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Brent Vickers World Circular Economy Forum 2017 Helsinki Finland


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Sinctronics Innovation Center (Brazil)

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Brent Vickers World Circular Economy Forum 2017 Helsinki Finland

  2. 2. Globally 2017: 50 million tons anually Estimated waste stream growth: 3 – 5% anually Brazil: 7.93 Kilos generated per capita. Approx. 1.5% of generated WEEE is recycled through formal channels. 2014 WEEE Generation
  3. 3. Sinctronics in Brazil: Why? Consumer Market Manufacturing Footprint Legislation The Brazilian electro-electronics market is large enough to sustain the volume required for a circular economy implementation. Brazil has a large Electro-Electronic manufacturing footprint providing local demand for recycled materials. In Brazil, PNRS (Nation Solid Waste Policy) will require that 17% of IT equipment return for recycling and responsible disposal over a 5 year incremental implementation.
  4. 4. About Sinctronics: more than a recycler SINCTRONICS is an innovation center in sustainable technology for the electronics industry. We manage REVERSE LOGISTICS, tracking the process from customer request to the recycling plant. Our RECYCLING process transforms electronic waste into raw materials and parts for new products. Our RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CENTER implements innovations and provides training and experimentation in green IT. We have DEEP KNOWLEDGE ON ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY. We are capable of placing valuable recycled material in different points of the supply chain.
  5. 5. Our First Challenge: Transform electronic waste in new parts
  6. 6. Our Latest Achievement: Recycled White Plastic
  7. 7. • 1.792 tons of WEEE processed inside Sinctronics’ facility; • Management of 4000 tons of production waste for recycling; • 270 tons of plastics were used to build new parts (closed loop) • 12.000+ collection requests; • Proprietary reverse logistic system developed by Sinctronics; • Management of 400+ collection points; • Development and audit of 15 business partners for logistics and recycling; • Creation of connections with research centers in Brazil and Europe; • Partnership with local Universities resulted in 5 technical papers. Recycling 2016 Recycling Results Reverse Logistics Connections
  8. 8. Our Clients
  9. 9. The Future Recycled 3D Printing Process Innovations