School to work transition


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School to work transition

  1. 1. School to work transition Prepared by Woroud Ahdali . . 05 August 13 One Insight Into “the school to work transition”
  2. 2. School to work transition With more youth ending up as unemployed and with the success of innovators like Steve Jobs (who dropped out of school) it’s becoming important to rethink our educational systems and working environments (whole and in detail) positively so we could transit our universal knowledge and values into new higher potentials and have more fun working together making positive impact on our lives and others… Prepared by Woroud Ahdali . . 05 August 13 One Insight Into “the school to work transition”
  3. 3. I made the interview in Arabic due to my stakeholder’s choice. I created several mind maps of the interview in order to transparently translate it and to address the words fairly they’re summarized through the interview illustration In visuals you’d see greys for presenting purposes only.. Kindly note that I couldn’t view any of the Prezi visuals due to technical problems. Time wise I was not lucky solving them. I Hope you would enjoy the presentation and kindly would consider feedback School to work transition . . 05 August 13 Presentation Walkthrough
  4. 4. School to work transition . . 05 August 13 Interview
  5. 5. Empathy Map School to work transition . . 05 August 13
  6. 6. Problem Statement I planned to interview several people (Unemployed, employed, teacher and an investor) yet I could only interview one. A Professional Journalist, finished graduate, postgraduate studies and trainings; an enthusiast, youth leader, social media addict, family committed with great wit and a currents employee at Yahoo. I did not lead the conversation in anyway, I spoke of the subject "school to work transition" I asked him to consider it as a play and freely tackle the issue from any perspective. It was not a common interview to me I tried to really look at it through his lenses whether I do agree with it or do not. I tried to see it through his lenses visually though moderate maps Crafting the problem statement was not easy for me so I plan to practice it more frequent. School to work transition . . 05 August 13
  7. 7. Problem Statement Our schools and society needs to develop an entire new mindset to meet the demands of contemporary jobs due to the great challenges and changes of our lives today. Which is a better investment in our future. It starts with shifting central focus from grading to young people (human centered) and regard them as potential learners not mere mechanical elements in linear processes nor people living in a loop that would eventually make them settle for anything in order to get a job and continue through an already made life cycle. Examples for rethinking Education value education for knowledge not grades + rethink the taught curriculum, communication and class configuration (learning environment design) + allow personal growth and interactive communication. School to work transition . . 05 August 13
  8. 8. Thank You Kindly do feedback =) submitted by Woroud Ahdali . . 05 August 13