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Empowering Young Leaders, Pre-departure Orientation


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Pre-departure Orientation!

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Empowering Young Leaders, Pre-departure Orientation

  1. 1. Pre-Departure Orientation
  2. 2.  Program Introduction › Program Sponsors › World Learning › Program Description Travel Basics › Budgeting › Preparing for Departure › Health › Home stays City / Program Details › New York, New York › Boston , Massachusetts › Columbus, Ohio › Atlanta, Georgia › Chicago, Illinois Contact Us
  3. 3.  Each year over 1,500 professionals from more than 140 countries participate in short term exchange programs in the United States arranged by World Learning and under grants provided by the US Department of State and USAID. Through site visits, office meetings, panel discussions, internships, volunteering, and other experiential activities, our visitors discover the dimensions and context of their own professions in the US, make lasting contact with their colleagues here, and share insight about their activities at home.All of World Learnings programs also include extensive opportunitiesfor participants to experience America through cultural and outdooractivities, sporting events, home stays and home hospitality.As Citizen Diplomats, these visiting professionals andthe Americans they meet create bridges of interculturalunderstanding that enhance the capacity and commitment ofindividuals, institutions, and communities to create a more peacefuland just world.
  4. 4.  This program is an exchange program between politically and civically active Turkish undergraduate students and American young people to build capacity in participants to be agents for peaceful and effective social change in their countries. The exchange will think beyond the revolutions of the Arab Spring and look at shaping a new political climate in which young people are engaged and their interests represented. To maximize the value of this exchange, the program will take place in late summer 2012, prior to the presidential elections in the U.S. Through the lens of the 2012 elections, 17 Turkish students will observe grassroots politics in the U.S. and study how political and social goals could be served through political organizing and peaceful means.
  5. 5. You will not need a lot of money during your stay. The program will pay for accommodations and program transportation. You will be given a small per diem stipend per day. This is to cover your meals during your stay in The United States. You may want to bring a small amount of cash with you while you are traveling to the United States. This will cover souvenirs or other items you may purchase; transportation outside the program, phone calls overseas, and other personal needs.
  6. 6. International Travel Baggage Fees: › United Airlines › 1st bag is free  Up to 62.0 linear inches (157cm) L + W + H and 50.0 lbs (23 kg) per bag › Second Checked Baggage is 100$ › INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL Please keep receipts for any luggage charge and present them to the World Learning team upon arrival to be reimbursed. The program will cover the luggage fee for up to two pieces of checked luggage. The program CANNOT cover fees for overweight luggage.
  7. 7.  You have medical emergency health insurance. This will cover any accidents or illnesses that may happen on the program. However, the medical coverage does not include pre-existing illnesses, prescriptions or dental work. Important Information: If there are any medical conditions that you know about, please inform Vlad Spencer as soon as possible. Please make sure that all prescription medications are in their labeled bottle that you receive from the doctor. If you don’t feel well, please contact the program organizers first, they can help you find the best way to get the care that you need with your insurance.
  8. 8.  You will need your passport, which has your visa, to enter the U.S. A picture of you and fingerprint will be taken when you enter the U.S. You may also be asked why you are coming to the U.S. (Answer: for a State Department sponsored US-Turkey Exchange Program).
  9. 9.  Where are you coming from?  What is your purpose for coming to the U.S.?  Is this your first visit to the U.S.?  Which cities will you be visiting in the U.S.?  How long will you be in the country?  Are you traveling with anyone? Be patient and calm. Please understand that stricter security measures are applied to all foreign visitors in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. They are neither specific to you nor do we have any control over them even though your visit is sponsored by the U.S. Government.
  10. 10.  It is important to understand that your J-I Visa has the “two year” rule attached to it:  Participants in U.S. Government-funded exchange programs must return to their home countries and live (be physically present in your country) for a total of two years before they are eligible to receive the kind of visa that enables them to reside permanently in the United States (as an immigrant or refugee, for example) or to work in the United States. This “two-year rule” does not prevent persons from returning to the U.S. for business, tourism, study, and other purposes that involve a temporary stay, although a U.S. Consulate abroad may institute a more restricted policy in response to the situation in that country.
  11. 11. While on the airplane, you will beasked to fill out an I-94 customs form.The form will require a local addressin the United States; here you shouldput the World Learning address: World Learning Visitor Exchange Program 1015 15th Street NW 7th Floor Washington, DC 20005 +1-202-408-5420
  12. 12.  Gratuities  Gratuities are not optional in the US. Wait staff, hotel-room attendants, valet parkers and bellhops receive the minimum wage or less and depend on tips for their livelihoods. In restaurants tipping 15% of the total bill is the accepted minimum. If service is good, 20% is a decent tip, while it is appropriate to tip more if service is exceptional. Hotel-room attendants should get $1 per guest per day, taxi drivers about 10% of your fare. Airport baggage handlers get about $1 per bag. Good items to bring:  Contact phone numbers for program organizers  Adapters for electronic equipment  Comfortable shoes  Rain jacket  A smaller tote bag for extra items  Clothing appropriate for weather in DC, and your partner city Calling home from the U.S.  At the opening session for the program, we will discuss possibilities for calling cards and/or personal cell phones that are available in the cities where you will be.
  13. 13.  You will have home stays during your stay in your partners’ cities. At that time, you will be living with American families. Your family will be excited to have you in their home and they want to make you feel comfortable. Please feel free to communicate with them openly when you are at home. You will learn a great deal from them, and they will learn a great deal from you. Home stay hosts are not paid for hosting you. They are doing it as a contribution to international understanding and to their communities. Please treat them with courtesy and respect.
  14. 14.  Topics Covered:  Foreign policy framework and mechanisms  U.S.-Turkey relations  Governmental and non-governmental perspectives on international affairs  Skill training workshops on topics such as conflict management and resolution and civil society capacity building in a global environment Weather  In late August the avg. temperature in D.C is 87 degrees F/30 degrees C  Bring Dresses, skirts, shorts, short sleeves, pants.  Weather is Hot and Humid in August!!Hotel: The Normandy 2118Wyoming Avenue N.W.Washington D.C.20008, USATel: +1 (202) 483 1350
  15. 15.  Topics Covered: Meetings with both Democratic and Republican representatives Republican Party, Democratic Party, Political Campaign. Turkish American Cultural relations. Party Elected officials August 30th-September 3rdWeather Residence Inn Columbus Avg. Temperature in Columbus:65 -75 Downtown Bring: Umbrella, T-shirts, Long Sleeve 36 East Gay Street shirts, Light Jacket. Columbus, OH 43215-3108 Phone: (614) 222-2610 Fax: (614) 222-2611
  16. 16.  Topics Covered Atlanta Cit y Politics The role of citizens in city, state, and federal government The role of women in Georgia politics. Lake Oconee , Labor Day Cook Out Hotel:Weather: Country Inn and Suites Humid, subtropical climate; days can be hot 800 Sidney Marcus Boulevard, and humid summers with cooler nights Atlanta GA, 30324 Avg. Temperature in August 75-80 degrees +1 (404) 949-4000 Bring: light jacket, umbrella, shorts, t-shirts.
  17. 17. Weather  65-75 degrees, Warm to hot Bring: An umbrella, light Topics Covered  jacket, pants, shorts, t-shirts ( U.S.-Turkey relations nights may tend to be cooler) Governmental and non- governmental perspectives on international affairs. Chicago City PoliticsHotel:The Crowne Plaza ChicagoMetro Hotel733 West MadisonChicago, IL 60661Telephone: (312) 829-5000Fax: (312) 602-2199
  18. 18.  Topics Covered: Youth Political Engagement Media and Political Engagement Tufts University Visit College Immersion September 3rd- 6th Weather  Avg. Temp 65 – 75 degreesHotel:  Bring: Umbrella, pants, T-shirts,The Boston Park Plaza Sweatshirts/ light jacket.Hotel & Towers50 Park Plaza at ArlingtonStreetBoston, MA 02116-3912 Contact: 617.654.1912
  19. 19.  Topics Covered Conflict resolution dialogues aimed at fostering a new generation of peace builders. Discussion with International Students September 6th- Cultural Night September 8th Weather Avg. 71 degree F, Warm to Hot weather Hotel: Bring a light jacket, umbrella, Colonial Motel 889 Putney Rd tends to be cooler at night. Brattleboro, VT 05301 (802) 257-7733
  20. 20.  Topics Covered:Civic participation and humanrights in the international arenaPerspectives on protests in theU.S.Participating in communityevents and festivals Hotel: Weather: Holiday Inn Express, Madison Avg. 70-80 degrees, can be hot and Square Garden, 232 West 29th humid in August, cooler nights. Street. New York City, New Bring: Light Jacket, pants ,shorts. York 10001
  21. 21.  The most important thing to remember is that, from now on, for the rest of the year and , hopefully, for many years to come, we are a team! ! The key to our program’s success is a team-oriented, tolerant, and open-minded approach to dialogue and joint action!
  22. 22. Question?! Please email us!››››