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Heike Bach World Circular Economy Forum 2017 Helsinki Finland


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VISTA (Germany)

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Heike Bach World Circular Economy Forum 2017 Helsinki Finland

  1. 1. © VISTA 2017 No. 1 Vista Remote Sensing in Geosciences GmbH Remote Sensing and Modelling for Agriculture and Hydrology Private Company CEO/Owner: Dr. Heike Bach Founded: 1995 in Munich Staff: 15 geo-data-scientists Agriculture • Yield Prediction • Precision Farming • Certification Data Assimilation Snow Cover Snow Water Equivalent Snow & Water Balance Modeling Hydrology • Snow/Flood Monitoring • Runoff Forecast • Hydropower Production Research & Development leading to Operational Services: SnowSense
  2. 2. © VISTA 2017 No. 2 DAFNE receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 690268; it is coordinated by ETH Zurich. VISTA as Partner of the EU H2020 Project DAFNE A Water-Food-Energy Nexus Project
  3. 3. © VISTA 2017 No. 3 SmartFertilisation PrecisionNavigation WeatherForecasts SmartSeeding BiodiversitySmart Irrigation CurrentYieldYieldPotential With central contributions of satellite technology and EO Smart Farming as Key to close the Yield Gap in a Sustainable Way Sustainability Constraints
  4. 4. © VISTA 2017 No. 4 Sentinel-2 monitoring the Water-Food-Energy Nexus Crop Growth Monitoring 1 km1 km Leaf Chlorophyll Indicating nitrogen stress and yield losses Irrigation Monitoring Soil Moisture Mapping Reservoir level decreases with irrigation Spatial resolution of S-2 now also allows monitoring of small holder farms. Food Security Mapping of organic content based on spectral features Soil Quality / Degradation
  5. 5. © VISTA 2017 No. 5 Each actor in the Global Food System is embedded in an open knowledge and information framework which supports them in managing farms sustainably and in contributing to global food security. They are part of the “Global Smart Farm”. Economy Global Trade Knowledge Infrastructure Environment Soil Farmers Farming Industry Agencies Smart Farming Devices Smart Communication Local Sensor Networks VISTA’s Vision of the “Global Smart Farm” One step in this direction: ESA’s Food Security Platform led by VISTA.