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Why Mobile Now for Small Business!


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iZigg is the fastest growing Mobile Company helping small businesses profit

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Why Mobile Now for Small Business!

  1. 1. M a k e Mor e Mon e y vi a Mo bil eMobile text message marketing has arrived for the small business owner and is growing faster than anyother advertising medium. Your clients now use their mobile telephone for text messaging a lot more thanvoice and world wide web access combined. From the U.S. you can find now above 276 million wirelesssubscribers which is 89% with the total U.S. population. Cell phone usage has surpassed house mobile phoneusage together with the addition of 135.2 billion text messages getting sent every month. In 2010, thenumber of text messages sent from the U.S. could reach 160 trillion.What Does that Mean for You, the Small Business Owner?Yo ur c o n s u m e r s a r e o n t h eir m o bil e d e vi c e s e v e r y s i n gl e d a y, a ll m o r nin g. N e w s p a p e r s a r e ind e clin e , r a di o s t a ti o n s a r e h ur tin g , dir e c t m a il d o e s n’t c r e a t e a l ar g e r e t ur n , a n d Ye ll o w p a g e sa r e pr a c ti c a lly e x tin c t . Yo u n e e d t o a d v e r ti s e t o yo ur c u s t o m e r s w h e r e th e y a r e , a t t h a tm o m e n t , dir e c t ly a n d in s t a n tly. Te x t m a r k e tin g p e r mit s thi s a n d w ill a l s o g e n e r a t e in s t a n tpr o d u c t s a l e s .B e s i d e s dr a w i n g n e w c u s t o m e r s a n d a d din g t h e m t o a m a r k e tin g d a t a b a s e , S M S o ff er sa d ditio n a l r ev e n u e o p p or tu niti e s .W hil e o nly 8 . 8 % o f s m a ll b u s i n e s s e s h av e a m o bil e m e s s a g i n g s y s t e m in pl a c e . 7 5 . 9 % e x p e c t t ol a u n c h o n e . O f th o s e 5 2 . 6 % e x p e c t t o h av e it u p a n d run nin g in u n d er a y e a r.
  2. 2. Mobil e M a r k e tin g i s u n d er s t o o d a n d a c c e p t e d b y T e e n s a n d Yo u n g a d ult s 1 8-3 5 .
  4. 4. Mobile Marketing Statistics, Articles and Musings • • Text messaging in the US hits 4.3 Billion SMS every day • 975 million mobile web users expected by 2012 • 19% of internet users now use status updates – mobile dominates • Over half a billion people to use mobile money transfer services by 2014 • 30% of consumers communicate with brands via social networks • 70% of print publishers step up mobile efforts • Mobile marketing budgets growing at 26% • DMA: ‘mobile will be the fastest growing platform for the next five years’ • IAB: ‘Mobile marketing ‘will be the best platform for younger consumers’ • Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Consumer Mobile Applications for 2012 • US mobile advertising spend 2008 – 2013 • Americans Spend More Than 4.5 Hours per Month Browsing on Smartphones, Nearly Double the Rate of the British • Android and iPhone usage patterns nearly identical • Data Revenues Will Push Mobile Biz Past $1 Trillion • Mobile phones to overtake PCs for web surfing by 2013 • 85% of US Internet users have cell phones – spending on mobile tech increased in 2009 • One Third Of U.S. 11-Year-Olds Have Cellphones • In 2010 the cellphone market will grow by 9.3 percent • Americans Sending 4 Times as Many Text Messages as Brits • Mobile Advertising Grows By 41% in 2009 • More Than Half Of Mobile Pageviews Are To Social Networking Sites • 2 million mobile tickets have been redeemed worldwide • One third of phones will use accelerometers in 2010 • Gartner: Mobile To Outpace Desktop Web By 2013 • 80% mobile websites attract global audience • Mobile shopping will balloon to $119B by 2015 • Mobile marketing to reach $24B in five years, says study • 300m fewer female mobile phone owners than male around the world • Mobile MVNO revenues expected to rise to USD 67.4 billion in 2012 • 68% of Americans get news and current events information on their cell • Juniper Forecasts 15bn Mobile Tickets by 2014 • Juniper Research: Mobile retail market to exceed $12 billion by 2014 • ABI Research: Enterprise mobile data revenues to hit $43 billion by 2014 • Mobile apps industry to hit $17.5B by 2012 with 50B in downloads • Mobile advertising spend to rise 80 percent in 2010 • Mobile Web users increase to 69.9M: Study • Mobile Data Traffic Expected To Rise 40-Fold Over Next Five Years • Mobile Web More Popular Than Reading • Study: 80% Of SMS & MMS Users Report Dropped Texts • UK mobile advertising market grew 32% in 2009 to £37.6 million • 29% of all parents don’t allow texting during family meals. 36% of parents of teenagers don’t allow texting during family meals.
  5. 5. • 10% of Under 25s Think It’s Okay to Text During Sex• Mobile Barcode scanning up 700% in 2010• Mobile will consume 40bn gigabytes of data in 2012• Record 77 Million Smartphones Shipped In Q3 2010, Growing 78 Percent Over Last Year• 6.1 trillion text messages to be sent in 2010• Mobile ad revenues to hit $3.5bn this year, $24bn by 2015• 49% of Small Business Owners Use Smartphones• Survey says that 20% of Americans are planning to switch to prepaid in the first half of 2011• Only 4.8% of U.S. retailers have mobile-specific Web sites• Research: 500M Consumers Projected To Use Mobile Health Apps On Smartphones By 2015• App Store Tops 300,000 Applications• Facebook generates 25% of all US pageviews in one week – excluding mobile traffic