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Top 5 attractions in Puerto Rico


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There are some wonderful things to see and do in Puerto Rico.
Take a peek at the awesome things to do in Puerto Rico

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Top 5 attractions in Puerto Rico

  1. 1. Top 5 attractionsin Puerto Rico
  2. 2. Spenda day walking around OldSan Juan
  3. 3. Castillo deSan FellipedelMorro was builtto protect San Juan
  4. 4. ElYunge The onlyU.Slisted tropical forest
  5. 5. Camuy Caves 3rd largestin theworld
  6. 6. TheViequesBiobay– visit ViequesIsland and glow in the dark
  7. 7. For details onthese destinations please check the linkbelow Discover the best Puerto Rico attractions