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5 UI Patents applications invented by John Knight, Germán León and Neil Clavin (check inventor list) for Vodafone. Patents relate to service provision, home page data streams, address book, contextual search and notification management.

All information is in the public domain and detailed information on each application can be found on www.epo.org.

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  • 5 mobile UI patent applications knight

    1. 1. 5 Mobile UI PatentsCreation of a Dynamic Contact List in which Contacts are Ordered Depending on their Relevance at a Point in TimeEurope Patent GB20090011082 20090626 Issued December 29, 2010Inventors: John KnightMethod, Search Platform and User Device for Generating Search SesultsEurope Patent Application EP 2128776 (A1 )Filed December 2, 2009Inventors: John Knight, Neil Clavin, German LeonMethod and Device for Providing Access to Data ItemsEurope Patent Application EP 2113829 (A1) Filed November 4, 2009Inventors: John Knight, Neil Clavin, Germán LeónAggregated Communications FilterEurope Patent Application EP2203023 (A1) Filed June 30, 2010Inventors: John KnightConfiguring Telecommunications Terminals to Use ServicesEurope Patent WO2009136194 (A2) Issued December 11, 2009Inventors: John Knight
    2. 2. Creation of a Dynamic Contact List in which Contacts are Ordered Depending on their Relevance at a Point in Time Noon Midnight Dawn Contacts Settings Contacts Settings Contacts Settings All Calls SMS Email IM SNS All Calls SMS Email IM SNS All Calls SMS Email IM SNS Noon Midnight 5.00 Gail Home Call Dad Home Call Colin Work Email Bill Work Email Bill Home Email Ted Flying Email Midnight Meri Driving Call Meri Home Call Dad Home Call Mia Work IM Mia Home IM Bill Home IM Helen Meeting Call Helen Home Call Meri Home Call Jack Home Call Gail Home Call Noon Mia Home Call Sis Driving Call Bill Home Call Helen Home SMS Tony Away Call 6am Meir Away Call Gail Home CallDynamic address book sorted for relevance from communication history and the cloud
    3. 3. Method device search platform and device for generating search results Personalisation settings Contextual, personalised search Search settings Use location filters Restaurant Search Use Web history filters Local results for Obersdorf Use calendar filters Use recommendations filters More Map Regular search settings Hotels Edit Restaurants Edit Preferred results in Berlin IT News Edit Trattoria Opens at 20:00 Call IT Jobs Edit Minim et retro cardigan master cleanse cosby More Pizza Express master Loyalty scheme Minim et retro cardigan cleanse cosby Call Search results Josephs Dave’s recommendation In real time Minim et retro cardigan master cleanse cosby Call Hourly Domino Pizza Minim et retro cardigan master cleanse cosby Call Daily All results More settings NextContextual and personalised searching using the cloud
    4. 4. Method and Device for Providing Access to Data Items Noon Midnight Dawn Search Search Search Noon Midnight 5.00 Midnight Noon 6am View View ViewDynamic aggregated data stream with timeline navigation
    5. 5. Aggregated Communications Filter Customisation wizard Home screen Add communication Noon Facebook Facebook 12 Andy 6 Match details........ Linkedin Karen 2 Tonight... Dave 1 Tonight... Email Calls Linkedin 78 Add more Capgemini 9 Match details........ UPA 7 Tonight... Add friends UX 6 Tonight... Andy Bev Email 45 Work Specification Dave 9 Sue 7 Meeting up Karen Ebay 1 Order details Add more Add times Calls 3 In real time Tim 1 Office Karen 1 Mobile Hourly John 1 Voicemail Daily Settings More settings 11.00am NextCross-channel and device notification management via the cloud
    6. 6. Configuring Communication Terminals to Use Services Set-up wizard Pre-provisioned service set-up Your services Service a settings Service a Account Service b User name pre-filled user name Service c Password ***************** Service d Device settings More services Setting a Popular services Setting b Service e Setting c Service f Setting d Default setting Service g Class of service settings Service i Setting e More services Services you might like Setting f Service j Tariff settings Service k Setting g Service l Setting h More services Next SaveCloud assisted service discovery and set-up