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Introducing Timeshare


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Since 2000, Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific has made holiday dreams come true for over 47,000 Owner families. Experience the freedom of our holiday club and see how timeshare turns dreams into unforgettable memories. Explore wide beaches, visit breath-taking destinations, enjoy the adventure of something new – discover all that our holiday club offers with our Club Experience package.
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Introducing Timeshare

  2. 2. WHAT IS TIMESHARE? Also known as ‘Vacation Ownership’, these days timeshare is a modern and flexible way to have more holidays.
  3. 3. A timeshare is a property with a particular form of Ownership or use rights. WHAT IS TIMESHARE?
  4. 4. These properties are typically resort apartments, in which multiple parties hold rights to use the property. WHAT IS TIMESHARE?
  5. 5. WHAT IS TIMESHARE? Major international hotel chains such as Wyndham Worldwide, Hilton, Accor and Marriott have introduced their own Timeshare Programs which are based on credit systems.
  6. 6. WHAT IS TIMESHARE? Credit systems offer credits to purchasers which are a share in a Timeshare Club and are sold with a right to use the Club's services for a certain number of years
  7. 7. WHAT IS TIMESHARE? The number of Credits a purchaser buys in a Timeshare Club represents the level of entitlement that purchaser has in the their Timeshare Club.
  8. 8. WHAT IS TIMESHARE? Owners can then use these credits to make travel arrangements within the Timeshare Club.
  9. 9. WHAT IS TIMESHARE? Simply put, Timeshare is a smarter way to holiday more often.
  10. 10. THE HISTORY OF TIMESHARE 1960 Timeshare first created in France 1970 Timeshare started in Florida, USA 2000 Timeshare expands to the South Pacific 1990’s Reputation rebuilt by reputable brands Misconception about timeshare 1980 1989 Wyndham Vacation Ownership founded 2015 Wyndham Timeshare 50,000 Owners with 26 Resorts
  11. 11. WORLDMARK SOUTH PACIFIC CLUB BY WYNDHAM is a part of Wyndham Vacation Ownership, included in the Wyndham Worldwide family of companies. INTRODUCING THE CLUB
  12. 12. When you join WORLDMARK SOUTH PACIFIC CLUB, you become a Club Owner. WORLDMARK SOUTH PACIFIC CLUB
  13. 13. Ownership has a lifespan of 80 years from 2000. WORLDMARK SOUTH PACIFIC CLUB
  14. 14. Tomorrow’s holidays are paid for today. WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN THE CLUB
  15. 15. WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN THE CLUB Flexibility to holiday every year.
  16. 16. WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN THE CLUB 26 resorts across Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji.
  17. 17. WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN THE CLUB Freedom to choose where, when, how often and how long you want to holiday.
  18. 18. WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN THE CLUB Quality time with family and friends.
  19. 19. WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN THE CLUB Build memories that last for a lifetime.
  20. 20. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Timeshare is not a financial investment… instead, you should think of it as a holiday lifestyle solution.
  21. 21. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Owners pay an annual levy fee (similar to a body corporate fee) that’s used to keep the Club’s resorts and apartments in excellent condition.
  22. 22. • Tomorrow’s holidays are paid for today • Flexibility to holiday every year for a lifetime • Freedom to choose where, when, how often and how long you want to holiday • More than 4,000 resorts to choose from through our exchange partners, Privileges by Wyndham • Quality time with family and friends • Build memories that last for a lifetime Visit today to start creating a lifetime of memories today. BECOME AN OWNER AND ENJOY… Please consider the Product Disclosure Statement located at when deciding whether to acquire this product.