINGTON That’s exactly it. DANO LAWLER Don’t come to me with this again. WILL EDGINGTON What? Dano grabs a CASINO CHIP from inside his pocket. DANO LAWLER My partner, talk to him. (inattentive) If I find you’re a buyer you won’t leave Louisville standing. 12.
  14. 14. Will stumbles back, his foot deep into a puddle. Dano closes the door. Will runs to the car. INT. WILL’S CAR - CONTINUOUS Will takes a breather and then -- WILL EDGINGTON Damn cunty little fucking town. (beat) And this fucking weather fuck! EXT. DANO’S HOUSE STREET - CONTINUOUS Will drives away. EXT. HOSTEL - WILL’S BATHROOM - NIGHT Will talks at the cellphone while taking a bath. WILL EDGINGTON (into phone) Dorothy I’ve been working, I’ve been working like a worker do, know that song? No right, what I need from you darling is a little love. (beat) Yes I’ve got them you know who I am -- I’m me. I got them. (beat) You will now get Grotke on a plane correct? It’s only a piece of paper away, it’s called a ticket. Do your best. Thank you so much. Will hangs up and relaxes. INT. FACTORY’S ENTRANCE HALL - DAY Ralph is seated in the middle of the hall, waiting. In front of Ralph behind a tall desk is the SECRETARY (65). Will enters and looks around. He spots the barely visible Secretary’s head and walks towards her. WILL EDGINGTON Morning ma’am. SECRETARY Morning. 13.
  15. 15. WILL EDGINGTON I have a scheduled meeting with mister Parmar for -- right now as a matter of fact. SECRETARY There are no no meetings during the morning sir. You can wait until he arrives. Thank you. WILL EDGINGTON Sure I’ll do. Here -- Will gives her his card. WILL EDGINGTON (CONT’D) -- Just so you can, you know. Will seats besides Ralph. The Secretary looks at the card and turns her eyes back to Will surprised. SECRETARY Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t recognize... WILL EDGINGTON No problem. SECRETARY I’ll call upstairs right away. The Secretary goes for the phone. RALPH KEE (to the Secretary) Excuse me? She stops. SECRETARY Yes? RALPH KEE I’ve been here for thirty minutes lady. SECRETARY Mister Parmar has other appointments you need to wait. RALPH KEE Yes it looks like he’s about to have other appointments, he’s those ten digits away from having other appointments as a matter of fact. She despises the comment and goes for the phone. 14.
  16. 16. WILL EDGINGTON That’s rude. RALPH KEE (to himself) Is not rude to have a point. SECRETARY I’m sorry mister Parmar is very busy at the moment. Will gets up leaving his briefcase behind. Ralph looks at it. WILL EDGINGTON Don’t be so apologetic please. The Secretary looks at Will like he’s a celebrity. SECRETARY It’s just, you look so much like your mother -- I heard your father did very well in Chicago. WILL EDGINGTON He did he... SECRETARY (rambling) And dear Paige? Did she get better? I prayed for her back when she... WILL EDGINGTON Died. SECRETARY Hum? WILL EDGINGTON Yeah she died some eight years ago already. Really huh -- sad. SECRETARY Oh dear! RALPH KEE Not half an hour, a full hour. Will sets his full-of-shit mode on. WILL EDGINGTON You know there’s a difference -- between waiting, and enjoying the time in a place you love. Maybe it’s being ten years away, maybe is the need to walk through the streets of my hometown again. The Secretary stares saddened. 15.
  17. 17. RALPH KEE (murmurs) Oh nice. WILL EDGINGTON And it’s truth I’m here on work but Louisville is so much more to me than another payday. My bosses they don’t care about -- you know -- birthplace love but deep inside I’m just a boy full of nostalgia. SECRETARY I -- I understand. WILL EDGINGTON My mum used to tell me about the good nature of Louisville’s people. She loved this place, the kids in the streets, the beauty future under the cloudy skies. She did love the clouds in the sky. SECRETARY I am sure she did, may god rest her soul. Will watches as Ralph gets up and leaves. SECRETARY (CONT’D) Some Texans have been pressing the boys for a sell you see so they’ve not been approving meetings. WILL EDGINGTON I just wish I had more time to -- visit my mother’s old house, my so educative school and -- this gives me shivers -- donate a so deserved amount to our local church. I haven’t done that in too much of a long time. The Secretary is his. SECRETARY You go in that direction, after that door up the stairs. WILL EDGINGTON Thank you so much darling. Will heads to the door. Ralph comes back to the Secretary. RALPH KEE Hei, I’ve got a meeting. 16.
  18. 18. SECRETARY Mister Parmar is occupied you have to wait sir. RALPH KEE Jesus! INT. FACTORY’S MAIN OFFICE - DAY Will seats and puts his briefcase down. Next to the coffee machine is MARK PARMAR (40s), a skinny and nervous man with greasy hair. The skinny kid from the photo. Will gets his act ready. WILL EDGINGTON You’ve got a nice operation running out there mister Parmar, congrats. (beat) And ain’t that what we all want. Me, you, the government, most of all mister Parmar, your country! There is nothing more American than a blue-collar worker. That’s fact. MARK PARMAR Thank you so much mister Edgington thank you. Please call me Mark. Mark carefully pours himself some hot coffee. MARK PARMAR (CONT’D) Do you want some? Imported directly from Baja, best in the world. WILL EDGINGTON Mark! Yes please, thank you Mark. I guess you’re the bureaucratic side of the operating. And Dano... Mark hands the coffee to Will. WILL EDGINGTON (CONT’D) He does look like the emotional type... about the factory I mean. MARK PARMAR We both are. WILL EDGINGTON Pottery. Who’s your target Mark? Hollywood stars maybe? They must have something to furnish their houses with correct? 17.
  19. 19. MARK PARMAR We do have high-end if that’s what you mean. Mark sits behind the desk. WILL EDGINGTON C’mon they don’t care about high-end. They want the folk’s stuff so they can feel good about themselves. MARK PARMAR Oh right, a touch of reality. WILL EDGINGTON No. A touch of hypocrisy Mark. MARK PARMAR Where did you say you were from again? WILL EDGINGTON My firm has it’s headquarters in Chicago but I got the call from Washington. MARK PARMAR That said you really are... WILL EDGINGTON Yes, I do am him! MARK PARMAR That’s Louisville right there. Either by fate or luck it’s sons always come back home. WILL EDGINGTON It is love for the land Mark. Land which, handled properly, can get me to get you to shake hands with the President every three weeks! MARK PARMAR The President? Of the United States you mean? WILL EDGINGTON (taken back) I -- yeah, that one. (back to business) The reality is as harsh to me as it is to you and everybody else. But we seat behind these expensive desks. And they raw power. Can you feel it? 18.
  20. 20. MARK PARMAR I feel some -- not really power -- (constrained) -- They are made to last! WILL EDGINGTON It’s business! Everyone wants to make some. MARK PARMAR We make our best to protect Dano’s Senior legacy it’s all we do. WILL EDGINGTON But you want to expand. MARK PARMAR Carefully expand. WILL EDGINGTON Carefulness is my thing Mark. Yours is something other... MARK PARMAR Besides pottery? WILL EDGINGTON Indeed. Stark County’s heart lies here either you like it or not. That’s being influent Mark. MARK PARMAR And that’s what you want? It is not a toy you know, neither me or Dano make much use of it. WILL EDGINGTON No. I want the people to vote, it is only civic duty. (takes a big swig) Washington wants to be paid in patriotism Mark, the cheapest, most important coin available. Will opens his briefcase and spreads some SHEETS ITH GRAPHICS on the desk. MARK PARMAR I apologize mister Edgington your analysts must have made their predictions wrong this is not Columbus or Cleveland we have no such power. WILL EDGINGTON They didn’t make predictions about you, they made them about -- lets say -- fine Chinese pottery. (MORE) 19.
  21. 21. WILL EDGINGTON (CONT'D) With a little scent of bamboo, that oriental fresh air crusted into the work of ordinary but amazing, clean, soft hands of a young Chinese girl. They’re just over there the Chinese, they don’t even see Japan, only our fifty starts. MARK PARMAR I don’t recall the Chinese being any sort of competition to us. WILL EDGINGTON They will be though. This is pottery Mark not dutch tulips, it’s easy to get. MARK PARMAR Not dutch tulips... WILL EDGINGTON Look at your desk. It’s probably Canadian and you don’t even know. What my firm is offering is a clean entrance in the big markets. Think east coast, west coast then Mexico. Before you know it Costa Rica will be spreading your products all over South America. They’ll learn to say “vase” in English, simple word. And one day you turn -- together with Dano -- you both turn, and you have Wall Street crawling on your back for a piece of the pie. Ring the bell, call the President for dinner, buy another two hundred desks just like this one and oh yeah, you are a rich. MARK PARMAR Politics and business is all... WILL EDGINGTON Right. You want more, I can feel it. I do to. Put the Republican candidate on your conversations, make him the guy your buyers need to look up to. MARK PARMAR I -- you sure know politics are complicated I ain’t saying no... WILL EDGINGTON And you’ll say yes once you follow your heart. God, in the Capitol most democrats don’t even know where Stark County is... 20.
  22. 22. MARK PARMAR Mister Edgington the factory can’t lose, Louisville depends on us. WILL EDGINGTON That’s something beautiful Mark. Will stands up and points at the charts on the desk. WILL EDGINGTON (CONT’D) But dancing, we don’t dance. And Ohio for sure won’t swing again. Mark can’t seem to focus neither on Will or the charts. Will opens the door. WILL EDGINGTON (CONT’D) Every other schmuck could be all talk, I’m from around Mark, I’m all love. Remember that. See you soon. And leaves. Mark is left astonished. INT. FACTORY - CONSTRUCTION CENTER - BALCONY - CONTINUOUS Will lets out a big smile. The jobs is done. The floor below the balcony is occupied by innumerous MACHINES pumping smoke and noise. Will watches them work like a King looking down on his kingdom. Claps are heard. Will turns, Ralph is the one clapping. RALPH KEE (ironic) I can smell it, Asian girls working with their clean and soft hands. And what amazing hands they are ‘cause -- you know -- they are oriental. WILL EDGINGTON (unpleased) That’s funny. RALPH KEE It’s hilarious pal. A bigger moustache and a tanned skin and I could even mistake you for Richard - - fucking -- Prior! WILL EDGINGTON Hey what happened downstairs, we win some we lose some. That’s life - - pal. No biggie. 21.
  23. 23. RALPH KEE This is not about downstairs just so you know. WILL EDGINGTON It isn’t? That’s good. Now let’s try not to stick our noses in other’s conversations again shall we? It’s rather unpolite. RALPH KEE When it comes to Louisville I’ve got every right. WILL EDGINGTON You’ve got the wrong disguise then Batman. RALPH KEE It’s a working outfit. WILL EDGINGTON (laughs) Alright buddy. RALPH KEE You need to leave. WILL EDGINGTON And you need to shut the fuck up. I understand the local pride thing but there’s a limit to it. What you heard is the normal world walking another step into development... RALPH KEE It’s not Parmar you’re talking to! WILL EDGINGTON If you’re so offended do the right thing, share your feelings with him. Be pragmatic. Will gets dangerously close. WILL EDGINGTON (CONT’D) Fucking Louisville peace whatever the fuck is on your mind crazy dude do it! Just don’t come near me dressed like that and do not listen to my conversations. RALPH KEE Oh you’re the sensitive kind. Will walks by Ralph and gets to the stairs. 22.
  24. 24. Coming up carrying DOSSIERS is Jess. They recognize each other but she ignores his presence enters the office. WILL EDGINGTON I’m the smart kind stupid, Louisville rarest breed. Will goes downstairs. Ralph waits and turns his attention to Mark’s office. INT. CASINO MAIN ROOM - NIGHT It’s Saturday night. The casino is the perfect place for Stark County and surrounding’s middle-aged men to relax, gamble and be with Cain’s high-class prostitutes. A dark red hallway with a big red carpet leads to the main room. All it’s illuminated fluorescent lights. Spread allover are blackjack, craps and poker tables, roulette wheels and slot machines. INT. CASINO - BAR - NIGHT Claudia and Rachel, both with great speed and skill, serve clients. Will shows and orders a beer. WILL EDGINGTON The rest rooms need cleaning. Claudia serves him. CLAUDIA Is that right? WILL EDGINGTON Just filthy. Will takes a look around. He’s surprised to see Cain seated drunk at the end of the bar only with a whiskey glass as company. CAIN CONSTANTIN (to Rachel) Do this one right, do this one right Rach’. Get me some. Rachel doesn’t look like she approves but abides. Will seats besides Cain. WILL EDGINGTON The boss. How are you sir? Cain recognizes Will. 23.
  25. 25. CAIN CONSTANTIN Good, I’m great, good. I -- I know your face. WILL EDGINGTON Well I’m good patron, just lost two grand at the blackjack table. CAIN CONSTANTIN Try stopping by tomorrow... You are a costumer I should know your name I know all of my costumers -- (beat) -- Even if they don’t know me. WILL EDGINGTON That’s fine. Cain looks at his glass, back at Will and drinks more. WILL EDGINGTON (CONT’D) So are you a whiskey aficionado huh? Loyal to the glass. CAIN CONSTANTIN (to Rachel) Bring some of this to my friend here. (to Will) You can’t be loyal to something you find in a Mexican tavern. WILL EDGINGTON It makes sense. CAIN CONSTANTIN Now people’s loyalty -- Rachel gives the whiskey to Will. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) -- You look and you look and it’s that hard pal. WILL EDGINGTON Huh, huh. Cain drinks what he has left, his eyes locked on Rachel. WILL EDGINGTON (CONT’D) I bet every secret those men tell the girls comes with a great amount of loyalty don’t you agree? CAIN CONSTANTIN They’re paid to entertain only. 24.
  26. 26. WILL EDGINGTON I know, I know. But sex without a good talk is so dry. And I don’t believe an ordinary chap can afford your product, which is a great one by the way. CAIN CONSTANTIN Doesn’t matter. You can be whoever, create chickens or export good wine if you’re fit the girls will pour a drink in your glass. WILL EDGINGTON Or pottery export. Will gets Cain’s attention, a glance of sobriety. CAIN CONSTANTIN What’s your point kid? WILL EDGINGTON I’m just saying you must have a lot of good friends it’s all. CAIN CONSTANTIN Listen here, only a gal here can choose -- only her. Cain looks at Rachel on the other side of the bar. WILL EDGINGTON And she’s serving drinks? CAIN CONSTANTIN Should be rubbing fucking floors. (back to drunk talk) Aw pal she’s a gorgeous, hot, sex selling slut but... some things aren’t meant to work out ok? WILL EDGINGTON What’s her name? CAIN CONSTANTIN Jasmine. Don’t get -- don’t -- she’s a very expensive screw. WILL EDGINGTON I won’t do a thing. Let me put this down. I’m in business with the guys from the fabric. I need leverage and you can provide -- by her. Hopefully I won’t need it, after all they do look honest am I wrong? CAIN CONSTANTIN You are. 25.
  27. 27. Will smiles surprised. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) I wouldn’t trust that girl -- or any other girl here -- to neither one of those cocksuckers. WILL EDGINGTON But now haven’t they been loyal to the county for all these years? CAIN CONSTANTIN (laughs) That place is as loyal as Al Capone’s dinner guests on Valentine’s Day. WILL EDGINGTON That’s new. Thank you. CAIN CONSTANTIN Yeah, be careful boy. WILL EDGINGTON Why is that? CAIN CONSTANTIN They’re a pair of funny characters. WILL EDGINGTON I come from Washington sir, there’s loads of funny characters there. Rachel refills Will’s glass and after Cain’s glance, his. CAIN CONSTANTIN From Washington hey? So you know, they fucking hate outsiders. WILL EDGINGTON I do not consider myself an outsider, I’m Will Edgington. Cain is happily surprised. CAIN CONSTANTIN No shit. Thought you moved to Chicago. Oh, well done kid how’s your... WILL EDGINGTON She died yeah. CAIN CONSTANTIN Your sister died? 26.
  28. 28. WILL EDGINGTON My sister? No, my mom died. It’s her everyone loves right? CAIN CONSTANTIN She’s popular alright. But your sister, I had a thing with her years ago. Great girl. Bright as well, probably the cleverest girl I ever been with. Cain raises his glass, Will finds it awkward. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) She must have done big no? Bossing around some big firm I bet. WILL EDGINGTON No, she assists at a dentist’s office. Will attitude changes, cocky mode back again. WILL EDGINGTON (CONT’D) Total life failure my sister. (beat) It is just, curious. See, we had this VHS and almost every week my father would buy us a new video tape, a new movie. So I was what -- twelve years old maybe -- new kid in Chicago. My sister started to bring friends to watch these movies. Popcorn all over the place, soda, many guys, many girls, all older than me. So one night one of her best friends, this guy who had been friendzoned in the worst, most hard-core way, happens to drop by. A new movie, not her favorite genre but a movie neither the less. So they watch it and it’s late for me I’m trying to sleep but I can’t, I’m fucking starving. So I leave my bedroom to get -- maybe cookies -- and I open the fridge and my sister, she’s so focused on giving head to this guy and he’s so lost in paradise receiving it they don’t even notice me. Cain is entertained. WILL EDGINGTON (CONT’D) Anyway night end, boy goes home, sister goes to bed, I stay awake wondering what the hell right? That’s her new boyfriend! No. (MORE) 27.
  29. 29. WILL EDGINGTON (CONT’D) That was her best friend and by chance, some parties later, another guy stayed there. And she did the same to him. And it happened another time, another party, another movie, to another guy in that exact same couch. CAIN CONSTANTIN It sounds fascinating. WILL EDGINGTON Now here’s the thing. The news spread and all the guys wanted to be her friend’s ‘cause it was that easy! Just like that out of the blue she could just suck your dick! And little brother in the house and sometimes my father, nasty stuff. So she made many friends and thanks to her I made some friends too -- highly influential -- who gave me many opportunities, many things a regular teen with regular friends wouldn’t have. But she’s a secretary, low life job and I’m here talking to you, making business with the biggest factory in the county. So you see the high class girls here and those guys who own the factory they’re important to you and me because they make us important, they give us things we want. We enjoy that because of them but if they are not loyal -- if they suck dick -- then that’s not our problem. We take what we want and leave. CAIN CONSTANTIN Yeah, right, right what if -- Cain finishes his drink and looks back. Jeremy and Louis walk towards them. Cain turns to Will. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) What if they take something from you? WILL EDGINGTON No one’s stupid enough to let a cocksucker take something from him. Will finishes his drink, Cain looks like shit again. CAIN CONSTANTIN You’re so fucking right boy. 28.
  30. 30. Cain gets up and joins Jeremy and Louis. As they talk Will observes them thoughtful. INT. COFFEE HOUSE - DAY Will is finishing breakfast. A group of WORKING MEN watch the news further away but the place is almost empty. Will grabs his cellphone out of his briefcase. He then finishes his coffee. EXT. COFFEE HOUSE - MOMENTS LATER Will walks out dialing and stops. On the other side Ralph is going home. Will spots him and aims to have some fun. EXT. RALPH’S APARTMENT STREET - CONTINUOUS Ralph walks crestfallen. He looks at the brand new SONY TRINITRON TELEVISIONS in the window display. As he gazes at the prices Will crosses the street running. Ralph gets away from the display and enters the apartment building next door. Will almost reaches Ralph but the door closes on his face. Will looks up to the building, someone answers his call. WILL EDGINGTON (into phone) Yeah hi, it’s Edgington. (beat) And how many Edgingtons do you know? It’s Will, can you put me through to Dabney Gotke please? (beat) Important? Of course not I just love to make these recreational calls to you, a receptionist whose name I don’t know. Put me through please can you -- Can I get some proper work done here? Can -- (beat) What does that mean? Hey, let me... (beat) Mister Gotke good morning sir! Will rings all the bells in the BUTTON PANEL. 29.
  31. 31. INT. RALPH’S APARTMENT - BEDROOM - DAY The floor is covered with SHEETS. Ralph is laid on the bed. He hears the bell ring, raises his head, looks around and goes back to sleep. EXT. RALPH’S APARTMENT STREET - DAY Will punches the button panel and gets away from the door. INT. DABNEY GROTKE’S OFFICE - DAY Grotke is seated behind his desk, unbuttoned shirt all sweaty. It’s one hot day in Washington. DABNEY GROTKE (into phone) Edgington are you enjoying your vacation Edgington? Is there sunny vacation-like weather in Louisville? Grotke presses de air conditioning REMOTE. It doesn’t work. DABNEY GROTKE (CONT’D) (into phone) Talk to me -- (to the remote) Jesus -- damn it -- hell of a thing! (into phone) Are you there Edgington? INTERCUT with Will Edgington. WILL EDGINGTON (into phone) Gotke sir I’m reporting process. DABNEY GROTKE (into phone) Hallelujah, I have a table full of associates in front of me who are foaming for news. Gotke’s is alone in the office. DABNEY GROTKE (CONT’D) (into phone) Do you know what Imma do? (beat) No you’ve been avoiding us Edgington don’t play me the fool! 30.
  32. 32. WILL EDGINGTON (into phone) Mr. Gotke these people are not of easy cooperation they have tradition up their -- (pause) -- Blood, running through their blood I mean. DABNEY GROTKE (into phone) Do you wanna be fired Edgington? What does that mean? WILL EDGINGTON (into phone) Well the men do not seem to realize they’re the most powerful guys in the county sir. (beat) Thing is they hate politics. DABNEY GROTKE (into phone) That’s why I sent you there damn it! Grotke drops the remote and leans back on his chair. WILL EDGINGTON (into phone) Sir I believe their overprotection will be gone if we give them some sort of trust bonus. (beat) Because once that happens there’s no way they’ll have a change of heart in the future. (beat) It’s not easy sir, the only reason they’re in on this it’s because I am who I am. DABNEY GROTKE (into phone) Give me numbers. WILL EDGINGTON (into phone) They know everybody if they want it it’s ours. One thing though, they want a real politic sir. DABNEY GROTKE (into phone) Those damn bastards. 31.
  33. 33. WILL EDGINGTON (into phone, nervous) I need you to come as fast as you can sir. DABNEY GROTKE (into phone) You’re starting to sound like my second ex-wife Edgington. WILL EDGINGTON (into phone) Is only a signature. DABNEY GROTKE Is that a confirmation? WILL EDGINGTON It is sir. DABNEY GROTKE I’ll catch a flight in two days, two days Edgington. WILL EDGINGTON I’ll make sure it’s the happiest flight of your life mister Gotke. As Will finishes the call, a THUNDER claps in the sky. He looks up perplexed. WILL EDGINGTON (CONT’D) Da fuck? Will stares at Ralph’s apartment windows. He makes sure no one is watching and throws the cellphone against one of the windows, the cellphone crashes on the floor. Will stares at it. Mr. Mendelsohn shows up at the door. MR. MENDELSOHN What do you think you’re doing? WILL EDGINGTON What? MR. MENDELSOHN You threw that against that window I saw you doing it. WILL EDGINGTON I did no such thing! MR. MENDELSOHN Don’t lie to me smart boy I saw you throw that piece of equipment against my window! (MORE) 32.
  34. 34. MR. MENDELSOHN (CONT'D) Are you one of those science freaks go test your shit elsewhere. WILL EDGINGTON It’s a cellphone! MR. MENDELSOHN I’ll call the authorities science freak. WILL EDGINGTON Hey if that’s your house I’m sorry. Will reaches for his wallet. WILL EDGINGTON (CONT’D) Here take a ten -- MR. MENDELSOHN It’s all my building, all. Will keeps the money. WILL EDGINGTON So you don’t live there huh? MR. MENDELSOHN Don’t throw stuff at the building, I own the building, people live here, don’t throw stuff at it. WILL EDGINGTON So the detective looking guy lives there right? MR. MENDELSOHN You looking for Kee? Tell him I want my money! Will is amused. WILL EDGINGTON Auch, of course you do sir. MR. MENDELSOHN Tell him I want my money now or I’ll throw him out tomorrow! WILL EDGINGTON (laughs to himself) Oh boy, oh boy. (to Mr. Mendelsohn) Listen paki fella here’s how’s gonna be. MR. MENDELSOHN What did you call me? 33.
  35. 35. WILL EDGINGTON Listen. I intend to talk with Kee today and you are obviously failing to do so. I’m going to communicate all that shitty nonsense to the guy today but -- here’s the deal -- Will takes a hand full of bills out of his wallet. WILL EDGINGTON (CONT’D) I need you to let me in now. MR. MENDELSOHN Can’t give you authorization. WILL EDGINGTON I just explained you I’m going to have a conversation with Kee. MR. MENDELSOHN He’s not home I don’t know where he is. WILL EDGINGTON He just went in. Will extends the bills to Mr. Mendelsohn who grabs them reluctant. WILL EDGINGTON (CONT’D) That’s the easiest money you’ll eer make, you should even feel a little bad okay? MR. MENDELSOHN Your generation, you people, you’re all out of your minds. WILL EDGINGTON Yeah but we’re rich what can I say? Excuse me. Mr. Mendelsohn lets Will inside. INT. RALPH’S APARTMENT BUILDING - FIRST FLOOR HALL - DAY Will enters the corridor. Mr. Mendelsohn follows. MR. MENDELSOHN He’s not home I tell you. WILL EDGINGTON No, he’s home. Will knocks at Ralph’s door. 34.
  36. 36. MR. MENDELSOHN He didn’t arrive! INT. RALPH’S APARTMENT - KITCHEN - CONTINUOUS Ralph is seated on the floor. The sheets are now not only on the floor but on the table and glued on the fridge. Ralph hears the knocks, walks to the door and is surprised by Will’s presence. WILL EDGINGTON Hey freak-o. Mr. Mendelsohn heads aggressively towards them. MR. MENDELSOHN Ralph you weasel where is my money? RALPH KEE (to Will) What you want? WILL EDGINGTON It’s better if I get in. MR. MENDELSOHN Wait! Kee you can’t hide forever! Ralph closes the door on Mr. Mendelsohn’s face. Will inspects the room with a mocking expression. WILL EDGINGTON Ralph Kee, Ralph Kee. I had to see this with my own eyes -- Ralph Kee. RALPH KEE What do you want? WILL EDGINGTON Ralph Kee! Ralph, Ralph, Ralph Kee. RALPH KEE Who told you my name? WILL EDGINGTON The -- the guy outside, that guy you know? He insists on saying you own him money and now I’m inside and I’m like: for what? RALPH KEE It needs to be refurnished. 35.
  37. 37. WILL EDGINGTON So what are you? Some kind of detective? (laughs) Yeah like you would be. RALPH KEE I am! WILL EDGINGTON I think you make schemes inside your head. RALPH KEE What? WILL EDGINGTON That’s right. You created a complex reality just because some powerful people happen to have stumble upon your phone number. RALPH KEE Okay you can leave. Will stops walking around and looks into the kitchen. WILL EDGINGTON No I’m not leaving Ralph Kee. RALPH KEE Have you ever been punched then? WILL EDGINGTON Don’t recall that many violence in my past -- no -- but stop. Please do not hit me for I do not wish to be beaten now or in the near future. RALPH KEE So what? WILL EDGINGTON I may well be President one day so enjoy the moment Ralph Kee. (beat) See, those bosses of yours are about to put a very big deal on my shoulders. Lots of money. RALPH KEE (happily surprised) They are? 36.
  38. 38. WILL EDGINGTON I still need to know what’s up know what I mean? What fantasy are you playing along with Mark. RALPH KEE (confident) Of course you are interested -- well it’s confidential. WILL EDGINGTON Fuuuuck Ralph come on you’re a nobody! Just let me have a last laugh, please give me that. Will enters the kitchen. WILL EDGINGTON (O.S.) (CONT’D) What’s all this shit Ralph? I’m curious what is it? INT. RALPH’S APARTMENT - KITCHEN - CONTINUOUS Will analyzes the documents on the table. His eyes turn to the fridge and as he reads his attitude changes. Will is actually reading the papers, something is wrong, he doesn’t like what he sees. WILL EDGINGTON (incredulous) What the fuck? Shit, what -- (to Ralph) -- Are you a thief? RALPH KEE (O.S.) I’m a detective! Ralph enters the kitchen. RALPH KEE (CONT’D) Have you seen Chinatown? WILL EDGINGTON What’s this? Are these profits from last month? That’s not money gone you asshole don’t you know what taxes are? Even this shithole must be taxed man. RALPH KEE Okay you haven’t. Look closely that’s all profit, not taxes. WILL EDGINGTON (relieved) Well done. I got scared for a minute there you saw it? (MORE) 37.
  39. 39. WILL EDGINGTON (CONT'D) (laughs) Shit almost got me. RALPH KEE The factory’s actual profits must be somewhere on the floor, hard to find really. Will seats and stares at the fridge. WILL EDGINGTON The profits? So what’s that I’ve just read? (realizes something) Are they running from the tax man? And you’re their little washing machine eh? Holy-fucking-shit. RALPH KEE Nah I’m really a detective. Ralph grabs one of the SHEETS on the fridge, the one with a big RED LIST OF NUMBERS and puts it on the table. RALPH KEE (CONT’D) This profit is a hole, someone’s profit, the factory’s hole. WILL EDGINGTON I get it. Where are they cleaning it? RALPH KEE (having a blast) They aren’t laundering anything, it’s six months of pure theft and you know what’s funnier? They’re broke! WILL EDGINGTON Fuck. RALPH KEE The cops will have a field day. WILL EDGINGTON Wait a minute there... RALPH KEE No, no. I’m doing it you little motherfucker and that’s the only deal you’ll get. Will gets nervous once again. He stands. WILL EDGINGTON You and me can get a lot of money out of this Ralph Kee. You heard? (MORE) 38.
  40. 40. WILL EDGINGTON (CONT'D) You and me! Us! Now -- now, shit, can you give me all this stuff? RALPH KEE (laughs) Are you insane? This’ all confidential information. WILL EDGINGTON Fuck you! (recomposes) Listen, I’m talking about cash you never even heard of alright? You can buy a house and a car and be the mayor and -- RALPH KEE You’re fucked. Will gets closer to Ralph. WILL EDGINGTON Give me a fucking week you cunt! Ralph pushes Will away. RALPH KEE Get out. Ralph grabs Will and drags him to the exit. RALPH KEE (CONT’D) You’re from Chicago, you’re from Washington, you don’t give a fuck about this place. Ralph opens the door and throws Will out against the wall. WILL EDGINGTON There’s only one thing worst than ignorant folks! Ralph closes the door. INT. RALPH’S APARTMENT BUILDING - FIRST FLOOR HALL - CONTINUOUS Mr. Mendelsohn shows up. MR. MENDELSOHN These games you people play, life has no time for them. Will looks at Mr. Mendelsohn. 39.
  41. 41. MR. MENDELSOHN (CONT’D) You Run mister, this storm that is coming, because it’s coming, this storm is arriving mister Edgington. Will leans back. What the fuck is he talking about? FADE TO BLACK. OVER BLACK: THE GOOD BOSS INT. HOTEL - RACHEL’S ROOM CORRIDOR - MORNING Outside, a big, fluorescent metal sign with “THE LOUIS IV CLUB” written on it reveals the name of Cain’s casino. The rain hits it hard. Amid it’s noise an elevator arriving RINGS and it’s doors open. TRACK through the corridor alongside Cain’s feet until they stop. Cain stands in front of Rachel’s room with a small package under his left arm. He knocks. Rachel opens the door. Cain makes a big, wide smile. CAIN CONSTANTIN Rach! INT. HOTEL - RACHEL’S ROOM - CONTINUOUS Rachel is not pleased to see him. The bags from the EARLIER SCENE have been open and the content spread all over. CAIN CONSTANTIN Right, you’re getting settled. Cain opens the package. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) I got you a little present Rachel. It’s a key. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) Here it is. Cain inserts it on the door, locks and unlocks it. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) Now there’s no doubt you’re a special one. 40.
  42. 42. RACHEL MILLS (sarcastically) I’m thinking of a way to thank you Cain. A non-sexual way so it doesn’t make our relation awkward, that’s the last thing I want us to be to each other. Awkward. CAIN CONSTANTIN That sounds like approval to me. RACHEL MILLS I hate it Cain, hate it. Cain gets serious. CAIN CONSTANTIN Good, I thought you would complain about everything else except the room. So it’s a good thing. RACHEL MILLS You don’t want to get me started. Rachel goes to the bathroom and gets the shower working. RACHEL MILLS (O.S.) (CONT’D) And yes! It works! Cain moves across the room and opens the balcony window-door. Rachel returns. RACHEL MILLS (CONT’D) Ralph is such a prick... CAIN CONSTANTIN Don’t say that. RACHEL MILLS I mean it. I’m tired of him acting like the world owns him something. CAIN CONSTANTIN Maybe it does Rach’. RACHEL MILLS (breaking down) God, I don’t know what to do anymore. Look at this I’m in a -- a fuck suite! CAIN CONSTANTIN This weather almost ruined my day. RACHEL MILLS Are you listening? 41.
  43. 43. CAIN CONSTANTIN (not listening) Yes. Cain closes the window-door and gets inside. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) You can have the night off. If I know Ralph, and I do, he’s not coming out for a couple of days. (beat) Once the shock is gone he will come here, pay Claudia some shots and... (beat) Probably cry a bit more. RACHEL MILLS I’m complaining about my situation not his! CAIN CONSTANTIN But you’re settled. RACHEL MILLS (imitating him) But you’re settled. (frustrated) You know that once -- you know -- I was Prom Queen... CAIN CONSTANTIN I don’t wanna hear it Rach. RACHEL MILLS Oh right. You don’t give a damn. CAIN CONSTANTIN I don’t give a damn? Are you serious? RACHEL MILLS I’m not stupid I know you’re only trying to save your ass. CAIN CONSTANTIN Right... Cain approaches Rachel. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) Let me tell you something darling. I am not only saving my ass as I’m saving yours. At the same time I make sure my best friend doesn’t get his heart broken, thing that -- by the way -- you decided to make particularly hard. 42.
  44. 44. RACHEL MILLS If you cared you’d not pretend but help him! CAIN CONSTANTIN Don’t push it Rachel. RACHEL MILLS (hurtfully) I won’t. You still a friend, a boss and a pimp you hypocrite. Cain gently grabs Rachel’s arm and slowly presses it harder. CAIN CONSTANTIN (kindly) I said don’t push it. Yes, I’m your boss and you need to rest. You will stay up here tonight and sleep and eat and live here until you settle all your problems. Cain lets Rachel go and slaps her. Rachel doesn’t react and seats on the bed. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) Your boyfriend is not a hobo, he doesn’t accept that kind of help. That’s pride, you should respect it. You should also respect my decisions for you know they are the best for the three of us. Cain walks to the door and opens it. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) I’ll send something for you to eat. (pause) Need anything else? RACHEL MILLS It’s over, realize that. Cain gives a serious stare at Rachel and closes the door. HOTEL - RACHEL’S ROOM CORRIDOR - CONTINUOUS Cain walks down to corridor. He passes by PROSTITUTE #1 when she comes out of a room. CAIN CONSTANTIN Everything okay? Prostitute #1 nods. Cain gets in the elevator. 43.
  45. 45. HOTEL - ELEVATOR - CONTINUOUS Cain touches the big golden ring in his finger, he’s not comfortable. He looks to both mirrors besides him and reflects on his own image. The elevator ring “wakes him up”. HOTEL - MAIN HALL - MOMENTS LATER Cain moves to the back of the reception and enters through a door connecting to the casino. INT. CASINO MAIN ROOM - AFTERNOON With the room half crowded Jeremy watches over the roulette games. Cain joins him. CAIN CONSTANTIN Jeremy. JEREMY BACHARACH Hey Cain. CAIN CONSTANTIN Have you heard about our new guest? JEREMY BACHARACH I did, how’s she hanging? CAIN CONSTANTIN She? She’s hanging fine that heartless bitch. Is Ralph I'm worried about. JEREMY BACHARACH She probably has a point, the guy is a slacker. CAIN CONSTANTIN No, no, no. There is only two things hookers don’t have: a need for monogamy and a point. She already started scratching the first one, from the moment she gets to the second I’ll have to fire her. Jeremy looks displeased. JEREMY BACHARACH I can look after her if you want me to. CAIN CONSTANTIN Can you handle her? 44.
  46. 46. JEREMY BACHARACH Can’t be that hard. CAIN CONSTANTIN You would be surprised. Okay, let’s have a drink then. Jeremy clearly doesn’t feel like it. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) Don’t come to me with that, I know what time it is, it is as good as any other time. Just a glass, little scotch, that juicy thing, it will make us happier Jeremy. JEREMY BACHARACH Work hours Cain, you’re my boss c’mon. As Jeremy leaves Louis shows up behind Cain. LOUIS DEEZEN Hi boss. CAIN CONSTANTIN Jesus. You scary fucking dwarf... LOUIS DEEZEN (to Jeremy) Where the fuck you running away? JEREMY BACHARACH I’ve been here since eight man. LOUIS DEEZEN Punk. CAIN CONSTANTIN What do you want? LOUIS DEEZEN Is -- huh -- a guy came by this morning... looking for you. CAIN CONSTANTIN You know him? LOUIS DEEZEN Don’t know, never saw him before he -- the guy asked for -- for our little friend -- Claudia told him he wasn’t here so the guy asked about you. Turns out our friend has been spending a lot of time home which makes him -- (beat) -- easily accessible. 45.
  47. 47. Cain points to a CASINO EMPLOYEE and to the roulettes. CAIN CONSTANTIN Keep an eye over there. (to Louis) Our little friend? Cain walks towards the bar, Louis follows him. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) What are we the mob? If this guy’s looking for me find out who he is and make him gamble, if he doesn’t, fuck him. Now who’s our friend? LOUIS DEEZEN Our friend and the guy are two separate people boss. CAIN CONSTANTIN And who’s our friend? I know there’s a guy who you don’t know and there’s a friend whatever the hell who you know but I don’t. LOUIS DEEZEN You know -- our friend. I mean he’s not a friend, you hate the guy, but we know him. He was a friend at least. CAIN CONSTANTIN Alright, okay. Just gimme the bastard’s name what is wrong with you? INT. CASINO - BAR - CONTINUOUS Cain orders two drinks to Claudia. LOUIS DEEZEN (reluctant) You know him boss that’s for sure. CAIN CONSTANTIN Louis, you’re old and on a low point of your career understand? Now it’s not that you’re making it worst is that you’re making it sociably miserable and I’m about to change the subject. The glasses slide over to them. LOUIS DEEZEN It’s Dano, someone has been asking around for him. 46.
  48. 48. Cain drinks. CAIN CONSTANTIN Well fuck. INT. HOTEL - ROOM #1 - DAY A LINE OF COCAINE is snorted on a bureau. Cain is the one doing the drugs, dressed in an unbuttoned red suit. Prostitute #2, named LUCY, is in bed lying half-naked, she’s watching the weather report on television. Cain falls on the bed besides her. CAIN CONSTANTIN Have you ever been depressed Lucy? LUCY Yes. CAIN CONSTANTIN I never seen you depressed. LUCY Would you pay me if I was depressed? CAIN CONSTANTIN No. LUCY (beat) Is something wrong? CAIN CONSTANTIN Not with me per se but with society Lucy. Society sees me as a bad fella, I don’t feel like one. It’s profiling, unreasonable and unfair profiling. What am I but a man trying to make a living? Huh? Why don’t doctors deal with these issues? Why not -- why not mechanics? Why me? I need to start reading Greek philosopy or somethin’ you know? I’m pretty sure I’m not that bad of a prick. LUCY You’re not a bad person. CAIN CONSTANTIN Yeah I don’t think I am, am I? LUCY Don’t think you are. 47.
  49. 49. CAIN CONSTANTIN Oh Lucy this it that moment in your life when you compare your sucking to your therapy skills and find that you could be a psychologist all along. (beat) And I’m the one complaining. LUCY Quit drinking then. Lucy puts the television volume up. Right then the moans of a WOMAN reaching climax in the next room are heard. Lucy reacts to the weather report. LUCY (CONT’D) Are you listening to this? Cain reacts instead to the moans. CAIN CONSTANTIN What the fuck? Lucy dresses her pants. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) Is Rachel working? (beat) At this time a day? Lucy pays attention to the moans. LUCY It does sound like her. (beat) Yap, it’s definitely her. CAIN CONSTANTIN Bitch’s trying to piss me off -- or as she been short? LUCY If there’s one person in this corridor who’s not been short that’s Rachel believe me. Cain gets closer to Lucy. CAIN CONSTANTIN (suspicious) And you know something I don’t girl? Don’t lie to me she’s not to be working at five in the afternoon she’s prestige not some low class whore. 48.
  50. 50. LUCY Oh well fuck you too mister! Lucy heads to the bathroom with her huge, fake breasts bouncing in her chest. The moaning stops, Cain puts his head against the door, nothing’s heard. He buttons his pants, grabs his jacket and leaves the room. INT. HOTEL - CORRIDOR - CONTINUOUS As he leaves Cain bumps against Louis who looks like he just came from Rachel’s room. They stare at each other in a very uncomfortable moment. CAIN CONSTANTIN What you doing here? LOUIS DEEZEN Waiting boss. CAIN CONSTANTIN Waiting for who? LOUIS DEEZEN (nervous) Waiting for you. CAIN CONSTANTIN Well here you have me Louis. LOUIS DEEZEN I do. (very uncomfortable silence) Yes I do. I so do -- guess who’s in the bar. (beat) Ralph is in the bar boss. CAIN CONSTANTIN Come with me. Cain walks down the corridor followed by Louis. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) Did you find anything on Dano’s mystery pal? They stop and wait for the elevator. Louis is clearly uncomfortable in having to answer the question. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) If the guy is after his money I’m in line for that already. 49.
  51. 51. LOUIS DEEZEN He’s his own prisoner boss. The elevator arrives. CAIN CONSTANTIN Have you asked Claudia? LOUIS DEEZEN No boss. CAIN CONSTANTIN You’re ahead of your time when it comes to be senile Louis, fucking hell man. They go inside the elevator. INT. HOTEL - ELEVATOR - DAY Calm background music interrupted by -- LOUIS DEEZEN These news are getting me all jumpy. CAIN CONSTANTIN You ain’t gonna get much high. LOUIS DEEZEN I don’t remember the last time I saw a flying roof. CAIN CONSTANTIN Please louis. Louis is thinking out loud more than he’s talking to Cain. LOUIS DEEZEN The county’s agitated with all the tornado warnings and all I don’t want to die flying know what I mean? I’m a Christian I need to be buried alongside my folks. CAIN CONSTANTIN Louis, Louis. What the fuck are you talking about? The elevator doors open, Cain and Louis exit. LOUIS DEEZEN The tornado warnings. 50.
  52. 52. INT. CASINO MAIN ROOM - DAY Cain and Louis walk through the empty room. LOUIS DEEZEN They’re talking unpre -- unpredictability. CAIN CONSTANTIN Louis you dumb dwarf the only reason you fear a tornado is ‘cause you never been in the way of a hurricane. LOUIS DEEZEN I know hurricanes, they have names. CAIN CONSTANTIN You’re an intellectual then. LOUIS DEEZEN The meteorologists they have this list where they name storms, like memorable names so you can glorify how many trees flew off your backyard. So you have Humberto and Hugo or like my aunt, Claudette. Once one of them kills someone the name gets retired. CAIN CONSTANTIN So is like Humberto gonna strike down on us like a mothafucka. That don’t sound dangerous. Cain spots Ralph seated at the bar. LOUIS DEEZEN I just want to keep my roof boss. Cain and Louis move towards Ralph but Cain stops. CAIN CONSTANTIN Get Jeremy, find who Dano’s dealing with. You’re failing me on that already. LOUIS DEEZEN Yes boss. Louis leaves. Cain puts his arm around Ralph’s shoulders. CAIN CONSTANTIN Ralphie come to my office. RALPH KEE (demoralized) I deserve to be here. 51.
  53. 53. Claudia pours more drink to Ralph’s glass. CAIN CONSTANTIN (to Claudia) Get the fuck out of here darling. (to Ralph) You don’t want to drink any of this cheap shit. C’mon. Cain takes Ralph away. INT. CAIN’S OFFICE - DAY Cain pours Ralph a glass of whiskey. CAIN CONSTANTIN How’s the new job going? RALPH KEE Good -- I think. CAIN CONSTANTIN You think? Better be sure eh? Cain hands the bottle to Ralph. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) Very expensive liquid, very high in alcoholic content. My silent killer. RALPH KEE I don’t even have milk in the fridge nor those Buddhist wood sticks she liked. I have nothing. CAIN CONSTANTIN Buddhist wood sticks Ralph? RALPH KEE They worked I’m telling you, Buddhist culture it’s an inner thing, you don’t get it. Ralph drinks and Cain sits. RALPH KEE (CONT’D) Do you know who’s she’s staying with? Rachel? CAIN CONSTANTIN I don’t. But what the fuck happened everything was fine wasn’t it? 52.
  54. 54. RALPH KEE It was the rent can you believe it? Damn Mendelsohn made a scene, I’m still living there by the way. CAIN CONSTANTIN What a bastard. You want me to do anything about that Mendelsohn guy? RALPH KEE No, he’s my landlord it would be strange. But the guy knows I have my practice going now, got some cases I mean... waiting is a virtue okay? He doesn’t have it in him. CAIN CONSTANTIN Your practice? Are you a doctor? RALPH KEE I’m an investigator. CAIN CONSTANTIN Oh I thought we were having a serious conversation. RALPH KEE This is serious. CAIN CONSTANTIN You’ve got the wardrobe right that’s for sure. RALPH KEE And Mark Parmar as a client. That does fuciking count. CAIN CONSTANTIN Parmar? RALPH KEE He owns the factory with... CAIN CONSTANTIN I know who Mark Parmar. RALPH KEE He’s my biggest paycheck ever man. CAIN CONSTANTIN And what are you detectivating? RALPH KEE Not sure. I’m not very good at it. CAIN CONSTANTIN Do you know stuff other people don’t? 53.
  55. 55. RALPH KEE I know Dano gave ownership of the factory to Mark ‘cause he couldn’t handle it alone. CAIN CONSTANTIN That’s common knowledge. You sum daddy and mental issues and that’s who you get: Dano. EXT. FACTORY’S ENTRANCE - NIGHT (FLASHBACK) TRUCK BOTTOM P.O.V: as is descends rapidly on a fat guy, DANO’S FATHER, he looks up in shock. The truck is perfectly fitted between other trucks on a roof for display. The crane’s METAL ROPE that was holding it it is broken. The EMPLOYEES look at it not knowing what to do. Dano’s father just ceased to exist. INT. CAIN’S OFFICE - DAY (PRESENT) Cain is not impressed. CAIN CONSTANTIN I -- I’m impressed. RALPH KEE Of course everybody knows about it right? CAIN CONSTANTIN Yes they do. You are wasting yourself again buddy, you need something normal to do, not honorable -- something. Ralph smiles. RALPH KEE Bear with me here, can we say Mark owns its life to Dano? CAIN CONSTANTIN Theoretically yes but... RALPH KEE Listen. (beat) So huh? So why would Mark hire me to spy on Dano? Moment of silence. 54.
  56. 56. CAIN CONSTANTIN Okay that’s good. RALPH KEE Good? Ralph gets up. RALPH KEE (CONT’D) I’ve searched for daughters hiding next door, spied on old people to make sure they weren’t stealing newspapers. This is different! CAIN CONSTANTIN And you can pull it off I presume. What’s he looking for? Cheating? Too much drinking? RALPH KEE Stealing. (beat) Mark says Dano is stealing from him and wait for it -- yes that isn’t what he wants me to find out about - - He knows it. Cain intrigue turns to preoccupation. Ralph grabs a key. RALPH KEE (CONT’D) He’s paying me to do nothing really I just need to go in his office and grab evidence. CAIN CONSTANTIN (whispers) Fuck no. RALPH KEE Documents only. Copy this to that, it’s surreal. CAIN CONSTANTIN It sounds real enough to me. RALPH KEE If you ask me Mark could easily ask for the files himself... CAIN CONSTANTIN No, no, no Ralph no way. Cain gets up and grabs his cellphone. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) It’s too fucked up! 55.
  57. 57. RALPH KEE What is? CAIN CONSTANTIN I don’t know Mark, never did -- but Dano, he’s a hell of a character. His personality, if Mark told you about it, it exists. It does it in a major complex and dangerous way. RALPH KEE Mark’s the one with the issues, asking me to spy on his partner? Is a god damn weird way to show friendship. Cain gets stressed very quickly. CAIN CONSTANTIN Dano is a fucking freak. RALPH KEE No man, he’s a thief is all. CAIN CONSTANTIN It doesn’t matter. You should know I care, you should interiorize that before you hear me out. (beat) ‘Cause I do care! Ralph’s confuse, Cain’s refills his own glass. RALPH KEE Did I say something wrong? CAIN CONSTANTIN No, you will do something right though. You go and tell Mark to fuck off. You don’t wanna know about him or his business. RALPH KEE What? CAIN CONSTANTIN You tell him that. RALPH KEE Maybe I wasn’t clear enough about the money amount that I’m gonna get. CAIN CONSTANTIN Forget it. Just tell him that and -- Cain tries to relax. 56.
  58. 58. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) Find another investigation Ralph. RALPH KEE But -- I -- no way, this is a good job! CAIN CONSTANTIN It ain’t bud. Dano is not a normal guy, he can get you in trouble. RALPH KEE Dano won’t know me ever. I need this, the job, the money. Rachel’s not coming back if I have nothing to show for myself. Ralph watches Cain. He realizes Cain’s struggling, they know each other too well. RALPH KEE (CONT’D) I -- I understand. Ralph puts the key back in his pocket. RALPH KEE (CONT’D) It was easy though. Easy money. CAIN CONSTANTIN How much was it? I’ll cover for it. Ralph heads to the door. RALPH KEE No thank you. CAIN CONSTANTIN Trust me on this one. RALPH KEE I do is just -- things never go right, they just don’t. Ralph leaves. Cain’s remorse builds up, he drinks more. EXT. CASINO ENTRANCE - NIGHT Tonight is party night. Cain, accompanied by THREE GIRLS, welcomes the GUESTS that run inside away from the rain. CAIN CONSTANTIN Hi, how are you? (to another PATRON) Hey, hey, how are you? Alright. (and to another) Left the wife at home? Did well, did well. Good luck tonight. (MORE) 57.
  59. 59. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT'D) (and another) Hi, welcome. Where’s the mayor? No? Another day then, go on in, go on. From a limousine arrive BJORN FRANCIS (50s) a know-it-all countryman with a huge moustache. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) My boy Francis. BJORN FRANCIS Monsieur Constantin, is tonight going to be my night? CAIN CONSTANTIN I booked the night just for you my friend. BJORN FRANCIS (laughs) No you didn’t you pooier. They shake hands and Bjorn goes inside. INT. HOTEL - RACHEL’S ROOM CORRIDOR - NIGHT Louis walks in a hurry. Right when he reaches Rachel’s room Jeremy shows up from inside it. LOUIS DEEZEN Close the door. JEREMY BACHARACH Wait for her. They walk down the corridor. LOUIS DEEZEN Just imagine for one second -- imagine -- that I was Cain. JEREMY BACHARACH He’s twenty inches taller and a lot smarter than you Louis it’s difficult to imagine. LOUIS DEEZEN I’m telling ya man, I’m telling ya. Rachel comes out of the room. She’s dressed in a conservative way but very elegant neither the less. RACHEL MILLS What’s the hurry? LOUIS DEEZEN What is that you have on? 58.
  60. 60. JEREMY BACHARACH Her useless ex might show up. RACHEL MILLS Let’s go, c’mon boys, let’s go. Louis takes a huge ring of keys out of his pocket. LOUIS DEEZEN Wait a second. Security room, VIP rooms, rest rooms... I’ve got them all here. Louis gives the keys to Jeremy. JEREMY BACHARACH Okay then, lets save the giant freak’s day. Jeremy enters the elevator. JEREMY BACHARACH (CONT’D) See you in a bit. RACHEL MILLS What? LOUIS DEEZEN We catch the next one girl. INT. CASINO - MAIN ROOM - NIGHT The space is crowded with entertained players and some not so entertained player’s wives. Cain stands alone observing the action surrounding him. He and Jeremy look at each other as Jeremy heads to the VIP ROOM area. Cain looks at the bar. He’s trying to find someone. Only sees Claudia. Then he catches Louis and Rachel going in the bar’s direction. Cain speeds up to them and grabs Rachel’s arm. CAIN CONSTANTIN Get changing Rachel, Ralph is not coming tonight. RACHEL MILLS God, and you couldn’t you have warn me before? CAIN CONSTANTIN Maybe I thought you were fucking occupied or maybe I’m your boss so do what I tell you. 59.
  61. 61. RACHEL MILLS Alright, chill. CAIN CONSTANTIN (to Louis) Get the games starting! LOUIS DEEZEN Right away boss. Louis and Rachel part ways. Cain observes them suspicious. He switches his attention to a door near his office corridor with a SECURITY ROOM sign on it. INT. CASINO’S VIP ROOM 1# - NIGHT The typical poker game scenario. Dark environment, one table, light from above, cigar smoke and lots of whiskey. The hours have passed and the only men left playing are the CROUPIER, Bjorn, ROSS the Irish guy, and Dano. Bjorn has the biggest amount of chips, Irish Guy is second. Dano’s big shape is curved over the table. He tries to control his anger as he has no chips left. Dano peeks over his shoulder to the TWO SECURITY GUARDS at the entrance. LOUIS DEEZEN (V.O) (in pain) How am I to know my ass’ gonna be kicked? The Croupier awaits for Dano’s play. Dano looks at the table pounding his two cards frenetically on it. On the table: a PAIR OF TWOS, a QUEEN and an ACE OF SPADES. CROUPIER Sir I need you to play sir. LOUIS DEEZEN (V.O.) Fucker names himself after a Russian and comes acting like Muhammad fucking Ali. The Irish Guy throws his cards on the table. ROSS I ain’t that barmy nor I’ll be that sorry. I’m out. CROUPIER Gentleman’s out. (to Bjorn) About you sir? 60.
  62. 62. Bjorn smiles. He goes ALL IN. The Irish Guy looks relieved, Dano is even more pissed. CROUPIER (CONT’D) Both gentlemen are all-in. I’ll take care of the ending procedures. BJORN FRANCIS It’s been a good night. Get it done with. The Card Dealer turns a card out and puts the fifth on the table, it is a TWO OF HEARTS. JEREMY BACHARACH (V.O.) Keep still damn it. Dano looks like suffocating. He puts his cards down. LOUIS DEEZEN (V.O.) Shit, it’s a fucking hemorrhage man. CROUPIER This ain’t child’s play gentlemen the cards are to be showed. BJORN FRANCIS Another Hitchcock hater. Have some suspense in your life friend. JEREMY BACHARACH (V.O.) Aww my suit, be careful. Bjorn throws a card over the table and lands showing a QUEEN. ROSS A pair? DANO LAWLER A treble! Dano reveals his cards, TWO ACES. Bjorn throws is second card in the air. BJORN FRANCIS That’s a bit of a problem. Bjorn’s card lands face down. ROSS What is the problem mate? Dano’s eyes shift between his face-down card and Bjorn. LOUIS DEEZEN (O.S.) Make it stop. Arghh! 61.
  63. 63. SLOW MOTION. Bjorn smiles. Dano closes his eyes and takes a breath, his hand moves towards the card but before he reaches it. END OF SLOW MOTION -- Ross turns the card and reveals Bjorn TWO OF SPADES. CROUPIER We found ourselves a winner. Dano is furious, he can’t stop looking at the TWO OF SPADES. Through the doors come Jeremy and Louis. There’s nothing wrong with them, like we’ve been hearing nothing. LOUIS DEEZEN Excellent game gentlemen lets start moving this way please! This way. BJORN FRANCIS That it was. Tell mister Constantin I’ll be back in a week can you do that Louis? LOUIS DEEZEN He’ll sure be here. Thank you very much. Bjorn trows some chips to the Croupier and leaves. Jeremy gently touches Dano’s shoulders. LOUIS DEEZEN (CONT’D) (to Bjorn) Have a good night. JEREMY BACHARACH (whispers) Did you win anything at all today Dano? DANO LAWLER You saw what I won through your cameras. Dano gets up, Ross is still seated, amazed at the play. LOUIS DEEZEN I thought today was supposed to be the beginning of a winning streak. What happened to that? ROSS You lads saw how he lost? There’s no winning in that combination! DANO LAWLER (to Ross) You got a problem? 62.
  64. 64. LOUIS DEEZEN Uou this ain’t Oprah fella. The house does not allow this kind of commentary around locals. Ross stands, the Security Guards get closer. ROSS Alright Louis, just saying. JEREMY BACHARACH Escort him out. They do. CROUPIER Sir it was a pleasure, better luck next time. Good day. The Croupier also leaves. LOUIS DEEZEN We better close the doors for a minute. Jeremy does so. LOUIS DEEZEN (CONT’D) Boy, boy Dano. Your fucking card game is going to ruin my breakfast. JEREMY BACHARACH This is a situation. What are we to do with you now? DANO LAWLER Wait. LOUIS DEEZEN For what? DANO LAWLER For cash stupid. JEREMY BACHARACH Hey I like waiting as much as the next guy the problem is the next guy is Cain. And he hates it. DANO LAWLER He can wait too or I can explain myself. Where’s he? LOUIS DEEZEN (nervous) We can’t help you anymore you -- fucking loser -- richest fucking guy in the county... 63.
  65. 65. DANO LAWLER Fuck you, I know him I wanna talk to him! JEREMY BACHARACH You aren’t talking with nobody. LOUIS DEEZEN We try to help and every single time you keep bending us over whispering in ours hears “please let me put it in a bit, just the tip”. JEREMY BACHARACH Thanks for that Louis. But Dano we do are tired of being fucked. We don’t create the rules, we fix them as your debts keep breaking them every damn time. The doors OPEN. Dano, Jeremy and Louis turn to find Cain with broken security camera in his hands. CAIN CONSTANTIN Stupidity, the state, quality, or fact of being stupid. LOUIS DEEZEN Boss we... Cain throws the camera at their feet. CAIN CONSTANTIN And since the first casino opened in the seventeen century only by stupidity has someone cheated on a casino. To cheat on my casino though? My god it’s -- very stupid. JEREMY BACHARACH Cain now wait a minute here... CAIN CONSTANTIN Are you stupid? (beat) That was a question boys. Are you stupid? Do your brains do not function? What the fuck is wrong with you? I bet nothing, that’s what you tell yourselves. Nothing! I am curiously waiting for the explanation you must have ‘cause for lending the casino’s money to a gambling addict -- It must be a priceless one! (to Dano) How many times did I give you cash? (MORE) 64.
  66. 66. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT'D) Huh? Ungrateful fuck. Guys escort that guy outside. The Security Guards enter and Dano moves before they get to him. Cain closes the doors. LOUIS DEEZEN Maybe if we give him an harder push boss he’ll understand us. CAIN CONSTANTIN And why haven’t we give him that push Louis? JEREMY BACHARACH ‘Cause you say so Cain. CAIN CONSTANTIN What? Cain approaches Jeremy. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) Can you repeat that Jeremy? Haven’t I complained enough about how tired I am of that bitch Ralph has as a girlfriend? Do you want fuck with me as well? JEREMY BACHARACH No Cain I’m -- CAIN CONSTANTIN Pay attention, this is finished, this deal you have with him is done. I’m turning this into a non-problem. Cain walks around in the shades of the Vip Room. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) It isn’t one for that factory owner bastard knows he needs to pay -- and he will. I just can’t walk around town having that guy making ceramics while owing me at the same time. LOUIS DEEZEN But, with all due respect boss, isn’t that the scheme? It’s a huge interest rate. CAIN CONSTANTIN Let’s do it like this. (to Jeremy) Take him to my office and meet me in the alley please. (MORE) 65.
  67. 67. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT'D) (to Louis) You follow me! Cain leaves. Louis follows him passing by Jeremy, they both share a look like they’ve no idea what’s happening. INT. CAIN’S OFFICE - MOMENTS LATER Jeremy opens the door and lets Dano in. DANO LAWLER What now? JEREMY BACHARACH Don’t know just -- don’t leave. Jeremy closes the door and leaves. EXT. CASINO’S BACK ALLEY - NIGHT The rain hits the TRASH DUMPSTERS. As Jeremy steps outside a kneeling, bleeding Louis appears IN FRAME. JEREMY BACHARACH What -- ahh shit, Louis! CAIN CONSTANTIN (to Jeremy) Close that door. (beat) This is us processing Jeremy, talking this through. It just can’t be delayed, like the song the times they do are a-chagin’. JEREMY BACHARACH Let me get him up. LOUIS DEEZEN Stay there stupid! CAIN CONSTANTIN Almost twenty years in business ´fellas. And look now -- (to Louis) -- Come to be wise in the worst fucking moment Louis! Cain punches Louis in the face, he falls to the ground. 66.
  68. 68. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) (to Jeremy) I know you don’t need much to give an excuse, you’re clever, you do it with skill that -- god what an imbecile -- explain that. LOUIS DEEZEN Arghh Cain, we wanted it back. CAIN CONSTANTIN (to Louis) And you Louis, I don’t see you as an amateur, hell you’ve been in the business for longer than I do. Maybe that’s why -- huh -- that justification leads me to believe that you understand why we are -- the three of us -- in this so messed up situation. LOUIS DEEZEN Shit, I know boss. JEREMY BACHARACH We were trying to fucking help you. CAIN CONSTANTIN (to Jeremy) STOP THINKING! Cain kicks Louis in the stomach. JEREMY BACHARACH (nervous) He’s a powerful guy -- CAIN CONSTANTIN You innocent creatures. He’s a demented freak but you two... (to Jeremy) Get him up. Jeremy runs towards Louis and helps him. Louis’ left eye is swollen and his face all bloodied. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) If the guy owns me money the guy can’t gamble, can’t go shopping, can’t -- this is a funny one -- can’t make deals with fucking outsiders can he Louis? That’s why you watch him and will continue to, so I don’t have to put a bullet in his head. (to Jeremy) I’m also tired of you thinking like a lucky bastard! (MORE) 67.
  69. 69. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) If Ralph respects the boundaries you do it too, do not question my authority again! JEREMY BACHARACH We are not the same me and Ralph are we? CAIN CONSTANTIN Business is business cognac is cognac, don’t mix them Jeremy. LOUIS DEEZEN Don’t worry boss. CAIN CONSTANTIN Louis -- After all this time the last thing you want is loyalty issues. Be-have! Cain slaps Louis and leaves. Jeremy holds Louis. JEREMY BACHARACH Have you ever seen him like this? LOUIS DEEZEN Not to me I didn’t. Shit my nose is broke, shit! Aw Dano is fucked. JEREMY BACHARACH You think? LOUIS DEEZEN I so fucking deserved this. Gotta go clean myself help me out here. 68. INT. CASINO MAIN ROOM - NIGHT Cain walks to the office all soaked and with bloodied fists. INT. CAIN’S OFFICE - CONTINUOUS Cain walks in, Dano is seated. CAIN CONSTANTIN Don’t talk. Cain grabs a BOTTLE OF PILLS and a half-empty BOTTLE OF VODKA from under his desk. He takes the pills with the vodka. Dano isn’t scared, Cain looks at him, drinks a bit more and -- throws the bottle against the wall behind Dano.
  70. 70. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) When you leave this room our situation won’t be clear, it will be transparent. DANO LAWLER Cain -- CAIN CONSTANTIN Do you remember Alexander? (pause) Do you remember his status? His greatness? Who he was? DANO LAWLER I remember him... CAIN CONSTANTIN He was a heavy smoker. Cain points to the wall. In a PHOTOGRAPH, TWO TEENAGERS laugh. They are Ralph and a visibly older Cain. Besides it an OLD PORTRAIT shows a slim man in his late 50’s smoking a cigar in front of the casino entrance. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) He used to call cigars the “most devilish little bastards ever invented”. He was my only boss, he gave me my first job and I never let him down. DANO LAWLER Okay... Cain stands and walks next to the photographs. CAIN CONSTANTIN I like to compare myself to him. (beat) I remember the last job I did under his supervision. I was nervous as fuck ‘cause -- you see -- he made it look more important than any other job. It was just young twenty year old me with a shovel in a hand and my guts in the other. Louis was there too. Cain sits. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) You know who else I am comparing myself to? You Dano. I looked him in the eyes that night, he didn’t even look sick. (MORE) 69.
  71. 71. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) He was smoking the dump old ass, said to me that I was a “lucky bastard”. I didn’t think I was but too many cancer cells later here I am -- talking to you. Dano has someone else on his mind, his late father. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) I transformed the most illegal, filthy business in Stark County into something the city is visited for. Never I fucking owned anyone a cent! (angrier) You are a big hero aren’t you Dano? You addicted fat fuck. DANO LAWLER Don’t talk like that to me. CAIN CONSTANTIN Are you paying me? DANO LAWLER I am. CAIN CONSTANTIN Now? DANO LAWLER I will pay, you have my word. CAIN CONSTANTIN Alexander made me shoot a guy for less than ten grand. Ten fucking grand Dano! DANO LAWLER You know I’ll pay. CAIN CONSTANTIN No, no! I know my two best guys went behind my back trying to put you straight. Dano gets up and heads to the door. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) I’m not Joe Pesci but I’ll pay you in anger Dano. You lost once, you lost again, next time you lose it won’t be a game. Do not set your feet in here until you get what I want. Have a week. (beat) Stop to think for once, you don’t want to die over a gambling dept. 70.
  72. 72. Dano stares at Cain threateningly and leaves. Cain opens the LIQUOR CABINET. It’s empty. INT. DANO’S HOUSE - BEDROOM - MORNING Dano is in bed, preoccupied, hair all messy, very tired. Dano gets up slowly, Jess is by his side but doesn’t move. He goes to the bathroom, looks like Shrek walking. Turns on the shower, comes out, grabs a towel and takes his pajamas off. Dano walks back to the bathroom. Jess wakes up. JESS CUTEFIELD Is everything okay baby? No answer, a sleepy Jess gets her head back in the pillow. The water keeps running, running and running. Then out of nothing -- DANO LAWLER (O.S.) God -- damn -- cold water -- fuck! INT. JEREMY/LOUIS’ CAR - MORNING Louis’ on the driver’s seat. He has two band-aids one on the cheek and another on his eyebrow, a big “Chinatown” bandage on his nose and his lip’s injured. Louis and Jeremy observe Dano’s house. INT. DANO’S HOUSE - HALL - MORNING Dano grabs his suitcase and heads to the door, Jess goes behind him cleaning his not at all dirty jacket. JESS CUTEFIELD Don’t you want tea? I bought cookies yesterday -- want some? Jelly cookies. With tea. Do you want jelly cookies with tea baby? DANO LAWLER No, I need to go. JESS CUTEFIELD But I don’t want you to drive... DANO LAWLER I’m taking the bus. Dano leaves the house. 71.
  73. 73. JESS CUTEFIELD Don’t you forget the account papers! The account papers! Okay have a good day baby! Walk safely. EXT. DANO’S HOUSE STREET - MOMENTS LATER Dano walks in the street. INT. JEREMY/LOUIS’ CAR - CONTINUOUS Louis starts the car, Jeremy touches his arm. JEREMY BACHARACH Give him time. 72. EXT. BUS STOP - MOMENTS LATER Dano waits. As the bus arrives, the screen splits in 3. On the left, Louis starts the car. On the center, the bus occupies THE FRAME as Dano gets in. On the right, FREEZE FRAME OF RALPH WALKING ON DANO’S STREET. I/E. VARIOUS SCENES - DAY/NIGHT On the left, SERIES OF SHOTS - JEREMY AND LOUIS’ WEEK. A) Louis waits in the hotel corridor until Jeremy exits Rachel’s room. B) They watch Dano seated in the Coffee House #2. C) They drive behind the bus Dano is in. D) They watch a poker game in the casino’s Security Room. E) On the elevator Louis argues with a relaxed Jeremy. F) They watch Dano seated in the Coffee House #2, Jeremy picks up a call, gives the sign to Louis and they drive away. On the center, SERIES OF SHOTS - DANO’S WEEK. A) Printing documents, notices Jess talking with Mark outside the factory’s Main Office. B) Seated in the Coffee House #2 staring suspicious at some of the cars that pass by. C) He’s in the back seat of the bus, nervously irritated.
  74. 74. 73. D) Dano and Mark look at a sheet covering part of the office’s wall with the factory’s losses. Dano is surprised, Mark hides his annoyed expression in a cup of coffee. E) Walking fast paced looking back constantly Dano bumps into Ralph and keeps going. F) Dano watches television in the living room, reacts surprised when Jess appears. She seats on his lap. On the right, FREEZE FRAME OF RALPH WALKING ON DANO’S STREET. INT. HOTEL - RACHEL’S ROOM CORRIDOR - NIGHT Rachel exits her room, walks through the corridor and sees Louis as he exits the elevator. LOUIS DEEZEN Hi Rachel. RACHEL MILLS Louis. Jeremy appears from the right steeping a tea bag on a mug. JEREMY BACHARACH You looks better already. LOUIS DEEZEN What are you doing? JEREMY BACHARACH Tea. I’ve not been sleeping well. LOUIS DEEZEN I wonder why. Rachel looks offended. JEREMY BACHARACH Don’t be like that. LOUIS DEEZEN We have to get to work. JEREMY BACHARACH I’m going, I’m going. RACHEL MILLS Louis I’ve been wanting to ask you for... The elevator arrives. Rachel, Louis and Jeremy look as Cain, wearing a extravagant yellow suit, comes out of it. Jeremy checks his wrist watch.
  75. 75. JEREMY BACHARACH He’s early. CAIN CONSTANTIN What’s that? JEREMY BACHARACH It’s tea, I’m drinking tea. Cain’s alcoholic nature finds tea strange. CAIN CONSTANTIN That’s fucking British poison. (to Louis) And you, don’t you come in through the front anymore? LOUIS DEEZEN I arrived earlier boss. CAIN CONSTANTIN And did what? LOUIS DEEZEN My job. CAIN CONSTANTIN Good, is a good time as ever to start earning your salary. JEREMY BACHARACH Hey Cain, we’re all shiny happy people here. RACHEL MILLS Jesus you should be apologizing to him Cain, look at him. CAIN CONSTANTIN What did you say? LOUIS DEEZEN (to Rachel) He’s your boss, watch the language. RACHEL MILLS He smacked your face! Look at that, can you sue in this business? LOUIS DEEZEN I’m going to do my job alright? JEREMY BACHARACH Patience, let the tea cool. 74.
  76. 76. CAIN CONSTANTIN (to Jeremy) How come the only one who follows the rules is the one who got beaten for breaking them? LOUIS DEEZEN Let go of the tea! Jeremy hands the tea cup to Cain. JEREMY BACHARACH Have that, is healthier. Louis and Jeremy walk to the elevator. Cain looks at Jeremy and drinks some tea. Louis and Jeremy wait for the elevator. JEREMY BACHARACH (CONT’D) Everything will be fine by tomorrow morning Cain. I promise. LOUIS DEEZEN (whispers) Shut the fuck up. Cain grabs his pocket bottle and fills the tea cup with whiskey. RACHEL MILLS Are you following me Cain? CAIN CONSTANTIN (in the same tone) Do I have reasons to follow you Rachel? RACHEL MILLS My clients are waiting if you don’t mind I’m leaving. CAIN CONSTANTIN No you’re not. Take that off, dress something nice, Ralph’s coming here tonight. Louis and Jeremy enter the elevator. Rachel looks at Jeremy, Cain turns. Jeremy gives him a disapproving glance. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) (to Jeremy) What? I’m still a great friend! The elevator doors close. Rachel turns to her room. 75.
  77. 77. RACHEL MILLS That asshole is broke and it’s going to get me broke as well. CAIN CONSTANTIN Listen Rach’. Rachel turns back around to Cain. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) Low sugar, that’s why I drink. RACHEL MILLS Sure. CAIN CONSTANTIN It prevents me from collapse you know I hate collapsing. Ralph does too and he’s making a big afford to avoid doing the same mistakes. If you talk with him... RACHEL MILLS No. I’m exercising prostitution instead, is much fun. CAIN CONSTANTIN Stop being such a bitch. (beat) Not in that -- you know -- way. Give me a hand here whiskey doesn’t solve it all babe. RACHEL MILLS Have a caipirinha instead, lemon might cure the remorse. Rachel gets in her room. CAIN CONSTANTIN Jesus fucking Christ girl I’m the fucking nice guy here! INT. CASINO - DARK ROOM - NIGHT Louis turns the light on which reveals brick walls covered by wooden shelves with WOODEN BOXES, some marked as wine boxes. One of those boxes is open, inside of it hidden in straw are several .45 Automatics. Jeremy hand reaches for one. Jeremy cleans the gun. JEREMY BACHARACH Are we gonna need these tonight? Louis loads and cocks his gun. 76.
  78. 78. LOUIS DEEZEN We just might. Jeremy keeps the gun and closes the box. JEREMY BACHARACH Let’s roll then. INT. DANO’S HOUSE - HALL - NIGHT The doorbell rings. Dano comes from the living room and opens the door. Standing outside are Jeremy and Louis. LOUIS DEEZEN Hi, can we come in? INT. CASINO - BAR - NIGHT Another good night, loads of people and loads of noise. Claudia and Rachel still serve every client on the counter. Cain enters the bar and checks Claudia’s short dress. She catches him in the act. CLAUDIA The drinks are up there. COSTUMER #1, a city man, spots Cain. COSTUMER #1 What great night Constantin. CAIN CONSTANTIN We aim to please. COSTUMER #1 What table should I go tonight huh? Cain grabs a WHISKEY BOTTLE and opens it. CAIN CONSTANTIN You should go to every game, if you don’t win on a game of luck -- is bad luck. Claudia appears. CLAUDIA Which ones are you taking? CAIN CONSTANTIN I’m the boss I can take them. 77.
  79. 79. CLAUDIA (impatient) I need to refill the stock... Cain points at Rachel. CAIN CONSTANTIN Why doesn’t she refill the fucking stock? Is she special? CLAUDIA She’s not confortable with Ralph around. CAIN CONSTANTIN I didn’t see him. CLAUDIA I’m surprised you didn’t see two of him. CAIN CONSTANTIN I’m perfectly sober right now. CLAUDIA Okay. Cain gets closer to Claudia. CAIN CONSTANTIN Here tell me somethin’ have you noticed anything weird about Louis? CLAUDIA His face! CAIN CONSTANTIN No, not the -- not that -- has he been -- you know -- with Rachel? CLAUDIA (laughs) Eww he can’t afford her. CAIN CONSTANTIN Okay, okay. I’ll just wait here for Ralph then. Cain goes to the other side of the counter and sits. He observes his own flourishing business but that doesn’t improve his despair. INT. CASINO STREET - JEREMY/LOUIS’ CAR - NIGHT Jeremy and Louis prepare to get out. 78.
  80. 80. LOUIS DEEZEN Hey Jeremy. JEREMY BACHARACH Yeah? LOUIS DEEZEN You -- huh -- you can do the talking right? Jeremy smiles. JEREMY BACHARACH No problem. INT. CASINO - MAIN ROOM - MOMENTS LATER Jeremy and Louis walk towards the bar. INT. CASINO - BAR - CONTINUOUS Cain and Will finish the talk scene in a PREVIOUS SCENE. CAIN CONSTANTIN What if they take something from you? WILL EDGINGTON No one’s stupid enough to let a cocksucker take something from him. Jeremy and Louis walk towards them. Cain locks on Louis. CAIN CONSTANTIN You’re so fucking right boy. Cain gets up and joins Jeremy and Louis. JEREMY BACHARACH Everything good? CAIN CONSTANTIN (quietly) You know who that is? Jeremy and Louis look at Will. LOUIS DEEZEN I don’t. JEREMY BACHARACH He has a nice suit. CAIN CONSTANTIN That’s Will Edgington. 79.
  81. 81. LOUIS DEEZEN Is he? Probably visiting his mother’s family. JEREMY BACHARACH Paige? LOUIS DEEZEN Yeah man Paige’s boy all grown up. CAIN CONSTANTIN (to Louis) I told you to look for him. LOUIS DEEZEN For Will Edgington? No you didn’t boss I’m sure of it. CAIN CONSTANTIN I’m sure I fucking did you remember our friend? Our friend -- our I’m-feeling- like-fucking-Martin- Scorsese-so-I’ll-talk-like-a-retard-and- use-a-fucking-code-name-friend. LOUIS DEEZEN Oh... JEREMY BACHARACH Paige Edgington’s bequest surrounded by prostitutes. That’s ironic. CAIN CONSTANTIN Talk you sack of shit. LOUIS DEEZEN Claudia was supposed to warn me -- JEREMY BACHARACH (to Cain) What does an Edgington want from you? LOUIS DEEZEN Not him, Dano! CAIN CONSTANTIN And why the fuck not me? JEREMY BACHARACH It’s because of him we’re here. CAIN CONSTANTIN Because of me? 80.
  82. 82. JEREMY BACHARACH Because of Dano. Well, you too. What do you want us to do? CAIN CONSTANTIN What I want -- What? About Dano? What about Dano? JEREMY BACHARACH Jeez you’re plastered already. CAIN CONSTANTIN Where’s my cash? LOUIS DEEZEN There ain’t. CAIN CONSTANTIN What? LOUIS DEEZEN He ain’t paying boss, barely gave us a chance to ask for it. CAIN CONSTANTIN Holy shit so we need permission now huh? JEREMY BACHARACH We couldn’t just shoot him. CAIN CONSTANTIN Jesus, the ceramics guy. (sights) Okay I’ll be Madre Theresa here... JEREMY BACHARACH What does that mean? CAIN CONSTANTIN Choose life, choose ceramics, choose gambling it all away, choose to fuck up papa’s life work. Dano chose not to choose life, he chose something else -- JEREMY BACHARACH What are you -- CAIN CONSTANTIN The reasons? Of course there are reasons. He’s a stupid asshole that’s one. JEREMY BACHARACH Wait you’re not thinking about... 81.
  83. 83. CAIN CONSTANTIN We’ll do it once again, only this time. Only now. (to Louis) Alright you? LOUIS DEEZEN Alright boss. Louis walks to the bar. CAIN CONSTANTIN I’ve been watching movies to relax. JEREMY BACHARACH Yeah whatever. Jeremy follows Louis to the bar, Rachel serves them drinks. Behind him Will leaves the casino. Cain watches Louis and Jeremy as Rachel serves them drinks. He walks to his office. CAIN CONSTANTIN (to Claudia) I need my cabinet refilled. Lucy brings Cain a cellphone. LUCY It’s for you. CAIN CONSTANTIN I don’t care. LUCY It’s Ralph. Cain grabs the cellphone. Lucy leaves. CAIN CONSTANTIN Ralphie boy where are you? (beat) You have to be more specific. Cain goes to the bar -- INT. CASINO - BAR - CONTINUOUS -- He grabs a BOTTLE OF WINE and sits on the opposite side of Louis, Jeremy and Rachel. CAIN CONSTANTIN (into phone) Com’ere we’ll help each other Ralph, we’ll do an intervention. 82.
  84. 84. On the other side of the bar counter Jeremy and Louis finish their drinks. LOUIS DEEZEN In the old days with Alexander we did it all the time boy don’t worry. RACHEL MILLS Are you boys in trouble? JEREMY BACHARACH No. Cain is fucked though. RACHEL MILLS He’s been completely mental. Louis, Jeremy and Rachel look back at Cain. LOUIS DEEZEN Yeah well... RACHEL MILLS Poor Louis. JEREMY BACHARACH Let’s go before he decides to cuddle you again. LOUIS DEEZEN You’re joking -- (to Rachel) -- chicks dig scars right? Louis shows his nose injury. Rachel smiles. JEREMY BACHARACH C’mon. See ya gorgeous. EXT. CASINO STREET - MOMENTS LATER Jeremy and Louis enter the car and drive away. INT. CASINO - BAR - CONTINUOUS As Cain hangs up the call Rachel approaches him. RACHEL MILLS Are you done for the -- CAIN CONSTANTIN Shut the fuck up bitch! Shut the fuck up and get away from me! Cain moves away from the bar. 83.
  85. 85. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) Just get the fuck away! Cain runs away. Rachel is more surprised than offended. INT. JEREMY/LOUIS’ CAR - CONTINUOUS They’re stopped at a traffic light. Louis is on the driver seat, he’s smoking. Both men are tense. JEREMY BACHARACH Do you remember your last time? LOUIS DEEZEN Like yesterday. JEREMY BACHARACH I wasn’t with you was I? LOUIS DEEZEN You were in Portland with your uncle. JEREMY BACHARACH That’s right. It’s lovely there.+ LOUIS DEEZEN I bet. Uncomfortable silence. JEREMY BACHARACH At least we tried to help him. At least that. LOUIS DEEZEN That’s truth, look at me right? (laughs) JEREMY BACHARACH Just drive slow. LOUIS DEEZEN It ain’t gay is it? He’s not my fucking pal but driving slow ain’t gay. Or is it? JEREMY BACHARACH Nah, it’s compassionate. LOUIS DEEZEN I bet Cain wouldn’t have the guts. JEREMY BACHARACH Well Cain is the boss and you are here Louis. Figure that out. 84.
  86. 86. EXT. LOUISVILLE - STREET #1 - CONTINUOUS Evrything is calm and then -- A car SPEEDS by them loudly. INT. JEREMY/LOUIS’ CAR - CONTINUOUS LOUIS DEEZEN Uou look at that son of bitch with his ass on fire there. Jeremy laughs. The speeding car makes a turn at the end of the street. JEREMY BACHARACH He’s going to kill someone. LOUIS DEEZEN Look. EXT. LOUISVILLE - STREET #1 - CONTINUOUS The traffic light goes green and so they go forward. EXT. DANO’S HOUSE STREET - NIGHT The same car that passed by the guys before speeds up the street, jumps into the sidewalk and crashes into a LAMPPOST. INT. DANO’S HOUSE - HALL - NIGHT Door-bell rings. Dano leaves the bathroom. TRACK alongside Dano as he goes to the door, looks through the peek-hole and opens the door. CAIN CONSTANTIN (O.S.) Let me in damn it! Dano looks at Cain’s car crashed in his front yard. DANO LAWLER What are you doing here? CAIN CONSTANTIN Get in. Dano doesn’t react. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) Now! 85.
  87. 87. INT. DANO’S HOUSE - LIVING ROOM - MOMENTS LATER Dano stands next to a BASEBALL BAT on the wall. On the other end of the room Cain looks at him like a wolf to it’s prey. CAIN CONSTANTIN I heard you ain’t paying Dano. DANO LAWLER You’re pissed as an old drunk. CAIN CONSTANTIN (little more relaxed) Yes but by tomorrow I’ll be as good as new. You’re broke now and tomorrow you’ll still be broke. DANO LAWLER I knew it. Dano grabs the baseball bat and aggressively gets closer. DANO LAWLER (CONT’D) You’ve been following me. CAIN CONSTANTIN What? No, no, no, do I look like a stalker? Get that thing out of my face. Dano does. CAIN CONSTANTIN (CONT’D) It’s good you’ve got balls Dano, you’re going to need them. Now you need to get your brain working as well ‘cause this ain’t easy. DANO LAWLER Like I give a fuck. CAIN CONSTANTIN This crossroads we’re on, this situation of yours, I’m turning that page as we speak, from now on I don’t care if you are the Tramp or Donald Trump... DANO LAWLER Your guys have been following me around I know it. CAIN CONSTANTIN Pay attention you weird klutz. You had a visit tonight, what do you think for? What do you think my guys are doing right now? What? (MORE) 86.