Adobe soundbooth cs4 [mac] [old version]


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Adobe soundbooth cs4 [mac] [old version]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Adobe Soundbooth CS4 [Mac] [OLDVERSION]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating4.0 out of 5Product FeatureRecord high-quality mono or stereo audio files, andqwork on more than one file at a time. Match thevolume levels within a single clip or for multipleaudio filesUse sample-accurate tools to cut, copy, paste,qfade, and stretch audio assets; intuitive on-cliptools make common edits instant, and visualfeedback keeps you informed at every stepJump directly into Soundbooth from within AdobeqFlash CS4 Professional, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4,or Adobe After Effects CS4 software; the ASNDdocument can be easily shared with FlashProfessional, Adobe Premiere Pro, and After EffectsAccess product-related news and tutorials usingqthe Resource Central panel; jump-start projectswith Soundbooth Scores and sound effects offeredonlineUse powerful, sample-accurate tools to quicklyqclean up and refine your audio assets; intuitiveon-clip tools make common edits remarkably easy,and visual feedback keeps you informed at alltimesRead moreqProduct DescriptionSOUNDBOOTH CS4 2 MAC 1U Read moreProduct DescriptionAdobe Soundbooth CS4 software gives web designers and developers, video editors, motion graphics artists,and other creative professionals the tools to create and edit audio in film, video, FLV and SWF files, and othercreative projects. Make short work of everyday audio needs with a smooth workflow that features task-basedtools and tight integration with Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premium and Web Premium software.
  2. 2. Multitrack support lets you quickly assemble all your audio elements, and save them as an Adobe SoundDocument (ASND) file that can be shared with Adobe Flash CS4 Professional, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, andAdobe After Effects CS4 software. Click to enlarge.Create and edit audio with easeRecording and mixing audio clipsRecord high-quality mono or stereo audio files, and work on more than one file at a time. Match the volumelevels within a single clip or for multiple audio files.Audio editingUse sample-accurate tools to cut, copy, paste, fade, and stretch audio assets. Intuitive on-clip tools makecommon edits instant, and visual feedback keeps you informed at every step.Adobe Creative Suite integration and workflowJump directly into Soundbooth from within Adobe Flash CS4 Professional, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, or AdobeAfter Effects. The ASND document can be easily shared with Flash Professional, Adobe Premiere Pro, and AfterEffects.Soundbooth Scores and sound effects via Resource CentralAccess product-related news and tutorials using the Resource Central panel. Jump-start projects withSoundbooth Scores and sound effects offered online.Fast audio cleanupUse powerful, sample-accurate tools to cut, copy, paste, fade, and stretch audio assets. Intuitive on-clip toolsmake common edits remarkably easy, and visual feedback keeps you informed at every step.Improved Soundbooth Score workflowEasily locate and preview Soundbooth Scores in Resource Central. Select a Soundbooth Score, and customize itto match your project. Combine, mix, or match multiple scores on a single track or on multiple tracks.
  3. 3. A wide variety of new features in Adobe Soundbooth CS4 complements an extensive array of on-clip,sample-accurate controls tailored to the needs of visual professionals. Click to enlarge.You can take snapshots of your work at any point; if you make a change you dont like, you can revert to anyprevious snapshot at any time. Click to enlarge.Drag and drop files into the Match Volume panel and have them automatically set to a specific volume level orreference file volume. Results are displayed in a separate pop-up dialog box (inset). Click to enlarge.
  4. 4. Send your audio files to Soundbooth from Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 or Adobe Flash CS4 Professional using the EditIn Adobe Soundbooth command. Click to enlarge.Visual tools for healing soundUse tools like those in Adobe Photoshop software to visually identify, select, and remove individual sounds froma revealing spectral display of your waveform.High-quality audio effectsEnjoy a library of audio filters to help you achieve your own sound, including reverb, echo, EQ, time and pitchstretch, distortion, chorus, and more. Combine effects to individualize your sound using the Effects Rack.Fast mastering and vocal improvementUse streamlined mastering tools to polish your audio files, clarify vocals, and give them punch.Looping toolsCreate loops more easily with automatic beat detection. You can adjust the in and out points by individualbeats and adjust the minimum and maximum frequency, as well as the beat detection sensitivity.Top new features of Adobe Soundbooth CS4Adobe Soundbooth CS4 includes more capabilities and more audio content, giving you greater flexibility inediting and enhancing audio for your projects. The following are the top new features in Adobe Soundbooth CS4.Multitrack supportSound for visuals usually comprises a variety of different elementsÑdialogue tracks give voice to actors,animated characters, and featured talent; voice-overs supply narrative context; sound effects and ambientsounds create atmosphere and aural depth cues; and music provides emotional cues. The ability to work withmultiple audio tracksÑthe new feature most requested by Adobe Soundbooth CS3 usersÑgives you the powerto assemble all the elements of a complex soundtrack into a final audio mixdown.New Adobe Sound DocumentThe new Adobe Sound Document (ASND) file format enables nondestructive audio editing, so you can alwaysreturn to the original source files. The ASND document can be easily shared with Adobe Flash CS4 Professional,Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, and Adobe After Effects CS4.Automatic volume matchingEqualizing volume levels within a specific file can be a challenge. In interviews, for example, sometimes
  5. 5. speakers voices are captured at different volume levels. The equalize-volume feature in Adobe SoundboothCS4 can correct this kind of problem with a single click. You can also use the new volume-matchingfunctionality to quickly match the volume of multiple clips to each other or to a single reference volume level.Volume keyframingVolume keyframing lets you adjust the volume of your dialogue and sound-effects tracks or adjust the volumeof your audio over time. The volume keyframing feature is especially useful when you create podcasts.Soundbooth lets you record directly into a track, duck vocals, improve the quality and sound of your voice, andadd sound effects.MP3 compression previewWhen you want to output work in MP3 format, the MP3 compression preview allows you to preview the soundquality at whatever bit rate you select and see the consequent file size before saving. As a result, you can savetime and increase efficiency by previewing sound quality before you commit to specific compression settings toachieve the results you want.Improved integration with other Creative Suite 4 softwareConvenient roundtrip editing saves you time. Now you can use the Edit In Adobe Soundbooth command fromwithin Adobe Flash CS4 Professional, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, or Adobe After Effects CS4 to send assetsdirectly to Soundbooth, where you can clean up or enhance your audio. After your edits are complete, the filesautomatically update in the timeline or project window of your Adobe Flash CS4 Professional, Adobe PremierePro CS4 or Adobe After Effects CS4 project.Adobe Dynamic Link workflowsWhen Soundbooth is installed as a component of Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premium, you can savetime when opening Adobe After Effects CS4 compositions or Adobe Premiere Pro sequences directly inSoundbooth by using the innovative Adobe Dynamic Link. Dynamic Link eliminates the need for intermediaterendering by creating a direct link between new or existing assets in select Adobe Creative Suite 4 ProductionPremium components. Any changes made in one application are quickly reflected in the other.Improved editing capabilitiesSoundbooth provides instant cut, copy, and paste functions as well as on-clip editing tools such as trim, fade,and volume control. With just one click, you can fix, boost, or otherwise modify audio assets to better meet theneeds of your production. You can even stretch audio assets to match the length of your scene. Improvedspectral editing lets you edit your audio visually.Looping tool enhancementsLooping enhancements in Adobe Soundbooth CS4 increase your creative options and save you time. Automaticbeat detection makes it even easier to create seamless loops: Beats are displayed as orange lines, and you canadjust the in and out points by individual beats until you get a loop you like.Looping enhancements in Adobe Soundbooth CS4 increase your creative options and save you time.
  6. 6. Use the Scores panel to browse and preview an extensive assortment of customizable music, sorted by genre.Click to enlarge.With Speech Search, text extracted from dialogue tracks is searchable, editable, and exportable. The textmaintains timecode accuracy, so selecting a word (above) causes the CTI to jump to that portion of the clip(right). Click to enlarge.Additional Soundbooth Scores and improved workflowYou dont need a recording studio or a computer loaded with specialized music software to create soundtracksfor your projects when you can jump-start your audio efforts with customizable, pre-existing contentconveniently accessible in Soundbooth. Free Soundbooth Scores are available online through Resource Central,and you can also purchase additional Soundbooth Score bundles through Resource Central (Internet connectionrequired).In Adobe Soundbooth CS4, you can use multiple scores in a multitrack environment, which also allows you tolayer scores. You can also change the length of a score, the intensity, and the levels of various instrumentstomatch just the mood and pacing you want. Then place the music beneath a voice-over, add sound effects tobring impact to your visuals, and use Soundbooth to alter the tone and volume at various points based onwhats going on visually.Speech SearchUse New Speech Search technology in Adobe Soundbooth CS4 to turn spoken dialogue into text-basedmetadata that makes your video searchable. This new capability solves one of the biggest challenges in takingaudio and video online by automatically turning any spoken word into a keyword that points precisely to theplaces in a clip where the word is spoken. This unleashesconsiderable power, for post-production and Webprofessionals, and all of us who watch video online. During the editing process, creative professionals can useSpeech Search to quickly find the relevant points in a particular clip, or easily locate the right clip based onwhat gets said in it. Equally important, the time-accurate text that corresponds to spoken words is embeddedin the output you render from Adobe Soundbooth CS4, so your audio and video is searchable by other tools that
  7. 7. can read XMP metadata, such as search and indexing engines.Creative Pro Online ServicesConnect to the power of the online community through your creative desktop. New online services accessedfrom within Adobe Soundbooth CS4 let you search for help from the online community; share your screen withcolleagues or clients in a few quick clicks; get color inspiration from your peers; and more. With new onlineservices in Creative Suite 4, you can take your ideas to the next level.Adobe Resource CentralAccess product-related news and tutorials by using the Resource Central panel in Soundbooth. Jump-start youraudio projects with drag-and-drop efficiency using Soundbooth Scores and sound effects offered online.(Internet connection required. There are additional fees for some content accessed through Resource Central.)Adobe Community HelpGet the power of an online search engine within Soundbooth, but with more targeted results thanks to AdobeCommunity Help. Searchable content includes the in-depth, product-specific Help that Adobe has alwaysdelivered, plus additional Adobe and third-party content chosen by experts at Adobe and in the design andproduction communities. With Adobe Community Help, you can find the focused answers you need, fast. Useeither the search bar within Soundbooth CS4, or simply choose Help > Soundbooth Help. (Internet connectionrequired for extended content.)Part of the Adobe Creative Suite 4 familyAdobe Soundbooth CS4 is also available as the audio-editing and audio-creation component of Adobe CreativeSuite 4 Production Premium software and Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Premium software. The inclusion ofAdobe Soundbooth CS4 in these Creative Suite 4 editions brings enhanced audio editing and creation toAdobes well-integrated and intuitive creative environments for video and the web.Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premium combines the latest video, audio, and design tools from Adobe toprovide a complete pre- and post-production solution. This powerful Creative Suite 4 edition helps you delivercompelling stories on film, video, and disc, as well as online and on mobile devices.Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Premium is a complete solution for creating interactive websites, applications, userinterfaces, presentations, mobile device content, Adobe AIR applications, and other digital experiences. ThisCreative Suite 4 edition includes everything you need to prototype your project, design assets, build webexperiences, and efficiently maintain and update content.Adobe Soundbooth CS4 is also available as a component of Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection software,which includes all the components found in Production Premium, Web Premium, and Adobe Creative Suite 4Design Premium software. Read more