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Robert Peary By Cri5st!/-\N


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Robert Peary By Cri5st!/-\N

  1. 1. Robert Peary Cristian Palomares English per. 2 11/7/13
  2. 2. Biography  Born on a date  Place were he was born  When he died
  3. 3. Assertion  Robert Peary is a significant explorer because he made important contributions in the field of exploration
  4. 4. Evidence #1  “On December 15, Peary was declared the first to reach the North Pole.”
  5. 5. Explanation #1  Peary and his expedition team was in competition with Cooke to be recognized as the first to arrive at the North Pole. After investigation, Peary was given that honor. Being the first to the North pole is proof Peary was an important explorer.
  6. 6. Evidence #2  “Peary and Bartlett were awarded gold medals by the National Geographic society.”
  7. 7. Explanation #2  Peary was given this award because he was the first to the North Pole. This supports the claim that he had an important on exploration
  8. 8. Evidence #3 “
  9. 9. Explanation #3  In my own words...
  10. 10. Conclusion  In Conclusion…  Restate the assertion  Opinion  Summarize evidence