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Lea Kauppi World Circular Economy Forum 2017 Helsinki Finland


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Ecolabels and Benchmarking Circularity

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Lea Kauppi World Circular Economy Forum 2017 Helsinki Finland

  1. 1. Ecolabels and benchmarking circularity Lea Kauppi Director General Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
  2. 2. Ecolabels – effective product policy instrument targeting the consumer Ecologically more sustainable products and services INFORMATION INSTRUMENTS  Ecolabels  Environmental Product Declarations  Voluntary agreements ECONOMIC INSTRUMENTS  Public Procurement  Taxes and charges  Economic subsidies LEGAL INSTRUMENTS  Eco-design directive  Extended Producer Responsibility  Environmental permits
  3. 3. Brand value of ecolabels has developed over the years IN THE PAST Inform consumers about ecologically sound and safe products. NOW Promise consumers that the products are also durable, safe, and based on sustainable materials. IN THE FUTURE Integrate emerging issues: a stronger focus on circular economy and sharing economy.
  4. 4. Criteria should increasingly be set in line with C.E. MATERIAL CIRCULATION  Recycling in production  By-product use MATERIAL CIRCULATION  Take back systems  Limited hazarouds chemicals DISMANTLING Modular Separable EXTENDING PRODUCT LIFE Multi-functional Upgradable Repairable Remanufactured RAW MATERIAL CHOICES  Secondary raw material and components USE INTENSITY Sharing economy services
  5. 5. CONSUMERMANUFACTURER  Many important decisions are taken in the product design phase  Ecolabel criteria create a push for the design and manufacturing phases  Ecolabelled products act as a benchmark for designers/manufacturers, buyers/purchasers and consumers DESIGNER
  6. 6. Project: the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Circular Economy and Product Environmental Footprint (SCEPEF): Further Information