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3 Day Evolutionary Design Thinking

Global Youths Leaders "Evolutionary Design Thinking" Program and Tour might just be the most sustainable and regenerative approach for youth's transformative development.

Super WOWed by the way our youths think... WIN WIN WIN for everyone and every step of the way is GENIUS! Please support WOW's Youth's Champion, Ms. Kyla Christie, and her crowdfunding project. This is part of her Babson College "Study Away" social innovations development vision.

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3 Day Evolutionary Design Thinking

  1. 1. GYLXWOW 3 - D A Y E V O L U T I O N A R Y   D E S I G N   T H I N K I N G   P R O G R A M h t t p : / / g y l . u a p c u . o r g w w w . w o w b a l i . c o m
  2. 2. A B S T R A C T E v o l u t i o n a r y D e s i g n T h i n k i n g S u s t a i n a b l e e a c h s t e p o f t h e w a y R e g e n e r a t i v e D y n a m i c s ( W h a t i s s i m p l e s t t o d o ) 3 - D a y E v o l u t i o n a r y D e s i g n P r o g r a m - F r a m e w o r k I n t e r d i s c i p l i n a r y R e s e a r c h & D e v e l o p m e n t W I N W I N W I N f o r e v e r y o n e ! O u r “ r e g e n e r a t i v e g a t h e r i n g s ” a r e b a s e d o n a s u s t a i n a b l e a n d r e g e n e r a t i v e p r o c e s s e s t h a t i s " E a s y t o d o S i m p l e t o s h a r e " f o r o p t i m u m o u t c o m e s .
  3. 3. E V O L U T I O N A R Y D E S I G N T H I N K I N G   Every relationship within our development wins from inspiring, connecting and co-creating together: Sponsors Mentors Youth... ... constantly evolving in the process and always UPGRADED! 
  4. 4. S P O N S O R S Sponsors that do not just support today’s youth but have a stake to invest in the development of the youth’s social inonovations. The goals are to produce dynamic end products and deliverables based a evolutionary design thinking. To create a regenerative relationships with our sponsors, we will offer the following: 1. Social Network Advertisement 2. First Right of Refusal in Investment 3. New Media Presentation for Regenerations
  5. 5. M E N T O R S Mentors are the backbones of our youth community success. We want to help evangelize our mentor's life mission so we both can benefit from your success. To showcase your dynamics, we offer the following: 1. Social Media Exposure - Your presentation/content will be spread by our youth 2. Mentor Excellence Online Award- Regenerative New Media Presentation based on Youth Choice Award Nominations 3. Collaborative Network of Nominees- Promotion to peers by the youth 
  6. 6. Y O U T H Youths are the SOLUTIONS of our program. Only in the "spirit of togetherness" are we truly DYNAMIC. We will inspire, connect and co-create our youth community with a proven framework to optimally sustain and regenerate; "easy to do simple to share": 1. Co-Create and Develop Social Enterprise (with Execution and Mentorship opportunities) 2. Develop Economic Sustainability based on Mutualism and Creative Economics (StartingParents & Sponsor Investment) 3. Social Integration and Development (Supported our families, communities, supporters and mentors)  
  7. 7. S U S T A I N A B L E E A C H S T E P O F T H E W A Y
  8. 8. S P O N S O R S -   D Y N A M I C I N   O F F E R I N G S   Every step of the way, sponsors are upgraded dynamically to promote their mission and vision through our youth community.   1. Daily, weekly social media exposure 2. Logo on content 3. Video message to be shared by youth 4. Specialized social presentation/report   Investment opportunity 5. Intensive long-term co-development of project 
  9. 9. M E N T O R S - R E S O N A T E   Y O U R D Y N A M I C S Mentors are able to upgrade in a way wherein every step of the way is supports your life's mission and the spreading of your ideas.   1. Video message spread by youth 2. Specialized social presentation based on theme, topic, and life mission 3. Documentation of life mission for regeneration 4. Upgrade by recognition from the youth community to spread among their peers 5. Intensive long-term co-development of project  
  10. 10. 3 - D A Y S I M M E R S I O N D A I L Y L I F E D Y N A M I C S - T U R N D A I L Y L I V I N G P R A C T I C E S I N T O L I F E L O N G L I V I N G S K I L L S . H A V E F U N O N T O U R W H I L E Y O U ’ R E   A C Q U I R I N G   I N T E R D I S C I P L I N A R Y S K I L L S F O R O P T I M U M P O T E N T I A L    
  11. 11. Y O U T H - G O G L O B A L & L I V E L I K E L O C A L S   Dynamic presentation video of the people, places, and things (including your creativity) in your life Digital life & social networking opportunities  Providing global platforms to regenerate social innovations and opportunities as well as inspire creativity to create your own project Travel and Cultural Exposure  Sustain Economically doing what you love  Mentorship and guidance process via step by step  Intensive long-term co-development of project  We are here to ensure the sustainable success of your social enterprise is optimally 
  12. 12. HOLISTIC & INTERDISCIPLINARY PROGRAMS: 1. Creative Arts Dynamics - turn creative art skills into fusion development skills using edu-tainment training, to turn beauty into innovation (DJ-ing, VJ-ing) 2. New Media Skills for Regeneration - social network, design communication, up-to-date documentation, to understand the values of “effect” and “affect” 3. Action Research - how to process, qualify, and regenerate data through creative and intelligent modalities
  13. 13. 4. Natural Dynamics, Permaculture - i.e. Aquaponics and Hydroponics 5. Holistic and Wellness Dynamics - Disciplinary Arts and co-creation of Personal wellness program 6. Interdisciplinary Research & Development - Develop interconnectedness between business and personal development with creative and wellness modalities 7. Vision Development - Reassessing and co-creating opportunity  Programs implemented by UNESCO Youth Ambassador Progam and casestudy by Academic Aprroved Framework via Interdisciplinary Research and Development.
  14. 14. ' W O W D Y N A M I C S ' F R A M E W O R K   Connect in Three (3) main ways - Same meta-philosophy as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 1. Universality - Wellness, Wealth, Knowledge Exchange 2. Integrative - Develop your mission through your own creative autonomy 3. Transformative - Upgrade through connections and collaborations of leadership
  15. 15. S U M M E R 2 0 1 8 D E S T I N A T I O N - B A L I L O G I S T I C S
  16. 16. B A L I W O O D 5 S T A R B O U T I Q U E H O T E L M A N S I O N   R E S O R T
  17. 17. 1 N I G H T C A M P F I R E & C A M P O U T  
  18. 18. D A Y T R I P T O B A L I ' S L A R G E S T L A K E   - H O T S P R I N G S & B O A T I N G
  19. 19. S P E N D T H E N I G H T I N S I D E A 1 6 H E C T A R E O R G A N I C T R O P I C A L F L O W E R F A R M    
  20. 20. For more information, please visit and/or WOWbali Facebook Page. This program is part of our International Wellness Initiative! See you in Bali