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How to grow your twitter followers and spy on the competition


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Slides from Paul Chaloner's Talk at WorthingDigital.

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How to grow your twitter followers and spy on the competition

  1. 1. How to grow your Twitter followers (and spy on the competition!)
  2. 2. Follower questions• What are followers and why do I need more of them?• How do I get more followers?• How do I find the right followers?• How do I manage my Twitter followers?• How do I spy on my competitors without them knowing?
  3. 3. What are followers?And why do I need more of them?
  4. 4. What are followers and why do I need more of them?Followers are those who follow you on Twitter (duh)More over, followers are those who are interested in what you have tosay and what you have to share with them, generally speaking thosewho feel you are either cool or you have some way of educating them.They could of course be a friend already.Businesses need more followers for a number of reasons:• Ego boost• Social signals• Appear bigger than they are (against competitors)• Larger reach (means more shares, more traffic!)• Trust
  5. 5. How do I get more followers?Without upsetting the birds andthe whales
  6. 6. How do I get more followers?• You can buy them (but they’re rubbish)• You can beg (it’s not cool but it works sometimes)• Use “software” (but it kills birds allegedly)• Work for them• Hire someone to do it for you!• You can use tools that comply with the API rules• Engage properly• Social directories (listorious, wefollow, twellow)• Advertising! Facebook Ads, SU Ads, LinkedIn• The bottom line is, you don’t get more followers quickly without reciprocal follows (subject to a max of 2,000 before ratio).
  7. 7. The key to new followersPost interesting content and linksPost relevant content for your growing audienceClean up followers regularlyRemove default eggs and blank bio followersConstantly set Tweepi to follow similar peoples followersAdd to social directoriesFollow people back (within reason)Tweet people regularly (do #ff every week)RT people when they post cool stuffInteract, debate, argue, engageUse the right software
  8. 8. Which tools to use! (mostly free)If you combine the following tools, you have a really powerful set togain more followers, clean up Twitter and manage it better.FollowerwonkTweepiTwitter ListsLinkedInTweetdeck - which can also turn you in to...
  9. 9. Prepare to become the James Bond of Twitter