WrightIMC Integrated Marketing Communications Capabilities


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WrightIMC Integrated Marketing Communications Capabilities

  1. 1. WrightIMC- an integrated marketing communications agency located in Plano, Texas | wrightimc.com | 866.509.4717
  2. 2. In the digital universe, websites are orbited by Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks; blogs; YouTube and other video sites; mobile smart phones and tablets; social game apps; as well as traditional media such as TV, radio, and newspapers. We base our marketing approach on the principle that a website is the sun – the central point for business – of a complex media solar system revolving around it. The WrightIMC Integrated Marketing Communications process creates the gravity needed to “pull” customers into your website. We know where your prospective clients spend time online, how to drive them to your website, and how to get them to take an action on your website that turns them into a profitable customer for you. We do that in part by helping our clients “listen” to what prospective customers are searching for online as well what they are talking about in social media. This data provides the creative inspiration for every word we write, every photographic or graphical image we create, and every video we produce. WIMC uses a proprietary process that gives our clients a competitive advantage, increases sales and profits, saves money, generates leads, drives traffic and conversions, and promotes their brands. THE INTERNET IS NOT A FIELD OF DREAMS Building an audience for a market online and then converting those audience members into customers requires a long-term commitment as well as multi-disciplinary expertise. • If your prospective customers can’t readily find you when they’re searching for the products or services in your market, then you don’t exist. • If your prospective and existing customers find negative reviews or comments in social media, your brand suffers. Today’s world is not about a one way broadcast of your message to an unknown and unqualifiable black hole of potential customers. In fact, you don’t exclusively control the message anymore – often times, it can be controlled by the consumer if your brand doesn’t have a strong online presence. It’s about true connectedness, engagement, interaction, and conversion. We can do that and we can prove it. When it comes to reaching your target market or audience, the sum of your marketing and communications methods is greater than its parts. There is a proliferation of single discipline agencies today. Very few have real experience across various communication disciplines. We do. And we know how to make a very true change in the ability of your company to engage its customers. That means revenue. Period.WrightIMC- an integrated marketing communications agency located in Plano, Texas | wrightimc.com | 866.509.4717
  3. 3. WIMC brings more than 45 years FROM GUTENBERG TO ZUCKERBERGof online experience to the table: The old media – newspapers, magazines, and television – used to be • Tony Wright- sought-after gatekeepers of influence and information. Now, anyone can become national speaker & search an online media outlet, influencing opinions and events in the offline engine & social media world. The Internet empowers people to connect, to create, to stay in expert; touch, compare and choose. Consumers now have the power to take • Minh Nguyen- expertise that control of the message. builds rock-solid, true white- hat search engine results; PARADIGM SHIFT IN MARKETING, ADVERTISING, • Tim Wagner- 10 years & PUBLIC RELATIONS experience managing Online searchers are users of information – not passive viewers or FORTUNE 500 public relations; listeners – they can turn off sales pitches and promotional messages. • Sarah Boswell- world We practice non-interruption marketing–the art of communicating with champion connector of customers without selling to them. dots, with over 10 years in interactive marketing/ IT STARTS WITH SEARCH advertising, & a social media Researching, evaluating and shopping for products and services evangelist; starts online. Today, Americans conduct more than 18 billion monthly • Dan Sturdivant- a lead searches for information on search engines. WrightIMC’s DNA is generation and content based in search from the early days of Alta Vista to Google and now marketing expert; • Robert Riggs- Peabody Facebook and Google+ – the heart of your digital universe is search. Award winning TV reporter & executive producer, with PULL CUSTOMERS INTO YOUR WEBSITE 32-years experience in digital Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can make your website pages and traditional media; appear near the top of the search page when people type in words or phrases relevant to your business. Our leadership team has experience you can trust. High quality SEO gives our client companies a decided advantage in the competitive online business environment. In addition to gaining SOME OF OUR CLIENTS effective online search engine results we have mastered the targeting precision of Pay Per Click (PPC) ads to recruit additional online customers. PERSUADE WEB VISITORS TO TAKE PROFITABLE ACTIONS When a visitor lands on your web page, the art and science of conversion can turn them into a customer or client. We design websites with an understanding of the visitor’s persona, how their eyes interact with a page, and the multi-media information that engages them. Creating a web site that produces high conversion rates translates into purchases, whitepaper downloads, or lead generation signups. WrightIMC- an integrated marketing communications agency located in Plano, Texas | wrightimc.com | 866.509.4717
  4. 4. DEEPEN THE RELATIONSHIP, BUILD LOYALTY TO KEEP THEM COMING BACK Build trust, credibility, and authority online by publishing free up-to- date information that is relevant, valuable, and helps solve a problem for a customer. We use this approach to establish a company as an authoritative source of information that helps the customer make smart decisions. In turn, the customer rewards the company with their business andResults Give Knowledge. loyalty.Understanding this is the firstcritical step in achieving your OUR ONLINE VIDEOS TURN WEB TRAFFIConline marketing goals. The INTO CUSTOMERSmembers of our production Online video engages customers in a way no other medium can. Westaff are required to have create an experience for the online customer that is similar to that ofGoogle Analytics certification, the most helpful sales person in a real store.which allows us to makerecommendations based on fact Our sister company frontpageTVTM produces “actionable” online videosand not as a best-guess. about products or services, executive profiles, and client testimonials. We apply SEO techniques and distribute these videos to a host ofMarket Research channels to achieve wide visibility across the Internet.We compile and analyze search We deliver high-grade production values directed by a team ofengine data to help identify new creative, award winning television professionals. Blogs, discussionmarkets for existing products forums, review sites, and social media networks enable massor identify a market for product participation and collaboration at the speed-of-light.prototypes. ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT What happens when a customer “googles” information about your company’s products or services? Customers commonly share their negative opinions on popular review sites such as Yelp or comment on Facebook and Twitter. Our reputation management techniques help shape positive perceptions about a companies, executives, employees, services,Social Media Influence products, events, or brands.People share information aboutbrands or service, positive or TRADITIONAL CRISIS MEDIA RELATIONSnegative, with a broad online News reports in the old media occupy high rankings on search enginescommunity. and become the hot topic of discussion in social media.These online voices wield Our team includes veteran reporters and seasoned public affairsenormous influence in shaping officers that understand how to work with the press. We craft mediathe opinions as well as in relations strategies, write press releases, act as spokespeople, andmobilizing the wrath or support conduct media interview training.of others. We help companiesbecome part of the conversationand massage the message. WrightIMC- an integrated marketing communications agency located in Plano, Texas | wrightimc.com | 866.509.4717
  5. 5. ONLINE MONITORING – LISTEN OR PERISH All of these people may be talking about your company online: prospective and current customers or clients; current or ex- employees and their families; critics, both real and paid; competitors; government regulators; and the press. Do you know what they are saying that may be harmful to your personal name or company brand?ON ANY SCREEN – ANY Negative information spreads in a split-second on social mediaWHERE – ANYTIME networks. Worse yet, it can turn into a full-blown news story.The consumer wants Our Online Monitoring Program provides an early warning systeminstantaneous access to to alert companies about comments that can negatively impact theirinformation. reputation. We also advise you on how to respond.People regard the mobile phoneas an indispensable attachment RECRUIT ONLINE INFLUENCERS FOR YOURto their body. They won’t leave BRANDhome without it. Bloggers, websites, ezines, podcasters, publishers of electronicWe develop smart phone newsletters, and social media commentators collectively influenceapplications and mobile the opinions of large numbers of followers.marketing campaigns that reach We identify online influencers and use an outreach program to recruitout to your consumers when they them to become champions of your brand, product, or service.are on the go. INTERNET COMPLIANCE AUDITS ANDSYNCING OLD MEDIA RISK MANAGEMENTWITH NEW MEDIA Companies subject to government regulations in the financial andTelevision commercials healthcare arenas face a host of issues concerning Internet activities.combined with an Internetstrategy provide a powerful We conduct Internet Compliance Audits to ensure that a company ismeans for selling products or not violating regulations or online terms of service agreements thatservices as well as generating could prompt litigation or government sanctions.leads online. We also formulate Internal Social Media policies that prescribe theWe create and produce TV spots rules of conduct for company employees and representatives.that resonate with online media. Contact us today... Tony Wright v: 972.215.7167 e: tony.wright@wrightimc.com LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ tonynwright WrightIMC- an integrated marketing communications agency located in Plano, Texas | wrightimc.com | 866.509.4717