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Dating Backround Checks


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Have you met someone via the Internet or from out of town? Don't be a victim. Dating background check investigations can keep you safe, and help you avoid fraud and scams.

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Dating Backround Checks

  1. 1. Dating Background Checks Copyright © Wymoo International, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Dating Background Checks Wymoo® International offers discreet dating background check investigations in over 100 countries. Don't be a victim of fraud or scam. INVESTIGATORS IN: ASIA • EUROPE • MIDDLE EAST • OCEANIA • CARIBBEAN • AMERICAS • AFRICA
  3. 3. Have you met someone online? Internet criminals actively target online dating sites and social media. How do you know the person is who he or she claims to be? ALL INVESTIGATION SERVICES ARE ALWAYS DISCREET AND STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.
  4. 4. Be safe and verify Think you've met someone special? Our highly trained investigators get you the evidence you need to make an informed decision. AVOID SCAMS IN GHANA, NIGERIA, RUSSIA, ROMANIA, MALAYSIA, PHILIPPINES AND MORE.
  5. 5. Protect yourself from criminals Wymoo® professional background checks verify your partner's identity and background, screen for fraud, and uncover any criminal past. FACT: CHECKING CRIMINALS RECORDS ALONE IS NOT A BACKGROUND CHECK INVESTIGATION.
  6. 6. Protect your privacy and identity Romance scams, online dating fraud, identity theft and blackmail are on the rise. Don't wait until it's too late or think it couldn't happen to you. TIP: PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS SAY THE LESS YOU SHARE ONLINE, THE SAFER YOU ARE.
  7. 7. Identify red flags Having accurate information can save you from losing time and money, and keep you safe from serious crime. Get a background check! INVESTIGATORS UNCOVER RED FLAGS AND EVIDENCE TO MINIMZE YOUR FRAUD RISK.
  8. 8. To learn more, visit for a free quote! Copyright © Wymoo International, LLC. All Rights Reserved.