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Lok sabha indian elections 2014 predictions


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India's most comprehensive Indian Elections 2014 prediction using Tarot card based techniques combined with astrology from WorldofPredictions

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Lok sabha indian elections 2014 predictions

  1. 1. WorldofPredictions approach to Risk minimizing Elections 2014 prediction
  2. 2. Hence for 470+ Lok Sabha seats prediction by Tarot modelling indicates NDA tally between 265- 280 when projected for 543 seats .This figure will be further refined on our blog
  3. 3. Read all the Predictions on WorldofPredictions @SujatKamal Humbling Thought on error free Predictions “Even God Cannot sink this Ship” said the Owner of Titanic before its maiden & tragic yoyage -1911-13 (Quoted in statistical Book on Shazam”