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Digital Design Fiction: Transmedia & Foresight


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Trevor Haldenby

Published in: Business
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Digital Design Fiction: Transmedia & Foresight

  1. 1. #WF2015 Presentation July 25th, 2015 @themissionbiz Trevor Haldenby of Digital Design Fiction Transmedia and Foresight
  2. 2. Trevor Haldenby @trevver
 CEO An adventure laboratory that helps businesses up their game when it comes to futures.
  3. 3. by Ray Kurzweil, Attribution 1.0 Generic (CC BY 1.0)
  4. 4. Jessica’s five-year-old daughter Chan is in the other room, screaming in broken Mandarin at the Paint-Like-Me app on her tablet as it struggles to customize thousands of open- content art history lessons into one just right for her. NuLook picks up on the tantrum, briefly confused by the presence of another language, and instantly switches the interface on Jessica’s phone into a swirl of Chinese characters. Jessica sighs. These new tools of design may be inclusive, but they can be frustrating as hell when your kid is a different kind of artistic genius (in a different language) every three months. And this is only the beginning. In an era of open- source education, Chan’s curricula and diploma are as likely to be influenced by her family members, future global competitors, and Global Happiness Index score as by grades Written Scenarios What might happen in the future?
  5. 5. Photo by pauliki (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)
  6. 6. the-reboot-of-transmedia-content/ Transmedia STORYTELLING
  7. 7. Spreadability vs. Drillability Continuity vs. Multiplicity Immersion vs. Extractability Worldbuilding Seriality Subjectivity Performance 7 Core Concepts of Transmedia from Henry Jenkins
  8. 8. Operate at the scale of a WORLD, not a single narrative. Spread the Content ACROSS MEDIA ECOLOGIES. Engage AUDIENCES as CREATORS
 and CURATORS, not just Consumers. The 3 Design Rules of Transmedia Storytelling
  9. 9. Pervasive / Augmented / Alternate Reality Games
  10. 10. INSTITUTE at USC Transmedia
 world building as essential 21st century design skill.
  11. 11. Build a FUTURE WORLD, not a written scenario. Breathe life into the SCENARIO across MEDIA. Engage STAKEHOLDERS as CREATORS and CURATORS, not just Clients. The 3 Design Rules of Transmedia Scenarios
  12. 12. A transmedia scenario exploring the future of lifestyle biotech.
  14. 14. “The audiences we are telling stories to nowadays have a fundamentally different narrative education than we had, or the generations before us had. The interplay of digital media and theatre is simply a reflection of how our daily lives are changing.” —ROBERT LEPAGE
  15. 15. Say hello to the BRX Virus.
  16. 16. Visualization of Participant Network in the ByoLogyc Experience
 Most of you have never heard of me until recently, if at all. I am not one forseeking the limelight. I’ve alwaysworked better solo, with a cup ofcoffee and a quiet place to think andcrunch numbers. But recently I wasthrust onto the stage after the untimely departure of one of my mtreasured colleagues and friend. Dot Drummond was a woman weadmired. Many wanted to emulate hand spread her way of thinking. I mhave been one of the very few whwould say that that endeavour is botnaive and foolish. Dot was a grea Canadian Business News 
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 !From: Interim CEO Amir Patel
 To: CFO, VP Finance, VP Marketing" Can I get an exact figure on how much we’re spending on the 4Ward program? Are we getting the best value for our dollar?! ! -----------------------------------------------------------------! From: CFO
 To: Interim CEO, VP Finance, VP Marketing" Mrs. Drummond had set aside just under $400k for this initiative. We’ve spent about $100k so far.! ! -----------------------------------------------------------------! From: Interim CEO Amir Patel
 To: CFO, VP Finance, VP Marketing" Can we cut our losses? That’s $300k that we could be saving. Any stipulations about backing out of the contract?! ! -----------------------------------------------------------------! From: VP Marketing
 To: Interim CEO, CFO, VP Finance" You don’t want to do that, sir. You asked about the value for our dollar? It may not be as valuable to us as it is to the students but that doesn’t mean we should just cancel the whole thing halfway through. That seems like a bigger waste of money to me.! 
 ----------------------------------------------------------------! From VP Finance
 To: Interim CEO, CFO, VP Marketing" She’s right Mr. Patel it would be a bigger loss cutting the whole program. We have contractual obligations to the school too that would end up costing us big time. That’s not to say we can’t scale it back significantly. Sasha, can we find the six most valuable students and continue a shortened, more intensive course for them? Like putting our money on the right horses...! ! ----------------------------------------------------------- From: VP Marketing
 To: Interim CEO, CFO, VP Finance! No. We’re not going to write off nearly the entire class just so a few can excel. They all get the same chance, fair and square. Dot would be ashamed that we’re even having this conversation.! ! ----------------------------------------------------- From: Interim CEO Amir Patel
 To: CFO, VP Finance, VP Marketing! I want a report on ways to shrink the cost of this program. I don’t want to spend any more than we already have until then.!
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Jumpalot Junkbot An arcade game set in a post- Singularity world by TMB’s creative technologist David Fono.
  20. 20. Please contact us today to begin an exploration into your organization’s future! Trevor Haldenby, President +1 416 317 7806