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Wp Squeeze Page Theme
Wordpress Squeeze Page theme
High Converting Templates
The Best Wordpress Squeeze Page Theme
wordpress squeeze page
wordpress theme for squeeze pages
wordpress squeeze page plugin
wordpress squeeze page template
squeeze page plugin for wordpress
wordpress squeeze theme
best wordpress squeeze page plugin
Video Squeeze Page Template
Video Squeeze Page
Wordpress Theme
wordpress video squeee page theme

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Wp Squeeze Page Theme - Wordpress Squeeze Page Theme

  1. 1. Wp Squeeze Page ThemeThis Wordpress Squeeze PageTheme Will Allow You ToQuickly CreateHigh Converting Squeeze PagesCLICK HERE
  2. 2. Using This Wordpress Theme YouCan Easily Create Awsome VideoSqueeze PagesCheck Out This Templates
  3. 3. This Theme was created by Mark Dulisse.Mark Dulisse has been dealing with establishing the bestwordpress theme for Internet Marketing. This themewill contend against the significant players forwordpress salespage themes.This theme has actually taken over 1 year in withFULL-TIME coding, and often having 3 coders workingon it.You can use this theme for your own Online marketingpages and Membership websites.Check out the pages, and the reviews of beta users onthis thread (Click Here) . This is a MUST HAVE. andfor a very restricted time,It has first class coding, developed by some of the finestand best php and javascript coders available today. Ithas integration with the best plugins, The Traffic Playerand WP Optin Pro ... built right into the theme.This is a premium worldclass, AAA+ WP Theme.CLICK HERE
  4. 4. Wordpress Squeeze Page ThemeAbout...This Is What The Gurus use For Squeee pages, SalePages, and Sales Funnels ...You Can Play A Video On AAwsome Background.You Can Have A Optin or Add to Cart Button BelowThe Video ... and Delayed. All With The Click 1 Button.Below The Video Skin and Button/Optin, There Is AContent Box. This Is Optional, And This Too Can BeDelayed.For each Video Sales page, There Is A Matching ContentPage. Why? In Case You Wished to Put A One TimeOffer Or Exit Page. You Desired The Exact sameDesign!The Video Player behind the scenes is "The trafficPlayer." It has the ability to play Self Hosted videos onyour server, or on AmazonS3, or Vimeo Pro, or any mp4or flv video file.The video player is mobile friendly and plays on mobiledevices.The video player can play Youtubes with a variety ofvarious criteria, like autostart, no associated videos, notitle, no logo design in control bar, no control bar.After the video ends, you can have the page redirect toany URL you want.You can have a image at the start, and a image at theend of the video with html to make it a clickable orderbutton, and so on.
  5. 5. The video player has an Intro and Outro videocapabilities and functions.You can customize the default pages, thin border pages,and clean pages, to utilise any background, header, orbackground image you want. This makes it absolutelyversatile, and it integrated with Wordpress newbackground editor functions.It is incorporated with WP Optin Pro to developamazing webforms and supports most autoresponders.There are a number of ninja redirect scripts, and theyare:.Exit Popup - when someone leave the page, a exit alertmessage will show up with a custom message will appearThere is a Date/Time Redirect script, so that you canpick a specific date and exact time, for a redirect tooccur. This is ideal for launches, or webinars, or anykind of event planning.There is the Launch procedure and Page ExpirationRedirect script. This is so cool. It will put a launchprocedure on your page. When the countdown reacheszero the visitor will be redirected to another url youchoose. This is best for incentives, One Time Offers, anddeveloping huge urgency.There are a variety of visual bullets: red, green, black,in different designs.You can add any Google Font, and it will be readilyavailable in your page options and theme choicesthroughout theme.You can include headers with backgrounds formodification.Click Here
  6. 6. Wordpress Theme For Squeeze PagesIt produces incredible squeeze pages, and video squeezepages.You can easily create salespage or squeeeze page bymaking use of the Default template or Thin Borderdesign template.You can have a VIDEO JUST on the Clean Video designtemplate, and alter the background to any colouraround it, and have a order button or optin kinddelayed.You can create membership site, including login page,404 error page, content pages, non-members pages.For safeguarding your pages, it isincorporated with Wishlist .It has a variety of visual editor buttons for instantlyinserting shortcodes on your pages that will do anumber of things, consisting of headlines, columns,download icons, hyperlink, etcIt has a few scripts built into the theme with a fewbuttons in the visual editor that will automaticallyinclude Add to Cart buttons, Order Forms, JohnsonBoxes, Line Dividers, and so on.It has a Social Sharing buttons..Likewise, the video player includes social sharingbuttons on self hosted videos.Facebook Comments readily available on every page,with 4 header fb images to choose from.Add To Cart Buttons, different colours to choose from:Yellow, Red and Blue. All professionally designed.Click Here
  7. 7. The Ultimate WordpressSqueeze Page ThemeCLICK HERETagsWp Squeeze Page theme, Wordpress Squeeze Page theme, wordpress squeeze page, wordpress theme for squeezepages, wordpress squeeze page plugin, wordpress squeeze page template, squeeze page plugin for wordpress,wordpress squeeze theme, best wordpress squeeze page plugin, High Converting Squeeze Pages, Video SqueezePage Template, Video Squeeze Page, wordpress, wordpress theme, video, squeezeDisclaimer: I will receive a compensation when youpurchase this Wordpress Squeeze Page Theme