All about the idea: being opportunistic


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Tom Tuke-Hastings, Managing Director, All about the Idea

Being opportunistic: Plan, and plan not to plan

With over 15 years in the marketing industry, Tom leads All about the Idea. He has a track record of award winning creative work for global clients such as Coca-Cola, Nokia, IHG, O2, HTC and TalkTalk. A creative thinker with a 'more testing, less debating' attitude, Tom helps companies maximise their marketing budgets with creative ideas that produce quality shareable content.

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All about the idea: being opportunistic

  1. 1. Plan, and plan not to plan 05.11.13 | Tom Tuke-Hastings
  2. 2. UKTI BE OPPORTUNISTIC All about the Idea • Founded by Derrick and Tom Tuke-Hastings (father & son team) • Creative marketing, consumer PR, social media consultancy • Specialising in big ideas, business building solutions • Clients including Coca-Cola, HTC, The Health Lottery, TalkTalk 2 © All about the Idea 2013
  3. 3. UKTI BE OPPORTUNISTIC Are you opportunistic? • Who wants this? 3 © All about the Idea 2013
  4. 4. UKTI BE OPPORTUNISTIC Don’t miss out! • Opportunities are there to be taken daily and people tend to miss them • E.g. Oreos tweet during the American Superbowl when the lights went out and play stopped… 4 © All about the Idea 2013
  5. 5. UKTI BE OPPORTUNISTIC Plan not to plan • Be ready: Put processes is place to allow you to be opportunistic • Red telephone for superfast sign off • SWATU (Something Will Always Turn Up) budget 5 © All about the Idea 2013
  6. 6. UKTI BE OPPORTUNISTIC For example… HTC We were recently talking to HTC about this and how they could become more opportunistic. That evening another one of our clients, a rock band, was playing at the Hammersmith Apollo. HTC was trying to connect with a youth music audience and their YouTube channel was producing a disappointingly low amount of hits. We gave them an opportunity: Send a couple of phones over and we will do a behind the scenes video highlighting the camera’s video capability. HTC jumped at it. 40,000 hits in under two weeks, totally organically. Right content, right audience. 6 © All about the Idea 2013
  7. 7. UKTI BE OPPORTUNISTIC Think like Kim Clijsters • In order for top tennis players to return serve, they anticipate where the ball’s going to land • Be agile, be ready and try to anticipate what might happen • Some things are bound to happen: Sporting events, the weather, repetitive human activity, royal births... Plan for these • E.g. We have a big idea for one client which is just waiting for the snow. It will snow at some point and we will be ready • Have a big idea ready based on what is likely to happen, then activate it at the perfect moment 7 © All about the Idea 2013
  8. 8. UKTI BE OPPORTUNISTIC 3 step plan 1. Decide you want to do this and commit to doing it well 2. Live the brand: Look at your brand values and use these to work out the type of things that you should be interacting with 3. Plan, and plan not to plan. Get your systems and flexibility in place Remember, the joke you thought about in the taxi on the way home is not funny because it’s no longer relevant. You’re TOO LATE! 8 © All about the Idea 2013
  9. 9. UKTI BE OPPORTUNISTIC Contact Name e. m. +44(0)7500 027 182 dd. +44(0)20 7866 7926 9 © All about the Idea 2013