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Whi sol review_who_am_i_6-13


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Important People you need to know for the World History I SOL test. Covers 23 people listed from SOL WHI.6 through SOL WHI.13 There are 23 people (46 slides). First is a description with 3 clues followed by name/picture answer slide for each. When you run it, you see one clue at a time as you advance.

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Whi sol review_who_am_i_6-13

  1. 1. World History to 1500 AD: SOL 6-13 Review “WHO AM I ?” Game
  2. 2. Who am I?• I am from France.• I am teenage peasant girl who claimed to “speak to God”.• I was a unifying force in war for France but I was later killed by the English for “witchcraft”.
  3. 3. I am:Joan of Arc
  4. 4. Who am I?• I was annointed Holy Roman Emperor in 800AD by Pope Leo III.• I was a Frankish king who used military power to expand my territory.• I made new churches, schools and roads to re-unite Europe and re-interpret Roman culture.
  5. 5. I am:Charlemagne
  6. 6. Who am I?• I am from France.• I established the French throne in Paris.• My dynasty gradually expanded control over most of France.
  7. 7. I am:Hugh Capet
  8. 8. Who am I?• I lived in Germany and was part of the Northern European Renaissance.• I invented the movable type Printing Press.• I helped to disseminate ideas by printing books like the Bible.
  9. 9. I am:Gutenberg
  10. 10. Who am I?• My name was Octavian but I later changed it to the“Exalted One”.• I was the first emperor of Rome, after I defeated Marc Antony.• I started the 200 year of Roman peace and prosperity known as the Pax Romana.
  11. 11. I am:Augustus Caesar
  12. 12. Who am I?• I re-conquered former Roman territories.• I expanded trade for the Byzantine Empire.• I codifed Roman law.
  13. 13. I am:Justinian
  14. 14. Who am I?• I am from England.• I tried to make laws the same for everyone.• I am “the second”.
  15. 15. I am:Henry II
  16. 16. Who Am I?• I am an apostle of Jesus.• I spread the message of Christianity throughout the Roman Empire.• I am famous for my many letters written to new Christian communities in the Bible’s New Testament.
  17. 17. I am:Paul
  18. 18. Who am I?• I lived during the Roman Empire.• I am both Son of God and physical incarnation of God.• I was called the Messaiah of my religion.
  19. 19. I am:Jesus
  20. 20. Who Am I:• I lived in England.• In 1215, I signed a document that limited a King’s Power.• This document is the Magna Carta.
  21. 21. I am:King John
  22. 22. Who is:• I spoke to Allah.• I gave the people the Qu’ran (Koran).• I am considered the last and greatest prophet if Islam.
  23. 23. I am:Muhammad
  24. 24. Who are:• We are from Spain.• We are Catholics and wanted to unite Spain as a Christian Nation.• We expelled Moors and Jews during the “Reconquista”.
  25. 25. We are:King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella
  26. 26. Who is:• I am a writer of the Northern European Renaissance.• I wrote Utopia, an essay on how a perfect place with no crime or war.• I wrote in 1516.
  27. 27. I am:Sir Thomas More
  28. 28. Who am I:• My death caused Islam to split into two groups.• The group were Sunnis (righteous person) and Shia (relative of Muhammad).
  29. 29. I am:Ali
  30. 30. Who is:• I am a writer of the Italian Renaissance.• I wrote The Prince, an essay on absolute power of the ruler.• I said the ends justify the means. “Do good if possible but evil when necessary”.
  31. 31. I am:Machiavelli
  32. 32. Who is:• I am a writer of the Northern European Renaissance.• I wrote In the Praise of Folly, an essay on how corrupt the church was.• I wrote in 1511.
  33. 33. I am:Erasmus
  34. 34. Who am I:• I am from England.• I led the Norman Conquest.• I united most of England.
  35. 35. I am:William the Conqueror
  36. 36. Who am I:• I am from Russia.• I am called a tsar (czar) and I centralized my governmental power.• I threw off the rule of the Mongols.
  37. 37. I am:Ivan the Great
  38. 38. Who am I:• I am a Christian leader.• I promised people a place in heaven if they would fight for the Holy Land, Jerusalem.• My speech inspired many Christians to join the Crusades.
  39. 39. I am:Pope Urban II
  40. 40. Who am I:• I was part of the First triumvirate of Rome.• I was a military leader who became a dictator of Rome.• I was assassinated by members of the Senate who feared I would end the Roman Republic.
  41. 41. I am:Julius Caesar
  42. 42. Who am I:• I am writer from the Roman Empire.• I wrote a story about the Trojan War.• My work is called the Aeneid.
  43. 43. I am:Virgil
  44. 44. Who am I:• I am a Roman scientist.• I believed the earth was the center of the universe (geo-centric theory), which was later proved wrong.• .
  45. 45. I am:Ptolemy
  46. 46. Who am I:• I converted to Christianity.• I legalized Christianity in the Roman Empire with the Edict of Milan.• When the Roman empire divided and the capital was moved to the city of Byzantium, I re-named it Constantinople.
  47. 47. I am:Constantine