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Narnia positiondirection


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Narnia positiondirection

  1. 1. Narnia: Position and DirectionLO: to know and use the languageof position and direction.
  2. 2. How do we read/identify theposition of an object on a grid?
  3. 3. We can add numbers and letters toallow us to say its position.54321A B C D E
  4. 4. Where is Aslan? Where is theWhite Witch? Where is her castle?54321A B C D E
  5. 5. Aslan = D4, Witch = A1 , Castle = A554321A B C D EIf we add acompass wecan also usethis todescribemovementon the grid.What words can we use to describe movementsaround a grid?
  6. 6. Narnia’s Enemies Start War54321A B C D ENESWDescribe a routethe witch couldtake to attackAslan.
  7. 7. Narnia’s Enemies Start War54321A B C D ENESWEast 1 square,North 2 squares,East 1 square,North 1 square,East 1 square.
  8. 8. 10987654321A B C D E F G H I JCair ParavelWitches campStone tableBeaver DamWardrobeLantern WastesWitches CastleStormness HeadShuddering WoodFrozen LakeEttinsmoorArchen River
  9. 9. Tables 1 and 2 :Draw the creatures in the right squares. CentaurH2, Dwarf E3, Father Christmas F6, Mr BeaverC7, Mr Tumnus B8, Minoboar C9, Giant H9.Extension: add some characters of your own andnote their positions.Tables 3 and 4:Add some characters of your own and describethe grids references.Extension: Describe the route Aslan takes fromthe stone table to the witch’s castle.
  10. 10. Table 5:Copy the map onto a 10 x 10 grid. Add somecharacters and describe their positions. Draw anddescribe a route from the wardrobe to Cair Paraval.
  11. 11. A Tabitha Mellor production