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Evaluation - Q4


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Evaluation - Q4

Published in: Education
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Evaluation - Q4

  1. 1. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation? Evaluation – Q4
  2. 2. Issue  I used issue for presenting long word documents. I used it to publish part of my research (How do adverts emotionally manipulate us into buying products?) and to publish part of my evaluation, question 2.  Issue is good because it is simple, one must only upload a word document, and it looks nice because it presents a simple word document as a booklet. However Issue sometimes moved the position of the text and images compare to the original word document, which is a bit annoying.  However, overall I enjoyed using Issue in publishing my research and evaluation because it is easy to use and looks good.
  3. 3. Prezi  Similarly to Issue, Prezi helped me present my research and part of my evaluation. I really like Prezi because it helps to make the presentation look unique and interesting. I enjoyed that I could chose from samples or create my personally designed presentation. Another reason why I like Prezi because I could support the content of my research with links from Youtube and pictures. Therefore the presentation was more visual and engaging. Furthermore it is simple to use.  I used Prezi to publish my research on the codes and conventions on advertising, the history of advertising and question 1 of my evaluation.
  4. 4. Powtoon  I used Powtoon only once. The reason for this is because even though it is a nice mixture of Power Point and Prezi but it is a bit difficult to use. For instance it took me ages to figure it out how to change the time how the next text comes up on the screen. However a positive aspect of Powtoon is that it one can either present it like a presentation on Slideshare or upload it to Youtube and present it as a video presentation. In addition unlike Prezi and Power Point one can also play music along Powtoon presentations.  I used Powtoon to present the different types of advertising. Overall Powtoon was helpful in creating a creative presentation. However because it is so difficult and time- consuming to use it, I did not use it another time.
  5. 5. Slideshare  Slideshare is the same as Issue, just for publishing Power Point presentations. I like it because it is easy to use; one only has to upload a Power Point presentation to the website.  I used Slideshare to publish the codes and conventions of web pop-up advertising. Originally I used to publish the persuasive language and advertising techniques; however, later I decided to film the presentation and put the Power Point on the green screen while I am verbally explaining the presentation.
  6. 6. Youtube  Youtube helped in my research and in publishing my research and product as well.  Youtube was a great online source for finding adverts, music and tutorial online. For instance I found all the adverts on Youtube that I used for my survey or that inspired me, such as ‘Nike Free’ or Stron.Light.Flyknit.  Furthermore I used Youtube to publish presentations, such persuasive language and advertising techniques, or keep my audience up to date with a Vlog.  In addition Youtube enabled my to publish my product online, such as the radio and TV adverts.  I like Youtube because it has a huge amount of videos available on any kind of subject and one can easily share its own videos on the website.
  7. 7. Dropbox  I only used Dropbox to publish my web pop-up online. However I found it useless because it did not enable the actual website to pop up and later I also found out that one can only see the web pop-up if he or she is logged into my account. Therefore I do not like Dropbox at all and not recommend it to anyone who wants to publish its web pop-up online.
  8. 8. Weebly  I used Weebly only for the sake of my web pop-up. (This is my brand’s ‘official’ website that was supposed to pop-up after one opened my web- op-up link.) Despite the fact it was a bit confusing to use at the beginning, I enjoyed using Weebly because once I understood how the site work it was extremely easy to create my website.  In addition the I could create a similar copy to Nike’s and Adidas’ website. Therefore Weebly helped me to create a professionally looking website.
  9. 9. Scribd  Scribd is very similar to Issue because one can publish word documents on the website.  I used Scribd to upload all the ‘important’, long and boring documents that had no pictures like call sheets, surveys, shot lists and time lines.  Therefore Scribd was useful in publishing ‘official’ looking documents because it looks clear one can search for a particular word; therefore, it helps the audience to find specific topics in my long documents.  I like Scribd because it is easy to use and it looks clear and simple.
  10. 10. SurveyMonkey  SurveyMonkey helped me to create an online questionnaire. It is good because it is easy to use and it looks clear and simple, easy to use and follow.  However the fact it only mentioned the fact that I have to pay if I want to send it to people is sneaky. Therefore SurveyMoney was in a way a waste of time because I could have simply use Word.  However, at least it made the survey look more profession than Word.
  11. 11. Adobe Photoshop CC  This photoshop program enabled me to put my own logo onto the trainers I used in my advert.  Due to its professionalism it enabled me to do trick my audience in thinking that those trainers on the picture were Grip trainers. It also helped to in creating my own logo.  On the other hand the photoshop program is very complicated and difficult to use; therefore I had to ask for help quite frequently and it was time consuming.  However, despite it complicatedness Adobe Photoshop CC was a great help in making my products look professional.
  12. 12. Logaster  was helpful in giving a starting idea and inspiration for my logo because it presented many different style of logos, with different colour, font and symbol.  It was simple to use; I only had to type in the name of the Business and what kind of business it was. (i.e. sport, fashion or finance).  However I had to pay for the final piece. Therefore I simply took a screenshot of the idea I liked the most on this website and with the help of photoshop I created my own logo.
  13. 13. Facebook  I simply used Facebook to advertise my brand on social media. Therefore it helped my in constructing my overall advertising campaign because it enabled me advertise my brand with millions of people.  I enjoyed using Facebook because it is simple.
  14. 14. Final Cut Pro  Final cut pro played the main part in constructing my TV and radio adverts.  It helped me store all my videos and edit them together. It enabled me to use special effects, fast and slow motions, reverse, cut shots down or put text onto my video.  I liked using Final Cut Pro because it is easy to handle and one can edit a video in many different and creative ways.
  15. 15. Youtube Clip Converter  I used Youtube clip converter ( to convert Youtube videos that I wanted to use in my presentation as an example.  It was helpful in constructing my research.
  16. 16. Wikipedia & Google  These information searching and providing websites were particularly useful when I was seeking information for instance about codes and conventions of TV, radio or web- pop-ups.