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A colourful outline on aspects of Philippine culture. Please excuse any mistakes, I didn't care much about accuracy in my work back then. Made for Year 7 English Class
(February 2009).

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  1. 1. By Raquel SmithThePhilippines!
  2. 2. Filipino PeopleTheFilipinoisacarefreeperson-alwayslovesalaugh,especiallylikethosewholiveinthePhilippinecountry.AllFilipinosaredifferent–especiallyhowtheylook!
  3. 3. Popular Filo-SnacksLomi- Fresh egg noodles. Vegetables areadded to make it taste much better.Ube- Purple Yam. Can be used as ice-creamand jelly.Puto- A Filipino steamed rice cake madeout of dough.Rice and Fish- These are the 2 most ‘main’foods for a Filipino.Halo Halo- Yummy! A tall glass ofingredients stacked up on one another.Suman- Glutinous rice wrapped in bananaleaves.There are even more Filipino food todiscover, too!
  4. 4. Filo- Drinks!Coconut Juice- Made from thejuice of a fresh coconut.Iced Tea- Very popular ofall Filipinos.Coke- Very popular for Filipinosand in the Philippine country.Fanta- Also very popular,just like Coke.
  5. 5. Pinoy Customs___As most Filipinos are Christians, mostoccasions celebrated in the Pinoy cultureare religious, just like Easter, Christmas,and Holy Innocents Day.There are also special fiestas, such asAti-Atihan, Moriones and Dinayangfestivals.
  6. 6. Language!Most Filipinos speak Tagalog. But there’s also English,as well.In the Philippines, English can be spoken by manyFilipinos.In Tagalog, ‘Hello!’ can be simply, “Hello!”‘Good-bye’ is “Paalam”.‘Oo’ is “Yes” and ‘Hindi’ is “No”.‘Thank you’ is “Salamat”Your name in Tagalog, is the same, but may bepronounced differently.
  7. 7. Filipino ClothingBarong- An embroidered garment, which islightweight and worn untucked.Bakya- Wooden shoes that can be decoratedwith fancy gems.Tapis- A rectangular piece of fancy cloththat can be wrapped into a skirt.Abaniko- A fancy hand-held fan, which used to``be popular in the olden days.In special fiesta days, fancyCostumes are worn, too!
  8. 8. The Filipino ArTsSportBasketball, Baseball and Sipa are very popular sports that Filipinos play. But there’s alsoBoxing, Martial Arts and other interesting sports.MusicThere are lots of great Filipino singers that can sing –pretty much- a high note. Butguitars are usually played by Filipinos, as well. There’s OPM (Original Pinoy Music), andmost Filipino songs that are romantic or rock-style.DanceFilipinos do lots of interesting dances, such as Ballet and Tininkling, a popular Pinoydance when a person has to jump over in a ‘dancing’ motion over 2 very thick bamboosticks. But be careful- if your foot get’s ‘clipped’ in the middle of those bamboo sticks, it’llgive you pain!Visual ArtsThere have been very famous Filipino artists which have made paintings, sculptures andmuch more ‘works of art’.
  9. 9. What religion would a Filipinobe?Most Filipinos are Roman Catholic, butothers can be Islamic, Buddhist,Protestant, Anglican or Animist.Filipinos are very religious- on jeepneyslike the one on the right, you’ll seedecorations thatmight say things that praise God.
  10. 10. Information-WikipediaGoogle.comTagalog At Niu.comA Filipino book I have at home.Other information just came out of my head.Images & GraphicsGoogle ImagesMicrosoft PowerPoint Clip ArtZwani.comImage & Info Locations