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Bryan Buggey World Circular Economy Forum 2017 Helsinki Finland


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Vancouver's Emerging Green Economy Journey

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Bryan Buggey World Circular Economy Forum 2017 Helsinki Finland

  1. 1. 2008 CONSULTATION: 35,000 citizens & 350 organizations Greenest City Action Team Greenest City Action Plan 2011 2014 Green Jobs Report 2015 Renewable Energy City Strategy PROGRAM LAUNCH: Green & Digital Demonstration Program 2017 Flats Neighborhood Economic Strategy 2018 Circular Economy Strategy PROGRAM LAUNCH: Thriving Vancouver Business Engagement VANCOUVER’S EMERGING GREEN ECONOMY JOURNEY Zero-Waste City Strategy 20?? CONSULTATION: Underway
  2. 2. 27% decrease in vehicle KM driven per person since 2007 25% + reduction in solid waste sent to a landfill or incinerator since 2008 82,000+ New trees planted since 2010 18% reduction in water use per capita since 2006 50%of trips in the city are made by walking, biking, or transit 42% increase in neighbourhood food assets since 2010 VANCOUVER’S GREEN ECONOMY Performance at a glance 30% with only 7% of Canada’s population Canada’s Cleantech Sector 15% reduction in community-wide GHG emissions since 2007 GHG reduction since 2007 26% Increase in GDP since 2007 49% growth in green & local food jobs since 2010 Green Jobs Growth since 2010