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World Startup Report is a social mission to document and connect the global startup community. Starting on 1/1/2013 - 9/30/2013, the World Startup Report will be traveling to 29 countries and 36 cities. Take a look at our mission & itinerary. Let us know if you are interested in meeting us!

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  • Hi guys and business ladies.
    Here is the exclusively review of bowies Hamburg World Start Up Report Meeting on the 25th July 2013!
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  • Any plans for South Africa?
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  • And Ecuador?? Why didn't add Ecuador into the Planification? Mj
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  • Job and Esther Technologies promotes start-ups. I have a team in Manila, Philippines to help organize the Manila, Philippines meet-up and activities.

    Please contact
    +63 9175225623
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  • Satrtupbootcamp Amsterdam & Startupbootcamp Global founders would like to participate or host an event. Drop me a mail on to discuss
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World Startup Report Overview

  1. Overview – vision – Destinations 1/1/2013 – 9/30/2013
  2. Might  not  be    “The next Facebookmight not come from Silicon Valley” - Bowei @ Lithuania 11/16/2012
  3. Is a social mission to…Document & ConnectDocument our world’s Identify and empower localstartup ecosystems through startup activists to becomea series of reports detailing the ambassadors of eachthe local culture, trends, key ecosystem. Leverage thisplayers and challenges. Share network of ambassadors tothese reports for free to help connect people tobenefit everyone in the each other and to theglobal startup community. global startup community.
  4. 01JAN - 07JAN !New Delhi, India! 08JAN - 18JAN !Bangalore, India! 18JAN - 24JAN !Mumbai, India! 25JAN - 01FEB !Melbourne, Australia! 01FEB - 06FEB !Sydney, Australia! 21FEB - 01MAR !Bogota, Colombia! 01MAR - 06MAR !Lima, Peru! 06MAR - 12MAR !Santiago, Chile! 12MAR - 18MAR !Buenos Aires, Argentina! 18MAR - 26MAR !Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! 26MAR - 01APR !Sao Paulo, Brazil! 03APR - 13APR !Manila, Philippines! 13APR - 19APR !Yangon, Burma! 19APR - 26APR !Bangkok, Thailand!9 Months 26APR 04MAY 09MAY - - - 03MAY 09MAY 15MAY !Kathmandu, Nepal! !Addis Ababa, Ethiopia! !Nairobi, Kenya!29 Countries 15MAY - 25MAY !Tel Aviv, Israel! 25MAY - 29MAY !Athens, Greece!36 Cities 29MAY - 02JUN !Barcelona, Spain! 02JUN - 07JUN !Madrid, Spain! 28JUN - 03JUL !Paris, France! 03JUL - 13JUL !London, UK! 13JUL - 18JUL !Amsterdam, Netherlands! 18JUL - 24JUL !Berlin, Germany! 24JUL - 29JUL !Munich, Germany! 29JUL - 02AUG !Kiev, Ukraine! 02AUG - 09AUG !Moscow, Russia! 10AUG - 17AUG !Seoul, Korea! 17AUG - 26AUG !Tokyo, Japan! 26AUG - 31AUG !Taipei, Taiwan! 31AUG - 04SEP !Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam! 04SEP - 11SEP !Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! 11SEP - 17SEP !Jakarta, Indonesia! 17SEP - 24SEP !Singapore!
  5. Hosted by:   Bowei Gai•  Silicon Valley Serial Entrepreneur•  Co-Founder of (Acquired by )•  Author “The China Startup Report” (80,000 views on slideshare)•  Do-Gooder and fire starter
  6. … Joined by a group of Accomplished Silicon Valley EntrepreneursAlex Polvi Sami Inknien Paul Singh Binh Tran Benjamin JoffeCo-Founder Co-Founder Partner Co-Founder Founder S. America E. Asia Africa S.E. Asia India …Plus many more
  7. Backed by World Renowned Startup Organizations
  8. Dave McClure Brad Feld 500Startups TechStarsGeeks-On-A-Plane Creator Startup Communities Author Championed by Startup Communities Experts
  9. And supported by these Amazing Sponsors!
  10. We’re hoping one day to… Create a Community Guidebook that details every startup ecosystems in the world. Provide accessible and actionable information to entrepreneurs, investors and policymakers from around the globe. Maintained by the community, for the community.
  11. Here’s our approach
  12. While visiting each city…  Meet the local entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers Give public talks to share our team’s skills and expertise Seek local activists to become startup ambassadors
  13. After visiting each city…  Work with ambassadors to gather local startup data Compile data + our insights into a startup report Share our startup report with the world
  14. Want to help?
  15. We are looking for…  Sponsors for the World Startup Report Venues to host our talks in each city Hosts to guide us in each community *** If you want to help in other ways, just let us know!  
  16. We appreciate your help!Email us:  
  17. our trip starts on 1/1/2013
  18. let’s go change the world!