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Worldcom Public Relations Group presents "PR in 2012"


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Composed of 21 contributed articles from 20 Worldcom PR Group partners, “PR in 2012: Emerging tactics and trends from around the globe” provides valuable perspective and direction for your marketing strategy. This free e-book combines the collective savvy of leading PR agencies in business-to-business, consumer, crisis management, health care, public affairs and travel tourism.

“PR in 2012” answers the hard-hitting questions that global marketing and communications professionals are asking every day, including:

- “How do I translate social media measurements into ROI?”
- “How do I establish a foothold in an emerging market?”
- “What is gamification and how can I use it?”

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Worldcom Public Relations Group presents "PR in 2012"

  1. 1. PR2012:EMERGING INtactics andtrendsfrom aroundTHE GLOBE
  2. 2. TABLE of CONTENTSFOREWORD 4by Jay Baer | President, Convince & Convert | Co-author:The NOW Revolution - 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter, and More SocialMARKETING THE WALL STREET BRAND OF THE FUTURE 5Reshaping Communications in the Financial Sectorby Matthew Kirdahy | BlissPR | New York, NY | Chicago, ILENGAGING AUDIENCES THROUGH GAMING 7Creating Content to Facilitate Learning and Enhanced Recollectionby Sue Bohle | The Bohle Company | Santa Monica, CAEYEING LIFESTYLE DESIGN 9Offering Marketing Solutions for the New Central Hub: Homeby Amina Piciotti | CBO Communication By Objectives | Milan, ItalyMAINTAINING TRANSPARENCY IN WESTERN CANADA’S ENERGY 10AND NATURAL RESOURCES SECTOR Why Corporate Social Responsibility is the Way Forwardby Judi Gunter | Donoghue & Associates Inc. | Alberta, CanadaOFFERING FOOD FOR THOUGHT ON ALBERTA’S AGRICULTURAL OPPORTUNITIES 12What Niches Marketing Communications Should Tap Into in 2012by Judi Gunter | Donoghue & Associates Inc. | Alberta, CanadaPOSITIONING POLAND USING EVENT SYNERGY 14How Euro 2012 is Poised to Impact Travel and Tourismby Karolina Dzwonnik and Hubert Raczkowski | Glaubicz Garwolinska Consultants | Warsaw, PolandTAPPING INTO SOCIAL MEDIA 16How Strategic Customer Engagement is Shifting Gears in Germanyby Corinna Voss | HBI Helga Bailey GmbH | Munich, Germany
  3. 3. FOSTERING RECIPROCAL COMMUNICATIONS 18The Rise of Legitimacy Managementby Maarten Halsema | IvRM | Bussum, The NetherlandsTAPPING THE SOUTH AFRICAN CONSUMER MARKET 20Expert Takeaways on the Opportunity in Targeted Communicationsby Ruth Golembo | Lange 360 | Cape Town, South AfricaCREATING A NEW CUSTOMER SEGMENT FOR A CHANGING MARKETPLACE 22Adapting Travel and Tourism Marketing for Gen Yby Virginia M. Sheridan | M. Silver Associates, Inc. | Fort Lauderdale, FL | New York, NYSOCIAL SHOPPING 24How Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods Brands Can Take Advantage of and Thrive idn Online CommunitiesThough Marketing Integrationby Jessica Carlson | Off Madison Ave | Phoenix, AZCATCHING THE NEXT ECONOMIC WAVE 26Why Canada’s Pacific Coast Province is Uniquely Positioned to Ride out a Tough Global Economyby Norman Stowe | Pace Group | Vancouver, British ColumbiaSHOWING SOME COURAGE IN MANAGING METRICS 28Determining the Right Measurement Method to Deliver for Clientsby Matt Kucharski | Padilla Speer Beardsley | Minneapolis, MN | New York, NYSTEPPING UP IN CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY 30How the Mining and Resources Industry Can Cultivate Positivityby Douglas Pye | Phillips Group | Brisbane & Sydney, AustraliaGAINING INSIGHT INTO BRAZIL’S PROMISING MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES 32Valuable Insights from the Most Developed Latin American Economyby Angélica Consiglio | PLANIN | Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, BrazilMICROPOLITAN MARKETING 34Focused Regional Messaging in LAby Noemi Pollack | The Pollack PR Marketing Group | Los Angeles, CA
  4. 4. DIGITIZING BRAND REPUTATIONS 35Engaging Audiences Through Customization and Usabilityby Venceslava Drabkova | PRAM Consulting | Prague, Czech RepublicUSING COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE TO STAND OUT 36How Health Care Services Clients Are Benefittingby Dorothy Oliver Pirovano | Public Communications, Inc. | Chicago, ILRESCUING MARKETERS 37How the Recession-Proof Pet Industry is Turning Tablesby Monty Hagler | RLF Communications | Greensboro, NCPRE-LAUNCHING PRODUCTS WITH CONSUMER INTEGRATION 38Why Putting Your Customer Front and Center is a 2012 Imperativeby Julie Hall and Joan Schneider | Schneider Associates | Boston, MAOPTIMIZING MARKET PERFORMANCE VIA INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS 39How a Peer-To-Peer Model Drives Employee Engagementby Mike McDougall | Travers Collins | Buffalo, NY
  5. 5. FOREWORD: It used to be so simple. We knew what public relations was, for whom it was intended, and whether it was working. And then, the rules changed. In a world where information intermediaries are fading away and the news cycle has been replaced by an always-on, real-time torrent, the role of public relations and its practitioners must evolve alongside, and indeed it is. Whether it’s building online advocacy campaigns where the customers become the media, mining social chatter for business intelligence, crafting compelling multimedia to drive executive thought leadership, or managing minute-by-minute corporate presences and digital communities, “public relations” looks a lot different in 2012 than it did in 2010 - much less 1995. The skill sets are changing. The staffing patterns are changing. The commitment to integration is changing. The timelines are changing. And most definitely, the scoreboards are changing. It’s true there are PR practitioners who fight this change like walking uptown leaning into a squall. But increasingly, they are the exception. The smart players, the ones who will prosper amidst chaos, are the public relations professionals who see this bouillabaisse of change not as a threat, but as the greatest opportunity ever to expand the array and importance of the services provided by the industry. These are their stories. From Massachusetts to Manila, and from Louisiana to Lisbon, the partner agencies of the Worldcom PR Group are on the front lines of the public relations revolution. They are retooling and reinvigorating to meet the instantaneous communication and marketing challenges of a world that is faster and more interconnected than was even conceivable 20 years ago. Each has its own tale of how public relations is shifting, and the new and disparate roles they are playing to help their clients shape the present. From around the globe, these are the Emerging Tactics and Trends of PR in 2012. Enjoy!Jay Baer | President, Convince & Convert | Co-author:The NOW Revolution - 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter, and More Social 4
  6. 6. MARKETING THE WALL STREET BRAND OF THE FUTURE RESHAPING COMMUNICATIONS IN THE FINANCIAL SECTOR by Matthew Kirdahy | BlissPR | New York, NY | Chicago, ILThe future isn’t social media. The future is all media.Yes, that means you too, Wall Street. TRADITIONAL MEDIA:The channel agnosticism conversation is happening now and in 2012 it On Saturday morning, a sophisticated investor reads Barron’s forwill reshape communications strategies in the financial world. The thrust breakfast and sees an in-depth profile of a winning money manager. Onof the concept is simple. Dispense a message using all vehicles at our Monday, he calls his financial planner and they discuss parking some cashdisposal to reach key constituents. Whether the impetus is to garner with that manager.loyalty, draw new customers or create brand awareness, the approachremains the same. SOCIAL MEDIA:Let’s look at two real examples that worked in 2011: A financial planner tweets a link to his white paper about what the 2012 presidential election means for a retirement portfolio. A retiree reads the piece and starts rethinking her retirement strategy. What did we accomplish here? In effect, we took incremental and studied steps to build a financial business and a leading voice in the community. We did it the old-fashioned way (newspaper) and the new-age way (social) with sensitivity to the rules that many investment experts believe keep their hands tied. In most cases, it’s important to employ these tactics and others. 5
  7. 7. Some financial firms already employ these tactics.The largest brands were first to this party. Yet, many players are reticent to take the leap.Here’s how to formulate the game plan for the next 12 months:PLAN AND ATTACK. STICK WITH WHAT WORKS.Establish a core message that is palatable across all mediums. Some Have respect for and experiment with all channels, but uselanguage may have to be adjusted accordingly, but the overarching only those necessary to meet the business’ marketing andtheme is constant. What’s the reasoning behind attacking on all communications goals. No one ever said a Google+ page and amedia fronts? This is not PR for PR’s sake. Identify what will help build Twitter handle were essential (and they never will). Manage theyour business and then fish where the fish are. approach as carefully and closely as the dissemination to avoid unwieldy communication across multiple channels. So, to those of you in the world of high finance, bulls and bears alike, this is the basis“WHEN” IS AS IMPORTANT AS “WHERE.” for your marketing and communications plan of tomorrow. Bear in mind, the process is constantly evolving – which is as exciting as itData collection and management are at the foundation of any can be challenging, because this is how your business will remainsuccessful plan. When is the best time for the business to host relevant. Finally, know above all else that this business relevance willa blog, tweet or appear on TV? When are your key constituents require an understanding not just of social media, but of all media.paying the most attention? Afford the business time to experimentwith diverse tactics to establish the ideal approach as it pertainsto timing and where those messages are placed, be it on Twitter,television or in the newspaper. 6
  8. 8. ENGAGING AUDIENCES THROUGH Creating Content to Facilitate Learning and Enhanced Recollection by Sue Bohle | The Bohle Company | Santa Monica, CA GAMING But you might be called about:Sooner or later, you are going to get a call about promoting a game. A Facebook game, where the target audience is women or teens,Everybody is playing them, from toddlers to retirees, and they might and the best activity to reach them is through social media or anot even know it. It’s not just about games as leisure entertainment. charity tie-in.Game mechanics are being incorporated into all kinds of products An educational game or app for children – possibly played on thethat will be put in front of our noses, from children’s homework iPhone, iPad and/or Android. Mobile games are white hot. A wholeto bank promotions. Why? Because research is showing game-like host of sites have sprung up where you can get those reviewed.activity engages the participant, facilitates learning and increasesabsorption of the content. A game that teaches consumers about the environment, global warming or endangered species.Jumping into traditional games – “World of Warcraft”, “Madden NFL”, A dentist with a game that helps kids learn why it’s important to“Assassin’s Creed” or one of the other multi-million dollar games brush their teeth.for the so-called “hardcore” MMO (Massively Multiplayer OnlineGame), FPS (First-Person Shooter) or RTS (Real-Time Strategy) An instructional product for emergency medical personnel that usesplayer – might be a little too deep of a dive. You would need to learn game play to help them learn the best choices in variousan entirely new vocabulary (as evidenced in the last sentence) and dire situations.create a media list from scratch, since the majority of reviewers are A game developed by a software company to help you learn hownot listed in any directory. (Refer them to us!) their new product works. An advertising agency that wants you to promote the innovative ads the creative team has developed for a customer. 7
  9. 9. Games save money over face-to-face training and the audience prefersthe interaction. Plus, they provide a 24/7 opportunity for learning andrisk-taking (making bold choices; sometimes being told they chose awrong answer) in a safe environment. Every type of organization isjumping in.It will still require a different type of PR or promotional activity thanyou are used to, but the process can be exhilarating and game industrygrowth is not going to slow down. Video games for the entertainment Where should you look for the opportunity? All aroundmarket have surpassed Hollywood films and games that are designed you. Starting at the top, companies like IBM and CISCO haveto teach or train participants rather than simply entertain them, are embraced games as key tools in their business and marketingalready a multi-billion dollar market in themselves. strategy. Fortune 1000 companies will follow. Medical institutions are using games to teach everything from surgery to nursing skills. And if you want a guiding hand on your first venture, we’re here to partner with you. 8
  10. 10. EYEING Offering Marketing Solutions for the New Central Hub: Home LIFESTYLE DESIGN by Amina Piciotti | CBO Communication By Objectives | Milan, ItalyFar from dead, Italian design is more alive than ever and indeed “is a Willingness to invest in homes and thus on their livability is comparablestrategic sector, especially in this time of crisis.” According to a recent only to the desire to take care of one’s own well-being. Frequentingsurvey by ADI, the Italian companies that have grown in recent years spas, wellness salons and gyms has become very popular and creating(despite the global financial crisis) are those who have called on design, personal home spas or fitness areas is a possibility that many take into“understood not as a brand, but as a process that involves not only consideration to cut costs. Exercise machines, whirlpool bathtubsinnovative products but also services, materials, a whole project.” and small appliances for personal care products are sold by non-foodThis is the opinion of Luisa Bocchietto, architect and president of the retailers in large quantities.Industrial Design Association. Finally, Expo 2015 is approaching and will be full of a variety of events.What we expect in 2012 is a blossoming of design projects in different It is an important opportunity for territorial marketing, in whichareas of business. Design is an overused term but it is also a concept, Italian companies will proactively promote the excellence of Italiana way of thinking and a symbol of innovation in the present and future design and products. But, as with all other events in our country, itof our economy. Lifestyle design represents a specific growth area in will also provide a marketing opportunity for international companieswhich Italian and international companies are moving toward very fast. already competing in our market, to enhance visibility and businessFunctionality and aesthetic in furniture stands for more than purpose, opportunities. CBO has extensive experience in these areas and isit represents how to differentiate among competitors in the market. ready to help companies to participate and play an important role in these areas.On the other side, end users are dealing with a severe crisis and aremuch more interested in staying at home, in a comfortable house, evenif it is small. Interior design and furniture are growing as topics to chatwith family and friends about – more than technology or fashion, butstill less than football, as always! 9
  11. 11. MAINTAINING TRANSPARENCYIN WESTERN CANADA’SENERGY AND NATURAL RESOURCES SECTORWhy Corporate Social Responsibility is the Way Forwardby Judi Gunter | Donoghue & Associates Inc. | Alberta, CanadaOne of the biggest marketing opportunities in Western Canadain 2012, and beyond, is to help clients in the energy and naturalresources sector obtain and retain their “social license to operate”.Companies are struggling with ways to reduce their capital costsand increase access to raw materials. Nevertheless, societydemands them to not only act in a socially responsible way but tobe transparent about their actions.There is ample evidence that a failure to obtain and maintain a“social license” leads to trouble for the proponents of a project.For example, a pipeline deemed crucial to the Canadian province ofAlberta’s economic growth is in limbo partly because the companybegan to obtain right-of-way easements before it had reason tobelieve it would get the “go ahead.” Landowners balked. They didn’tsee any benefit. The company threatened. The pipeline proponentsseverely underestimated the strength and determination of contrary The Dutch have articulated the opportunity in Western Canadastakeholders to withhold public support. where companies are responding to the global appetite for energy.This idea of “social license” resonates with a new discipline which Our counselling services must begin much earlier than at the pointWorldcom PR Group partner, IvRM in The Netherlands, recently where clients are thinking about applying for regulatory approval.introduced. Dubbed “legitimacy management”, this firm believes Long before clients meet the regulators, they need help to identifywe can help organizations to improve acceptance, appreciation and and meaningfully engage with individuals and special interest groupstrust among stakeholders by combining several communication and that are going to be directly or indirectly affected, or who thinkstrategic services. they might be. 10
  12. 12. Companies in mining, forestry, oil and gas and other formsof energy provide abundant opportunities to public relationsfirms to help them gain and maintain their “social license.”Some of the ways public relations can help include:Partnerships and ally developmentCommunity relationsReputation managementStakeholder outreach and engagementPerception researchPublic information and educationSocial mediaMedia relationsHelping clients in the energy and natural resources sector inWestern Canada to obtain and retain their “social license tooperate” presents a major marketing opportunity for PR firmsat the cutting edge of communications and strategy. 11
  13. 13. OFFERING FOOD FOR THOUGHT ON ALBERTA’S AGRICULTURAL OPPORTUNITIES What Niches Marketing Communications Should Tap Into in 2012 by Judi Gunter | Donoghue & Associates Inc. | Alberta, CanadaA recent outlook by Alberta journalist Bill Mah pointed to possibleopportunities for management and communications professionalsspecializing in agriculture here in the Canadian province of Alberta Here are some niches where ‘MarCom’ dollars could be well-spent:in 2012. Arising from the “slow food” movement,The world population recently logged its seven billionth mouth to farmers are tapping into expansion of domestic consumption.feed. People must eat. In India and China, a rising middle class isbroadening its diet to include more protein and imported foods.Also, as meat demand increases, feed grain prices rise. Biofuels and bio-materials innovations are giving producers other revenue streams for their products andFarmers and ranchers coming into the business now are becoming waste materials in the future.highly sophisticated in marketing and business. This is good news forfirms in the field of advertising and public relations. New companies are helping to diversify the industry with a value-added side to the agri-food industry.Perhaps budgets in the marketing communications field will grow alongwith their clients’ acumen and optimism for our agricultural future. 12
  14. 14. Mah and others point out that with our aging workforce onour farms and ranches, attracting marketing and business savvypeople and keeping them on the land is increasingly difficultagainst the higher wages offered by the energy sector.However, labour shortages often drive greater budgets andstronger programs for internal communications, recruitment andcommunity relations.Other worries do tend to put the brakes onto overly optimisticforecasts for new business opportunities.Here are some of them:The Eurozone crisis is causing huge swings in commodity prices.Could China’s economic bubble burst?Our loonie, while at or near parity with the U.S. dollar, makes itharder to export into the United States. 13
  15. 15. POSITIONINGPOLANDHow Euro 2012 is Poised to Impact Travel and Tourism USING EVENT SYNERGYby Karolina Dzwonnik and Hubert Raczkowski | Glaubicz Garwolinska Consultants | Warsaw, Poland The biggest challenge Poland has, in the organizational, logistic and The promotion of cities on the Internet seems obvious. It is an marketing arena, is the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship effect of common belief that if something is not on the Web, it (Euro 2012). The activities of the Polish government, public does not exist in the real world at all. In this context, organizations institutions and private companies focus on this oncoming event. have started to take care of Poland’s image in the virtual realm. Euro 2012 gives Poland the opportunity to promote the country and The most popular tools online are social networks (in Poland they strengthen its position in the international arena. are Facebook, YouTube and Blip, the Polish equivalent to Twitter). Organizations and companies constantly update their presences and Euro 2012 will be not only be a time of intensified work, but also try to engage users. Another popular tool is using videos to promote of increased incomes for Polish entrepreneurs. They will have to Poland, its historical buildings and tourist sites and attractions. The use the championship as a promotional tool to position Poland as videos are widely commented on by the media and thanks to buzz a country worth returning to in the future. It is estimated that in marketing - forwarded among Internet users, including foreigners. the culminating moment of the event, the number of visitors might Many Polish cities are even dedicating sections of their websites amount to millions of tourists. How do we make football fans notice to the football championships. Their sites also usually include city not only the games, but also the cultural resources of Poland? How guides, Polish Pass (a customizable 3-in-1 voucher covering: insurance, do we encourage the visitors to return after the championship? transport and accommodation), newsletters, galleries and tourist “must haves” (important addresses and contacts; FAQs; and football fan packs of information).
  16. 16. According to experts, because of Euro 2012, every year Poland is How are the private entrepreneurs preparing for Euro 2012? Firstestimated to garner nearly half a million tourists more than before. of all, they are investing in marketing and advertising activities,This will obviously increase the profits from tourism. Therefore, the producing new gadgets, introducing English versions of their websitesPolish Tourist Organization has been implementing a promotional and becoming more active on social networks. They also work tocampaign since June 2011, which aims to convince Europeans ensure (for example, through sponsoring) their company logos will bethat a trip to Poland will always be something more than a trivial visible to potential end users. Hotels, carriers and service providersexperience. All of the promotional activities in the project are are increasing their resources, improving their logistical processesfocused on emphasizing innovation and breaking presumptions and or investing in language courses for their employees in order to – instereotypes. The campaign uses typical promotional tools (television, the name of the slogan – “build Poland’s future together.” For smallpress, outdoor), communication and PR activities, focusing on companies, the logo of Euro 2012 on their products is a chance tocooperation with the media and for the first time – build awareness in their respective markets. For big companies, italso with bloggers. is an opportunity to strengthen their market positions. Activities and relationships developed during preparation for Euro 2012 will definitely bring positive results in the future. The Polish Tourist Organization has already started planning another promotional campaign under the motto, “Come back after Euro, you haven’t seen it all!”
  17. 17. TAPPING INTOSOCIAL MEDIAHow Strategic Customer Engagement is Shifting Gears in Germany by Corinna Voss | HBI Helga Bailey GmbH | Munich, Germany In Germany, social media activities are on an upswing: According to Eurostat, Germany maintained seventh position in the European Internet usage ranking. 80 percent of the people between 16 and 74 in Germany are online and 76 percent of the German Internet users are registered on a social network. According to Magazin Germany, Facebook already has over 19 million German users – almost one quarter of the general population. A survey conducted by the Allensbach Institute for Public Opinion Research in 2011 revealed that a great number of people in Germany are using the Internet to obtain information on products. 16
  18. 18. Of the 9,043 people questioned, 52 percent read test reports, 49 percent gained information through reviews and comments, 43 percentlooked up company websites and 22 percent informed themselves via forums and blogs. Many consumers declared that they are fans orfollowers of companies and brands. 56.9 percent have had a closer look at a product because of the like button. 37 percent have even boughtsomething. As the amount of Germans using social networks increases, it is advisable to adapt direct marketing methods. The implementationof a functioning communication platform is essential for a successful customer engagement strategy. The following identifies how to maintainan up-to-date communication channel: 1 2 3First, set up a database to sort customer Furthermore, these platforms offer the In conclusion, the implementationleads by relevance according to business possibility to interact in real-time with of social media strategy will becomesector and corresponding clients. Once clients and potential customers. Aside essential for successful lead generationready, we can consider the most adequate from accumulating valuable data, social in 2012 and certainly be one of the mainway to maintain intensive contact and media platforms also offer the possibility growth opportunities in Germany. In theaddress each target person individually to consequently influence public U.S., this development is already moreregarding their personal preferences. To opinion. The most important means of advanced. Germany as “slow adopters”save time and money this data can be communication to implement and to has just started implementing andexported from the growing number of influence opinion are blogs. Blogs are using these new tools. Many Germansocial media platforms. Several blogs on especially useful because they can easily companies still have a lot of questionsthe specific topic or Facebook page, for be monitored and the messaging can be and concerns regarding social media. HBI,administrators, could serve as starting delivered exactly the way clients want to a Worldcom Partner public relationspoints to gain useful information from fan have their topics presented. agency, can help to develop a strategy.profiles in order to draw a clearer view ofthe target group. 17
  19. 19. FOSTERING A growing number of organizations are wrestling with the fundamental question of whether or not they are still relevant to their customers and to society.RECIPR CAL The question for the future is not “how do you become the best,” but rather,COMMUNICATIONS “why does your organization matter?” Aside from their reputations, organizations have to focus more on their relevance. This requires a different design of strategies and The Rise of Legitimacy Management policies for marketing and communications. by Maarten Halsema | IvRM | Bussum, The Netherlands Channel-DrivenLack of Relevance Communications OpportunityThe question today is how organizations At the moment many organizations focus Many organizations know by now thatcan enhance their relevance for customers, on channel-driven communications in they no longer have sole control of theirprospects and other stakeholders, but also order to strengthen their own position. success. However they are still not acting onfor society. A lack of relevance or value Without a strategy in place, increasing it. De Legitimiteit Groep (The Legitimacyis the main cause of the difficult position online and social media activities and making Group), in which IvRM Communications ismany organizations are currently in. As they huge investments in marketing campaigns a partner, sees this as a great opportunitystruggle to demonstrate their relevance and are often a bad choice. Channel-driven to introduce a new discipline: Legitimacyvalue, many products, services and messages communication too often leads to no Management. With Legitimacy Management,are difficult to sell. Often, organizations are more than a forced dialogue of pushed De Legitimiteit Groep helps organizationsoverdoing it to win the customer and are messaging. It does not necessarily reflect improve the acceptance, appreciationlosing control of their image. This common the perceptions and interests of the target and trust among their stakeholders, byerror makes organizations vulnerable in audiences. Especially when the company reciprocity in actions and communications.their perceived reputations. does not live up to brand statement Legitimacy Management combines services promises, the risk of reputation damage can on the cutting edge of communications and be considerable. strategy, such as corporate positioning, public affairs consultancy, stakeholder management, editorial marketing and social media management. 18
  20. 20. Expert Takeaways The Answer is ReciprocityBerlinda Harkink, director of De Legitimiteit Groep and an expert in In the end there is only one good answer to the questions, “What isreputation management, suggests the following measures to enhance the solution for relevance, trust and enhanced value and with what canthe relevance of your organization: an organization enhance their social capital and thereby their financial capital?” The answer is reciprocity: connecting with the interests,Claim a relevant issue (social) to which you want to connect as an views and goals of stakeholders and taking these into account inorganization. Make it small, especially if you only have a few resources. strategy and policy. Of course, organizations must also enhance their reputation, but that only works if it is reciprocal. With LegitimacyMake sure the theme fits your brand positioning and identity. Management De Legitimiteit Groep has developed a structured and result-oriented approach for this.Immerse yourself in the interests and views of your stakeholders (notjust your clients or your investors.) Use secondary research, socialmedia monitoring and stakeholder research.Regularly initiate a dialogue with your stakeholders and look at thebest ways to reach them (e.g., through social media, direct contactor influencers).Take the views of your opponents very seriously,Look very critically at the nature and frequency of your communication, especially when it is channel-driven communication.But foremost, listening is more important than hearing yourself talk! 19
  21. 21. TAPPING THE SOUTH AFRICAN CONSUMER MARKET Expert Takeaways on the Opportunity in Targeted Communications by Ruth Golembo | Lange 360 | Cape Town, South AfricaHARNESSING TECHNOLOGY IN SOUTHERN AFRICA over 82 percent (collective average) in the past 20 years. AndSouthern Africa’s time is now. The global economic crisis and the South Africans have leapfrogged into the 21st century throughEurozone meltdown have refocused the world’s sights on the region technology (92.1 percent mobile penetration versus fixed linein a way similar to the business euphoria which followed the release of only 9.1 percent). There is a huge opportunity to make up forof Nelson Mandela and the country’s first democratic election more the gap in communications created by the country’s isolation andthan a decade and a half ago. economic sanctions during the apartheid era. Improved and targeted communications are required to change perceptions, drive sales andThere is huge - and growing - consumer demand in Africa. The South deliver growth.African economy grew its GDP by 4.9 percent over the past 10 yearsand the National Monetary Fund forecasts predict Africa will account South African consumers are ahead of Japan (0.71 percent),for 61 percent of global growth over the next three years. By 2020, Philippines (0.64 percent) and China (0.49 percent) in terms of digitalAfrica alone will account for $1.4 trillion in consumer spending. But, communications via Twitter, at 0.85 percent of total global use. Andin order to unlock Africa’s (and especially Southern Africa’s) massive we have 4.4 million Internet users despite being perceived as a Thirdbusiness potential for brands, good strategic communications World economy.are essential. THE OPPORTUNITY EXPANDED –WHAT CLIENTS ARE MISSING: FOLLOW THE MONEYTHE GOLDEN AGE OF THE EMPOWERED South African consumers have money and there is pent-up demandCONSUMER IN SOUTHERN AFRICA for global products. Our commodities lead the world. South Africa is first in platinum output, second in palladium output, third in goldUnlike the rest of the world where print media is shrinking, print output, sixth in coal output and ninth in wool output (accordingand digital channels in South Africa have grown dramatically by 20
  22. 22. to The Economist). South African banks are second in the world for Digital connectivity has become the golden thread ofsoundness (Global Competitiveness Report 2011/12) and the South communications. We have already seen how the world’sAfrican rand was the second best-performing currency against the previously “voiceless” have been empowered throughU.S. dollar from 2007 to 2011 (according to Bloomberg’s Currency technology. This decade has already been dubbed the GoldenScorecard). South Africa’s stock exchange is the largest in Africa, Age of the empowered consumer by PricewaterhouseCoopers16th in market cap and 19th in largest gains (The Economist). South in its annual forecast of media and advertising. AstuteAfrica sold $1.8 billion worth of new cars to the U.S. in 2010 and car businesses need to know how best to harness the groundswellsales are projected to grow by 10 percent in 2011 to 460,000 units of connectivity to ensure their products, brands andwith brands including: Ford, GM, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and VWSA. corporations get the best advantage.South Africa was also the first ever African host for the FIFA SoccerWorld Cup.SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY – EXPERT TAKEAWAYSThe largest challenge is access to cheap, effective communicationschannels. Broadband and fixed line telephony is very expensive andlimited. Postal services and even access to print media and televisionis limited because of the size of the continent, lack of infrastructure inrural areas and challenges around literacy.THIS CHALLENGE HAS BECOME THE BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY FOR: FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: First National Bank has created its own channel to consumers by providing free cellphones to empower consumers to use cellphone banking (and choose its banking services over others). In the high wealth market, one private banking group has provided free iPads as a direct connection to its customers. RETAILERS: Retail loyalty is being won not only by price but, as in the case of PEP Stores, by providing free texting service between customers on its own short messaging service. CONNECTIVITY: Many businesses that enjoy steady foot traffic are now providing Wi-Fi services (either free or subscribed) as a value-add for their customers. These businesses usually include coffee shops like vida e caffè, restaurant chains, book stores and health clubs like Virgin Active.
  23. 23. CREATING A NEW CUSTOMER SEGMENT FOR A CHANGING MARKETPLACEAdapting Travel and Tourism Marketing for Gen Yby Virginia M. Sheridan | M. Silver Associates, Inc. | Fort Lauderdale, FL | New York, NYIn the travel and tourism sector, generally known as the hospitalityindustry, the biggest marketing opportunity, by necessity, is attracting anew generation of traveler. The huge and highly attractive baby boomermarket is aging out and with roughly 10,000 people a day turning 65years old. This group is increasingly scaling down on the frequent,worldwide and once arduous travel they once so thoroughly enjoyed.The much talked about Gen X and Y are an attractive replacementmarket – across all geographic and demographic levels – especiallyconsidering that Gen Yers will become the largest consuming generationin history. While attractive, they are very different from boomers andrequire new approaches to customer cultivation and development. Incontrast to the open-mindedness and brand loyalty of the boomer,Gen X and Y audiences are more demanding and opinionated, lessloyal, and more cynical and skeptical of traditions and institutions. Theyput a premium on truth, make decisions based on word-of-mouthrecommendations and have a global awareness of environmental andgeo-political issues that shape decision making. They are more intoexperimentation and “authentic” experiences than their parents andrequire higher-than-average service levels and customization. 22
  24. 24. While still influenced by some traditional media, especially television Tips to maximize marketing to the “Next Gen” traveler:and specialized magazines, Gen X and Y get their informationfrom the Internet as well as from trusted friends, celebrities and Have a strong Internet presence across multiple channels ofother notable influencers. They regularly check rating sites and distribution and communicationreviews, especially those that let them connect with friends, andwant apps that help them find the right restaurants, shopping and Promote authentic experiences – customized and localizedattractions tailored to their interests. Impatient by nature, they wantinformation quickly dispensed and primarily delivered by Focus on customer relationships, manage customer perceptions andelectronic means. share information with employees and customer advocates to create product “ambassadors”When marketing to these new, younger audiences, best practicesshow that the route to successful customer development is a Interact with customers, including purchasing, via mobile devicescareful application of the three “M”s of specialized communications:audience-specific messaging, motivation and methodology. Use testimonials and create credible peer influencer programs Broaden the value proposition – good pricing is essential, but luxury perks can impress and close the deal for the Gen X and Y market Monitor your online presence for mentions and reviews to correct missteps, provide service fixes or make amends Surprise customers with instant rewards and stay in regular, but tempered contact Highlight your company’s community activism, environmental initiatives, corporate social responsibility and philanthropy Develop ways for customers to “get involved” through volunteerism and give back programs 23
  25. 25. SOCIAL SHOPPINGHow Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods Brands Can Take Advantage ofand Thrive in Online Communities Through Marketing Integrationby Jessica Carlson | Off Madison Ave | Phoenix, AZAccording to Forrester Research, e-commerce is quickly By taking small steps, you can glean key learnings to guide moreapproaching $200 billion dollars in revenue in the United States in-depth integration. For example, with our client, Bar-S Foods, wealone. While that attributes to just a paltry 8 percent of all U.S. were able to create more buzz around their brand by integratingretail sales, imagine what retail – both e-commerce and brick and email marketing and social media efforts. By placing an offer thatmortar – would look like when fully integrated with social media, was exclusive to the social media community, and promotingallowing brands to leverage millions of over-sharing, word-of- it to the e-newsletter subscribers before the fans, we weremouth-spreading, savvy-shopping digerati. able to convert thousands of subscribers, which translated to an increase of 55 percent in fan base, and allowedIn marketing via social media, there’s still an inclination to either the brand to further their relationship with theseoversell or completely undersell. The top social brands in the retail consumers.and consumer packaged goods industries have learned to createa balance between the two, but also integrate their marketing In learning that Bar-S Foods’ email subscribers will connect withefforts to maximize results and create more buzz around these the brand in other channels when incentivized – and that theinitiatives by leveraging social media platforms carrot doesn’t need to be huge – will help us determine how theyand tools. can ensure that larger integrations are effective and successful. RCE IS E-COMME ING PPROACH QUICKLY A N LIO $200 BIL IN S DOLLAR THE E IN REVENUES ALONE. T TA 24 UNITED S
  26. 26. SO, HOW CAN RETAIL AND CPG BRANDS GET STARTED?1 TAKE SMALL STEPS TO INTEGRATING. Similar to the Bar-S Foods example, by integrating social media in your other marketing initiatives, you can expand your reach. 3 PLAN FOR LARGER-SCALE AMALGAMATIONS. After integrating marketing efforts, retail and CPG brands can take their business to the next level by looking at how they can Leveraging on-site interactions, website visits and paid media to combine the physical and digital worlds, while leveraging the thoughtfully direct users to connect in social media will not only inherent benefits of both. Not sure what that would look like? help build relationships in the present, but will aid in increasing ModCloth has a wonderful marketing initiative on their site the effectiveness of future, larger-scale integrations. called “Be the Buyer,” where users select the clothing they’d like to see available on the online boutique. Piggybacking off what2 they’ve done, other brands could implement similar programs CREATE A BALANCE IN CONTENT. on Facebook, leveraging the platform’s functionality to grow fan Similar to awareness-focused advertising, marketing on social bases by encouraging fans to invite their own friends. For example, networks is more about priming your audience to make the when a fan votes on a product they’d like to see a retail or CPG appropriate connections themselves – but you will see the results company introduce, they could receive a prompt of “Invite your from sprinkling in a harder sell increase as your audience becomes friends who have just as great taste as you do to vote for your more engaged and loyal. Taking those key messages from your pick,” inciting the organic growth of the outpost. When certain other marketing initiatives and distilling them into content that’s products are selected, they can be highlighted in the brick and more engaging and entertaining will ensure that the integration mortar location, such as a user-selected dress being showcased between the two won’t fall flat in social media communities. on a mannequin in a department store, and include an explanation that the Facebook fans selected the item and a prompt to like the brand on Facebook to help make future selections. 25
  27. 27. CATCHING THE NEXT ECONOMIC WAVE Why Canada’s Pacific Coast Province is Uniquely Positioned to Ride Out a Tough Global Economy by Norman Stowe | Pace Group | Vancouver, British ColumbiaAs Canada’s Pacific province, British Columbia, with its abundance of Having benefitted from the international attention it garnered duringnatural resources, proximity to Asian and American markets, well- the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and witheducated talent pool, and arguably the most stable and secure banking shipping lanes that lead directly from its west coast ports to majorsystem in the world today, is ready to ride out the current economic Asian economies such as China, India, Japan and South Korea - Britishstorm and come out even stronger when it’s over. Columbia’s economy and people have the resiliency and resources to catch the next economic wave.Since becoming a Canadian province in 1871, British Columbia – thesize of England, France and Germany combined (or Washington, We’re known for our forests in British Columbia, as well as ourOregon and California combined if you’re from the U.S.) – has always rugged landscapes and scenery - but most of all, we’re known asbeen a trading economy. As a result, we have always looked outward one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Tourism is one offor our success, and have, over the years, made sure our trading eggs our biggest and best industries, and to capitalize on the worldwidearen’t in one basket. exposure British Columbia received during the 2010 Winter Games, the province has launched a new tourism marketing strategy. It takesAdd that historical perspective to our vibrant and growing aim at well-established markets such as California, Japan, Southmulticultural society, with strong connections to Asia, Europe and Korea, Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom, as well asSouth America, and you get a better understanding of how British countries with growing tourism potential like China, India and Mexico.Columbia can work its way through the current worldwide economic crisis. 26
  28. 28. For a decade, tourism in British Columbia grew more rapidly than and India. British Columbia is also seeking foreign investment, and isthe rest of the province’s economy, despite a challenging global positioning itself as a prime destination for international students andeconomic climate. Tourism in British Columbia employs a workforce talent.of more than 127,000 people, and the new tourism strategy isaimed at achieving annual sector revenues of $18 billion by 2016, or With its entrepreneurial spirit, exceptional mix of urban and ruggedabout five percent growth per year. The strategy brings together natural landscapes, well-trained workforce, excellent educationgovernment, industry stakeholders and communities to work as a and technology facilities, strategic Asia-Pacific location and warm,team in: bringing more visitors, generating increased revenues and safe welcome for its visitors, British Columbia can count on a widecreating jobs. spectrum of diversified economic and marketing opportunities now and in the years ahead.With 13 ski resorts – many of them open all four seasons forsummer activities like mountain biking and hiking – British Columbia For British Columbians, on the far western side of Canada, optimismalso intends to become known as North America’s number one starts right here at home. After all, with an economic platformmountain destination. Whistler-Blackcomb is consistently rated as that’s built on stability, talent and education, unparalleled resourcethe number one ski resort on the continent, and the 2010 Winter strength and a financial system that’s second to none in the world,Games served to further showcase British Columbia’s numerous we have every reason to believe that we can not only weather thewinter activities, ranging from skiing and snowboarding, to heli-skiing current storm, but that we can also prosper in the process.and snowshoeing.The other major marketing opportunity up our sleeve is rampingup the export of British Columbia products and services, for whichthere is growing demand, especially in Asia. Quite simply, BritishColumbia has what the world wants, in abundance. When it comesto natural resources, we’re among the biggest of big box stores.Whether it’s oil, gas, coal, minerals, wood or any number of othernatural resources, British Columbia has it all.In addition, British Columbia companies involved in mining,forestry, oil, liquefied natural gas, seafood, film and motion pictures,technology and research will all benefit from world demand for ourcommodities – in turn creating new jobs and opportunities. BritishColumbia will also be able to attract more business by building onits longstanding cultural and business ties with countries like China 27
  29. 29. SHOWING SOME COURAGE IN MANAGING METRICS by Matt Kucharski | Padilla Speer Beardsley | Minneapolis, MN | New York, NY With several major international public relations associations drafting andDetermining the Right Measurement Method adopting the Barcelona Principles of Measurement, there’s renewed interest to Deliver for Clients in the topic of measurement and metrics in communications programs.Fight or Flight? The Measurement ZooWhen someone asks for program metrics, it’s usually either fight or You need to avoid the wild animals in the zoo.flight. The “fight” happens when the communications professionallaunches into a litany of reasons why the program can’t be measured. There’s the HIPPO Method. That’s measurement based on theThe “flight” is when we run back to our offices to try to come up Highest Paid Person’s Objectives. There’s the Monkey See, Monkeywith some type of graph or pie chart. It’s up to us as professionals to Count method. That’s when we run off and measure everything thatengage in a constructive conversation about what can – and should – can be measured because there are really cool tools out there tobe measured within a program. do it. There’s the Penguin method. That’s where every tactic in a program is measured in the same way. Our industry used to do thisWe’re really measuring value – not ROI. Value has three dimensions. a lot when we calculated the “advertising value equivalency” of aThere’s monetary value – how many dollars did I invest, and how published story and tried to convince senior leadership that the one-many dollars did I earn? There’s also utility. Does this method line mention in the story was as valuable as taking out a full-page better than other methods? And there’s a third dimension Finally, there’s the T-Rex Method (hey, my zoo can have a T-Rex if I– reputation. Sometimes we choose an approach because it says want it to). That’s when the measurement becomes so all-consumingsomething about us – and about our brands – even though on paper that it devours your entire budget. Measurement itself requiresit might be a more expensive or expansive option. investment – in both time and money – so make sure to keep your perspective. 28
  30. 30. The Three O’sAt Padilla Speer Beardsley, we start with the premise thatmeasurement in and of itself is a good thing both for us and for theclients. Then we use the “Three O’s” to frame up the conversation. O utputs – this is the most basic form of measurement, and everything we do can be evaluated at this level. In essence, it’s what we produced and how we did in producing it. Was it on time? On budget? On message? Adhering to corporate standards? Yes, I know this is pretty basic, but for some programs, this can point out inefficiencies that need to be addressed. O uttakes – one level up in sophistication, outtakes focus on who was reached versus what was produced. What’s the circulation on that article? How many people viewed that Web page? Who downloaded the video? What was the attendance at our event? We’re getting more and more sophisticated at measuring at the outtakes level, but we need to realize that “reaching someone” is rarely the end goal. O utcomes – clearly the most sophisticated form of measurement. Here we’re looking at what behaviors changed as a result of our efforts. Who voted? Who purchased? Who stopped protesting? Who called their legislator?Outcomes-based measurement is the Holy Grail in communications,and it’s within reach. But getting there requires three criticalelements: research, clear objectives and measurement of programsvs. tactics.There’s never been a better time to commit to programmeasurement. Our internal and external clients demand it, theindustry is adopting reasonable and consistent standards and thetools are there for us to do it effectively. 29
  31. 31. STEPPING UP INCORPORATE SOCIALRESPONSIBILITYHow the Mining and Resources Industry Corporate Social ResponsibilityCan Cultivate Positivity These factors increase the need for mining and resources companies to boost their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) presence inby Douglas Pye | Phillips Group | Brisbane & Sydney, Australia 2012, moving from risk mitigation to proactive relationship building, by developing positive links with the communities they work in.In recent years, the mining and resources industry has played a By doing this, companies have a strategic opportunity to gain realmajor role in the business growth and development of Australia; value from giving back to their local communities because it’s thethrough export income and business wealth generation. As the right thing to do. This could be implemented through a number ofworld’s largest exporter of coal and ranked globally in the top three ways, such as minimizing environmental impacts, launching a roadproducers of alumina, bauxite, iron ore, lead, nickel, tantalum and safety campaign or boosting youth education and job opportunitieszinc, this boom has increased job growth in regional and remote in remote areas.areas across Australia. It has also created mass infrastructuredevelopment, land resumption and environmental strains. To address the issues and challenges the sector is facing, organizations should consider an integrated campaign which positions the company as socially responsible; in turn generating community awareness and triggering behavioral response. This behavioral call-to-action is one of the most crucial elements to deepen the level of engagement between the organization and the community and translate a campaign into a meaningful connection. Essentially, it communicates authenticity to stakeholders, ensuring the most crucial intangible element of the organization – reputation – is protected into the future. 30
  32. 32. Government RelationsEach organization has differing needs and expectations when There are local communities in regional and remote Australiaexploring or undertaking CSR campaigns, but fundamentally any currently benefitting from the mining and resources boom. Theseexercise considered must: townships have a monopoly of the mining-generated wealth. However, a great majority of nearby towns are struggling to stayAlign with the organization’s brand afloat. These local governments need assistance to bridge the gap between the burgeoning job market and the mining and resourcesBe an extension of the organization’s core values industry.Demonstrate full transparency to stakeholders Communication consultancies can help to bridge the gap and realize full strategic possibilities of this previously untapped market. TheseNot be seen as a means of ‘taking’ surrounding communities have the means to offer workers a great lifestyle in a lush rural community, including: shorter travel time toBe able to show a clear and demonstrable benefit to the cause work for the fly-in-fly-out staff, lower rent and house prices and friendly communities for young families to grow. Local governmentsMust achieve measurable benefit to the organization, both internally need assistance to address these issues and educate not only theas well as to external stakeholders mining and resource organizations of what they have to offer but also the burgeoning workforce. 31
  33. 33. GAINING INSIGHT INTO BRAZIL’S PROMISINGMARKETING OPPORTUNITIES Valuable Insights from the Most Developed Latin American Economy by Angélica Consiglio | PLANIN | Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil Brazil is one of the most important countries in the world and one Brazil has a new and positive scenario for the first time in its life that offers more business opportunities to foreign companies. Brazil because the country will host the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 is the fifth largest country in the world both in area and population Olympics. This will be an unprecedented chance to promote the (190 million). It is a multicultural democracy, one of the largest Brazilian brand and ensure a legacy of economic and social benefits. economies in the world and an increasingly important player in the Brazil plans to use the Olympics as an economic platform to attract international scenario. Brazil has been gradually taking the role of different businesses and investments that surprisingly can go way a regional power, being involved in missions of peace, mediating beyond the sporting events. The public and private sectors are conflicts in Latin America, and struggling to have a place in the investing in infrastructure, overall in the expansions of ports and United Nations Security Council. Today, Brazil has the eighth largest highways. This shall increase significantly in the next few years. economy in the world and the most developed economy in Today, the industry — from automobiles, steel and petrochemicals Latin America. to computers, aircraft, and consumer durables — accounts for 30.8 percent of the gross domestic product. Industry, which is often A number of economic reforms conducted during the ‘90s resulted technologically advanced, is highly concentrated in the metropolitan in the partial opening of the Brazilian economy and helped in areas of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. leveraging the domestic market and controlling inflation. The fundamentals of such reforms were kept in place during President Brazil is one of the most attractive countries for foreign investors. Lula’s mandate (2003-2010), and this ensured the country maintained Also, Brazil has been considered the “country of the future” because an economic stability that it had never experienced before. Today of its geographical size, growing population and abundant resources, the country has a woman as president and Dilma Rousseff is both it is rapidly becoming one of the world’s economic powerhouses. head of state and head of government. Brazil controls a great deal of the world’s most basic resources. 32
  34. 34. It has the largest farmable area in the world (22 percent of theterritory), 33 percent of the planet’s forests, and 15 percent of theworld’s potable water. It is the world’s largest producer of coffee,oranges, and sugar-cane; second largest of manioc, beans, soy, beefand chicken; third largest of refined sugar and corn; and ranks in thetop ten in the production of grains, cocoa, eggs, pork, cotton andrice.Aside from the local issues with education and infrastructures, Brazilis one of the main worldwide social media users. The country hasmore than 80 million Web users and half of them access Facebook,meaning Brazil has the sixth highest Facebook adoption-rateworldwide. Also, Brazilians make up the majority of Twitter users inthe Latin America region and has more than one cellphoneper habitant. Today, a very representative number of companies are investing incommunications to position their brands and products in the market.We are seeing a new movement and new opportunities. Improvingthe income of Brazilians has increased the potential consumptionof the C and D classes, which already represent a market of $460billion. Young people represent, according to research from aconsulting firm, around $55 billion. And for every $100 in goods soldin the retail market, $40 is from products purchased by women.These emerging consumers already own 69 percent of credit cardsand consume 75 percent of everything sold in supermarkets.So, Brazil is a new world of possibilities but to be successful it isimportant to have the local touch, know the market andspeak Portuguese. 33
  35. 35. MICROPOLITAN MARKETINGby Noemi Pollack | The Pollack PR Marketing Group | Los Angeles, CA Focused Regional Messaging in LACalifornia has always been known as the essence of entrepreneurial may not work five miles down the road. Language innuendos andspirit and, in particular, Los Angeles has certainly always celebrated cultural differences need to be understood and addressed in everynew ideas, new ventures and offered opportunities for businesses communication tactic. Regional media outlets engage in myriad waysto flourish. Notwithstanding today’s state budgetary issues, the and it falls to the responsibility of the communications professionalscity, renowned as the creative capital of the world (entertainment to find the means, style and tone in which to reachindustry), is still the largest manufacturing center in the United States and manage them. It is really about niche regional, one of the world’s busiest ports, a major financial and bankingcenter, a biotechnology nucleus and the largest retail market in the The fact that LA is the nation’s largest port in terms of value ofUnited States. It is a landscape of diversity, a melting pot if you will, goods handled and tonnage, together with its proximity to the majorand it commands an understanding of its diversity. Pacific manufacturing nations—Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan, presents advantages. Other prominent industries in the Los AngelesThe last few years have witnessed major economic expansions. By all area include health services, education, high-technology researchaccounts, what was considered the traditional three-tiered economy and development, professional fields such as architecture andin Los Angeles (aerospace, entertainment, and tourism), has now engineering, and a large construction business, both commercial andbecome a more multi-tiered economic engine that focuses on trade residential. Los Angeles sits on the cutting edge of change. It setsand shipping, tourism, manufacturing, biotechnology and, of course, the stage for other regions to replicate. Mining the communicationentertainment. opportunities to reach vast audiences in this multifaceted business landscape, demands from communications professionalsThe communication challenge lies in understanding that the LA sophisticated resources and skills to navigate the most complex“sprawl” has sprouted a series of “micropolitan” centers (as opposed communication tools. Marketing in Los Angeles is like marketingto a metropolitan center), each with its own needs, wants and across several countries – without the borders.opportunities. Communication tactics that work in one center
  36. 36. DIGITIZING BRAND REPUTATIONS Engaging Audiences Through Customization and Usability by Venceslava Drabkova | PRAM Consulting | Prague, Czech RepublicToday we are surrounded by an overwhelming amount of information While, it may seem counterintuitive to embrace both negative andand advertisements. The range of available products and services positive comments, we see a big marketing opportunity in 2012 foris ever-widening. More and more we see the reality of the popular companies enhancing and monitoring their reputation by engaging“poster effect”, which emphasizes that because of advertising’s with customers online. As audience preferences continue trendingubiquity, people notice it less and less. We see a chance to break towards customized engagement rather than mass messaging, keythrough the noise by offering product customization and subsequently messaging should always maintain a customer-centric focus. Aembracing product reviews. With the integration of product recently popular social media tactic is providing users with toolsreviews in the equation, the reputation of companies becomes that give them the opportunity to participate in the customization ofmore important than ever. In the digital space, the public opinion products. We’ve found this tactic to garner engagement and overallof companies can change within minutes, even after many years of success in brand reputation.a great brand reputation. So how can companies build, develop andprotect their reputation in 2012 with a solid digital strategy? Tactics like these are changing interactions with their key audiences, but the company mustn’t forget that the public should always bePeople want quality and reliability in the products or services able to evaluate products and get the opinion of impartial experts.available to them – especially with more expensive ones. Because Companies and top public relations firms alike should thereforepurchasing decisions are heavily influenced by a quick online search, develop relationships with bloggers and other online opinion leaders.companies should own a share of voice in the digital space. One It’s particularly useful to monitor their observations and reviews –great potential for marketing agencies is to assist target audiences in especially those which could make an impact on the reputation of thefinding their products by delivering easily navigable sites that provide company. They collectively provide a listening tool that should provethe most important data and unique selling points in easily digestible, crucial for planning and decision-making.bulleted lists. Customers also want immediate answers to questionsabout products or services and they want to get a professional and The reputation of a company is associated with a number of factors,impartial opinion from experts in the field. Therefore, it is beneficial both in the physical and digital realms. We see an opportunityto build a presence on social media platforms and in doing so, to enhance customer relationships online with customized keyapproach each platform with planning and strategy that delivers a mix messaging and product planning. In establishing those relationships,of easy-to-find information and access to objective public opinion. companies gain substantial monitoring data that will prove actionable in the maintenance of their brand reputation. 35
  37. 37. USINGCOMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE TO STAND OUT How Health Care Services Clients Are Benefitting by Dorothy Oliver Pirovano | Public Communications, Inc. | Chicago, ILIt’s as though a “quiet period” Even small providers stand out in the silent The efforts can be very simple. market if they direct their marketing dollarshas overtaken the health care to lower cost-higher yield tactics. Take A blood center can draw in donors onservices market. what might be devoted to a very modest practically a moment’s notice if it starts advertising campaign and redirect it to collecting cellphone numbers and textsWhether it’s a group of blood centers, measurable public relations tactics: when spaces are available at blood drives.pharmacies, home care providers or publichealth agencies, the depressed economy Media outreach that results in long, detailed A webinar by a home care provider,has shut down much of the marketing of articles in traditional media promoted through senior residences orthese critical organizations to consumers. activity centers, gives important informationInsurance providers and many hospitals and Social media platforms that generate while drawing potential systems have remained vocal as they engagement from an audience interested inpromote a Medigap plan or long-term care what you have to say A non-commercial, sponsored video withpolicy; a new cancer center or a women and healthy living information directed peoplechildren health service – but many other “Informal” video and audio podcasts that can suffering from a chronic condition andservice providers have greatly reduced be posted in multiple venues distributed through advocacy organizationstheir outreach. can reach an audience interested in services. Highly targeted events that may not drawThe silence of competitors provides large numbers of attendees but draw theterrific opportunities for those who do “right” ones – the ones that matter Take advantage of the silence in yourstep up. We’ve launched many a marketing marketplace with well-directed, cost-communications program on the back of a effective and measurable communicationscompetitive analysis that showed little in the programs. Tapping a market that isn’t hearingway of promotions under way by others in much from your competitors gives you a loudthe field. share-of-voice with an attentive audience. 36
  38. 38. RESCUING MARKE ERS How the Recession-Proof Pet Industry is Turning Tables by Monty Hagler | RLF Communications | Greensboro, NCOver the years, pets have moved from the barn, to the yard, to the bed. Many in the U.S. consider their pet a member of the family, and theydemonstrate it by opening their wallets and purses. In a recent survey, nearly 70 percent of U.S. pet owners polled said they would spend anyamount to save their pet’s life, evidence of their inclination to invest in their four-legged family members. During the recession, Americansslashed discretionary spending in many areas—but not on their pets.While pet owners are willing to indulge, they aren’t on a shopping spree. It’s not “If you build it, they will buy.” Their purchases of productsand services are largely influenced by those they consider reputable in the pet arena: veterinary staff, qualified pet experts, breed specialists,and the like. Clients who tap into this sphere of influence in marketing and their products or services stand a much better chance at success.And the market is broad, covering every aspect of a pet’s life from food, training, bedding, grooming to veterinary care. No one consultancyoffers marketing, PR and/or advertising expertise across this broad market, except perhaps for the Worldcom Pet Partnership spearheadedby RLF Communications. More than 15 partner agencies with broad, deep experience in nearly every area of pet care stand ready to workseamlessly and effectively with pet-related businesses.According to the American Pet Products Association, U.S. pet owners will have spent a record $50 billion on their animals in 2011. Spendingin the pet economy has grown every year since 2001 and only once by less than five percent annually in the past ten years. Pet ownershipcontinues to increase; currently, about two in every three U.S. households has at least one pet. Given expected continued improvement inthe economy, the stage is set for pets to be a solid business opportunity in 2012 for smart marketers supported by able consultants like theWorldcom Pet Partnership. 37
  39. 39. PRE-LAUNCHINGPRODUCTS CONSUMER INTEGRATION WITHWhy Putting Your Customer Front and Center is a 2012 Imperativeby Julie Hall and Joan Schneider | Schneider Associates | Boston, MALaunching a new product or service in the age of social media isn’t easy. The Stage-Gate Solution Brand managers can profit from adapting Dr. Robert Cooper’sAs product launch specialists, we know that now it’s harder than Stage-Gate approach to developing new products and initiatives byever to get your customer’s attention, and their dollars. But as incorporating customer input:more people embrace social media, brands have an opportunity todeepen customer relationships, drive loyalty and increase purchases. In the Preliminary Investigation phase, consider and identify what yourExtending relationships with and among customers is the new norm. customers really need. Why do they choose your products and brandIt’s time to explore collaborative marketing and messaging with over others? What would they change?customers—and brands working together to find the right words andactions to motivate consumers to try and buy new products. For the Detailed Investigation phase, consider starting a beta program to test your product or services with a few core customers, secureConsumer integration in action feedback and use their input to refine your product.Several brands are using customer integration in developing newservices and products. New Balance customers helped design their The Development phase provides the opportunity to craft yourMinimus running shoe line. Baskin-Robbins crowdsourced the creation messaging with input from customers. What are they saying aboutof a new ice cream flavor. Mountain Dew’s Dewmocracy campaign your brand, product or service? What do they want to hear?called on customers to advocate and gather votes for their favoritediscontinued flavors. In the Testing and Validation phase, introduce the redesigned product to the customers who provided feedback.Getting engaged During the Manufacturing Production phase, provide your employeesBy involving customers before making product development and with the training and tools they need to become ambassadors for themanagement decisions, brands can acquire new customers and get launch.existing customers excited before product even hits the shelf, leadingto robust initial sales. What’s better than that? In the Market Launch phase, involve the customers with whom you initially recruited to create the launch marketing strategy. 38
  40. 40. MARKET PERFORMANCE via INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONSHow a Peer-To-Peer Model Drives Employee Engagementby Mike McDougall | Travers Collins | Buffalo, NYOrganizations seeking to improve their market positionstypically begin searching for external solutions among customers,prospects, distributors, retailers and suppliers. They look to theircommunications and marketing teams to refine and amplify messages. Moving to a peer-to-peer model – one in which the company’sThey take another glance at burgeoning digital media efforts, perhaps communications professionals become the educators, evangelists,placing some additional budget allocation against promising programs. and mentors – presents myriad business advantages that can driveThat’s expected and most certainly fair. measurable market impact. Information moves more quickly among teams and individuals, creating a more nimble culture that can rapidlySome companies, though, are tapping into a method often hidden adapt to changing conditions. Strategic concepts are given addedin plain sight: reinvigorating and sometimes reinventing their context by those in the trenches, helping promote understandinginternal communications function to better align employees against of how business decisions will directly affect employees if executedthe challenges at hand. This goes beyond refreshing an internal as planned. Feedback originates from all levels, bringing to light newnewsletter, placing some lipstick on the intranet site or increasing viewpoints and potentially game-changing innovation. Collaborationthe frequency of senior leadership messages to their teams. Savvy reaches new heights, especially among groups once separated byexecutive teams are developing and executing plans to deploy peer- power silos that were deemed impenetrable. Combined, theseto-peer communications skills – and instill the desire to use them – benefits tap the knowledge of the entire organization to form new,across all levels of the company. powerful insights on a more frequent basis.Doesn’t this amount to a decentralization of the employee Establishing a differentiated internal communications model isn’tcommunications infrastructure? In many ways, yes. The peer-to-peer easy. It isn’t immediate. And it isn’t always fun, at least duringmodel is what our associates are experiencing every day beyond the early stages. But the peer-to-peer construct is the future ofthe office, through increased personal use of digital media – social how companies will develop and nurture optimum organizationalsites, blog posting and commenting and even that old killer app called performance that translates into market success. What we give upemail. Unfortunately, in the corporate setting, there continues to be in control we’ll more than earn back in engaged and empoweredan over-reliance on messages emanating from the center. employees across the enterprise. 39
  41. 41.