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Wrist 2sheet sep09-3 (1)

  1. 1. Wrist Press Release September 2009 Barcoded and RFID chipped Wristbands can innovate a sponsors reach to punters at an event and can eradicate touting and counterfeiting of tickets. Every live event organiser has different priorities and Wrist has developed RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) concerns when creating a live experience that is and bar-coded wristbands to help organisers achieve aiming to be successful. The key for them is to make these goals and more with a clear aim to enhance the live the experience as memorable and exciting as possible, experience. All of Wrist’s products can be configured to keeping practices within all legal guidelines and making accommodate a range of varying requirements to help the sure all ticket sales are maximised and protected. organisers make their event profitable and engaging. The key is in the range of benefits and improvements that far exceed what is currently provide by existing wristbands or tickets: 1. With print and encoding on demand RFID and bar-coded wristbands can be dispatched in the same way as a ticket so there are no extra handling or processing costs. 2. With variable data each wristband can be issued with a unique number. This enables wristband holders, on receipt of their wristband, Barcode to access a sponsor or organiser’s site, to register on-line and join incentive schemes or RFID chip can be mailing lists. This type of activity engages the placed anywhere on fans, provides a personalised approach and can wristband be run throughout and sustained after the event. 3. Due to the personalised information displayed on the wristband, touts are virtually excluded from acquiring blocks of wristbands. If an individual is buying on behalf of family or friends the wristbands can still display information that is only relevant to the legitimate wristband holder.
  2. 2. 4. Counterfeiting and fraud can be eliminated – Wrist have developed various packages that range from the each RFID and bar-coded wristband is attributed full production of thousands of wristbands with full colour artwork, barcode and encrypted RFID chips and bar-coded and personalised to an individual. Pass-backs wristbands to providing inexpensive desk-top thermal printers and copies are picked up when scanned on that print personalised information onto the wristband at the entry and within the event if necessary. same time as writing personalised data to the RFID chip live at an event. The wristbands are pre-printed with full colour 5. Secondary ticketing can be effectively festival logos and branding and all solutions allow for printers controlled and managed with batches of and ticket/wristband stock to be set up at central distribu- wristbands specifically allocated to secondary tion centres, at remote ticket offices and at the event itself ticket agents with cross check scanning possible for sales on the day. Wrist can also supply scanners and all on entry. necessary networks, database and reporting applications for either green-field sites or within existing arenas, stadiums and auditoriums. 6. Real-time reporting can give organisers, police and emergency services up-to-the-minute With over 800,000 people gate crashing sports and music information on crowd sizes and movement. events in the last five years it is important to have a robust but This can help organisers refine their services competitively priced access control system in place. Public and entice sponsors with data from attendee’s safety, commercial necessity, planning criteria, insurance, habits. regulation and a raft of compliances demand that more con- trol and accountability is exerted. The key component that is 7. The wristbands are posted to attendees expected to take the weight of all this is a solution that can be used to ensure each person is a legitimate ticket holder. and are scanned very quickly at the event eradicating wristband exchanges and making Wrist is able to bring a range of benefits to live events and savings on staff and infrastructure, barriers and attractions to enhance enjoyment, safety and accountability for inconvenience caused to the fans. the customer and organisers. 8. Access to various areas or different days can be easily controlled as the RFID tag or barcode Please contact us to get a free quote. can hold sufficient permissions to allow an attendee to enter an area or certain day when they are scanned. 9. RFID technology can be integrated with traders to create cashless scenarios where the Our phone number attendee can use their wristband to pay for 0845 654 245 refreshments and goods. Our address 10. Overall, the attendees experience a better Wrist Marketing event in terms of access and safety with benefits Barn 3 associated with personalised wristbands and Calcot enables cashless and sponsorship opportunities Cheltenham that engage with them. GL54 3JZ Our email info@wristmarketing.com