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  1. 1. The smiley face is in B3Draw a cross in B2Draw a circle in C3Draw a triangle in A1A B C123A B C D1234The smiley face is in B1It moves 2 squares rightIt moves 2 squares upIt moves 1 square leftWhere is it now?Now create your own set ofmoves and see if a partnercan follow them and end upin the right placeFollowing and Giving Instructions1234A B C D ETreasure Hunt - With a partner.Each person chooses a square tohide their treasure, don’t tell themwhere!Take it in turns to guess where it ishidden. Remember to mark off onyour square the ones you havechosen so that you don’t forget.First one to hit gold wins!
  2. 2. 123456A B C D E FThis is a game for 2 or 3players.You need 2 dice. One islabelled with letters.Throw both the dice.The dice will give you thecoordinates for a squareon your grid.Put a cross in that square.When you have 3 crossesin a row you have won.Dice Game