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Tourism Heyday Initiative

The HeyDay of tourism reminds conserve and protect the natural environment and to assure respect of our customs, traditions and cultural heritage. The objectives are to promote community awareness in understanding and supporting tourism basic purpose and its developments in promoting collaborations between the government and the private sector. Based on the UNWTO’s statistic, tourism is one of the hardest hit economic sectors with 100 to 120 millions direct tourism job at risk, Wow Bali finds this reality as being a dynamic time to forge on with our recognized efforts in building sustainable and regenerative communities via ecotourism developments. In short, to regenerate our excellence in cultural dynamism based on ancient and indigenous consciousness via an adaptive Social Emotional Learning Framework for Ecosystem Design Thinking in promoting optimal human transformation for multilateral developments that will contribute to Sustainable Development Goals and #restarttourism.

More than ever, we need to cultivate local communities; inclusive of all stakeholders (corporations, government, academia, NGO) and ensure to build back a better tourism. Most of all, inspire the dynamics of resources and actions such as recovery for people, planet and prosperity via public health, social inclusion, biodiversity conversation, climate action, circular economy, and governance in finance for future ahead. To see the opportunity in restarting tourism with “the economic recovery promises to be extended and inconsistent. The global travel and tourism industry is unlikely to recover rapidly” might be just a dream, if we dream alone,but dreaming together is our first step towards a reality. Strategic Survey, 120:1; Drivers of Strategic Change.

Below here is a quick video walk through of the Hey Day manifesto's key points; an exchange with one of our Philippines partners that might simplify our vision.

AND/OR check out how the backbone of our framework is being applied for UNICEF Theme: Transferable and Digital Skills.


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Tourism Heyday Initiative

  1. 1. CELEBRATE THE “HEYDAY”OF TOURISM Universal Skills in Leadership & Management via Regeneration Programs The Heyday of tourism is to conserve and protect the natural environment and to assure respect of our traditions and cultural heritage. The objective is to promote community awareness in under- standing and supporting tourism’s basic purpose and its developments in promoting close coop- eration between government and the private sector. Based on the UNWTO’s statistic, tourism is currently one of the most deeply impacted economic sectors. There are 100 to 120 million direct tourism jobs at risk. Wow Bali finds this reality as being a dynamic time to forge on with our recog- nized efforts in building sustainable and regenerative communities via ecotourism developments. In short, to regenerate our excellence in cultural dynamism based in ancient and indigenous consciousness via a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Framework for ecosystem design- thinking in promoting optimal human transformation and multilateral developments that will contribute to Sustainable Development Goals and #restarttourism. MANI FES TO
  2. 2. POWER OF CELEBRATIONS We must not forget that the highest form of human transformation is in celebration – celebrations are the experiential dynam- ic and foundation of tourism. The experiences of one’s holiday are the pinnacle of life celebrations; designed within the intelligences and creativity of one’s well-being, is our excellence. One can elaborate in saying that celebrations are the most heightened state of our experienc- es. It’s common intersection of experience, if cultivated, is a dynamic learning exchange for all aspects of living and life skills. We need #ResponsibleRecovery to cultivate local communities; inclusive of all stakeholders (corporations, government, academia, NGOs) that will ensure #BuildBackBetter tourism. Most of all, inspire the dynamic of resources and actions, such as recovery for all people, the planet and prosperity via public health, social inclusion, biodiversity, conversations climate-care action, circular economy, and governance in finance for our future. With “the economic recovery promises to be extended and inconsistent – the global travel and tour- ism industry is unlikely to recover rapidly” and the idea of seeing the opportunity to #restarttourism may be just a dream, if we dream ALONE. Dreaming TOGETHER is the first step toward reality. – Strategic Survey, 120:1; Drivers of Strategic Change A universal skill set that has proven to be the highest of abilities for transformative leaders. Universality in this kind of thinking has defined the commonly used phrase within tourism, that while on holiday when we “work hard”, con- versely, we must “play hard”. These are the dynamics of Wow Bali’s philosophy and our sustainable and regenerative framework. To be as passionate in work-life balance and how the work ethic applies to one’s job to allow them to enjoy their passions outside of the day-to-day grind. This is tourism’s opportunity, our “heyday”, in creating a balance in the needs of the people, planet and prosperity via celebration. Page 2 | HEYDAY Regenerative Programs & Modules ©2020 WOW BALI Transculturation via Celebrations with Indigenous Leaders & Researchers at Asian Society of Teachers for Research. “Reflections in Traditions” Presentation presented in 2019. Lesson learning from the Living Cultures of Bali & the Ancient City of Hue, Vietnam; a comparative studies. tions-in-traditions-230005179
  3. 3. UNIVERSAL SKILL FITS ALL In COVID’s aftermath, leaders in all sectors are preparing for and exploring sustainable manage- ment skills needed to be identified. What skills fit us best in both life and work? More than ever, choosing what are regenerative skill sets can a be a challenging question that all elite leaders will face. Progressive managers, being advo- cates of agile skills, are there to transform their collaborative networks of becoming regenerative leaders; in making informed decisions about their leadership via the most adaptive options and pathways for the future. In recent surveys and studies of the pandemic’s uncertain future, and in looking at transformative leadership for opti- mum growth, we have come to realize that the agile skill set must be integrated into the growth mindset of today’s leaders and their teams. Dr. Hee “Joh” Liang, Former Director of National Computer Board and Chairman of Singapore Polytechnics, support WOW Bali co-founder, Hai Dai, of our SEL framework integrated with technology. The array of “Digital Leadership” (leadership including change, agile, team, strategic, virtual, innovative, situational, customer-centric, spiritu- al and inspirational) encouraged its advisers, leadership advocates, and management counselors to use a so- cial-emotional connection via technol- ogy to enable universal skills. Most importantly, to develop “creative con- fidence to explore” shared by “Joh”. HEYDAY Regenerative Programs & Modules ©2020 WOW BALI | Page 3
  4. 4. CHANGE IN LEADERSHIP IS WITHIN Action learning and research skills are the changes in leadership that allow better connection within. Self-motivated learning skills for optimal regenerative action via a social-emotional learning (SEL) framework integrated with regenerative technology skills are most dynamic. This is an important factor in solving some of the top societal concerns based on social inclusion; such as communitarian ideas of food security, biodiversity conservation, climate action, circular economy, governance and finance at personal well-being connections to ensure self-motivation during these responsible recovery times. There- fore, our Heyday’s inclusivity programs via social learning promotes optimal transformation. Defining “commitments” for leaders to refine their universal skills so they can fast track to- ward their desired management style and to identify pathways to achieve an agile mindset for continuous learning within the spirit of collaboration and tolerance are our program’s dynamics. Leadership has changed, but it is nothing new! Wow Leadership and Management Program’s development opportunities affect both living and life skills; universal skills prepare for changes in the future, adaptive to any industry. Our renowned SEL framework, integrated within vocational and livelihood modules, offer leaders “the greatest of popularity, vigor and prosperity that lies ahead”. This is the literal meaning of heyday. Our creative arts and new media integrations will influence regenerative and performative responses including creative confidence to explore technology and connect with all indus- tries within ecosystem design thinking. Heyday’s design thinking programs are connected at the wellness levels for a learner-centric journey of assessment, awareness and action, as a result. Page 4 | HEYDAY Regenerative Programs & Modules ©2020 WOW BALI The SEL framework enables accessible and scalable connections within our own evolutionary design process and allows us to connect with others where they are at emotionally. “Learning how to lead yourself, makes it easier to lead others.”
  5. 5. As governments and the private sector embark on the best path to recovery, we now realize that future generations are the most suitable for this type of long-term and holistic thinking with regard to the challenges of the world. Heyday programs are framed within WOW Dynamics, based on a harmonious philosophy of the universal alignment with people, nature and divine (based on the Balinese Tri Hita Kara- na and other ancient and indigenous cultures’ research). It was presented to youth leaders from 36 countries at the FEALAC Conference in 2015; FEALAC has collectively signed a declaration to support and testimonials were shared. Heyday’s online programs via social learning technology is based on an organizational ap- proach; collaborative network (team, family, community, etc.) based on two basic pillars and seven commitments (see below). Program’s Basic Developments: A collaborative network will create an energet- ic plan based on one’s leadership style and/or situations. A physiological checklist for self and others to direct and influence; sparking ener- getics at the universality levels within a sacred space. The leadership program dynamics are to normalize the steps to our emotion, energy and commitment towards collaborative and collective success. Relabeling leadership as a regenerative tool for human transformation. The activities in our Heyday online module and regenerative technology platform reflect the various possible leadership skills that one may consider arriving at their chosen regenerative management roles. UNIVERSAL IS THE HARMONIOUS PATH (TRI HITA KARANA) International youths testimonials video reference: HEYDAY Regenerative Programs & Modules ©2020 WOW BALI | Page 5 PILLARS (P) & LEADER’S COMMITMENTS (c) PI. Social Emotional Learning Theory & Framework; connecting feelings at a intelligence (mind), creativity (spirit) and wellness (body) via action research (self directed). PII. Values for Accountability; Group underpinning values (good values VS. compliance values) c1) Energetics: Physical, social, mental and critical forms of values c2) Emotional Intelligence (EI): Valuing EI how they work and what they are for and where do they go wrong. c3) Social Learning: The work around a learning organization. Spirit of togetherness and conflicts/solutions as a source of learning. “Always regenerating and sharing new action research.” c4) Open Communications: Means diversity (multiple intelligence & New Media) c5) Social Responsibilities: Social Justice/fair play at the visceral connections. c6) Collective Democracy: For optimum energetic influence. Energy is collective power. c7) Growth and Change: For resilience, bounce back and success; influencing our will as human’s highest dynamics. Two pillars and seven commitments are based on our indigeneity of “Ancient-Future” adaptations via social and behavioral sciences; including well- ness modalities from ancient & indigenous people and celebrations practices from local wisdom. Our transformation for modern context via social emotional learning; integrated with Industry 4.0 and ecosystem design thinking has been case studied for optimal regenerative developments.
  6. 6. INSPIRING TRUST IS THE SPIRIT While the activities in our Heyday’s social learning modules are arranged in different interdisciplinary programs, they are independent of each other and can be used interactively without following any prescribed order. The material in each module is a stand-alone module and may be customized to address the needs of the leader, based on their intelligence, creativity and wellness connection. This will enable leaders with an agile framework that embrace their multi-dimensional being, both work and personal roles. One can start with envisioning the life and workplace they want, to live within prosperity and abundance. OR, they can start by assessing their individual interests and skills. More importantly, leaders learn from skill sets based in a connect- ed, collaborative network; maximizing collective knowledge, enabling combined knowledge. Reflections from each learning module and integrative collective’s experiences optimize learning exchanges, hence, more collaborative in outcomes. Leaders should keep in mind that their role as transformative leaders, is to advocate and encourage others within their collaborative networks, to clarify purpose (mind), unleash talent (heart), align systems for action (body) and to inspire trust (spirit). Most important of all, co-develop a sense of ownership in their collective journey. This will affirm the leadership purpose and prepares the mind for never exhausting, never fear and never regret, allowing us the build our bounce back in time of disruption. In choosing an adaptive leadership style that is aligned with our strengths, passions, and future alignment with opportunity, we are en- abled to connect at the heart of our energetics. This is the connection to SELF, which balances our need for prosperity, then, to all people and the planet. This is the power of universality. Page 6 | HEYDAY Regenerative Programs & Modules ©2020 WOW BALI
  7. 7. Understanding that leadership is a paradox gives us the ability to operate in the present as well as appreciate the larger context, all toward a clear desire for an integrated future. Planning lead- ership paradox strategies also naturally means planning all of your life connections; growth from our individual choices, as well as from the power and contributions of those we lead. Manage- ment of living and life skills are not static nor fixed pathways, yet can be universal if you are living in a harmonious way. Therefore, leadership framework may be adaptive to anyone’s chang- ing circumstances, experiences, and interests. Leaders may review and update their energetic plans and management portfolios periodically, or as necessary, when their contextual goals change. The Heyday’s modules support leaders to: i) Explore different pathways and share agile skill set options – from personal to professional. ii) Helps them execute their management strategies from a collective perspective. iii) Regenerate leadership goals for optimum opportunities. Leadership is a paradox in planning and is a lifelong dynamic in developing universal skills. This entails reflection, investigation and decision-making, based on a realistic assessment of personal strengths/weakness, opportunities to further career, training, employment, financial and moral support from our collaborative networks; spiraling upward together. HEYDAY Regenerative Programs & Modules ©2020 WOW BALI | Page 7
  8. 8. Inspire alignment for your collaborative network via a universal Global Model for Sustainable & Regenerative Framework for optimal Com- munity Based Development via Ecosystem Design Thinking processes. At the universality levels of connections, innova- tions for sustainable solutions naturally presents itselves and if this process is fun, regen- erations happens. ”When we innovate in destinations and make this, then memory of hol- idays, where things are done in a different manner to where I constantly live and where I’m constantly facing the chal- lenge of change. We see that in hotels and restaurants keep the innovate the right way, we have the possibility to explain to develop countries to devel- op systems, established sys- tems which have difficulties to change that change is possi- ble, and change is entertaining and change this right.” Dr. Dirk Glaesser, Director, REGENERATION Page 8 | HEYDAY Regenerative Programs & Modules ©2020 WOW BALI WOW Bali’s research initiative is based on ancient and indigenous dynamism that has been integrated within a Social Emotional Learning framework for optimum Ecosystem Design Thinking via Industry 4.0 technology and new pedagogy of life long learning from different sectors; from early childhood care/parenting education & primary school level to higher education and the wellness sector. As Bali’s responsive model, we are currently focused on the tourism sector and its multilateral developments. WOW Bali’s has presented at APEC, APO, UNWTO, FEALAC, DAP (2015-2017) and International Governmental Organizations such as SEAMEO CECCEP, INNOTECH, and EDUTECH in 2019; including International Research Consortium such as APCORE, IASPER and others. Hai Dai Nguyen, co-founder of WOW Bali comes from generations of scholar warriors; born in the ancient city of Hue Vietnam. Hai Dai with Hae Guk (Harry) Hwang, Deputy Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific; World Tourism Organization (UNWTO); after his Sustainable Tourism presentation at APEC in 2015. Hai Dai, Keynote Speaker at SEAMEO Eductech in 2019. He is renown for presenting WOW’s regenerative frameworks based on ecosystem design thinking via social emotional learning; integrated within technology education for optimum systemic transformation. Digital montage expressed in our manifesto are part of our transideo-ethnography learning exchange process within our “Heyday” programs. The ability join different elements in variety of combinations, repetitions and overlaps to connect at the neuro- dynamics programing that transcends mental blocks into actions. This cover a broad range of creative, artistic, cultural and academic context for universality in intersectorial develoments. Possible to evoke or provoke heart-mind integrated dynamics at the social and existential nature that can be expressed, shared and created on digital devices. Hai Dai, presenting at APEC 2013 on Sustainable Tourism at the “human as the first priority”; with Dr. Dirk Glaesser, Director, Sustainable Development of Tourism for UNWˇTO (to his left).