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PowerPoint presentation from World Bank eLibrary webinar. Please download for full presentation notes and script.

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E library get_the_most-sw

  1. 1. Get the Most Out of Your eLibrary Subscription Presenters: Devika Levy Shana Wagger November 29, 2012
  2. 2. Today’s Objectives Introduce you to eLibrary if you are not a subscriber Show you how to get the most of our your subscription if you area subscriber Understand the breadth and depth of our content so it is widelyused by your researchers Show you some of the special tools and features eLibrary offerssubscribers Give you an idea of the changes coming with the new version ofeLibrary
  3. 3. What is the World Bank?An International Financial Institution: Comprised of 187 member countries Offers low- or no-interest loans (credits) and grants to low-income countries Sponsors development projects and economic and sector workA Knowledge Bank: Conducts economic research and data collection on developing countries. Disseminates knowledge in order to solve development issues and promoteeconomic growth. Our mission is simple: Help reduce poverty.
  4. 4. The World Bank eLibrary elibrary.worldbank.org Added-value, subscription-based website focused on theunique needs of institutional andcorporatelibraries, researchers, and theacademic communityContains all World Bankpublished books, journals andworking papers Offers many time-saving toolsand conveniences for librariansand researchers
  5. 5. What Subjects Does eLibrary Cover? Agriculture & Rural Development  Infrastructure Economics & Finance Communities & Human Settlements  International Economics Conflict & Development  Macroeconomics & Economic Growth Education  Policy, Law & Development Energy  Poverty Reduction Environment, Climate Change &  Public & Private Sector DevelopmentNatural Disasters  Science & Technology Development Finance & Financial SectorDevelopment  Social Development Gender  Social Protections & Labor Governance  Transportation Health, Nutrition & Population  Urban Development Trade & Industry  Water & Natural Resources Information & Communication  Water Supply & SanitationTechnologies  World Bank
  6. 6. Annual Flagship Publications
  7. 7. Climate Change & Natural Disasters
  8. 8. Economics & Debt Crisis
  9. 9. Creative Commons Attribution License Applies to all World Banksolely-copyrighted content (mostcontent in eLibrary) As long as The World Bank islisted as the source, it can beused, re-used, and re-distributedwithout rights fees or furtherpermission. More information andattribution samples in Terms ofUse
  10. 10. Conveniences for Researchers & Librarians
  11. 11. Search within Results
  12. 12. Search within Results
  13. 13. More Features Coming in 2013 XML-based, allows search and access to content at a more granular level (e.g., by chapter) New features: - Improved search and browse (e.g. faceted search & browses, new browse by country…) - Mobile Access - Ability to create “custom ebooks” for course packs - Improved citation and reference tools New Content: - Integration of World Bank data More at www.worldbank.org/elibrary/updates
  14. 14. Tools for Administrators COUNTER-compliant usage reports (plus SUSHI reports forconsortia) Downloadable metadata and MARC records for easier indexingand cataloging Athens and Shibboleth authentication Institutional branding on the eLibrary home page Update your IPs Inbound Open URLs
  15. 15. For Librarians Tab Sign up for New MARC Record Alerts Download MARC Records & Metadata Monthly
  16. 16. eLibrary Indexed inMajor Search and Discovery Services
  17. 17. Subscriptions Institutional subscriptions only Subscription cycle: Typically calendar year; also offer or partial year ending Dec. 31 and rolling 12-month subscriptions Prices are based on total number of FTE / authorized users and institution type (e.g. non-profit, academic, corporate) Subscribe through:  The World Bank (onlineresources@worldbank.org)  Your preferred subscription agent  Library consortia
  18. 18. Wrap Up Most comprehensive and authoritative collection of publications and researchon international development and issues related to poverty reductionBroad scope of subjects and coverageOffers immediate access to WB journals (WB Research Observer and WBEconomic Review) and updated weekly with new content Saves valuable time by offering all formally published World Bank titles in oneconvenient cross-searchable database. Offers useful tools and features for short- and long-term research projects
  19. 19. Top 5 Reasons to Subscribe Research Tools • Designed for researchers and librarians BETTER SEARCH • Full text search, bookmarking, save search results, citationand Conveniences tools and much moreLibrary Integration • Free MARC records and alerts for subscribers • Downloadable metadata Tools • COUNTER-compliant reporting BETTER DISCOVERY Indexing and • Indexed in popular Search and Discovery services • Primo Central, Summon, Serial Solutions andDiscovery Services OCLC/WorldcatFull Collection with • Full collection since the 1990s FULL CONTENT SET • World Bank journal articles with no embargoes No Embargoes • Launching in June 2013 with even more features and A New eLIBRARY conveniences! NEW PLATFORM
  20. 20. Contact us for a free trial Devika Levy or Customer Service The World Bank Office of the Publisher: onlineresources@worldbank.org Phone +1-202-473-8597 Fax +1-202-522-2631 elibrary.worldbank.org
  21. 21. THANK YOU!