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English 1 - Assignment 1 - "Bubblika" The Future City.


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English 1 - Assignment 1 - "Bubblika" The Future City.

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English 1 - Assignment 1 - "Bubblika" The Future City.

  1. 1. BUBBLIKA The city of hope BUBBLIKA
  3. 3. Nano Composite Wall Prefabricated wall system Made in computer controlled environment
  4. 4. Eco materials • Cladding: Recycled EPS, Fiber Cement • Flooring: Bamboo, cork • Roofing: Recycled rubber or tile
  5. 5. Renewable Energy Systems
  6. 6. Tidal Energy renewable energy, clean and green living Renewable energy sources A form of hydropower that converts the energy of tides into useful form of powers, electricity.
  7. 7. Wave Energy the capture of that energy to do useful work, electricity. the transport of energy by ocean surface waves
  8. 8. Transport
  9. 9. • Connected to every skyscraper, shopping mall, office building and residential area. • Sky bridge cover every corner city • Schedule, every 10 minutes route, to over come the high demand.• Fastest speed at 300km/h • High capacity, design of aeroplane seat. • can fit in 300 people. Sky Bridge
  10. 10. Solar Power Bicycle Station Cycle Track Bus track
  11. 11. Disaster Relief
  12. 12. Submarine Disaster Shelter - Its roof should always remain on top, leaving a set of solar panels pointed directly towards - the skycomplete with chairs, a private toilet, food rations, water, a navigation system and the ability to be linked up with others Robot Rescue Team -Super strength -Fire Extinguisher -Can withstand high temperature -Waterproof Future Robot, created to rescue and respond disasters, floods, earthquakes, hazardous materials spill, transportation accidents, and explosions.
  13. 13. Tourism And Hospitality
  14. 14. • Transparent slides located all around the city • People can view the city in a different
  15. 15. Underwater Musuem • Located beside the city • Consist more than 400 life-size sculptures • Cultural view of how the people have evolved throughout the years in “The Silent Evolution”
  16. 16. • This hotel is built to look like a pair of discs • One is under water, while the other is above the water • Above water disc: lobby & exotic garden • Underwater disc: Guest Room • High-speed internet access
  17. 17. Water And Waste Management
  18. 18. Sewage will be filtered and release back to sea Shit and waste will be burned and use as energy resources (biomass)
  19. 19. Future Security
  20. 20. Criminal faces will appear on the screen of dorm CCTV control room, inspect every corner of the city
  21. 21. Face recognition for every district on fix period Death row: throw out to the sea
  22. 22. Conclusion This town will be open when 2050. This city definitely is what you are looking for, don’t wait anymore, come contact us to join this city.