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[ENG] Esomar 26 WorldOne

  1. 1. ESOMAR’S 26WorldOne is an international WorldOne answers ESOMAR’s 26 questions for researchers to deter-research agency specializing mine what they can expect from suppliers on the quality and unbiasedin healthcare data collection. options of their panels. With confidence and assurance we share theWith one of the largest health- process of our panel recruitment, panel and sample management, ascare focused panels in the in- well as policies and compliances to show the data quality and valida-dustry, WorldOne delivers the tion needed to provide top notch service.high quality data you need tomake decisions you can trust.WorldOne offers both onlineand offline access to millionsof medical professionals in over80 countries.
  2. 2. What experience does your company have with providing online samples for1 market research? WorldOne currently offers the most expansive online healthcare panel with over 1.6 million members in the 50 largest healthcare markets worldwide. In 2010 alone, WorldOne completed nearly 2,000 research projects with over 300,000 completed surveys. This number has grown exponentially over the past 12 years with experience in a range of methodologies, including specializing in online for the last 8 years.Sample Source Please describe and explain the types of source(s) for the online sample that you2 provide (are these databases, actively managed panels, direct marketing lists, web intercept sampling, river sampling or other)? WorldOne’s Global Medical Panel is comprised of over 750,000 physicians and healthcare professionals such as Nurses, Dentists, Optometrists and Veterinarians who are: • opted in and take part in market research • recruited and/or verified via telephone or face-to-face at respondent’s place of work • have a verified email address (if applicable) WorldOne, for recruitment purposes, only uses reliable sample providers, who specialize in the pharmaceutical industry and have access to large multi-address healthcare databases. Panel per- formance is regularly monitored against sample source to vet and cull the list of preferred sample providers.3 What do you consider to be the primary advantage of your sample over other sample sources in the marketplace? WorldOne’s Global Medical Panel has been largely recruited over the telephone at the panel member’s place of work. Panel members that are not recruited via the telephone or face-to-face are telephone verified at their place of work to ensure that only eligible physicians and/or health- care professionals join WorldOne’s Global Medical panel. Our panel recruitment and verification standards are the highest in the industry. Furthermore, strict quality assurance procedures during the recruitment process and throughout a members involvement help prevent and eliminate duplicate responders, satisficing behavior and fraudulent panel members. If the sample source is a panel or database, is the panel or database used solely4 for market research? If not, please explain. Yes, WorldOne’s Global Medical Panel is solely used for market research.
  3. 3. How do you source groups that may be hard-to-reach on the internet?5 WorldOne utilizes telephone and face-to-face recruitment to reach challenging target groups.6 What are people told when they are recruited? All members are asked to opt into a professionally managed and appropriately reimbursed online research panel.panel recruitment WorldOne’s Global Medical Panel of individually recruited physicians and other healthcare profes- sionals includes over 1.6 million panel members, of which over a million are verified Physicians. Included in our panel are popular, frequently-requested specialties such as Cardiologists, Oncologists, Endocrinologists, Neurologists, Nurses, Pharmacists and Dentists as well as rare groups such as Trans- plant Surgeons, Hepatologists and HIV Specialists. With a panel as substantial and diverse as WorldOne’s, we can complete studies of any size, with large or small sample quotas, from general to specific medical topics.7 If the sample comes from a panel, what is your annual panel turnover/attrition/ retention rate and how is it calculated? WorldOne’s Global Medical Panel has an annual attrition rate of 4%. Attrition is calculated as the part of the panel that is either voluntarily or involuntarily removed in the past calendar year; over the total panel size at the start of the new calendar year. WorldOne removes members from the panel (involuntary attrition) on account of: • satisficing or fraudulent behavior • email addresses no longer being valid and not recoverable8 Please describe the opt-in process. Panel members recruited via the telephone are given a description of what is involved in being a panel member then asked whether they wish to join. All telephone recruitment calls are monitored daily to ensure panel members truly opted in and are eligible to be a panel member. Panel members recruited via the website receive an email to confirm their panel registration. Once the link in the verification email has been activated, the panel member will be contacted at their place of work to both re-confirm their interest to be a panel member and to provide the contact details of a 3rd person who can verify the panel members eligibility to be a panel member. Only after successful verification at the panel member’s place of work by a 3rd party will the panel member be invited to our research projects.
  4. 4. Do you have a confirmation of identity procedure? Do you have procedures to9 detect fraudulent respondents at the time of registration with the panel? If so, please describe. To facilitate the integrity of the panel at point of registration, WorldOne: • monitors the Recruitment and Panel Member Verification telephone calls daily • uses Machine Identification methodologies (RelevantID©) for those who were recruited online • de-duplicates (real-time) new panel member accounts against that of existing panel members • telephone verifies all new members that have not been recruited via the telephone10 What profile data is kept on panel members? For how many members is this data collected and how often is this data updated? WorldOne is able to draw upon up to 80+ key professional profiling variables for screening. This allows for targeted sampling. Profiling data available includes, but is not limited to: • Specialist area • Graduation year • Years in practice • Work address details • Number of patients seen • Number of prescriptions written • Level of seniority • Type of establishment • Type of hospital (if applicable) • Number of beds (if applicable) • Time spent treating patients Panel members are actively encouraged to update their profiles regularly.11 What is the size and/or the capacity of the panel, based on active panel members on a given date? Can you provide an overview of active panelists by type of source? WorldOne’s Global Medical Panel includes over 1.6 million healthcare professionals, of which a million are physicians. As WorldOne’s (sub) panels are predominantly expert panels, the standard ‘active panel member’ definition is not deemed valuable. Additionally, our panel is specifically recruited to meet our imme- diate and projected business needs, therefore ensuring that our panel is most responsive and active. WorldOne uses past performance by country and respondent type to predict our ability to deliver. We always strive to surpass past delivery standards and therefore will not use past performance as a reason to disregard commissioning a project unless absolutely certain of the ramifications. con’t...
  5. 5. WorldOne’s Global Medical Panel is built upon the largest sample frame within the universe and aims to recruit all units within the sample frame possible. WorldOne will be able to build a represen- tative sampling strategy with our client based on project requirements prior to project execution.panel recruitment Please describe your sampling process including your exclusion procedures if ap-12 plicable. Can samples be deployed as batches/replicates, by time zones, geogra- phy, etc? If so, how is this controlled? Invited panel members are selected based on quotas and sub-quotas from the client. WorldOne can work with a near infinite number of (nested) quotas, allowing for almost any type of sampling desired, including stratification. For quality control and to establish the incidence rate and response rate, projects are kicked-off by inviting a small segment of targeted respondents into the project prior to commencing to full launch. For panel and sample integrity, sample is released in batches; sized according to field pro- gression and performance measures. Sample is invited to projects randomly to prevent over usage. Any of the sampling rules can be added to or changed, project by project, to allow for category exclusion. Once the set quota or sub-quota is achieved, the relevant quota is automatically closed to prevent from over quota. When needed, quotas can be relaxed or changed at any point during field time. Machine Identification methodologies (RelevantID©) are used to ensure that the panel member is the designated respondent and to prevent from multiple completions at project level. Explain how people are invited to take part in a survey. What does a typical13 invitation look like? In general, WorldOne’s study invitations will include only standardized information to avoid any respondent bias. Subject lines are kept brief and only include study project name and project code for easy reference. All our panel member invites are personalized and will contain: • the length of interview • incentive due for completion • unique survey link and a set of unique login details • deadline prior to which the survey needs to be completed • contact information and unsubscribe instructions • privacy statement All panel member communication is tracked and logged at project and panel level. Once the link is activated, Machine Identification methodologies (RelevantID©) are used to ensure that the panel member is the designated respondent and to prevent from multiple completions at project level.
  6. 6. 14 Please describe the nature of your incentive system(s). How does this vary by length of interview, respondent characteristics, or other factors you may consider? Panel members are rewarded for the completion of our surveys and these details are clearly ex- plained in the initial invitation sent. Incentive values depend on various factors, e.g. the length and complexity of a study and/or respondent type. The choice of reward types available to panel members is dependent on their country of residence and may include the following: • Check • Reward Points • Gift Voucher • Charity Donation • Prepaid Debit Card How often are individual members contacted for online surveys within a given15 time period? Do you keep data on panelist participation history and are limits placed on the frequency that members are contacted and asked to participate in a survey? WorldOne uses a range of methodologies to prevent respondent bias, satisficing behavior and other data quality damaging behaviors. WorldOne however does not restrict panel member participation to a number of studies per any given period, but rather uses panel member behavior profiles to establish whether a person should or should not be invited into our research projects.policieS and compliance Is there a privacy policy in place? If so, what does it state? Is the panel compliant with all regional, national and local laws with respect to privacy, data protection16 and children e.g. EU Safe Harbour, and COPPA in the US? What other research industry standards do you comply with e.g. ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research, CASRO guidelines etc.? WorldOne adheres to CASRO (Council of Survey Research Organizations) guidelines in protecting respondent confidentiality. Our panel is in compliance with all regional, national and local laws with respect to privacy and data protection. Our research is also treated in accordance with ESOMAR, MRA, EphMRA, BHBIA and MRS Code of Conduct. All personal information remains strictly confidential as regulated by the latest EU Data Protection Acts. Additionally, WorldOne adheres to the EU Safe Harbor and HIPAA in the US. COPPA regulations do not apply, because all panelists are healthcare professionals. WorldOne’s Privacy Policy for panel member’s states: • WorldOne’s Global Medical Panel is a professional online research portal, which adheres to CASRO (Council of Survey Research Organizations) guidelines in protecting respondent confi- dentiality along with ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research) and the MRS (Market Research Society) codes of conduct. con’t...
  7. 7. • WorldOne’s Global Medical Panel will maintain high standards of professional conduct in the collection and reporting of the information you provide. All personal information remains strictly confidential and all responses are pooled together. All answers provided will remain anonymous unless explicitly stated in the study details. WorldOne’s Global Medical Panel will respect your privacy at all times and the confidentiality of your answers will be maintained as described in this Policy. Your name, address, telephone number, personal information and individual responses will only be used as described in this Policy. • WorldOne’s Global Medical Panel will respect your decision regarding participation in surveys, answering specific questions or termination of your membership in the panel. Details on termi- nation of your membership can be found under our Terms and Conditions. To view the full Privacy Policy and our Terms & Conditions, contact info@worldone.com17 What data protection/security measures do you have in place? WorldOne operates secure data networks protected by industry standard firewall and password protection systems. Our security and privacy policies are periodically reviewed and enhanced as necessary and only authorized individuals have access to the information.18 Do you apply a quality management system? Please describe it. WorldOne both programs and hosts projects for clients and invites sample into client hosted and programmed studies depending on client requirements. Our Quality Assurance Processes differ depending on the hosting party. In either instance and where needed, we will advise the client on best practice. Regardless of the hosting party, WorldOne will review the questionnaire content to ensure that: • content, length of interview and honoraria are appropriate for the intended audience • quotas are set up correctly and sample management is most effective Redirection links are tested to ensure they are functioning properly and sample is directed into the survey and thereafter is redirected to WorldOne or the client landing pages, to both collect the final outcome and the respondent’s honoraria details, if due. For internally programmed and hosted projects, our quality control team and project managers will work closely together with our clients to ensure that: • The questionnaire is developed to spec; including programming, routing, translations, etc. • The questionnaire functions correctly and the answers are coded as requested. • Data maps are created and verified according to the deliverables set by the client. • Reporting tools are functioning properly and are displaying real-time data. In addition to our automated tracking processes, during field our quality control team monitors the data daily, project by project, to ensure data quality and integrity. When developing new system tools to increase operational efficiencies and or implementing data- base management tools/rules to increase database efficiencies, an independent team of developers con’t...
  8. 8. and market research professionals are involved to ensure that quality is guaranteed and processes implemented are in line with both legal and market research guidelines.19 Do you conduct online surveys with children and young people? If so, please describe the process for obtaining permission. No. All panelists in WorldOne’s Global Medical Panel are healthcare professionals, there are no children and young people in the panel.partnerShipS and multiple panel memberShip Do you supplement your samples with samples from other providers? How do20 you select these partners? Is it your policy to notify a client in advance when using a third party provider? Do you de-duplicate the sample when using multiple sample providers? When our feasibility calculations indicate so, rather than using other panel providers, WorldOne relies on our call centers and local subsidiaries for telephone and face-to-face recruitment of panel members to ensure client quotas are met in a timely manner. Do you have a policy regarding multi-panel membership? What efforts do you21 undertake to ensure that survey results are unbiased given that some individuals belong to multiple panels? Individuals are free to join any panels they wish and WorldOne cannot control their activity outside of WorldOne’s panels. However, we have put data quality checks and sample rules in place to help prevent multi-panel membership from affecting results.data Qualit y and Validation22 What are likely survey start, drop-out and participation rates in connection with a provided sample? How are these computed? Panel response rates range from 15-30% depending on the type of study and the target respondent. These rates are based on the past twelve months of studies WorldOne has completed. Variables such as respondent type, length of survey, subject of the survey and survey content may greatly affect these numbers. The calculation of our response rate is based on the total number of accessed interviews over the total number of invited respondents. WorldOne’s drop-out rates are very low, and are greatly influenced by study type, content of the sur- vey, and length of the study. WorldOne’s Project Managers monitor panelists’ behavior closely and will advise clients if adjustments are needed to increase field performance.
  9. 9. Do you maintain individual level data such as recent participation history, date of23 entry, source, etc., on your panelists? Are you able to supply your client with a per job analysis of such individual level data? In addition to profiling data collected directly from the respondent, WorldOne also collects respondent data concerning: recruitment source, survey participation history, individual response rates, etc. This information is available upon request. Do you use data quality analysis and validation techniques to identify inattentive24 and fraudulent respondents? If yes, what techniques are used and at what point in the process are they applied? WorldOne’s Project level validation & verification methodology: Unless otherwise specified, the below methodologies are standard • De-duplication: At the point of sample importation into the project, de-duplication checks are deployed using bespoke algorithms. Third Party sample is de-duped against the sample imported into the project based on customizable algorithms. De-duplication rules can be extended upon client request. • Panel Member Machine Identification methodologies (RelevantID©): Sample is invited by email containing a unique link that is associated with their panel member account. Third Party sample is identifiable by both WorldOne and the supplying party to allow for further validation when needed. • Machine Identification: Machine Identification is deployed to prevent duplicate completers un- der different account details. WorldOne continuously endeavors to increase our capabilities in Machine Identification to both eliminate fraud at panel and project level respectively. • Pattern Detection: Automated and manual pattern detection methodologies are used to detect satisficers and fraudulent panel members, both at panel and project level. • These methods include but are not limited to: • Trick/Red Herring questions flagging • Straight liner flagging • Open-end answers review/flagging • Monitoring respondent length of interview against average survey length • Machine Identification methodologies (RelevantID©) • Upon client’s requests Auto-filling can be switched on and off, project by project • Consequences of Satisficing or Fraud: WorldOne operates a two-strikes and out policy for satis- ficing and a one-strike and out rule for fraud. Panel members that are suspected of satisficing or fraud are immediately removed from all live projects and prevented from participation in future projects until full investigation is completed. • Blacklisting: Details of panel members that are removed from the panel on account of Satisfic- ing or Fraud are retained on the database, but blacklisted, and duplicate checks are deployed to ensure panel members do not re-register again. Additionally, Machine Identification (Rel- evantID©) is deployed to ensure that these panel members cannot re-register under different account details.
  10. 10. 25 Do you measure respondent satisfaction? Within projects, panel members have the opportunity to leave comments about the survey completed. This information will be shared with clients when asked/appropriate. WorldOne closely monitors ongoing panel behavior by reviewing attrition rates and response rates. We also employ a dedicated panel support team that deals directly with panelists’ comments and complaints. WorldOne invites panel members or respondents to take part in face-to-face focus groups and or online surveys to measure panel satisfaction.26 What information do you provide to debrief your client after the project has finished? WorldOne provides clients with access links to project performance reports in real-time. These reports include updates on quotas and sub-quotas, response rates and incidence rates in total and by quota, length of interview, and outcome by question or country. WorldOne Project Managers communicate with clients at a projects closing to see if any further project related information is needed. If requested, additional information will then be provided.New York200 Park Avenue South, Ste 1301New York, NY 10003 United States +1 212 358 0800LondonUnity Wharf, 13 Mill StreetLondon SE1 2BH, United Kingdom+44 207 252 1118 info@worldone.com www.worldone.com North America South America Europe Asia-Pacific