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Introducing Resource Watch: Data and Maps for Journalists


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Curated by WRI’s experts, Resource Watch features the world’s best data and maps on the state of the planet’s resources, commerce and people all in one place. This presentation highlights how to find hundreds of free and reliable data sets through the Resource Watch platform.

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Introducing Resource Watch: Data and Maps for Journalists

  1. 1. Resource Watch provides trusted and timely data for a sustainable future. @resource_watch
  2. 2. Exploring the Resource Watch Platform Janet Ranganathan – VP Science & Research at WRI
  3. 3. Too much data, too little time • I could also put a data set here for an image • Shipping lanes and ports
  4. 4. How Journalists Can Use Resource Watch
  5. 5. Curated Data Library •Over 260 data sets •Over 40 near real-time data sets •New data being added weekly
  6. 6. Food
  7. 7. Seal level rise in coastal communities in the US. Satelite going into the metadata then pulse
  8. 8. Cali blog
  9. 9. Create Embeddable & Interactive Maps
  10. 10. Rapidly Find and Source Reliable Data
  11. 11. Quickly Create Graphics for Social Media
  12. 12. Creating Data Driven Stories with Resource Watch Emily Cassidy – Resource Watch Data Journalist
  13. 13. Providing Context for the News
  14. 14. What Inspired this Investigation
  15. 15. We Analyzed 3,900 Marine Protected Areas Using Global Fishing Watch Data
  16. 16. Analysis in Google Earth Engine
  17. 17. Most Fished Marine Protected Areas
  18. 18. Most Fished Marine Protected Areas
  19. 19. Most Fished Marine Protected Areas
  20. 20. Embargoed until Thursday February 28th at 9am EST
  21. 21. Many Stories to Tell with this Data
  22. 22. Events that Changed the Face of the Planet over 12,000 years Image of conquistadors dates
  23. 23. How to Credit and Contact Resource Watch Carolyn Savoldelli – Resource Watch Team Lead
  24. 24. How to Credit Resource Watch "Accessed through Resource Watch"
  25. 25. Dashboards Adding the video in the morning
  26. 26. Sign up for the Resource Watch Newsletter
  27. 27. Points of Contact for Resource Watch Corey Filiault – Resource Watch Communications Coordinator 202-729-7611 Lauren Cole Zelin – WRI Media Relations Manager 202-729-7736 Emily Cassidy – Resource Watch Data Journalist
  28. 28. Future Training Opportunities
  29. 29. Q&A
  30. 30. @resource_watch