XCMO 2014 Opening Remarks


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XCMO 2014 starts with a challenge to attendees to move cross-channel marketing and optimization to the forefront of their strategic agenda.

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  • You know that bit in The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy first wakes up in a strange, Technicolor world, looks around, turns to Toto and delivers the classic understatement, “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more”?As marketers, you’ve probably had that similar post-Kansas feeling. You went to sleep one day in a black & white world of linear TV with straight forward digital channels (display and search) delivered to desk-top computers and woke up on some psychedelic, unfamiliar planet.
  • The tour starts with a look at this strange new landscape and what’s really changed. Then I’ll touch on some big-ass barriers that stand between you and glory. Finally, we’ll talk about what you can do about it. I’ll share six imperatives – the new weapons in your arsenal, waiting to be deployed. Let’s get started, hang on little dog, its about to get interesting.
  • According to a recent eMarketer survey, 64% or using last-click and 14% are not doing it – only 18% are taking a more sophisticated approach.
  • Through the CMO.com survey, we discovered that fewer than 20% of marketing respondents have full confidence in what should be fundamental abilities, including measuring overall campaign effectiveness, how to allocate budget with ROI in mind, and communicating performance up to c-level executives. In large part, it appears the lack of confidence results from a perception that there is simply too much data and too many channels out there, making it difficult to capture and measure all relevant data.
  • Change WHAT you measureChange HOW you measureIntegrate into the FABRIC of your organization – become buddies with the CFO
  • Be more comprehensive:ALL media (including Offline Media)ALL conversions (including Offline conversions from CRM)
  • Use the next day and a half to:Ask questionsShare your knowledgeMeet 10 people you don’t knowChallenge the status quo or question common wisdomBe social (literally and figuratively)Talk to our sponsors (they are really smart and have great insights as well)
  • XCMO 2014 Opening Remarks

    1. 1. XCMO 2014 Opening Remarks Paul Pellman CEO Adometry May 1, 2013
    2. 2. @ppellman #XCMO14
    3. 3. Gain Alignment on What Success Looks Like We’re not in Kansas anymore. @ppellman #XCMO14
    4. 4. @ppellman #XCMO14
    5. 5. What is keeping us from achieving glory. BIG @$$ CHALLENGES @ppellman #XCMO14
    6. 6. We Continue to Organize and Measure Performance in Silos @ppellman #XCMO14
    7. 7. Conversions Multi-Touch 73% Multi-Channel 45% Revenue Multi-Touch 75% Multi-Channel 34% Last-Touch is Missing Most of the Action @ppellman #XCMO14
    8. 8. 81%of marketers are less than confident in their metrics @ppellman #XCMO14
    9. 9. Creating a big gap… …understanding the true connection between marketing and results. results @ppellman #XCMO14
    10. 10. @ppellman #XCMO14
    11. 11. The things you need to do to win. THE 5 IMPERATIVES of Marketing Performance Management @ppellman #XCMO14
    12. 12. All Channels, All Data, In One Place @ppellman #XCMO14
    13. 13. Users, Not Devices @ppellman #XCMO14
    14. 14. Change the Rules of the Game @ppellman #XCMO14
    15. 15. Leverage New Ways of Buying Media @ppellman #XCMO14
    16. 16. Think Beyond Digital @ppellman #XCMO14
    17. 17. IN CLOSING… You are the One Empowered to Move Your Business Forward @ppellman #XCMO14
    18. 18. Paul Pellman paul.pellman@adometry.com