ZERO Fraud - ZERO Verification Overhead


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  • ZERO Fraud - ZERO Verification Overhead

    1. 1. WELCOME TOA Presentation by Pitney BowespbSecureTMSecured HR Documents + Instant ‘Issuer Independent’ Verification
    2. 2. May 6, 2013 PBI Internal use only 2letter
    3. 3. May 6, 2013 PBI Internal use only 3 According to a report 1 in 5CV’s are tampered HR experts feel 20% of the application received are suspect Attrition levels in the IT companies are at an average of 20% Top companies prepare thousands of documents in a year to process entry &exit of employees Document process consumes huge HR man hours Verification is time consuming and tediousSituation Today (Challenges)
    4. 4. Are you not concerned that,as an HR professionalYou & Your Resourcesare burdened withever increasing Verification RequestsOf employees who have since long, left your organization
    5. 5. As an HR professional, are you concerned thatAn employee trained by you might be leavingfor a better pay ONLY & ONLY becausethey got away by projecting IncorrectSalaries/Designations
    6. 6. May 6, 2013 PBI Internal use only 7
    7. 7. IntroducingpbSecureTMA World’s 1st in Securing HR DocumentsCONCLUSIVE SOLUTION forPreventing Fraud/Tampering of HR DocumentsLeading to ZeroVerification OverheadsAlready adopted byWIPRO & FADV
    8. 8. May 6, 2013 PBI Internal use only 9the SOLUTIONDocument Evidencing & Verification Solution
    9. 9. Enabling Securityof the Information/DataUnique | Inventive | Really Simplethe KEY to the SOLUTION is …Based on Pitney Bowes’Proven Core TechnologiespbSecureTM allows anentity to protect Digital orPhysical Asset/Dataat thePoint of OriginationBased on Pitney Bowes’Proven Core TechnologiespbSecureTM allows anentity to protect Digital orPhysical Asset/Dataat thePoint of Origination
    10. 10. May 6, 2013 PBI Internal use only 11Who are we?What Qualifies us to solve theproblem?
    11. 11. May 6, 2013 PBI Internal use only 12We are ‘THE’ Global Experts in Evidencing Secure TransactionspbSecure is built on Pitney Bowes’90+ Years Proven Platform
    12. 12. May 6, 2013 PBI Internal use only 13 Founded on April 23, 1920 by Arthur Pitney & Walter Bowes (First patent in 1902) $5.4B company, Stamford, Connecticut, USA, >28,000 employees (>100 countries) 2Million Customers in more than 130 Countries Listed on NYSE since 1950 Continuous member of the S&P 500 since 1957 (one of the other 87 existing) $25B - Securely Handle Government Revenue Globally … Every Year 107th in Software Magazine (2009) world’s 500 Largest Software & Service Providers $ 2B in acquisitions since 2000
    13. 13. 20pbSecureTM provides tamper-evidence capabilities for degree/diplomacertificates, stamp paper, tax collection, vouchers etc.EducationRecordsVerificationCitizenServices –BirthCertificates, Land Recordsetc.StampDuty andTaxCollectionHealthcare– SecurePrescriptionsSecureTrack/StoreLogisticsLawEnforc-ementVouchers /ID CardspbSecureTM secures physical and digital data and provide verification
    14. 14. 21Create secure HR documents in 3 easy steps – Step 1 – create thetemplateVariableData
    15. 15. 22Step 2 – upload data for processingColumn Headers matchVariable data names intemplate
    16. 16. 23Step 3 – Print or mail secured documentSecure Barcode contains all variable data &unique signature of your organization.Document cannot be tampered from this pointforward
    17. 17. 24Summary of solution benefits Data always resides within your organization and isnot stored/uploaded to a central repository Verification can be done independent of issuer –saves organizations time and effort Does not need network connectivity to either issueor verify the documents Copies of the document can be verified – originaldocument is not needed
    18. 18. 25pbSecure can be deployed as desktop – or standalone applicationHardwaredevice Secures data at source Can be used in an interactive or batch mode VAULT device provides the hardware for encryption Data once encrypted can be moved to any other storage repositoryXML toEncryptEncrypted XML
    19. 19. 26pbSecure can also be deployed as a web service (within theenterprise network)Hardwaredevice Secures data at source Can be deployed within the enterprise Integrates with existing enterprise applications and workflowspbSecureServerEnterpriseApplicationXML toEncryptEncrypted XML
    20. 20. 27Several modes for verification are available to suit theneeds of the ecosystemOffline Verification – can beaccomplished through the use of off-the-shelf scanners. Software providedby pbSecure integrates into existing ITsystems of the verifier.Online Verification – verification througha web-interface. Can be accomplishedwithout creating a centralized databaseto ensure privacy of customer dataMobile Verification – smartphonesbased on Blackberry, Andriod or iPhonecan download pbSecure App to verify
    21. 21. 28Exclusive & Patented
    22. 22. 29Every connection is a new opportunity™Every connection is a new opportunity™