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LANDLIFE project presentation

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  1. 1. LIFE+ 2010 INF/ES/540 LANDLIFEBoosting land stewardship as a conservation tool in the Western Mediterranean Arch: A communication and training scheme
  2. 2. LIFE+ 2010 INF/ES/540 LANDLIFE Loss of biodiversity throughout EuropeWhy? Some environmental organisations are seeking ways to express their concern, but generally expect others to solve the problem. Different groups do not participate more actively in biodiversity conservation because the classic mechanisms of protection have been designed and managed almost exclusively by the public bodies. Land stewardship appears as a choice of great interest to empower society and allow its active involvement in the conservation of biodiversity and nature management The project contributes to main key policy areas, priority objectives and actions of the EU Action Plan to 2010 and Beyond
  3. 3. LIFE+ 2010 INF/ES/540 LANDLIFEA challenging project To increase... ...knowledge of land stewardship... ...use of land stewardship... ...citizen involvement with land stewardship... upgrade nature conservation in Europe
  4. 4. LIFE+ 2010 INF/ES/540 LANDLIFE Geographical rangeThe Western Mediterranean Arch and beyond
  5. 5. LIFE+ 2010 INF/ES/540 LANDLIFE Ob1_ To publicise the theoretical basis of land stewardship as aObjectives strategy for nature conservation and to provide the tools and recommendations to implement it effectively. Ob2_ To facilitate knowledge and experience exchange among stakeholders involved in land stewardship. Ob3_ To advise land trusts, public and private landowners and governments in the development and implementation of land stewardship initiatives. Ob4_ To train public and private organisations regarding the conservation of biodiversity through the use of land stewardship. Ob5_ To communicate land stewardship to a wider audience through a message shared by all project partners. Ob6_ To involve the general public in land stewardship and biodiversity conservation.
  6. 6. LIFE+ 2010 INF/ES/540 LANDLIFE C ACTIONS: Communication actions / awareness raising campaigns Main C1. Publication of the European manual "Land stewardship of nature.actions C2. Organisation of regional land stewardship workshops C3. Organisation of a European land stewardship Congress C4. A European website portal for the communication of land stewardship and the LIFE project C5. Creation of multimedia materials for communication and participation in land stewardship C6. Organisation of the European Week of land stewardship D ACTIONS: Training activities D1. Creation of a help desk for the development and implementation of initiatives in land stewardship D2. Online course on land stewardship
  7. 7. LIFE+ 2010 INF/ES/540 LANDLIFE Timeline of the project Communication actions Training actions2011 European website portal European Week European manual on on land stewardship land stewardship Help desk Multimedia materials Regional workshops Online course European Congress2014
  8. 8. LIFE+ 2010 INF/ES/540 LANDLIFE Knowledge and communication of land stewardship:Expected Communication of land stewardship as a tool for biodiversity conservation in geographical and thematic areas where it is currently unknown. results 100% increase in awareness level of land stewardship concept among priority groups and 50% increase in the number of sponsors of land stewardship initiatives. Use of land stewardship as a tool for biodiversity conservation: Exchange of experiences and knowledge among all stakeholders. 25% increase of the total number of agreements established by land trusts and 20% increase of the total surface of area protected by them. Quality improvement of all stewardship projects (20% less rescinded agreements). Land stewardship training for the technical staff of at least 80 public and private organisations engaged with biodiversity conservation Citizen involvement towards land stewardship: 200% increase in media appearances of land stewardship initiatives in Europe 100% increase in awareness level of land stewardship among general public and 50% increase in citizen involvement with the activities developed in the project.