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Google scholar : Google for research

  1. 1. Google Scholar : Google for research Wouter Gerritsma, February 2014
  2. 2. A few tips to use Google Scholar more efficiently
  3. 3. General Google syntax  Use ["phrase searching"]  Search for file type ["land degradation" ext:doc]  Search for specific domains ["land ownership"]  Search in titles [allintitle:anatomy plants water]  Search with OR ["carbon dioxide" OR CO2]  Exclude terms ["nutrient cycling" –nitrogen]  Combine ["carbon dioxide" OR co2 intitle:"nutrient cycles" -phosphorus ext:pdf] More tips:Google better with Google
  4. 4. What you can't do  Using numerical ranges ["Theobroma cacao" 2013...2014]  Use the year facet instead Doesn't work in GS!
  5. 5. Adjust the settings  Search results ● Number of results : 20 max ● Open in a new window  Languages ● Also in available in Dutch  Library links ● Choose link resolver of your University
  6. 6. Google Scholar advanced search
  7. 7. Google Scholar advanced search  Author search [author:"KE Giller"]
  8. 8. For journal searches you need the AS form
  9. 9. Searching for recent literature!  Use publication years ● In the advanced search ● Or use the facets in search result
  10. 10. Stemming, synonyms  Inclusion of word variants is unclear. (Google Scholar has a smaller dictionary than  No verbatim search, but phrases do work! ["behaviour"]  Search explicitly for word variants still works [~behaviour]  Parentheses () do not work in Google (Scholar)!
  11. 11. Search engine results page (SERP)  Ranking influenced by citations (older articles on top!) OA version Save to My library Explore the subject Other free versions (useful with cite) Reformat reference Export to reference software
  12. 12. Alerts galore  For searching GS strings must be kept under 256 characters.  For alerts GS strings must be kept under 100 characters  My updates : Alerts based on the topics of your publications (my Citations)
  13. 13. My Citations & My Library  My Citations ● Your personal profile page, concentrating on publication lists and citations. ● Identifies you co-author network  My library ● Your saved articles ● Also lists all your references "cited by me" ● No plugin for word processors (yet)
  14. 14. Google Scholar quality  Coverage is still unclear ● Coverage is constantly growing, probably the most comprehensive scholarly literature database (Harzing, 2014. Scientometrics 98 (1): 565-575. ● Not all OA repositories are (fully) indexed ( ● Concentrates on scientific articles, share of books is growing, Grey Lit from repositories partially included  For systematic reviews Pubmed alone is sufficient, complementary searches in GS and other indexes are a necessity (Bramer, et al. 2013. Systematic Reviews 2 (1): 115.  Metadata sometimes problematic, the version function under the snippet helps
  15. 15. Google Scholar and Google  Google and Google Scholar are separate indexes!  Google Scholar results are pushed in Google when searching for scientific subjects ● Make use of that reminder! ● But not the other way around  Some repositories are covered by Google but not in Google Scholar, or partly covered in Google Scholar ● Google Scholar [] ● Google []
  16. 16. Thank you! On the Web: @wowter